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The Cinema, Bridgend. Bole Lessee Mr. Geo. Pitt Manager Mr. W. Pierpoint. Monday, August 17th, and during the Week. IW One Long Performance Only at 8.0 7 Two Performances Saturday 9 Matinee Saturday at 3.0. Children Id., 2d. & 3d. Grand Star Varieties. HENRY HERXK & Co. ? D f A 1^ JU ATI in a Dramatic Sketch— N .B t ?? ? N ?? ? V. ?T? JL ?M? The Stage is converted into a real River of Water. Wee Alexandra r Madge and Alexandra Comedienne. Laughable Comedy Duo. Star Films. MONDAY. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, j THURSDAY. FRIDAY and SATURDAY. t The Cowbuy Magnate Madonna, of the Slums I Pitt's Popular Prices: 1 6d. 3d. Doors open 7,40. Early Iters 7.30, Is. 3d., 8d., 4d. Saturdays Doors open at 6.45 and 8.50. Early Doors 6.15. Children Half-price to all parts. Bicycles Stored at Owner's risk. Smoking allowed. THE RUSKIN ART STUDIO IS OPEN DAILY FOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Old and Faded Photographs Copied or Enlarged in any process. Wedding and other Groups taken, DISTANCE NO OBJECT. Letters of appreciation are being received Daily AneST 8th, 1914. Dear Sir, J& i Photographs to hand, many thanks, I think it is chai-ni ing, and a perfect photograph Accept my congratulations on your excellent results- & Faithfully Yours. Have you had yours taken yet ? You will be equally pleased by ERNEST CARVER, THE RUSKIN ART STUDIO, Station Road, Bridgend, aqd Church Street, Maesteg. Closed Wednesday at One o'clock. | WEDDINGS g ? '¿' I hold the largest stock of CJ k- E?GAUEME?T and WEDDING RINGS 0 o < 'u the distnc):, at our usual CANNOT BE 8 «:» ,J, 11 rl Q) f§ \}!tl/?"> BEATEN' PRICES. Q ? ? ? ? ? "ur 22 ct. Hall Marked Wedding B  kin?s sold by weight, ensuring top value 81 X !8!i_, to Customers. 5j £ ? '? ??-.? PRIVATE FITTING HANDSOME PRESEN X ? ???'.? R'tOM. GIVEN. PX S Note the Address: Next door to Library- 8 8 GILBERT WILLIAMS, i 8 JEWELLER, a WYNDHAM ST, BRIDGEND. 8 I ,1:; ] rrfj ■iimiu ■ ■ III i' 11 i——MiiBMiiafcK)—I— EEVINE'- THE TAILOR FOR YOUR SUMMER SUIT. HA. u. MARKET BUILDINGS, BRIDGEND. Hotel York, Bridgend. VS- The Popular House. Mr. H. Davies, having purchased another excellent Billiard Table, by Burroughes & Watts, has OPENED A NEW BILLIARD ROOM "»l| There will be now Two Tables. Players will not have to put up with the customary wait for a game. ø- MOTOR CAR.—A 5-seater Motor Car for Hire at reasonable charges. F LEAS, MOTHS, LICE, BUGS, BLACK. BEETLES, and all other insects speedily exterminated by using HARRISON'S CIMO- BANE, the New Insect Killer. Harmless to animals. In tins, 3d., 6d., and 1/ Post, Id. -Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents for Bridgend: E. H. Griffith, Chem- ist, 18 Dunraven Place. Neath J. Griffith Isaac, Chemist, New Street Square. Maesteg: R. U. Morgan, Chemist. Ogmore Vale: T. I 'Llewellyn. Nantymoel: H. Martvn Hughes. Pontycymmer J. L. Hopkins. 3091 Up-to-Date Appliances for t, ning opt every class of work at competitive vices, at the "Glamorgan Gazette" Printing Norks. MISCELLANEOUS. ARTIFICIAL Limbs, Crutches, Deformity Boots, Tru96es, "Steel-less Easifit" Truss, Ladies' Belt-Corsets, etc.