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BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects and Surveyors* Estate Agents and Valuers, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Telephone: No. 33. Telegrams: "PLANS," Colwyn Bay. .1. J.J L D:rACHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE for D:rACHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE for Sole with i^bout 2 J Acres ox Laud. Suei-ny acid Shak-orcd position. About i oi a mile frcai Station. Two Recep- ifon and four Bedrcoms, Bathroom, arid usual Officcs. Ea.l'l,y poo version. Freehold Price, ilGQO. COUNTRY RESIDENCE to be Let or Sold; three ikoiptioi, eiglit Bedrooms, coai- veiii'lcmt Domestic Offices, Stalx ing, Walled- in Garden. Ab-out two Acres of Land in all. South As pact. Rent Freehold Price moderate. "HOPS and OFFICES to Let, in good busi- v— BesS [ositioil. JjWRNISHED HOUSES for Winter Mouths, For further particulars and orders to view, apply as above. A at. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. .1 (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TO INFORM HIS CLIENTS THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Qaklands (First Floor), Conway Road, Colwyo Bay (NEX- TO COUNCIL CFFIGES). A. M. Fowler, Jnnr. (Elected A.M.I.C.E. 1889). ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. TEMPORARY OFFICES during course of erection of new Business prem lses- COLWYN AVENUE, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay. Telephone: Office, No. 222a. Residence, No 222. Telegrams Fowler, Arghitect, Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. DUILDING LAND.—Choicest Plots of FREE HOLD LAND for Sale at RHOS-ON-SEA PENRHYN BAY. OLD COLWYN, and CRAIG-Y-DON, LLANDUDNO, suitable for the erection of Detached AND SEMI- DETACHED VILLAS, BUNGALOWS, and BUSINESS PREMISES, exceptionally suit. able Plots for HYDROS, BOARDING and APARTMENT HOUSES. Money advanced on two-thirds value of Land and Buildings during erection, and as permanent mortgage. Houses built to suit Leaseholders or Fur- chasers. MELLOR & ALLEN, LAND & HOUSE AGENTS AND VALUERS, COLWYN BAY. Property Bought and Sold on Commission. Furnished and Unfurnished Houses to Let. Apartments Recommended. I ON SALE. ^jENTRAL BLOCK of BUILDINGS, suit- C abLe for good Business purposes: Caie, Temperance Hotel, Workshops, Storerooms, offices, etc., fully occupied and showing goW turns. D. HENRY ROBERTS ARCiiiTECT, SURVEYOR, aud ESTATE AGENT, 8, DSlf5IGH-STREET, LLANFIWST. HOuSES TO LET OR SOLD. RENTS COLLECTED. R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE (N, CON W A Y, AND AT rHE ESTATE OFFICE {r.vM ow, D E G A N W Y. Telephone: No. 20, Conway. Telegrams: "Jones, Estate Agent, Conwav." < THE IDEAL POLICY I ISSUED HY ■ The City Life Assurance Company, Ltd. j Provides Lafo A*surauce without Medical « Examination. \For full part culurs of tlu s unique scliema „ ?«nd p.c. to at GREGOH Y. Managing Director, 6 Paul St., Fiusbury, London, K.C. i AGEIVl'S WANTltU—tiXCKJ.LX.NT I'UOSI'ECTS. The "Pioneer" is recognised as one of the nest popular new;.papers in the Principality. j medium for advertizerw SITUATIONS VACANT. A YOUNG MAN, of good appearance and address, Wanted, to represent a first- 4class Company. Good remuneration and pro- spects of early promotion to a capable mam with good references.—Write to "Box 75W," "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. AGENTS Wanted, Salary and Commission, with permanency to good men.—Apply, with reference, to "Box 7584," "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. A USTRALIA. Wanted Farmera, Farm A Labourers, Market Gardeners. Fare from .£. Feciale Domestics Free. Others must pay full fare; big demand for willing workexs. Write to Australian Agency, 9, London-street, London, E.C. 7338c ANGOR.