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RHYL JU^SORS' FINE PERFORM- ANCE AT LIVERPOOL. The Rhyl Juniors played tho Hoatihneid team at Liverpool, on Monday, in rather dull woattiher. Plo01e kickod off for tho Juniors boforo aibout 500 epecbaiors, and play was very even until Ryles brought dow:) cue of the Ileatihfield forwards rather rcughly, and from the ensuing free-kicilc Wrest gavo the home- sters the load with a fine drive. This brought freelh life into tlhe Juniord front hue, anid Jones soared, but was given offside. The Juniors wew pressing whÛr1 h-aIf.6mo arrived with Hoathileld leading by tho only glOal scored- Hea.thr.eld rusihod down from the Itick-off, but TTOY. Parry cleaned with a. long punt, and WiMiami getting possession raced away and soared, bat the Roal waj disallowed beoausa one cf th.e Juniors' forwards was off sidle. The Juniors again got gcirtg', and forced a. corner, wliich was well piaded by Williams, ajid Ford Tjattkig it brought tho scores level a nice srhot Nothing fuither took pace until five min-utes from time, wheal Heaithfield :llg:1.În took the lead, but as scon as the ball was kicked off once more E. H. Jonee, m()ct.111g a oentro from Williams, ajg'ainst made the soc-res level amidet groat, excitement. Result: Hoathfleld 2, Rhyl Juniors 2. Tiie Juniors were represented by the fol- lowing:—Williams; Trev. Pany and George Ryles; Amies, Jones and Mathews; K H. Jones (capt.), Williams, Bole. Ford and J. E. Wi-lliams. Wiloiams kept 'a grand goal for tho Juniors, w-hilst all the others payed. Ocnsidor- irig tho weak team they put out tho Juniors did well to draw against such a. smart set, of opponents. On the day's play, 5/ideed, tbo Juniors were casi/y t'he hotter team, 1md de- served to win.—Spectator.




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