-Allen Pearce, 23 Charles Street, Cardiff. Tel. 1282. Hours: 10—6 daily; Wednesday, lO-i: Saturday, 10—8. PRIVATE LOANS 14 STRICT CONF1 I DENCE. May I quote you terms? Or will iron make me an offer for any amount you r. (Direi- 1 am the actual lender. Nothing tI ¡Jay unless business done. Also money lent oi Life Policies at specially low rates and chequet ashed. Write or call, EDWARD STEWART >4 CUSTOM HOUSE STREET, CARDIFF. (H Trgent, 'phone 658). My small loan of X20 for 20J- meets witt general 'pprolation. Watch the GAZETTE OFFICES for any f Special WAR NEWS Each Evening from Six till Midnight The Glamorgan Gazette 0 Has made arrangements for Special Wires with the Central News Agency, who have a Complete Service of War News from Special Correspon- dents at the Front. BRIDGEND HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. Appointed under the Isolatioi Hospital Acts, 1893 and 1901. Summary of Accounts for year ending March 31st, 1914. DISTRICT FUND ACCOUNT. Dr. £ s. d. Salaries, Clerk 35 0 0 Establishment Expenses Account 561 1 11 Hospital Staff Salaries 410 12 0 Other Officers' Salaries 425 11 0 Telephone Account 7 16 0 Insurance Account 9 14 4 Instalment of Principal. 245 0 3 Instalment of Interest 199 17 3 Stamp Account (National Health) 12 3 10 Disinfection Account 0 8 0 £ 1,907 4 7 Cr. £ e. d. Miscellaneous Receipts Account 382 1 3 Bridgend U.D. Council 252 3 3! Porthcawl U.D. Council 124 16 6 Penybont R.D. Council 760 5 2* Cowbridge R.D. Council 353 13 8! Cowbridge Town Council 33 18 5! Balance Unproportioned 0 6 2 — i kl,907 4 7 PATIENTS' EXPENSES. < £ s. d. Balance brought forward 11 18 1 Conveyance and Removal of Patients 26 14 6 Maintenance of Patients 220 4 6 47 9 0 J63066 1 X s. d. Penybont R.D. Council 152 2 5 Bridgend U.D. Council 102 14 11 Bridgend & Cowbridge Union 3 9 5 Cowbridge R.D. Council 4 17 4 Porthoawl U.D. Council 36 4 7 1 rthcawl 6 17 5 Balai,2c 6 17 1 £ 306 6 1 I BALANCE SHEET. £ s. d. Clerk's Account 1 5 0 Treasurer's Account 261 1 1 Patients' Expenses Account 6 17 5 Permanent Works Loan Account. 6,171 17 6 Bridgend U.D. Council 33 11 4J Cowbridge Town Council 14 13 of j District Fund, unproportioned j Balance 0 6 2 < £ 6,489 12 0 Æ s. d. Porthcawl U.D. Council 6 7 6i Penybont R.D. Council 149 8 10J Cowbridge R.D. Council 161 18 Ii Glam. County Council (Loan) 6,171 17 6 < £ 6,489 12 0 Audited this 10th day of July, 1914. M. D. PROPERT, District Auditor. 3411 D. R. JONES, Clerk. THE PALACE, BRIDGEND. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE MONDAY, AUG. 17th. and DURING THE WEEK. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,— By Arrangements with Ideal Co., London, MONEY GOD," or Do Riches Bring Happiness?" 3,600 Feet. Exclusive. (See Handbills.) Thursday, Friday and Saturday- I SHALL AVENGE," A Nordisk Drama that Holds and Grips; in Three Parts. "THROUGH THE STORM," A Fine S. and A. Drama, in Two Parts; full of Exciting Moments. NEXT WEEK:—"Jane Eyre," Irish drama (Two Parts); and "Lure of New York," 2,000 feet (Warner). AND OTHER INTERESTING SUBJECTS. NOTICE. W. M. DONNE, PORTHCA WL, Begs to inform the Public that he has just purchased A New & Up-to-date Hearse and is now prepared to Undertake FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS. Distance no object. Lowest Possible Prices. He has also First-Class MOTOR CARS & CARRIAGES of all de- scriptions for Hire. MOTOR TOURS ARRANGED at very Moderate Prices. NOTE THE ADDRESS- Fenton Place, Porthcawl. Telephone No. 22. The Vale of'Glamorgan^ ta*SHOW At Cowbridge, Has been Abandoned OWING TO THE WAR T. J. YORWERTH, Secretary. To Motor Cyclists. PT INSURANCE