-Mrs Williams, Registry Offioo B for Servants, 216, High-street. (Stamp for reply.) /CANDIDATES, Welsh speaking, age 23 and upwards, Wanted to train as "Queen's Nurses" for VVaLes.—Apply, Superintendent, j 19, Raymond-street, Chester. 7570c COOK, experienced, temporary; also Housemaid or Waitress, disengaged.— Apply, Smith, Llys Newydd, Dwyran, Angle- sea. 29202p /GENERAL Wanted, at once, or after Christmas; clean, willing. — Apply, with nefciranoes, stati-mg wages, age, "T. v. "Pioneteur" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 29iOGp /COOK-GENERAL Wacted, in CoLwyn Bay; "privato; emei in family anotihior maid k-cpt.-AxidtLw, "W. A. Pioneer" Office, CWwyn Bay. 29221p T LANDUDNO.—Wanted, General Servant; small family; early riser, clean, cook well.—Address, ..tn2," "Directory" Officc, Llandudno. ISS EVANS, Servants' Registry, St. 1 Asaph. Wanted, Cooks, Hou&emaid- Waitresses, Generals; good references. Stamp for reply. p "11/I"ESSRS MORRIS and JONES have vacan- cies for two young Gentlemen, of good education, a-s Apprentices. No premium tIC- quired.—Apply, by letter, to Messrs Morris auid Jon>t'p, 12, Cajunon-strec-.t, Manches>- ter. 29198p REGISTRY OFFICE. Housemaid, Wait- R resses Wanted for Private and Board- ing-Houses also good Generals.—Mrs Payne, 15, River-street, lthyl. 2704p REGISIRY OFFICE, 120, HIGPLSTREET7 PORTMADOC.—Mrs Humphreys has excellent Situations for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, etc., for next Term (Pentymhor). a nrVTN-PLATE WORKER Wanted.—Apply, W. Clarke, 52, Frodsham-street, LJies- ter. 28142p TBAR USTWORTHY, Active Man wishing to increase his earnings, and having two or three hours free daily, wanted by old es- tablished Company.—Address, "S. T. "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29052p TTSEFUL HELP or superior General, ex- perienced, good plain coo-king, ab- stainer preferred two in family; good home ■ £ 20; Llanfaixfechan. Addrefie, "T. R. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29200p "^S/^TANTED a strong Lad, about 16, to de- liver milk; live in.—Address, "T.E. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29111p \\TANTED General Servant, English, for Private Hous,.a in Rhos; family, six; must be good washer and early riser; age from about 20 to 25.—Apply, during even- ing, M'rs Jordan, Astle,y House, Rhos-on- &0.. 29188P T^ANTED Young Man as Ostler and u.<*> ful Help; sti'iotJy sober.—Apply, with references, stating wages, in-door, "T.S. f "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 29206p' ANI'ED GE-NLRALI. a;bk)ut 18 or 19 v trs ANl'ED GENERAL, about 18 or 19 years old; t'iLnee in fe.miJy; able to wasih; good refenexce reejuircd f eouwtrv. Ad- <ux;ss, I. X. "iMomcer" Office, Colwvn 29220p \^TANTED Young" General to train as Cook. —A-I"P'y, Mrs Vaugbam, Rhudxi'ain Vxarage, nsax Rhyl. p VIT"^N'l'ED, at once, for Deganwv, ex- perienced Cook-General; good char- acter ,rjd;]>eaijsa:ble; wia-ges, ^18—< £ 20.—Ap- ply, Lan/castar and Co., Stationers, DegWl- y. WANTED Doctor's Groom, Abstainer pre- T ferred; must be a good man with Horses, and willing to make himself generally useful. Stating wages, etc., to box 7572, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c ANTED G-enerad Servant.—Apply, Mrs y v T. 0. Morgan, Ariryn, Conway. 7578c ANTED, by welf-known Firm of Pub- lishers, an Agent, resident at Lian- dudno, to call upon Proprietors of Apart- ments and leading Firms. High Commission offered.—Send rererences and particulars to Box "B. G. "Directory" Office, Llan- dudno. \VTANTED, a smart Youth, "for office work. —Appiy, m own handwritiva.ar, to Humphrey Williams, Ltd., Penlon VVorks, iiangor. 7649 WANTED, immediately, good Cook, age » about 30, Church of England; no Registry need apply.—Mrs Wilson, Gadlys, Cemaes. 7547 ANTED, GENERAL SERVANT; state age, experience, wages required, and ghe lest references.