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LLANRWST. DAMAGE.—The sun dial on the old bridge has bee-Il damaged and enquiries are being prose- cuted as to the offenders. OBITUARY.—The death occurred on Friday, at the age cif 63, of Thomas Edwards, 48, Soot- land Street. The jTitermernt took plaoe on Mon- day a.t the St. Mary's Church tery, the Rev. Jenkin Joeaes officdiatimg. MR OWEN WILLIAMS, c:lDpry,1ll Ruildin^s, was lili.12 wlinjn^a' otf too firat atfid speüiaJ prizes for Itii-li terxiiicr at the Noaitii Walles Dog aaid IN.riiJlry Suipw, hicikl ait XCiaptclmdriO, laiit wtqeik, and mat M.r Oivvta WdELiiamK, LI an HCteehdd, ais ircfionted iin tihe Preeis. BILLIARD HAND4QAP.—T!hte Cibriist.mas litxrlfiud baaudikiap, bctld ørt; the Tlowin Hadfl, xuadsa* Hbo anifiipioas of the Raaddn^ Riooan amid LJbuaaiy Comoniiitttas, lat wctak, ahtnadtied 34 (IIlltirriÜ3. Titie games (150 mp) weipo f«ilow<d wcilbh k.21:m Üïllztr nEghitily, the bdifitkard-rooan. betBg cnowdied otn aacih oeaasiom. Mr Rhys Joacis aclbcd as m.atrk<?tr. In the finod, Mr Jackson, gasworks miamiagesr, betyt Mr Davd Jtonua^ by ClThC, amd fSt-o won thio fer tCie hi:gsh)eett brtaai ctf the tto.urab&y -with a, ram of 48, boasting Mir iprevoous best of 40. Tho pinizrSB awarded wro:—let, Mir Ja»ksom, tlUvrkey; 2lnd, Mr David Jccues., goose; 3rd, Mir ArUbiuvr Riiscfcirds, duck. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—The ordm- ary of this Couincil was hold yesterday at the own HaJl, the Rev. H. Rawson Wiiliams presiding. There were also present: Messrs J. O. D. Jones, W. Williams, Evan Roberts, D. Lewis, aind J. Owen, together with Mr T. Hughes (Clerk), and Mr Maurice Roberts (Sur- veyor). On tho motion of the Chainrriaai, secon- ded by Mr W. Williams, a vote of sympathy with the family of the late Mr David Jones, Ty'nddol.—The Clerk reported that the half- yearly gramit under the Agricultural Raite Act had come to hand, amounting to -850 56 8d.— The Medical Officer of Health reported that 8 births and 4 deaths had taken place in the dis- trict during November. SEEON C.M. OFFICIAL^?.—It was neported the dhrurdh mccttdiiiig an Sanntday evendng- (that tilue flcdilowdmig officccCs wienre cdieicbed for tiho eausudlrug yiiatr :—Paridcmit, tlhie Rev. W. TbanKis; viae-tpnccfcdKi/iite, Mciaars T. Rogers Jeirues, C.C., D. J. Wid&iaims, W. Jones, aaid J. Dajvdcis; prociLa.i.mteir (eydiictcddfWTj, Mir Robt. WiiGlliiamB; socreitary, Mr W. Hughes, J.P.; orgiajDiteit, Mr D. D. Paary, A.R.C.M.; sufpecan- tic tnd<riKit ctf the oeimuticiry, Mr W. Joaues, IiyB Idlsrail; choir Iciadrar, M'r John Davdies; amd naoardetr and soctnefeury, Mr W. Wii £ I'liamfi, €bunM.ii! Sclwicí1. ON THE WAY TO PATAGONIA.—Mr T. R. Janice, forimtirCy ill T'bte Hiarp, wiitcmig fneen Bvucciois Ayres, 011 Dcoambar 2nd, Htates: —• "Arrived hctre mtfelly. I wtas rrueft by Mr G'wilyan Rioibetrtts, eicin of Mr W. Lioyd Ro- bearltiS, A ycmnailoe, who is a fltarliiing- dhaaiaobeir neaiidiiing in aai awtfiill towtn-. It is iouteoiBeCy hat here. Wid wralts a.gadin on roachdong my disstdanaitjiicin." WEDDING.