Against Third Party Claims, Accidental Damage to Cycle, Theft, Loss by Fire, Explosion, Self-Ignition, or Lightning. All the above risks covered for- Under 3^ h.p. 82 h.p. 5 h.p. Value. £ 30 £ 65 9,50 £65 f 50 £65 AnnualPremium 45/- 47/6 47/6 53/6 57/6 67/6 For further particulars apply to MR, D. O. EVANS, Brid f; Buildings, Dunraven Place, Bridgend. Quotations for any class of Insurance upon appli- cation. Dwelling Houses insured at Is. 3d. per £100. Contents at Is. 6d. 3154 Wardroba Dealers. A GOOD PRICE given for LADIES', GENTS' and CHILDREN'S LEFT-OFF CLOTHING, BOOTS, &c. Parcels Promptly Attended To. Buyers of Plate, Old Gold and Silver; also Shop Soiled Goods. MRS. PRICE, 49 and 51 NOLTON STREET, 2099 BRIDGEND. TTARRISON'S NURSERY AND TOILET SOAP is puret soap. medicated with refined Cool Tar. THE IDEAL SOAP FOR NURSERY, TOILET, BATH and SHAV- ING—antiseptic and soothing-contains no colouring matter or strong perfume. The FINEST BEAUTY' AND COMPLEXION SOAP. Price 4d. Tablet, ls. per box. Sold by Chemists. Harrison, Chemist. Reading. Ageints for Bridgend: John Jones, Chemist. Caroline Street; Caerau: G. H. Howell, Chemist: Maesteg: A. Griffiths, Chemist. WHEELBARROWS For Sale, 200 Strong- and well-made; price, 12s. each.—Chas. Jenkiu* and Son, Timber Merchants, Bridgend. The Pavilion, —— PORTHCAWL. —— TO-NIGHT & To-Morrow Night August 14th & 15th, W. PAYNE SEDDON'S OWN COMPANY In the Great Success from the Criterion and Vaudeville Theatres, London- Eliza Comes to Stay. A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts by H. V. Esmond. House Manager GERALD S. DARRELL. PRICES OF ADMISSION: 1/6, 1/- and ad. And a few Reserved Seats at 2p. Booking Offices: Harry F. Lambert, Deere & Co., Estate Offices, John Street ('Phone 78 Porthcawl); C. S. Alleti, John Street, Porth- cawl. Don't Forget the Sacred Concert On SUNDAY NIGHT, AUG. 16th, in aid of the British Red Cross Society. Commencing at 8 p.m. FULL PAVILION ORCHESTRA. British Red Cross Society. A Public Meeting Will be held in NOLTON INSTITUTE, BRIDGEND, ox Friday. Aug. 14th, 1914 At 8 o'clock in the Evening, To consider means of raising Funds locally for Material and Equipment for Red Cross purposes. Chairman S. H. STOCKWOOI), Esq. SPEAKERS: Miss E. P. Hughes (Barry), Dr. W. Ogle Woods, AND OTHERS. MOORLANDS SCHOOL PORTHCAWL. Principals The MISSES GARSED SOUND ENGLISH EDUCATION. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES IN MUSIC & ART. RESIDENT FRENCH MISTRESS. Recent Successes and Honours in Associated Board R.A.M. and R.C.M., Local School and Centre, Royal Drawing Society, and Cambridge Locals. PHYSICAL CULTURE. OUTDOOR GAMES. HEALTHY HOME LIFE. Recommended by Medical Profession. References—Parents. NEXT TERM COMMENCES SEPT. 22nd. E. PREECE, JUN., F.A.A, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER. HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. AUDITS UNDERTAKEN AND BALANCE SHEETS PREPARED. INCOME TAX ADJUSTED AND SURPLUi REFUNDED. INSURANCES OF ALL KINDS EFFECTED. AUDITOR UNDER THE FRIENDLY SOCIETIES ACT. 61 PARK STREET, BRIDGEND, GLAM. TELEPHONE, No. 0196. GEORGE THOMAS, AUCTIONEER, HOUSE A ESTATE AGENT, HOTEL AND GENERAL VALUER (15 Years' Experience), < LLYNVI ROAD. MAESTEG. MORTGAGES. MR. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, has several sums of money, from £ 100 to £ 600 available for investment on good securities. Apply, with particulars, to bl. Oflce*, Ita. tion Hill. BriagfDd _2. HUGHES SALE I "X. i'" COMMENCES TO-DAY! I LONDON HOUSE BRIDGEND. AUCTIONEER'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. I MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT I Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute of the United Kingdom. AUCTIONEER, VALUER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. HOTEL VALUER AND GUAGER, FIRE ASSESSOR AND ACCOUNTANT. SALES conducted of Estates, House Property, Freehold Ground Rents, Farming Stock (I months' credit), Growing Timber, Machinery, Household Furniture (modern and antique). SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, etc.. at the Star Yard, Bridgend, every montn. I VALUATIONS made for Probate, Mortgage Sale, Tenant Right, Hotels, etc. I PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in Management of Estates. Ground Rents Collected. AGENT for Life, Accident, Fire and Live I Stock Insurance;, also Workmen's Compensa- tion. Various Freehold and Leasehold Reeidenoee and Villas in Briagend, Porthcawl and District to Be Let or Sold. Furnished and Unfurnished Houses and Bungalows to be Let at Porthcawl. Reasonable Terms given for Selling Freehold and Leasehold Properties, Farming Stocks, Household Furniture, etc. Telegrams—' Lambert, Auctioneer, Bridgend.' Telephone, P.O. 68. Offices: PRUDENTIAL BUILDINGS BRIDGEND. Branch Offices at Aberavon, Porthcawl, and Maesteg. MESSRS. HARRY F. LAMBERT, DEERE & CO., F.A.I., A.C.I.S., AUCTIONEERS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS and ESTATE AGENTS. VALUATIONS made for Probate, Mortgage Sale, Hotels, etc. Furnished and Unfurnished HOUSES anc BUNGALOWS TO LET at Porthcawl; also FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTIES FOR SALE. Estate Offices: John Street, Porthcawl. Telephone No. 78. Also at Station Road, Port Talbot, licd Bridgend. SALE FIXTURES. Aug. Sale of Household Furniture and Effects at Port Talbot. Sept. 2nd.—Sale of Household Furniture and Effects at Porthcawl. MICHAEL DAVIES & CO. Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS, 15 Wyndham Street, Bridgend, and Co-operative Chambers, Maesteg. HOTEL VALUERS AND GAUGERS (20 Years' Experience). Arbitrators and Valuers under the Small Holdings and Allotments Acts. AGENTS FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. Also for the Union Castle Steamship Company to South Africa. The Cunard Company for America and Canada. The Canadian Pacific, and the Allen Steamship Lines. SALE FIXTURES. Sale of Six Cottages at Morriston. Sale of Leaseholds at Pontycymmer and Blaengarw. MR. J. R. THOMAS. YSTRADOWEN AUCTION MART. MONDAY, AUGUST 17th, at 12.30. 40 FAT CATTLE AND CALVES. 160 FAT SHEEP, l^MBS and PIGS. J T » RICHARD THOMAS, AUCTIONEER. 3371 MR. T. J. YORWERTH. COWBRIDGE MARKET. TUESDAY, AUGUST 25th, 1914. MR. T. J. YORWERTH will SELL by AUC- TION, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 25th: liO PRIME FAT CATTLE. 150 CHOICE FAT SHEEP, LAMBS, AND PORKERS. Sale at 11.30 a.m. Further Entries Solicited. Auctioneer's Offices, Cowbridge. 3384 MR. JOHN DAVID. LLANTWIT MAJOR. NEXT SALE, MONDAY, AUGUST 17th, 1914. At 11.30 a.iii. 55 FAT CATTLE AND CALVES. 