—Apply, "Holyhead," care ot "Box 7632," "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. T\7ANTED, UNCERTIFICATED ASSIST~- ANT for C.E. Infant School, Menaii Bridge. Welsb e.ssential. Siaging desir- able. Salary, £ 45.—Apply, encjosimg testi- inonitaLs, dkotor, Lianic-U" P.G. 7C45 WA.N,TED, an Apprentice to the Dress- r." making.—Apply, A. Williams, 7, High- street, Lia?-; gefui. 7583 QAn RELIABLE, ENERGETIC AGENTS and COLLECTORS required, im- mediately, in North and Mid-Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire, by a sound, progressive Office, duly incorporated, to transact Sick- ness, Accident, Dowry 5 to 21 years, House Purchase, Fire, Burglary, and Pi ate-glass Business; also, Life Collecting" Society; Pro- spectuses unequalled; terms to Agents excep- tional; interest in Books, and early promo- tion with every assistance.—Apply, in con- fidence, to G. H. Goodwin, Inspector, care of Rowlands Temperance Hotel, High-street, Bangor, North Wales. 755G EDUCATIONAL. METALLIFEROUS MINERS, Officials, 1'1. •Quarry men, desiring success, take Postal Lessons, in Geology, Metal Mining, Surveying, E.eetricity. Certificates awarded. —Write lor free Book, "Cambrian Mining School^' Glanftrwd, Fourth, U k..m. MEDICAL. THE MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN BAY^- FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who iavo in the Home wtien not at Ca^es, and are under persona1, super- vis. oa. Piiuonls received. M,ge Nuiauig App.iaMioes on Hire, TeL No. 24. -Matron. LUisi IsaLel Matty. 2255op ADOPTION. HOME WANTE-D for healthy baby Boy, of re?;pocta.bIe birth.—Rep.y, "W. B. '"Pione^ir" Oihe?, Colwyn Bay. 29223p WTANTED Home for Baby taken from birth. Address, "S.O. "Pioneer" Office, C'olwya Bay. 20U3Sp FURNITURE WANTED. W-INTED, Modern or Antique Furniture; Homes purchased outright.—Ilaslam, Auctioneer, Rhyl. p DOGS FOR SALE. T7V~)R SALE, Sjheep Dog Puppies, crossied ('X<1 English and Rough Coated Collie; parents excellent worker.-i.-Appay,E. Francis, od On-en, Amlwch. 7591-ci I SITUATIONS WANTED. /4 S CARETAKERS, Naval Pensioner and Wife, or position of trust; highest references.—"T.L. "Pioneer" Office, Codwyn Bay. 29154p CERTIFICATED GOVERNESS requires V^1 daily or resident post in school or Family. Latin, French, German, English, Music, etc. Highest reference. "C. "Pioneer" Office, Rhyl. 29148p OI: NTRY GENERAL disengaged-"20i);" tall, strong, cook, wash, two years' re- ferences; .£13. 54, Bierwyn-street, LLanr gouiliem.. 29224p COOK requires situation, temporary or p>ca*miajic>nt; private and hotel refer- eciccs.—Browm's Registry, Widlow Bank, Llewelyn-road, Colwyn Bay. 29261p COACHMAN seeks Situation as Chauffeur, C or Groom Chauffeur; two months' first- class Garage exparience; life experience with horses; highly recommended; good refer- ences; single; age 27.—W. Me&liotiaf, Gros6- way-Groen, Stourport, Warcestershire. 29183p DISENGAGED—Generals, ages 17 to 40; referernces, two to seven yeare. 16, Bay View-Toad, Colwyn Bay. 2925Gp ENERAL DISENGAGED (20); nearlytwo years' reference; Cook, iwash; ^tl2.— 54, BerwjTi-street, Llangollen. 29185 HOUSEKEEPER, middle-aged, requires re- engagement testimonials, six and two I vears.—"T. P. "Pionoer" Office, Colwvn Bay. 29199p HOirSEMAID-VV^ITRE^I-Cex>k-Ge>n&tala Parlourmaids, etc.; good references; temporary servants supplied.—16, Bay View- "i)1. road, Colwyn Bay. 29195p LADY (30) wants situation as Linen- keeper or Laundress in & hotel, or Laundress in private school.—"T. K. "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. I'D 13!)p AINED MATEltN ITY^ NURSE, with ex- perience in general nursing, desires position as Housekeeper to invalid lady or gentieman,—"T. M. "Pioneer" Office, Col- wyn Bay. 291G4p YOUNG MAN seeks situation; permanent; willing worker; total abstainer; Baker by trade.- -W I)-rt D. Bowen, 5, St. David's- terraoe, Penmoenmawr. 