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LOCAL NEWS. I Hermon G.M.—Preacher next Sunday, Rev. James Llewellyn (pastor). Morning, 10.30 (Welsh); Evening, 6 o'clock (English). 1764 Fine Selection of Christmas Toys and Fancy Goods at H. Woodward & Co's, Adare Street and Near Station. Inspection invited. 1741 Musical.-At the ie-cent examination of the Trinity College of Music, Mary Jones, White Rock, Bridgend, was successful in gaining an Honours Certificate (Preparatory Grade). Last July she obtained 82 marks in a Lower Division. She is a pupil of Miss Johns, Pandy, Merthyr- mawr. 1740 Presentation.—On the occasion of his marri- age to Miss Olwen Rees, Brynteg, Litchard, Bridgend (formerly of Pontychm), Mr. W. T. Howells (Pontyclun) was presented by the staff of the Coedely Collieries, Tonyrefail, with a silver tea and coffee service. Return from Netley Hospital-We are pleased to note that Pte. J. Berthold Karle has just re- turned home from Netley Hospital, where he underwent treatment after being invalided from Cairo and France, and is now i* the home circle at Arosfa, Merthyrmawr Road, where he 16 steadily improving in health. He was quite a cripple at Netley, where he was wheeled about in a basket carriage. Before enlisting he had finished his articles with Mr. G. F. Lambert, architect and surveyor, Bridgend. "Bon-Bons" at Red Cross Hospital.-Last Fridy night the "Bon-Bons" visited the Hospi- tal, and as usual the wounded proved a most delightful and appreciative audience. From start to finish, they applauded without stint. A new member of the troupe, Miss Jennie Dela- hay, scored a great success with her rendering of "Loch Lomond." Pte. Hampson occupied the chair, and Pte. O'Hearn proposed a vote of thank.s, ;which was carried with three hearty cheers. Another Bridgend Boy.—Mrs. W. T. Jones, 57 Sunnyside Road, Bridgend, has been officially notified that her brother, Pte. Arthur S. Day- son, 24th Welsh Regiment, has died of wounds received in action during the recent fighting in Palestine. Pte. Dayson was, prior to enlisting in the Glamorgan Yeomanry, employed as as- sistant by the Star Supply Co., Bridgend, and subsequently as manager at the Narberth branch of the Company. Pte. Dayson was a brother to Mr. E. J. Dayson, Post Office, Blaen- gwynfi, and a nephew of Mr. Tom and Mr. W. C. Edwards, drapers, Caroline St., Bridgend. Y. W C. A.— A most successful concert was re- cently held at the Y.W.C.A. Rooms. Miss Cole presided over a crowded audience. The friends who kindly contributed to make the evening en- joyable were: Miss (iyton (Tondu), song; Mrs. R. Selby and some of her pupils, songs and dance; Mr. G. Spiller, violin solos; Miss George, song; Miss L. Da vies, song; Mrs. Lewis, song; Misses Lloyd, song and recitations; Miss Leach and party of children, action songs; Miss O. Duffet and Miss F. Butler, recitations; Mrs. Spiller, song; Miss Clements and Mrs. Selby, duet; Mrs. W. Turner, song; Mr. Cook and party, quartette. The accompanist was Mrs. R. t-Jby. Manor of Coity Wallia.-A meeting of the Joint Committee representing the Parish Coun- cils of the Manon of Coity Wallia was held at Bridgend on Tuesday night to consider a point which had arisen in connection with the pro- posed provisional order for the regulation of the commons of the manor. Mr. W. A. Howell presided. Mr H. J. Randall, solicitor, informed the committee that the terms of the order had been altered, and that the Board of Agriculture approved of the alteration. The new wording was clearer, and really more favourable to the rights of the commoners.—The new wording was unanimously approved by the committee. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr. H. J. Randall for the work he had done in connection with the matter. Death of Respected Resident.