250 FAT SHEEP, LAMBS and PORKERS. JOHX DAVID, Auctioneer's Offices, Cow- I bridge. t 3413 TO OUR READERS. Our Separate Edition for Aberavon- Port Talbot District, published every I Friday, containing all the news of that district, can be obtained by readers hailing from that locality on ordering same at their local Newsagents. ¡ Up-to-Date Appliances for turning out every class of work at competitive prices, at the "Glamorgan Gazette" Printing Works. I TENDERS. OGMORE AND GARW URBAN DISTRICT I COUNCIL. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. SALE OF BARLEY AND MANURE. THE above Council have about 4 Acres of Bar- ley under cultivation on their Sewerage Farm at Brynmenin, and are prepared to re- ceive Tenders for the purchase of the crop as it stands; the reaping and harvesting to be car- ried out by the successful Tenderer. The Coun- cil have also about 300 Loads of Sludge Manure on the Sewage Farm, and are prepared to accept Tenders for the purchase of the same in bulk or per load. The purchaser to load and cart the manure away at his own cost. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Barley" or "Man- ure," as the case may be, to be sent to the undersigned not later than Tuesday, the 18th day of August, 1914. The Council do not bind themselves to accept any Tender. W. T. OLLIVANT JONES, Engineer & Surveyor, Council Offices, Brynmenin. August 6th, 1914. 3379 LOST AND FOUND. T OST from Cefn Hirgoed Mountain, bay Year- ling Colt, docked, not casterated; little white marks; finder rewarded, detainer prose- cuted.-Evaiis, High Corner House, Llan- harran. 3401 FOR SALE. 3401 FOR SALE,—Six-roomed House, central posi- tion Bridgend; bath, w.c., every modern convenience.—Apply, "67." Gazette Office. 3316 pOR SALE,—Pigs, 8 weeks old; good feeders. —Thomas, Ynysawdre Farm, Aberkenfig. I 3318 FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, Drawing an< Bedroom Suites; also surplus Kitchen Fur- niture and china.—" Rex," Gazette Office. 3383 FOR SALE,—Two new overmantles; will soil cheaply.-ll Herbert Street, Bridgend. 3319 FOR SALE,—100 Head of Fowls.-Apply, E. M. Scott, Mile End, Bridgend. 3402 FOR SALE,—1912 and 1913 Hens; excellent laying and table birds.—Litchard Cottage, Bridgend. 3395 FOR SALE,—Two Gentlemen's two-wheel Dog Carts; equal to new.—Thomas Thomas, Saddler, Bridgend. 3354 JTOR SALE,—Good btraw for Thatching, at low prices.—Thomas Thomas, Saddler, Bridgend. 3355 FOR SALE by Private Treaty, Valuable Free- hold and Leasehold Properties, situated in the Parishes of Newcastle and Oldcastle, Bridg- end.—For particulars apply to William Bevan, Estate Agent, Coity Fields, Bridgend. 3336 TJONKEY & Governess Car For Sale; pass all | traffic.-Artliur Thomas, Worn Cottages, Pencoed. 3390 J7ERRETS For Sale, clean and healthy; 1 guaranteed -good workers. Coachman, Craig-Yr-Eos, Southerndown. 3408 PLA-NO, extraordinary bargain; panel front, ivory keys, etc., etC., JCS; inspection in- vited.—62 Nolton Street, Bridgend. 3327 I REEDS For Sale—Devon and Bale Reeds; also Binder Twine; see price before buying.— Yorwerth Thomas, Bridgend. 3344 DEEDS For Sale.—J. David, Tymaen Farm, Y"stradowen, Cowbridge. 3403 CHOP To.Let,—1 Market Street, Bridgend.— For particulars apply to D. R. Jones, 10 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 3380 CUN Precision, 41 h.p., 1914; 3-speed; free engine; slightly soiled, £i8.-0sca.r Chess, Kenfig Hill. 2\ h.p. Precision Motor Cycle, brand new, .;C23.-Osear Chess, Kenfig Hill. 4 h.p. Twin Premier, splendid order, < £ 38.— Oscar Chess, Kenfig Hill and Maesteg. 3325 I TO FARMERS.