29155p YIOL7NG GIRL wajits a. situation as Houoa- (maid-Waitress, at once five years lust situation. — Address, "W. D. "Pioneer" Office, Cclwyn Bay. 29223,p ^VTOUNG LADY desireis pioet as Nursery Y Governess (experiennsed;, Colwyn Bay oar ni&i g,h beturbevid, daily or weekly. — Ad- dress, "W. F. "Pioaeer" Offioe, C<ilwvrL PROFESSIONAL. \T OUNG LADY seeks Dally Teaclring; n;si'ghbour'hocd Penmaeamawr; usual subjects, Trench, certificate acquired abroad, private French lessons.—MBarrie, Bedol Baeia, Dwygyfylchi. 29250p MiSCELLANEOUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased, Cash down, any district.-W. Jackson, 2U, Corporation- street, Manchester. 265 lip CCONTRACT Wanted for pure, rich Cream C (partly Guernsey). About five gallons a week, in small jugs ready for 3s per quart, or includmg carriage and jugs, as 3d Sale, Retailahle at 4s.—Glenmoriston, Eastham. CERTAIN Cure for Corns, post free seven- c pence. Send etamped envelope for sample Framc,"s owe, Wimborne, Dorset. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the Health of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nur- sery Pomade. One application kills all N its and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4d and 9d. Postage, Id.— Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chemists. Agent for Colwyn Bay:— J. W. Adamson, Chemist, Station-road. Agent for Pcnmaenmawr :—T. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Conway;—L. Jones, Chemist. 23828p LADIES.—My improved Remedies act in a JLJ few hours, when aj c-ise faiis. Surprisingly effective. Success'guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for Free Sample. Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, Ingledene, Bosoombe-road, South- end. Essex. 26421d C* PAGE BOOE about Herbs, and how to Otl: use them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Car- diff. Established 1879. 28119p HORSES. CARRIAGES, &a. FOR SALE. new Rubber-tyre Governess Car and Second-hand Gig, Dog Cart, two Light Lorries, Horse Breaker's Cart, two Phaetons,Rubber-tyred Landaus,Victoria, and Brougham, Business and Pleasure Floats, a speciality; Hand Carts, Wheelbarrows, and 'Bus top. Cash or easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Coaclibuilders, Colwyn Bay. Oll SALE, New Tumbler Cart, suit Carrier or F armer; best material and work- manship guaranteed Apply, T. Ellis, Wheewright, The Quay, 29110p |DX>R SALE, complete Turnout, Cob, 14 • hands, eight years, fast; R.T. Float, Harness, good as New. — "A. "Pioneer" Office, Rhyl., 29249p rpo BE SOLD, two Light Horses, 15-3 hands high, rising four and live years old, very quiet, and been broken-in; to be seen at llliyd y Gwtta, aen, St. Asaph. 29090p VICTORIA, Rbrs, itood, as new; suit invalid or doctor. 41, "Pioneer" Office, Llandudno. p WANTS (Miscellaneous). BEST PRICES given for Rabbit and Hare Skins; large or small quantities. — Dawson, 14, Aston-Toad, Birmingham. 291DOp MOLE SKINS. —■ Gerrard Brothers, Fur- 11'.1 riers, Edinburgh, announce increase in price for Mole Skins.—Send for particu- lars. 29054p LAND FOR SALE. LAND IN COLWYN CAY" (Dundonald-road) for Sale, for erecLion of s/nail liou.ssa or Villas. -Jai.-ics F. Taylor, Solicitor, 71, I.ord- stieet, Liverpool. 24925p 1 ADVERTISE IK THE PIONEER AND I INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS WRITE TO-DAY FOR TERMS TO THE ADVERTISING MANAGER, PIONEER OFFICE -0- COLWYN BAY. FOR SALE-VARIOUS. BRAND-N-set-Boozaijne SnokffB- full size; cheap.—43, "Pioneer" Office, Llandudno. P BEST Galvanised Corrugated Slieets.—5 ft., Is 3d; 6-ft., Is od; 7-ft., Is 7d; 8-ft., Is 9d. Ridgecap Nails, Washers, Bolts, Carriage paid on lots of 20s.—Alyn Galvani- zing- Works, Moid. 25962p CCANARIES, CANARIES, lovely singing i Cock Birds, 2s 5d; Hens, Is 6d; care- fully p-ackA.