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Crefydd a Moesoldeb

Pigion o'r Drych.



Anffawd yn ystod yr Etholiad.

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Cloddio am Aur.

Ccrff Diweddaf Whitehaven.

Marw'r Tad Jones.

Trysor Cuddiedigf.




.e»- u ø .e, éJ EVERYTHING FOR THE- [ MOTOR | 9 -.A) R I CAN BE OBTAINED I | FROM ■. Y A. DEACON & SON t LIMITED, I 1 LLANDUDNO. ) 0 ] Every make and Description | | of Car Supplied. I LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. f Repairs and Overhauls a f | Speciality. j .-eti!1 ii. PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST AND OPTICIAN, ol „ oo CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. DEPOT FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REQUISITES. DARK ROOM FOR USE OF AMATEURS. SiGHT TESTING DAILY BY APPOINTMENT. AGENT FOR HENRY LAWRANCE'S CELEBRATED SPECTACLES 0 EYEGLASSES. Nickel Plated, Gold Filled", and Gold Frames. MR. CHARNLEY D-B O.A. (By EIAM.), EYESIGHT & SPECTACLE SPECIALIST, of Birmingham, Leicester, etc., may be consulted personally at 17, Penrhyn Road, COLWYN BAY. ADVICE FREE. M ANFULNESS. An interesting and instructive Book can be had E, describing a safe, simple, and wientifio ay"tem which has been practised for over 20 y-eare wath unexampled success, together with (lver 1000 testimonials, giving absolute proof that the severest cases of .NERVOUS EXHAUS- TION, DECAY OF VITAL FORCE, WAST- ING, WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE, etc., have been PERMANENTLY CURED without Stomach Medicines, Eleotricity, Change of Diet or Habits, Loss of Timo or Occupation. A former sufferer writes: "It has ma.do life again worth living." Apply to-day, oncloiiag two etamps for postage in plajll envelope, and men- tion this paper. A. J. Leigh, 92 and 93, Gt. Ruaseli-streot, London, W.C. 28892p SAMUEL B0210 & SONS, p Joiner, Builders and Contraetors, SHOP & OFFICE FITTERS, AND General Repairers oi Property, GREENHOUSE MAXEX3, MIDDLETON VILLA, Belgraye Road, Colwyn Bay. ESTIMATES FREE TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. THE TY'RMAWN & PANTYCARW STONE QUARRIES, GWYDR ESTATE, LLANRWST. WHERE BUILDING STONES and I" MACADAM and also CHIPPINGS suit- able for Paths, etc., may be obtained at the lowest possible prices.—Apply to— R. O. ROBERTS, Bryn Crafnant, 27399p Trefriw, R.S.O. A. Moore's Advice to the Married. jnd Edition. A wonderful book, written by i medical expert. Valuable information for noth sexes. Containing 200 pages, largely ii- ■ ustrated. From all booksellers, or post free. I O. 1/3' Zki'GORE WILLIAMs &Co., EFXFAST. ..— — — BOOK FOR LADIES. By DR. ALLINSON. THIS i3 the best Book ever written for ladi«s. Over 200,000 copies have been sold. Hundreds have written him, saying it is the book they wanted, but could not tind before. Lt tells a woman all about herself, ^nd in plain and proper terms. Sent post free 3 for la 2d, by Dr. Allinson, 172 Room, 4, Spaniah- plaoe. Manchester-square, London, W. -d -TO THE MARRIED Sent free. THE WIFE'S HANDBOOK and 1 FAMILY MEDICAL GUIDE, containing I I 80 pages of Sj>&eial Advice and Information s tion, illustrated. Our 36 Page List of Sur- § tion, ilistrated. Our 33 Page List of Sur- I gical Preventions of every description also | enclosed (free). W. P. Dorsan and Co., i Robson Road, West Norwood, Ix>ndon. | 29100p 8EIiIfi)


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Llith Dic Jones.

Netiion o Glip y Gop

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Hen Qymcriadau Hynod.

G wrthryfel yn Brazil.

Sefydlu Clerigwr Cymreig.

----Caneuon Gwerin Cymru.