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WELSH SENIOR CUP. SECOND ROUND: RE-PLAYED TIE. BEATEN AT LAST. "CANARIES" COME TO GRIEF AT LLAN- DUDNO. (By "Salopian.") Llandudno Amateurs 5 Carnarvon 2 The above tean-u met on YvTednesday on the Council Field, Llandudno, to. dc,d,- who shall oppose Bangar 011 the lattcr's ground in the third round of the Senior Cup. A very large ItUendance was anticipated, as great interest was shown by supporters of both teams. Several hundreds travelled from the county town wear- ing green emblems, th's being the colour of their pets. Th:s was the third meeting of the clubs to decide the ic-suo, and again Mr Richards, of Bangor, wats the rOiorce, and as on former occas-on; gave general satisfaction. The visitors had the assist, nee of Don Rowlands and C. H. Jonos, of the 'Varsity. Mr Richards lined up the players as follows:— LLANDUDNO: C. Staliard; Ben Morris and J. H. Jones; J. Brown, T. Johnson. and W. Ed- wards; J. E. Williams, Dan Davics, W. T. Cleovc, R. Davies, and J-m Williams. CARNARVON: G. H. Jones; Evan Hughos and C. H. Jones; Don Rowlands, E. Jones, and Jack Williams; R. H. Roberts, Tom Roberts, Walter J'onej, H. Roberts, and J. Jones. The 'Chers commenced facing the sun and a brisk wir.d, but set about their work in excellent style, and R. Daviess was soon to the fore, wend- ing his way through the opposition, but he fin- ished very weakly and placed the bail wide of the net. The home halves were playing a smash- ing game and placed the right wing in posses- sion. J. E. Williams rece.ved from has partner and darted away, hotly pursued by Jack Wil- liams. "J. E." got tn hia drive, however, which was well saved by G. H. Jones. The fleet wrnger came again, and this timo C. H. Jcncs conceded a oorner. The flag kick was a model of accuracy, but after a brief struggle the defence prevailed, and the Carr.-arvon men went away with a burst, and for a sbort time made matters hot for the "Cormorants." At length R. H. Roberts obtained the leather, anj after some tricky work in which he baffled the home defen- ders he centred acrosi the go-A mouth, when J. Jones dashed in and DEFEATED STALLARD amidst frantic cheering. Jack Brown was next conspicuous for some sterling work, but nothing tangiblo accrued. An untoward incident now occured, the genial "ref." being unfortunately struck in the faoa during a melcc and placed liore-de-combat for reveral miiutes. Sympa- thetic cheers announced his recovery. Torn Ro- be it 1 was dung rous, but fell at the critical mo- ment. Tho home goal hal a very narrow escape indeed. The 7Chers now asserted themselves and the halves got their forwards in motion. The "Black and Whites" were several times within an no of equeHsing, fnd it would have beon no more than their due had they done. 53. Jim Williams was the vlcti'iii of a brace of fouls, amd' the ensuing Inso-kiolrs were accurately placed by J. H. Jones, but R. Davies jhcad-"d just o.er the bar o:i, euo'h oooasion. The horao- sters were straining every s.new hereabouts but tiho equa.'oi:or would1 not came. Jack Williams was penalised for <1 foul on J. Brown and JU-ri Morris transferred to J- E- Williams. The vl«it- in-g custodian ran out of his goal as "J.E." drove for iihe not. The leather struck Jones and rebounded more by good luck tihan good mana.gemeait, but to give the goalie his due, lie kept a gra.nd' goal. The ?'ClK-r5" were having cruel luck and rained in a sucec-taskm of shots butt nothing ooomed. The Carnarvon men wore pcuaned in their own quarters at tlhia stage, but at length J. Jones and II. Roberts broke away on their left wing. R. 11. Roberts was next to the fore but sCiot miserably, after same tricky inainOe-uvoriiig. The homesters than bufst away and in f ull ory for goal when Clee ve was pud led up for hands. The free-kick which followed proved disastrous to the Aimstours an tho Car- narvon left W:IPG moved down tih-e field witri clock-like precision. The -hon» defenoe was tem- porarily at see. a.nd the backs hesitating J Jones DASHED IN AND NETTED AGAIN. This was a bifcber pill for the hoiri-esb^rs and tiho- Yisiting supporters were openly jubilant. The players, were not dei-wnlhcaited, however, ajid on the Play tlie visitors were iucky to be two goals ahead, the Oners" imdred were a better toem but lacked the finishing touch which is so vital. A foul by R.^ II. Roberts on R. Davics gave the "All Greens" an anxious !iiin»e, but they managed to clear tiheir lines. Fou/is were very frequent 1'jere.abouts and t'lie referee, hadi his work cut. out t. tl.