-Uarke, YdewsAey. c "|jK)R SALE, a PORTABLE ENGINE, m first-class working order; can be seen at work on giving Notioo to J. O. Lloyd, Graig, Bagilit. p ALVANISED CORRUGATED~SHEET, ali warranted sound, 27in. wide; 5ft. Is, 6ft. Is 3d, 7ft. Is Get, 8ft. Is 9d, 9it. 2s, 10ft. 2s 4d each. A few light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by &ea water, 5ft. lOd, 6ft. Is each; ridging 3d per foot; spouting 31d per foot.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28112p -G-ilÚ!;Y ESIR pexman-entiy and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using HARRISON'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but a natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Uair. In bottles, price Is 6d (postage 3d extra). Manufacturer: G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent tor Bangor: J. Bowen, Chemist, Castle liall. Agent lor Llangefni: S. Prytherch, Chemist, Moaa Drug Hall. GALVANISED FENCliNG WlItE, in t-cwt. 2 T bundles, from G to 14. w.g., perfect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised Barbed Wire, salvage, slightly soiled, in 84-lb. bundles, 336 yds., 9s per bundle.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p GARDEN BARROWS, strong, well- seasoned wood, from 15s 9d eacli.- J. B. itaudles, Irouriouger, Colwyn Bay. p GOOD Seeond-ihaind Icon Fittings for 'B'uteJ'.orr's SJi.ap Cor Sale. ■— Apply, Lloyd, Pondoriaii, Colwyn Bay. 29265p /COATS.—Nanny, il br-cd, Toggenbury, ris- ing four (believed), in kid"; Togg\?n- burg Billy, due February.—Hill, Pydew, near Llandudno. 29203p I Spcc:.U job lot oigiht sheets, 21 inebes wid, to cover 18 inches, 5ft. 7-Jd; &ft. 9d each; all n-c-w, sound and free ,fYŒU diodes, but aligbitly eoied. — W.C. Deipt- Butlcir, Bell Works, Wolvcnhampton. Estobldshed 1828. p Yi A.LVANLSKI) BARB WIRE, English I-X inake, new, but slightly soiled, K41:!b. bmidLes, 330y<is. 9s per bundle.—W.C. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolveahampton. Estab- lished 1828. p |C AL V A N LSED CORRU (j A I^D SH EE1S,' G sspeeial, IV.,a <n>&w sheets, soiled by sea wruter, 5ft., Is; 6ft., Is :3<1; 7ft., Is God; Ðn., Is gd.-W.C. Dept., Butler, Bell Woc-ks, Yvolreirhaanpt-ca. Established 1828. 29247p -H-ARl)S.-=- Welsh Triple Harps; Celtic Harps, L3; Pedal Harps; all kinds of llarps; 7 Oct. Baby Grand Pianos, from £ 10.—Morlev, G, Sussex-place, South Ken- sington, London. 7168 MANGLES and Wringing Machines, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 39s Gd each. J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p 130RTABLE ENGINE.— Now on Tregarth ■ Statiiea prioa £ 40; insured to 001 bs. pressure; SH.P.; very low price to dear. Colwyn Bay. 2924Gp BABBIT NETS; Fish Nets; Cricket, Lawn Tennis Nets; Traps every description; Catalogue stamp.—Young (mention paper), Net Works, Crewkerne, Somerset. 28351p ATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES, R and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's "Reliable" Rat Poison. Cats a«d dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smoll. Prioes 6d, Is, 2s 3d. and 3s 8d. Post- age 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reed- ing. Sold by Chemists. Agont for Bangor: J. Bowen, Chemist. A LLP AIDERS from lid^~per roil. Any » » QuUutitv, large or small, at Wholesale Prioes. Stock exceeds 250,000 tolls; ail classes.— Wtito for Patterns, stating class required.—The Barnett Wallpaper Co., I.td. (Dept. 221), Camp- field Avenue, Mancheoter. APARTMENTS TO LET. LLANDUDNO.—Com fortaWe Apartment (with or without Board); permauency or otherwise; sunny and centrally situated, Bath, Piano, and all modern conveniences; good Cooking and attendance; moderate terms.—Apply, Mrs Griffith, Hemmingford, Caroline-street, Llandudno. p EHYL.—Permanent Rooms in centre of Town for one 01 two ireutieineu or ladies; good cooking; very moderate terms. 2, Crescent- road- p "i^HUDDLAN.—Apartmentft, comfortable and ■E -J clean, near Castle and River, permanent or season.—Miss Davis, Tower House, Caetle-sb-, Rhuddlan p SITTTNG-ROOM and BEDROOM; "pretty "J Cottage; large garden; close to sta- ti-on.