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POTATO DISEASE. I MAESTEG AN INFECTED AREA. I IMPORTANT STATEMENT BY ALLOT- I MENTS SECRETARY. A meeting of the members of the IJynfi Valley Allotments and Small Holdings, Ltd., was held i4, the Co-operative Hall, Maesteg, on Saturday evening last. Mr. Gwilym Richards, who presided over a good attendance of members, said he was glad to inform them that their secretary, Mr. Skinner, had been appointed by the Board of Agriculture as their representative in Maesteg for the notification of wart (potato) disease (synchytrium endobioticum). He took this as I a compliment to their secretary, who, as they were aware, had proved himself worthy of the honour conferred upon him. The Secretary, Mr. Wm. Skinner, thanked the Chairman and the members present for their good wishes. The Board of Agriculture had sent him a draft copy of the proposed Order in regard to wart disease in potatoes. The sche- dule of infected areas included the parishes of Llangynwyd Higher and Cwmdu-in fact, it covered the whole of the area under the juris- diction of the Maesteg District Council. The Management Committee of the Association had considered the effect of the Order in its many phases, and had recommended that a joint meeting of the Allotments Committee of the District Council and the Association's Commit- tee be held, with a view to holding public meet- ings in the town to enlighten the public on the provisions of the Order. The Order would be posted up throughout the town in the course of a few days. Members and the public generally should be made acquainted with the fact that only certain authorised varieties of potatoes were to be planted; also with the source from which such potatoes can be obtained. And he advised those members who had kept seed po- tatoes for next season which, were not of the variety selected by the Board, to dispose of them as soon as possible, as only immune varie- ties would be allowed to be planted next sea- son. The Board of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Agricultural Organisation Society, had or- ganised a conference of all the Allotment Asso- ciations in Glamorgan that were situated in scheduled areas, with a view to co-operating in buying a quantity of immune seed potatoes for planting in the spring; and he was pleased to inform them that they had already ordered six tons of these. Mr. David Jones, the president of the Associa- tion, and the delegates to the conference, ad- dressed the meeting, at which there were pre- sent 60 representatives of various Allotment Associations, including Mr. Taylor (Inspectr to the Board of Agriculture) and Mr. R. Hedger Wallace (the County "Agricultural Instructor). Two alternative methods for purchasing seed potatoes were laid before the conference. The I first was to ask the County Council to take the matter up; the second was to ask the Farmers' Central Trading Board to do so.—The meeting, after much discussion, decided to ask the latter Board to act on their behalf, and a sub-commit- tee, consisting of the secretaries of the (liferent Societies, was appointed to make the necessary arrangements. The problem of providing seed for those out- side the membership of Allotment Associations was also discussed at the meeting. As a result, it was decided to impress upon all those who have gardens in infected areas to join the local j Allotments Associations. There is reason to believe that members of Allotments Societies and others who have gardens have not exer- cised the necessary care in the past in planting the best kind of seed, and especially in ascer- taining the origin of those sold locally. By combination, however, one thing would oer- tainly be accomplished-the origin of the seed would be known beyond doubt. (Applause.) A hearty vote of thanks to the speakers and chairman concluded a splendid meeting.