—The hand of death has just taken from us another old and esteemed resident in the person of Mr. John G. Barber, 6 Highland Place, Bridgend. Deceased was born at IIminister, Somerset. Coining to Bridgend 28 years ago, he started business as a painter and decorator in Clifton Terrace, where he did well until failing health, a few years ago, compelled him to retire. A staunch Churchman and a strong Conservative, he was a sidesman at St. Mary's, Nolton, and one of the original members of the Conservative Asso- ciation. Intensely patriotic, he had from his earliest youth taken a keen interest in the Vol- unteer movement. In Bridgend he was an active prop\udist. He Was a sergeant in the 2nd V.B. Welsh, and was awarded the Ion?? ser- vice medal. The spirit within him was such that, though physically unfit, he persisted last July in taking up a position in a munition fac- tory at Pembery. Six weeks ago he came home invalided. In spite of the most assiduous at- tention, he gradually grew worse, and passed away peacefully on Wednesday night. He leaves a widow and three daughters. British and Foreign Bible Society.—The annual meeting of the Bridgend Auxiliary was held at Nolton Institute on Tuesday. Rev. Dd. Phillips, B.A., presided. The speaker for the evening was Rev. W. Crwys Williams, of Swan- sea (district secretary for South Wales), who gave a, stirring, address on the work of the Society amongst our soldiers and sailors. The local secretary (Mr. Vincent A. Piercy) .gave the report for the year ending 81st March, 1917, and it is very gratifying to know that an in- crease of £ &l had been raised by Bridgend and district for this good work. A letter was read from the V"n. Archdeacon Edmondes, M.A., ex- pressing his regret at not being able to be pre- sent that evening, and enclosing a contribution to the funds of the Society. Mr S. J. Simmonds was the accompanist, and the meeting closed with the Doxology. Messrs. Michael Davies and Co.'s Sales.-at Pontycymmer, on Thursday, Messrs. Michael Davies and Co. offered for sale at the Ffaldau Hotel the following leasehold properties:—No. 8 .The Avenue, purchased by Mr. Bishop, the ten- ant, at < £ 250; No. 9 The Avenue, purchased by Mr. Howell, of Cefncarvan, at £ 210; No. 7 The Avenue, purchased by the same gentleman for JB205. Each is let at 30s. per lunar month, and held for 99 years from 1909; ground rent 15/- each per annum. The solicitors were Messrs. Stock wood and Williams, of Bridgend, and Messrs. Dapho L. Powell and Co., Bridgend and Pontycymmer .-On Tuesday in this week the same firm sold for .£30.5 to Mr. Geo. A. Hodges, Abergwyinfi, the leasehold .dwelling-house, 3 Church Street, Caerau (99 year-s from 1309, g.r. 16/8), let at 32/- per nionthl., Yr. Arthur Hen- ton, Bridgend, was solicitor for the vendor. Bridgend Boy Twice Wounded.—Pte. E. H. David, South Wales Borderers, only son of Mrs. K. David, 22 Queen street, Bridgend, has been wounded in France for the second time. Last April he was wounded, and a couple of months ago returned to France. A general favourite, he has hosts of friends. Before the war, he was with Messrs. J. C. Hitt and Sons, plumbers, of Bridg- end. Increased Prices-More Wages.—An ordinary meeting of Bridgend Urban District Council was held on Tuesday night. The members pre- sent were: Mr. J. G. Jenkins, J.P. (chairman), Messrs. Morgan Stradling, J. T. Hitt, George Bevan, Henry Abbott, W. Joneo, with the clerk (Mr. J. T. Howell), the surveyor (Mr. William Bevan), and the electrical engineer (Mr. W. Welbury). On the motion of Mr Morgan Strad- ling, the report of the Works Committee was adopted.—In reference to the application for an increase of wages from the Council's workmen in the surveyor's department, the tabulated particulars of wages paid by other authorities, as prepared by the surveyor, were carefully con- sidered, and it was recommended that the war bonus paid to the foreman be increased by 3/- per week, and the war bonus for the roadmen, horse drivers, and steam roller driver be in- creased by 2/- per week. They also further re- i commended that all casual labourers be paid at the rate of 8d. per hour, and that the war Jaonus of the Cemetery caretaker be increased- by 3/- per week.