-Propriotrcs.s, Roilt Cottage, Rossctt, nr. Wrexham. 28773p APARTMENTS WANTED. WTANTED, in Spring, three good-s:wd, partly furnished R<x>nis, wit,h attsnd- ance for lady, for a jiermancy; good cook- ing; west end Off |Uo!wyn Bay. Apply, T.N. "Piolicer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29193 «"— "Jt >me j9< >ac You Get More Replies U » by advertising in the "Pioneer." n If you want a servant, to rent a n u house, to sell or buy anything; if J you want a situation, the best thing to do is to fill in the form printed at the bottom of this page and send U n it to the Advt. Manager, U "PIONEER" OFFICE, Colwyn Bay. J v C:=:=C:=:=:>C===:J.r V FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. T^OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, all those two Dwelling-houses, known as Brynodol and Maisonette, situate on the corner of Ellesmere-road and Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay.—For particulars, apply, T. 11. Morgan a-nd Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. X^OrT SAL E BY PRIVATE TREATY,^os a ..L1 wihoie or in lots to suit purchasers, all those Freehold Premises known as the Pen- isa'r Dre Tannery, situate in Water-street, Abergele, oomprismg a Messuage or Dwelling- house with 16.rg.e and productive Garden, Stables, Coach-house, and Tan Yard, with Sheds and Buildings thereon. Total area, 4770 square yards. Immediate possession can be bad.—Apply to Mr E. A. Crabbe, Soli- citor, Town Hall, Abergele. 29165p "IV UR»SERY, freehold three gl-oss houses, N 109 x 12; two ditto, 36 x 14; thuee acres Land, Cottage, etc., etc., to bo Sold, a bairgaiai; first-class opportunity for c, prac- t'ýll iKoa; no opp&ait:oa.- i'lirth-or l'ti.- ctil<ics of A. J. Vv.iiikiai8, Bee Hive, Ulaa- '2C()p ^MALL HOLDING With Six-Roomed House, convenient Outbuildings, and 81 Acres of Pasture Land, known as "Pa.ndy Mill," AforJwen, Caorwys. An excellent Trout Stream runs through the Property. Moderate prioa for immediate Sale. — Apply, Jones" Auctioneer, 2918cp THE FARM AND GARDEN. A LBLRT3 BASIC SLAG —For prices, app!v ^_° I'-iitf and Co.. Merchants. AberKeia. f^LOWER TOTS from 2j inch to IS^inch kf.pt in stock; Seed i'ans, Rhubarb and Soaloax) I ots, Rustic Ware, etc., try our 7s W, 10s Gd, 15s, and 21s crates. Catalogue free. Buy from the maker.¡; Her bert l'ar k Pottery Co., Darlaston, Staffs. p CYCLES, MOTORS, dC., FO SALE. M0T0R BI^ CLE7nev.- 7h.p:; cheap^ /x~> Pioneer" Office, Llandudno. p 10/17 IIuni},er Motor Car (OG) in perfect 1 i order. Caf»e Cart hood, t-tepn-cy whecl and usual acc-eswries and spares. Price ^140.—Francis Nunn, Colwyn Bay. 29161p rofYV F Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, < } 6. PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) YIiíiIiiGiIio_ 1 The charge for all kinds of 5MALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT § < I I and WANTED, &c., in the "PIONEER" is 18 Words i/ Three Inssrtions, 2/- I 3 c I (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. 3 j 5 -II I I-J_- | J '-1-_ 30 i I Please insert above Advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O f or Stamps value d* J > Name > ? Address Address HOUSES TO LET. "TVEGANWY.—Good Semi-Detached House with two Sitting, five Bedrooms, usuad Domestic Offices, largo G arden; Rent il40. Also a. good House with two Sittwig and foirr Bedrooms; Remit ^622.—Apply, J. M. Porter and Eloock, The Estate Office, Col-wyn Bay. 29253p GLAN OGnWAY. — Nitre-roomed Semii-de- I tacihed YiJla. to Ltet, with modicum con- vcnieno-,s; pleasantly situated, closia to i jStatioa. <md Village; remit £ 17 p.a.—Apply, [ Mallele, Estate Ag-ent, Liana-wet. 29243p | O' LD COLWYN7—ALFRED COY, ilo;Ls^ I and Estate Agent, Station Yard. | TO LET, good selection Detached and Semi- detached Villas. General Enquiry Office for matters relating to LAND and PROPERTY, Old Colwyn and neighbourhood. 