-Agricultural Casting of all kinds supplied. Send your old broken wheels and we will cast you new ones.—C. Jen- kins& Son, Bridgend. I f!H.,P. Triumph, latest model; only ridden from the ag-ent s; cost c!:60: horn 10/6; take £ 55.—Crocker, Aberkenfig. 3356 = COYCHURCH. Ii HIGHEST POINTS.—Mr. Mark Cliegwcn won the Abol syringe offered to the exhibitor who gained the highest number of points at I the recent flower show. FUNERAL.—The funeral of the late Mr. J. C. Llewellyn, son of ex-P.C. Llewellyn. Tan-y-bryn, Coychurch, took place at the Parish Churchyard on Monday. The Rev. F. C. Williams, Rector, officiated. Miss Wil- liams played the "Dead March" and hymn tunes on the organ. Amongst a large num- ber of relatives who followed the coffin were the following:—Mrs. Llewellyn (widow), Mr. Llewellyn (father). Airs. Llewellyn (mother), Mrs. Davies (mother-in-law), Mrs. Noyse (aunt), Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (uncle and aunt), Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead (uncle and aunt), Mr. and Mrs. Battriek (uncle and aunt), Mr. J. Moore, Caerau (uncle), All-. R. Moore, Mr. Batterick. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bat- teric-k, Mr. D. Batterick, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Davies, Mrs. Adams, Mr. E. Frederick, Mr. P. Whitehead. Mr. and Mrs. C. Davies, Neath; Mr. H. J. Batterick. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jones, Mrs. Randell (cousins), Mr. D. Arnott, J.P., Pontypridd: Mr. and Airs. E. Davies, Neath (brother-in-law) Mr. J. Davies, Alltwallis, Carmarthen (brother-in- law) Mr. D. Davies, London (brother-in- law) Miss Nellie Batterick (cousin); Miss Katie Moore (cousin); Mr. and Airs. Morde- cai, Tondu Miss Mordecai, Treos Airs Rich- ards. Tondu Mrs. Pblllij), Owen, Swansea; Mr. Jones. Swansea: Mr. Wm. Howell. J.P.. Pencoed; Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Miss Williams, Ogmore Vale. A number of floral tributes were sent by the following:—Rev. F. C. Williams, Mrs. John Jones, Mr. Arnott and family. Lisworney; Mr. Kelsey, Mr. -iii(I faml'lv. Liswoi-Tiev; K(,],,(,v, ,Nft-. Major Mr. A. E. Frederick, Cowbridge: Mrs Noyce. Ogmore Vale; Mrs. Frederick, Corn- town. Up-to-date Appliances for turning ont ETORY nJqgQ of work at competitive prices, at thr I Glamorgan Gazette" Printing Works. THE GLAMORGAN GAZETTE. i PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion Insertions Insertions 18 words 0 6 1 0 1 6 27 words 0 9 1 6 2 0 36 words 1 0. 2 0 3 0 45 words 1 3 2 6 3 9 54 words 1 6. 3 0 4 0 63 words 1 9. 3 6 5 3 72 words 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 words 2 3 4 6 6 9 The above charges apply only to the Classes of Advertisements specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION; if not prepaid, they will be charged by the general scale:- Apartments Wanted; Apartments To Let; Houses To Let; Miscellaneous Wants Situa- tions Wanted; Situations Vacant. WANTED. VXfANTED,—A General Servant.—Apply, Mrs. Rees, Grocer, Caerau. 3232 VX/ANTED,—Young Girl, about 14, for morn- ing work; must be smart and clean.— Jones, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Bridgend. 3330 W ANTED,-Good General, age 18 to 20; small family; good home.—Star Inn, Wick, near Cowbridge. 3324 WA-NTED,-Good Girl for Farmhouse. — Apply, Mrs. Harding, Candleston Farm, Tythegotone, Bridgend^ 3328 \VANTED.—Man, Good Milker small farm sober; good home.