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FOOTBALL. GOALS GALORE Foa COJWYM BAY AT LLANRWST. THE SPECTATORS AND THE REFEREE. A Longae fixture between Lkm-wst and Col- wyn Biy was held on Tuesday at Gwydr Purk in ideal weather, with the rosuit that a larga number of spectators lined the ropes, a. good per- centage of whom were from Colwyn Bay Rsferee Caleb 1 nomas, Bangor, lined the to a.mi at 2.15 p.m. as LLANRWST: Goal, Dick Jones; full backs, Arohio Carter and Cecil Morgan; half-backs, t rancio Wilkanis. R D. R.chards, and Humphrey Roberts; forwards, Howel Roberts, W. A. Wil- liams, A. Richards, W. T. Jones, and Dennis Rogers Jones. COLWi^N BAY: Goal, Hail wood-; full backs, Roberts and E. 0. Wilianas; half-backs, Ned Griffiths, McCann, and R. Rowlands; forwards, Norman Pritchaid, B-rto Joees, Phill'pa, Stiin- lov Hugh-e3 and George Hughes. Tile homesters having won tho toss, faced tho river, with the sun to their backs, and com- menced operations with nine men, though tho abeentoos turned up in a few minutes. A. Rich- ards having s.t .the leather moving, it was pounced upon by Phillips, and almost imme- diately the visiting forward line were in front of Jones. Archie, however, rushed to the rescue and charging Hughes when tha latter was on the point of shooting, punted tho sphere down tho field. The homo line advanced, but tho burly Seasiders hurled them back. The home pivot, however, scon returned and took a long shot at Ilallwood, who hit the leather half way up tho field, R. D. R chards returning it against the upright with a long pot. The ball rebounded, and Williams in attempting to clear conceded a corner. Dennis centred accurately to A. Rich- ards, who missed tho mark owing to the intimacy of Roberts. Th", visiters again attacked, but Morgan clipped in and sent the leather soar- ing fowards Dennis, who fired an oblique shot, miesmg by inches only. Colwyn Bay again ad- vanced, G. Hughes sending the loathes yards wde. The visitors kept up the pressure until Norman Pritchard, with a well-judged shot from tho right, SCORED FIRST GOAL for his side ten minutes from tho start. Tho Roostexs then^ vroko up, and by fino pa8» £ n^ tactics got within rang ?, Humphrey Roberts just mssing the crossbar. The Soasidare now had an innings and forced a corner, Bertie Jonoe receiv- ing the subsequent oentro, which ho &cnt over the crossbar. The visitors continued to press until 'Norman Pritchard scorod tho second gonl. Morgan was next conspicuous with a long pot almost the wholo length of tho field, tho ball dropping into Hailwood's outstretched arms. From tho throw out Howel crashed tho ball against tho left upright. McCann then got away on his own and- fired away within a yard of tho homo goalie, who managed to kick clear. Arthur R chards thon secured the leather and accom- plished a solo run, shooting at close quarters, Hallwood bringing off a brilliant clearance. A FOUL AGAINST LLANRWST in their own territory resulted in Rowlands send- ing the sphere soa.ring high over the crossbar. The Roosters at laot got away, Howel finishing off a pretty run with a fine shot from the right which wa.s well fielded by Hallwood. Colwyn Bay, however, were again swa.m1Ín in front of goal, Norman Pritchard testing Dick with two lovely pots. The homeslcis now had a run, and A. Richards receiving a pass from Dennis headed into Hailwood's hands. The next incident led to serious results. It appears that W. A. Williams, a quiet and clean playor as a rule, had the misfortune to commit a foul by charging one of the vistiors from the wrong direction. The referee ordered Williams out of the field. The home players clustered around him, and an animated discussion folowed. The referee, however, stuck to his decision, with the result that the crowd hocted and yelled at him for several minutes and at intervaLs through- out the game. Even from the view of the Col- wyn Bay spectators, the penalty imposed upon Williams appeared to be somewhat in excess of his deserts. After the haniesiions had sustained another foul they attacked fLaroely, Dennis eending behind. Again Deutaiis, fed by his pivot, sent in a beauty, Howel fcjknvirig with a shot which almost found the not. Dennis onoo more, c.adfully attended by A. Richards, shot at aerters, Hallwood clearing brilliaMtly. The 'homesters now showed linproved; form although they played one man short, R. D. Richards with a long pot 80ntthe loailber against the crossbar. Tho Roosters con- tinued tihe pressure, Hallwood clearing w" II off Howel aind R. D. Richards. AgaÍtn the decision of the refer-eo at thili point, when lie granted a foul against the homesters which appeared to 'have beeai ooumiitted by the visitors, roused the ire of the spectators who exerted their lung- to the utmost At half-time Oolwyn Bay led by 2 goals to. nil. On resumilng it was observed that the IJCGTVO- sters had abandoned aJl hope of averting tho calamity of beingi beaten 0'1 their own ground and their play Jacked! initiaitivo and force. The visitors having- paid a visit to Dick, the Rxxxaters tho ooirLniirniemt, Howel and Richards tetsting Hallwood. Then E. O. Williams mis- kicked and sent the Leather towads his own goal. HallwoodJ in clearing- almost engirjaeroa! it into tho net, but he managed to tip it over the cross- ba.r on the aiit £ >idc and conceded what proved a barren comer. Colwyin Bay then attacked in fine style and foroed a corner, Stanley Hughes heading an accurate centre into the net. This waa immediately followed by Bertie Jones being allowed to rusi hal-f th. lengtih of the field and S>Qrin,g-a.not.1:1ef goal, as tihe homesters laboured under the impression that he was offside. Edgar Phil-lips next got tihrougfh, sooriang the fiftlh goal and scorn afterwards Stanley Hughes scored the sixtii. The spoot.a-to.s, before the end of the matdh, had worked tihemsolves into such a sit ate of excitom-ent that tlhe committee members were helpless, though, they exerted themselves to the utmost in attempting to calm them down. After the final wthisfcle was sounded, the referee walked off the ground, and was im- mediately assailed wiilh a volloy of sods and soil. The ciowd's aitititudo became so threatening that the Inspector of Police and two constables and the members of the Llanrwst Conimititee su.rroiu'n- dod Mr Thomas and were themselves struck by the fusiliades of soda. The hostile demonstration continued f ll the way from tibe gioumd to tlho King's Head Teni- perainco Hotel- Mr Thomas subsequently evaded the'crowd! and caught the 4.20 p.m. t rain. Result: Colwyn Bay 6i, Llanrwst nil.

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