27975p /">LD COLWYN.—Apartment House; seven Bedrooms best position; Old Colwyn newly decorated throughout; X28.-Ali red Coy, Station Yard. 28081p T LANDDULAS. Four-ro-onicd Cottage L with good Garden to Let. Rent 3s Gd clear; 20 minutes' walk from Sea and Station.-Apply, Hughes, Rhvdyfoel, LktD- ddulas. 29159p T^ENMAENMAWR.—Eirndale, full sea view, modern convenience, low rent.—■ M.rs Evans, Erindale, Penniaennbawr. 29140p TiO LET, "Bodgwrnedd," Abergele-road, Colwyn Bay; three Reception, eight Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; vaoant next March 25th.—Apply, Glyn Villa, Llandudno. 29182p f11REFRIW.—Thirteen-roomed House; fine and sunny situation, large Garden, good sanitation and modern conveniences, close to village; rental £ 35 p.a.—Apply, Malek, Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 28331p TO BE LET; two New Houses, in Ambixxse- street, for immediate occupation. Rents, 5s and 5s Gd weekly. — Applv; Humphrey Williams, Ltd., i'enlotn Sl^ Works. 7648 HOUSES WANTED. "l^TTANTED parti«3 having Houses to Let to » » send particulars, at onco, to Haslam, Es- tate Agents Rhyl. ANTED, small House, for Fetbauary: two reception, four or five Bedrooms. Rent, ^28.—Address, "W. E Office, Colwyn Bay. 29262p FURNISHED HOUSES WANTED. fTWO Ladles require small Furnished House on North Wales Coast, between Colwvn Bay a.lid Bangor, for three montlis, with option of six or twelve months; high ground, with garden two Sitting-rooms, three or four Bedrooms; with or without attendance.— Write, stating terms, which must be mode- rate, "G. 84, care of Lee and Nightingale's Advertising Offices, Liveg-pool. 29201p HOUSES FOR SALE OR To LET. rpo BE LET or SOLD, a Semi-detached House; Dingle Hill, Colwyn Bay. Apply, S. Bond and Sons, Builders, Colwyn Bay. 29192p FOR SALE.—HAULER YN, CONWAY. r I THIS well-built and tx>mmodious Freehold Residence and Grounds, whic.h was re- cently offered for Sale by Auction, is now for SaJe by PRIVATE TREATY at an EXTREMELY LOW RESERVE price. —For lull particulars apply to:- MESSRS BLACK WALL, HAYES and CO., Auctioneers, Llanrwst; or MESSRS PORTER, AMPHLETT and CO., Solicitors, Conway, Colwyn Bay, and Llanrwst. HOUSES FOR SALE. QFFERS INVITED; — For Freehold aud Leasehold Projjerties in Llysfaen and Llanddulas. In Llysfaen Freehold, Pa-nty Carw; ti it ottages, with about three acres of Buildi-ng Land. Llanddulas: Leasehold, Clip, Teriyn Cottages; always letting; years' unexpired Leasehold; also two Cot- tages in Mul-street; 16 years' unexpired Lease. A reasonable offer will be well con- sidered, as the Vendor desires to realise.—• Apply to Mr William. D. Jones, F.A.I., Holy- head, or to Mr A. Ll. Stevenson, Auctioneer, etc., 16, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. 29160p FIX) BE SOLD, DETACHED HOUSE, situate T", in excellent position, coiamanding ex- tensive and uneo nailed views, within 15 minutes' walk of ivlenai Bridge. House con- tains two Entertaining-rooms, two Kitchens, Pantry, four Principal Bedrooms, Servant's Room, Boxroom, Bath, and W.C.; own water supply; nice, cool Conservatory; small, well-, stocked Garden. ALSO, TWO SEMI-DE- TACHED FOUil-ROOMED COTTAGES ad- joining, a.11 well built, and in perl-jet condi- tion.— Write "D61," Lee and Nightingale s Advertising Offices, Liverpool. 551 OFFICES, SHOPS, &c., TO LET, O-LWYN BAY.-Largc-, oflice to Let, opposite G.P.O.—Apply, Rush, Tai.lor, hmrhyn-rd., Colwyn Bay. :tl08Ðp S~l O^ HEAD.—Shops to be Let, situate In JL-IL main thoioughiare.—T. G. Owen, Pen- rhos Estate Office. 7580c 1 LANDUDNO J UNCI ION. — An exoellcnt Double Fronted S!i<<p and Houae over. Splendid position on main road. Rent i:2(j.—AppiV, J M. Porter and Elcock, Esiate L'Uico, Co-wyn Bay. 29252p rjU» LET, The Louvre, Holy head-road, JL Upper Bangor. Fine Shop, with good frontage in most commanding position, uit- able for any business. Moderate rent. Full particulars from Llew. D. Jones, House and E&tato Agent, Bangor. 