—Agreed. For the Wounded. The Congregational church Choir had the privilege of entertaining twenty-one wounded soldiers on Wednesday eve- ning last week. Warm expressions of apprecia- tion were made to the friends who contributed to make the evening (in the words of the "boys") one of the best experienced in Bridg- end. Light refreshments were served, and a varied musical programme given. The sooth- ing "weed" was very much in evidence, and gave greater zest and enjoyment to those pre- sent. Miss Woodward, with her willing staff, were congratulated and thanked by two of the "boys" for their whole-hearted interest in see- ing that the "inner man" was safely looked after, and also for the beautiful flowers, etc. The chair was taken by Mr. Wyndham Jones, and the following took part:—Mrs. Treadgold, Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. Leyshon, Mrs. Selby, Mrs. Turner, Miss Elsie Robert?, Miss Cox, Miss Leach, Miss Tapp, Mr. W. Jones, Mr. W. Ley- shon, Mr. H. Cook, Mr. Bragg Mr. R. Davies. A few games were indulged in, and the happy evening came to a conclusion by the boys giving three hearty cheers for the secretary and com- mittee, and the singing of the English and Welsh National Anthems. Whist Drive.—A masked whist drive and dance were held at Nolton Institute, Bridgend, to provide funds for sending festive season par- cels to members of the Bridgend Bowling and Tennis Club who are on foreign service. There was a large attendance, the novelty of a masked gathering having resulted in the general accept- ance of the invitations sent out. So many were present that several guests who had neglected the formality of replying to the invitation, had to be refused admittance. The arrangements were carried out by a committee of the club members, with Mr. Ben Williams (Llyfnallt, Cowbridge Road) in the capacity of hon. secre- tary. A committee of ladies, under the capable leadership of Mrs. Grant, made a great success of the catering. All the guests entered masked, the ladies wearing dominoes and the gentlemen comic masks. Attempts to identify the guests in their various disguises caused much fun. For the whist and dancing the more cumbersome masks were removed. Wounded ,-oliliers from the Red Cross Hospital in Mer- thyrmawr Road, were the guests of the vening, and the matron has since written the hon. sec. and committee thanking tfiem for the invita- tion to the soldiers, who, she adds, enjoyed themselves immensely. The following were the whist drive prize winners :—Gentlemen 1, Sgt. W. Burton; consolation, Mr. Frank Hodges. Ladies: 1, Mr. McKenzie, a discharged wounded soldier; consolation, Mrs. Atherton. The gen- tlemen outnumbered the ladies,-and this is why a gentleman appears in the ladies' prize list. The net proceeds amounted to nearly £8. Death of Mrs. Davies, Southerndown.—Mrs. Davies, wife of Mr. Richard Davies, The Vines, Southerndown, died suddenly on Saturday night. During the day she had been in her usual health, and had been to Bridgend with her husband. Only that morning, however, she had received the news that her youngest son .had been wounded in action in Palestine, and this had naturally much upset her, particularly as she had suffered from a weak heart. About 9.30 on Saturday night she went to bed, and was then apparently well, but in less than a quar- ter of an hour s he was seized with a heart at- tack and died almost immediately. For many years Mr. and Mrs. Davies kept the Marine Hotel, Southerndown. The funeral, which took place at St. Bride's Church, on Wednesday was very largely attended. The deceased lady was a faithful member of the Church of England at St. Brides. Rev. Picton-Warlow (Vicar) offici- ated. Among the chief mourners were Mr. R. T. Davies (husband), Miss Jane Davies (daugh- ter), Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Davies (son and daughter-in-law); Lieut. Chris. Davies, Dorches- ter Regiment (son); Cadet F. H. Davies (sons); Mr. and Mrs. E. Hopkin, Llandow; Mr. W. S. Howell and Mrs. Howell, and Miss Kitty Howell, Bridgend; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jen- kins, Bridgend; Mrs. Morgan David; Miss Hop- kins, St. Brides; Mr. and Mrs. Cockram, Og- more Vale; Mrs. W. R. Williams, Bridgend; Mrs. C. Davies, St. Brides; Mr. Lewis Jones, Mrs. Scott, and Miss Bowen, Maesteg; Mrs. Powell, Southerndown Mrs. D. E. Davies, Brid- gend; Mrs. Richard Dayies, Bridgeud.. A large number of beautiful floral tributes were re- ceived. The funeral arrangements were car- ried out by Mr W. S. Howell, Undertaker, Brid- gend.. IC87








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