- W. John, Maesy- rhaf, Pencoed. 3381 VjyANTED,—A strong widow, not under 40, to take charge of elderly invalid gentleman.- Apply, stating wages required, to Box 33, Gazette Office, Bridgeiid. \\TANTED,—An experienced General, able to do plain cooking; two in family; wages « £ 18.—Apply, Mrs. Gladwin, 19 Caroline Street; after 7 p.m., Bromleigh, Court Road, Bridgend. 3361 \y AN TED,—Day Girl.—Apply, Walters, Sten- ning, Coity Foad, Bridgend. 3391 WANTED,-Stiperior General Servant; com- fortable situation.—Airs. Landon, 1 New- ton Villas, Newton, Porthcawl. 3347 at the Isolation Hospital, Black- mill. Cook General wage., tlS per an- num, with uniform.—Apply, with references, to the Matron. 3400 WANTED, by gentleman, BedSitting- room, Coity lioad or neighbourhood.— Apply, Box 999. Gazette Office. COL. Turbervill strongly recommends excel- lent Garden Boy, aged 14,1; willing, hard- worker, and useful; could sleep at home if pre- ferred.-Apply, Charles Dri-coll, Ewenny Hill, Bridgend. 3392 GOOD General Wanted; also Young Girl, 15, for Hou-ework.—Mrs. Jones, Uchel Oleu, Ewenny Road, Bridgend. 3412 T IFE Assurance. Spare men; Cwmavon, Cym- mer, Glyneo\rwg, Abergwynfi. Accidents, Sickness; good commission.—Supt., 16 Station Road, Port Talbot. 3223 TO LET. TO LET, Glanavon, Bridgend, with or without stables.—For full particulars, apply. Mrs. W. Cooke, 15 Park Street, Brid- genet. TO LET,-Sitting-rooij-i and Bedroom to suit newly-married couple.—Apply, 26 Corona- tion Terrace, Nantyfiylion. 3073 TO LET,—57 Park Street, Bridgend; very con- venient 9-room House, lavatory, w.c., hot & cold.—Apply, Mr. Preece, Park-street, Bridg- end. 2042 TO LET,—A House in Merthyrmawr Road, Bridgend; containing nine rooms, hot and cold bath, and all conveniences.—Apply to A. J. Organ, 72 Nolton Street, Bridgend. 3342 TO LET,—7 Castle Street, Maesteg; very con- venient 9-room villa, one minute from Town Hall; lavatory, w.c., hot & cold.—Apply, Howell Beynon, Bryninawr Place, Maesteg. 3388 TO LET,—Fair View, Cowbridge Road; 3 bed- • rooms, bath, hot & cold; every convenience. tfitt, Bridgend. 3406 TO LET,—Furnished Rooms, to respectable married couple.—Apply, Rooms, Gazette ()ffice, Bridgend 3415 TO LET,—24 Mackworth Street, Bridgend.— Apn!v. Mr?. Bevan, 52 Bryn Road, Tondu. 3385 TO LET.—Two six-room Houses, Long Row, A Brvncethin; rent, 6/- per week.-Apply, Stuppcl, Oxford Street, Pontycymmer. 3300 BRIDGEND. To Let, Penygraig House, l'ark Street; three reception and three bedrooms, bathroom, together with '.taMes, g?tss houses, garden, etc. Low rent; immedi- ate pcs?e-siou.—Apply, David JaaH'< 34 New- castle Hill, Bridgend. 3386 CAERA r, Bridgend.-Capital Off-Licensed Beer Stores To Let.—Apply, Wm. Hancock & Co., Ltd., The Brewery, Cardiff. 3396 TTRONT Sitting-room and Bedroom To Let; h. & c. bath.—28 Coity Road, Bridgend. 3378 TTOUSE To Let, No. 4 Greenfield Terrace, Llangonoyd; low rent.—Apply, William Llewellyn, Barley Mow Inn, Penllvne, Cow- bridge. 3387 T ARGE Room To Let at Garage, Nolton Street.—Apply, Chas. Jenkins & Son. 1843 OFFICES To Let,—2 or 4 Rooms on Third Floor in Dunraven Place, over Guttridge's Bazaar.—Apply, Chas. Jenkins & Son. 1844 CUTTING and Bedroom, with use of Piano; hot and cold bath; terms moderate.—A.B., Gazette Office. 3369 TO BUILDERS and Others.—Building Land To Let on moderate terms at Grove Road. Aprily, Afeqsrs. Michael Davies & Co., Auo- tioneers, Bridgend. 3349