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County Council Elections.


County Council Elections. THE Progressives in North Wales have Every- cause to be -saiti-sfied ai-id gratified the re- sults of the County Council Elections. Of the six N'orth Wales cou.-itiesi, five elected 'their Council's on Saturday, ithe results,wh-et!her taken as a whole, or !by individual co-nstif-Luenaks, showing the practically impregnable chaopactef 0 of 'the Progressive position of Carnarvonshire. p The old County Council consisted of 37 Liberal councillors and eleven Liberal alder- men, makilng a -total Liberal vote of 48. The Conservatives claimed eleven councillors and five aldermen, a total of 16, precisely one-'t!hird of the Liberalst're.Il!gth and one-fourth of the whole Council. The character of he new Council is totally different. The Education Act and its adminis- tration was t!he one 'test imposed, andseve,ral of the Conservatives agreed to. accept thie principle of no Taite-aid for denominational schools. The new Council, as .now constituted, stands thus- Councillors. Progressives 45 Sectarians 4 Progressive majority 41 Eight aldermen will have to be elected, of whom seven are sure to be Progressives. The full Council will therefore stand Mhus— Councillors. Aldermen. Total. Progressives 45 14 59 Sectarians 4 2 6 Prog, maj 41 12 53 The Sectarians will thus be reduced to one- eleventh of the whclei Council. The only Sectarians elected at the polls are—Lord Pen- :tihy-n, for Llanllechid his solicitor, 'Mr H. C. Vincent, for Bangor; Dr Prichard, for Con- way; and Mr Richa'rd Thomas, for Carnarvon, the latter escaping with only the ;sliin of his teeth !by a .majority of five on a poll of over 400. In Anglesey he Progressives have maintained th'eir position. In the contested elections they lost one and gained .one seat, leaving the balance of parties unchanged. The defeat of the Rev D. Rees, Capel Mawr, though only by 14 votes, was a surprise, and w:01 be a loss to the Coun- cil, of which he is an ex-chairman. The result of the elections in Flint leave the parties precisely as they were before, giving 26 Progressive .councillors 1-0 16 Sectarians. The aldermen will again be 13 to 1, so that the completed Council will consist of 39 Progres- sives to 17 Sectarians. The Progressives in the contested elections polled 1,000 more votes than the Sectarians.

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