<) Jaa--Wllliarts wt. ra6h.r abtc-Titiv"3 to his namesake on tha win.g and the referee gave kiii* a word of advioo. At length the Oor- JJ:1Mor>-3In.ts were rewarded for their strenuous work. Dan Coleman threaeii-xl his way pail: tuevaral oppon/3n.ts and f».o:n oleaj- ranyo -cjovo the sphere into e midst treniemio is ip- plaeae. Dan; 4Ls very much in the picture, with (some splendic/ dribbtdug which mystified' viaibors. 'i'ho "Stripes" putting in o-uflioe to .equalise, previous to the interval and Will Edwards followed up sceiue good dofencive work by parting to Jim Williams. Tli-e la.Her rOUrKL-d EVan aii-d ae:r??t ii) a -roL,,n.-l Vlti,CJI cro,,sL--r and t)ou7 n,c,.2d out of play, G. I, Jones being hopelessly bealcn. Scone gcxjd tackling was witnessed cm both sides. Half-time: Carnarvon 2, Llandudno 1. SEOOND HALF. Tho action of a large section of the homo «iExporters in oongreg.a.17ing beiiuad the visitors' goal after the interval appeared to be an ominous si-Wit for Caxivarvoli. Walter Jones, who had been comparatively qui-ot. up to now. OfkBued tlle u-s with a burst for «'Oat, but Stallard coolly fielded a ground drive which Walter despatched for the not- JdhDtJOn then transferred the venue, and parted to tho 'Chers fJ;.(U:; wmg. J. ill. Wiiliunxs wiui next .<:<)11 sprinting' down the lino with the bail at 1 is tw. the bxoks <ve:e foec-ed lo gL'l1t a corner, w.i_.a wmcn "J..r. ,Vc.t3 ell- tl'u.3êüJ, and this was iodow-ed Ii.! earner. It. Laviei then raised tiie siege cy heading over the bar. T1.0 "Black and \V hives'' ooiiti'ij led tho ;»C!jsure after a d'.ra^ery ortakavsay by CUi-narvoa, e.nd Jan Williams jCiitred beautifuily, but Eve.a jlu.l:.es i;ii«ji- eiied and -gave a corner, whx-.h prov«d of no ".1. Jack Williams now ji-e u. ¿-1()' milled ■ ort, and parted ntatiy to Walter JonCe, but latter was robbed when in a good position, "Jac', -zabi>led ?O t.1,?D W111g. A tu4--3!c De- tween tiio uiimin-utivo \ynlc.Jr a;d au Hugihes, hor.ours b.}.IL; eny. Dan Ooloman darted 1Il and aliot ha.d lor goal, and though tho visitors' cusuxLan left his cijiaclel in ii» to prevent a score he was too rate to do ao. as tho lceither glanced a'gai.ret mm bei-oro entering the met. 1't 'Chere. were now buz- zing j. round the Carnarvon goal L Ic) and foroed yoverai abortive comers. At length, J E. \V iiham«5 cen-tted across the ■gv.;al;r,iui.i, when. R. Davies dashed in and ft rucik the right hard i.et th a fa;-t, low drive, ball glancing out oi play. I'his was very hard l..i-l> (.11 tho Alter a tcanporcry vieit by tiie "Aii Greens" to L,) e.ii.v,,v>_oto uaet J H. Jcn-es relieved, and Baeh threaded his way past several cppoRe.nts beforo tJppiE« £ .;ibere to R. Davies, who burst away on his own, but with only the cuoifdiun to u;.at Davics shot atraignt a.t Jones, who caiiiy clea-eed. This was A BAD LET OFF. and the visitors snowed their geoiVibudo by in- vading th heme territory, and foucinig an abortive oorner. TJM "Cher;" could not ob- tain a lead, though -thov strove mi.ghtily, and T. Johnson tried inis luck with a braoe of gcod. drives, whicih Jems ..a-cel. An injury to the pr-pulaj Jim V\ IFVIMS c-uthod a sivg'ht <ielay, but tiie little Wilder soon recov red, and put in a grand run. wliieh led to the Amateurs taliin,g tho lead. Hughes gave away a corner under P' o"J"'T.n .n Id C'1I-,c. n"¡'" n-I("I,1, fr.r' i- '1: -I t- .1.113 f aoJ Ul ,3 by .b",o(u 's p.l') J,Ct.;u-, At •tili.ii-3 point, the licsiReeitriits lute-Tally rCon Co. narvca oft the-iir legs, and c.ci!E»ers ooarruid itn braac-3. Jones was ica aplcedid f-jltle tvvi; th-3 £ iti;cks, ccid was armcijt i-aviiTuGibje. When tine "Gxioeajs" obtained pe>e.i'.on of th-3 hl tll1.y appcccrcd to have i:t 0.1 &uffor- ainee only. Jacii Bucven wri? playing c. eo>u- £ »d ganne, cied parted to J. E. Williams, but the kiitter's eoct to ohacgcd W.ilil Ed- wards nexit fetid a try vnjtli c, kl.TI(; dirive, v.ihicQi the g-cf.Y>3 eaved at the of a ooroieir. Fnom the resiniting flag kiok, a irc-nbccudous Eftraig^ eiroued, but after oevoial t;iieia.culoii3 ceioajpca, tiho leather wats cle^ued. E,calhc bril- lif.uilt w-c.rk by W i.:11 EdweedLs ,wcs brought to a oarjcfriaaibia by J.E. bcicg cdjudged o-T-aido as .he eLaclted èo for gxvil. R. Davies was nsxit oca-J2>icrR3iO-titS for a. ar.aguii:iio;n:iL &oi!o cSo-rt, which h2 a gloirious daiive, thua putliieg the ieiuie beyamd doubt. lilile ware fainly em Ithe weepatih, rend Bob 11avirii claimed anabhe-r acalp ere hoetili- tiets ocr.-scd. Whe-n tlie find whostile we-ut, ■tlh-e more wr.s 5 gcc..I-s to 2 io. favoucr of tab3



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