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THE MAYOR'S SUNDAY. Our columns last week recorded the fact that Howel Cuthbertson, Esq., had by a majority been elected to the civic chair of this rapidly improving and important borough, and on Sunday last, with the view of keeping up the good old custom of inaugurating the year of mayoralty by attending Divine service on the Sunday next following the election, his worship issued invitations to the princi- pal inhabitants, requesting them to join in the pro- cession to St. David's church on that day. The weather was exceedingly unpropitious for the occa- sion, nevertheless upwards of 120 gentlemen responded to the invitation, and accompanied the Mayor as requested, the procession taking the fol- lowing order from the Town-hall Chief Constable Phillips, The Borough Police, The Burgesses, The Crier, with the Borough Maces, Corporation Officers, The Town Councillors, The Aldermen, The Clergy, The Mayor, Supported by the Rector of Neath and the Vicar of Ponty- pool. On reaching the church gates the procession faced inwards, and the Mayor proceeded up the avenue formed by the processionists. The procession entered the church by the large west door, the Mayor and Corporation being con- ducted by the officials to the reserved space, the noble organ pealing forth a selection of appropriate music from Elijah." The appearance of the congre- gation at this time was most impressive, nearly 1,000 children being present in the transepts and aisles, in addition to the closely seated number in other parts of the building. Prayers were read by the rector, the Rev. J. Griffiths, and the senior ourate, the Rev. D. R. Jones, B.A. The sermon, specially on behalf of the Church of England Schools in the town, was preached by the Rev. J. C. Llewellin, vicar of Pontypool, from Proverbs xxii, 6. The anthem selected for the occasion was Sir F. Ousley's BleBsed is the man." It was admirably performed by the usually highly trained and efficient choir, numbering over 50 voices, the double fugue in the concluding chorus being faultless as to time and precision of execution. At the conclusion of the service a collection was made on behalf of the schools, after which the pro- cession re-formed, and returned to the Town-hall, where an unlimited table (if cake and wine had been laid by order of his worship the children attend- ing the service remaining behind while a distribu- tion of buns, given by the Mayor, took place in the church grounds. The after proceedings at the Town-hall com- menced by his worship remarking that in compliance with ancient custom, and one that he hoped would always exist, they had attended the parish church that morning. He trusted the day would never dawn when so excellent a custom would fall into disuse. He would not refer to the duties of the high office to which he had been elected, but only say he hoped to carry out the responsibilities of the same with strict justice, and without fear, favour, or affection. The Rector then announced that the collection of the morning amounted to upwards of .£18 3s. 6d. The Mayor replied that he was happy to hear so gratifying a statement, and he trusted that the entire collection of the day would be worthy of the cause which had been so ably advocated. Mr. Alderman Gwyn rose to propose the usual compliment to the new Mayor, and in a short but highly complimentary speech, in which he referred to his acquaintance with the late Mr. Alexander Cuthbertson, he expressed his gratification at the proceedings of the day in connection with the inau- guration of his Worship. Mr. Gardner followed with the compliment to the Ex-Mayor. The Ex-Mayor, in replying, said that he did not always go to St. David's church, but when he did attend that place of, worship he was always exceed- ingly gratified. He had been much pleased with the discourse of the gentleman who had so eloquently officiated that morning, and he added that the subject matter was of that kind from which all might learn a profitable lesson. The Rev. J. C. Llewellyn, in acknowledging the compliment paid to his efforts, said that he was always happy to be amongst the people of Neath, for he was no stranger to the neighbourhood, having lived for eight years in-the district. It gave him great pleasure to find that his discourse had gratified them, but he would remind them that it was a pay- ment" as well as a pleasure to him for the rector never allowed any clergyman to be in his debt for services rendered by himself elsewhere. The visitors then left the hall, and the police officers were kindly invited to partake of another display of his Worship's liberality, wine and cake, with other refreshments, being supplied to the entire force. The evening service at the church was very much crowded, the rev. gentleman taking his text from 2 Kings, chap. v, iii. The total amount of the collection was zE17 13s. Id.