—TTno wedding was txAemmised the Pemiacil (B.) Cihis^icil, (Jill Saftuirday, Pro- fetecr Evains, Rang-air, offiediaitiiiig, ctf Mr John OWOT Jonas, oraJy tioai of Mrs Jicmes EVEFIB, Rhyd.wiein Hiousie, and Mftss Jtintnce G. Joaics, daugihtcir of Mr iauid Mrs D. G. Jceaes, Rfiidrw- daftna Farm, Mtacimaai. Thte wedding btnocuk- fiatit was scirved at G rosveinotr House, when a. liiitrge mumbcii- of farietnidis attcmdied. S.uib:o quoanítly, tdie ha.ppy ipadfl: ktft for Lomdjoin 001 theiir hconei^imoon. Thjey wall evenftuiaffily re- fcdide ait Del'gicCQey. Amongst uhe niimciroius pireeicinits wi-: ire a. alvor tea, servioe filoan the ohiddrem aaid staff of the Lda.n'rwet Couinciil fichicol, wlhcirio Mdvss JOITK IS had oceupdiad the poechiiotn of t-etadhieT, and a aid vcir yardane sell"- the Ye.uai-g W crnen AroocrlQitdKm, of wfhiieh she was the aocretetT-y. The brcidiegTCKHn its aQeo to be preraanibcd wditih a vadriaible prmcimt by the mamibeirs cfÍ the Penatd Chrucoo, of which, bo wtas a oetiHfj-iiou- ccus mcpiibar. CAROL SINGING.—A nianubcr OIÍ yem-thts went rouind tihie torn 011 Ciurisfomas Eve c»vi firr.iglirag. Iko Ghadcitmais hioltdiays passed qrtkttJy, and weire m-a-iu-y devoted to ocarupcjtd- ttuve m< icifcings and foo<tbrar.Œ maitediee. THE WELSH MEMORIAL.—A oodficcitdion wcfil be h.dd ett the looad obuircihes next Soin- d-ay iin a.id ctf the WVttah meam>riiatl to the late Kluig Edward VII. PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held yesterday. before Mr L. W. JeM-Petit (chairman)., Col. Higson, Mr J. Blackwall, Major Pridd-le, and Mr W. Hughes. Three boys named W. Trevor Jones, Owen Parry, and John G. Jones were charged with causing annoyamce to the residents of Ancaster Square on December 14th. Numerous com- plaints had been received relative to the 1 uisance caused by lads in tlhe public streets, andi the pre- sent offenders were bound over in the sum of 20."0 for 6 and ordered to pay costs. The defendant Owen Parry was further charged with playing football in the public streets on December and a similar verdict was again given. Col. and Mr W. J. Williams were nominated to aot on the Licensing Committee' for the county. CHRISTMAS SERVICES. In. the Parish Church the order of the Chrristma3 services was as follows:—At 8.0 a.m. was a celebration of the Holy Com- munion in Welsh. At 10.30 the morning prayer was intoned by the Rector, the special psalms being aurag to chants by Lemon, Jones and Barnbv, and the kyrie to a beautiful setting by Porter. An appropriate Christmas sermon was preached, and there followed a second celebration of the lledy Communion. At 6 p.m. there was choral evensong1, with carols aaid sermon. The proper psalms were sung to ch-ants by Nates amd Lawes, and live Wei-h carols bv Pen-fro were very well ren- dered by the choir. Suitable bymnis were also sung, and the Rev. Jenkyn Jones gave an in- spiring sarmon on the appeal of Christmas. Mr R. H. Jones presided at the organ. The Church had been beautifully decora led by Mis6 Mcrg-an, Mrs Roberts, Misses Hill, Mr A- E. Evans and Miss Edwards. At 8 a.m. on Christmas Day there was a ooral celebration of the Holy Communion sut Sit Ma.ry's Church, the Rev. Jenkyn Jones being the celebrant. At 11 o'cicck the service was intoned, and the special psalms and the Atliaaasian Greed were to special music appropriate for the day. In the service the anthem "Zion that bringtst geed tiidtimtgs" (Staineir) was effectively re-mlered by the mem- bers of the choir. After the sermon there was a, second celebration of the Iloly Communion- At 6 p.m. the service was interned by the Rector, and the choir gave a delightful ren- dering of the anthem, whilist Christmas hymns wro euntg wiit-h warmth and ifeelmg by the choir as well as the members of the oonigrcga- tion. Mr Rich presided at the organ. The Church had been tastefully deooratcd for the festival by Roberts (Stonet:aven), Mr, M-ra and Mi»-tes Jones (Central Restaurant), Misses Glaspoole, and. Miss Kershaw.





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