7457c To BE LET. ri^llE Ground Floor of a Chapel to be Let as a Wareliouse; very suitable as a storeroom or joiner's workshop; rent, 2s 0d per week.—Apply, Llew Jones, Homedale, Re- gent-street, Jaangor. 7531c BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. BRICKWORKS for Sale; leasehold pro- perty.—Address, "T. 0. "Pioneer" Office, Co-wyn Bay. 29184p LLANDUDNO.—Sweets (high class) small established Season Business for Sale. Suit young lady. Splendid situation. In- going £ 50.—Apply, "Bargain," "Directory" Office, Llandudno. 92loop POULTRY, EGGS, ATE. FOR SALE, five Buff Orpington hens, one cock; ten white Wyandotte hens, one cock, all hatched 1909; three white Leghorn Cockerels; Hens, 3s; Cocks, 5s; good lay- ing strains.—Dunn, The Knoll, Upper Lol- wyn Bay. 29253p MISS BABCOCK, winner of 5000 Prizes, Cups, Specials, etc., at all the Classical Shows, including Crystal Palace, Dairy Royal, Birmingham, York, Leeds, Manches- ter, etc., has tor sale splendid Cockerels and Pullets; also Adults in Old English Game, in all colours; also Bants; also Indian Game and Indian Game Bants; also Andalusians; also White Orpington Cockerels, Lindner's Strain, Plymouth Rock Cockerels (Jackson's Strain), and others for utility purposes.—zip- ply, ixit Ghur, Old Colwyn, or R. S. Marsden, R.mington, Clitheroe. 28440p 2 000 TARDS Wire Netting always in Stock, from Id per yard.—J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyu Bay. Turkey, Duck & Geese Eggs ou SPECIAL OFFER. <vOZ. American Mammoth Bronze Turkeys 8/6 Immense Aylesbury Ducks 5/- Enormous Embden-Toulouse Geese J- Special Indian Runner Ducks 4jG Unfertile Replaced FREE. Sound Delivery Guaranteed Anvwhere. ARTHUf-l HARWOOD, TH. GROVE. KAMMXRStviiTH. i XMAS FRUIT Et1 c;3 —AND— fANCY GOODS t 0 t QUALITY, VALUE, AND C* A & SATISFACTION By Purchasers is obtainable -AT- PRYCE WILLIAMS AND CO. Who study the interest of their CUSTOMERS. "SPECIAL LINES." 8 Home-made Plum Puddings, Iced Cakes and Bara Britht Crystallised Fruit and Preserved Ginger, Crackers AND Fancy Tins of Biscuits, &c, TEAS IN PACKETS, Also in 3, 5, io, and 201b. Boxes. BEST VALUE. Note Addresses:- Pryce Williams A x D co: WEST END STORES, Conway Ro&d, Colwyn Bay, CEYLON STORES, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, I EVERARD STORES, Rhos-on-Sea, DEVON STORES, Old Colwyn. LOST.. "I" OST, SABLE STOLE, in Upper Baaigoir. Fiinider Rewarded. — 'Trafrord Mount, Upper Gaorth-road. 7647 DRAW. BEAUMARIS.—Winner of Fur Rug, drawn 13 for 0.1 Nnmbered 204. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. DEGANWY. — Promenade. — F u ni lahod 11011810: two En-tertainiag-rooms, fiv» BüdrúoülS, usojal offices, to Let, three mon-tha- or longer; reasonable terms careful touant; iuapcouoa by arrangoment. Also for Sale.—i Write, "R. V3," care of Lee1 and Nightingale's Advertising Offices, Liven'pool. LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. BUTCHER'S ARMS," LLANFAIR P.G. —To be Let, with early possession- In-going by Valuation. — Apply, Lichfield Brewery Co., Ltd., Lichfield. 7151 -fI(¡-LÈi' the "BULL IKN," LlaÐdd(,us:l.1t. Anglesey; low rent and in-going; pos- session January 29th next; the only LicenSè House in the Village. — Apply, C. Dawson, York Chambers, Yaughan street, Llan- dudno. 7572 TO LADIES. I Irreg-ularitics, etc., removed by an entiixuy I new and ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I METHOD WITHOUT MEDICINE. No 1 n'dls, mixtures, cr nauseous drug's to take. | No useless injections. TlIE GREATEST I DISCOVERY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. Guaranteed harmlcis. It is positive, safe, certain, and speedy. loes not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with tL.le2i3 leniedle-s. a at once a stamped addressed envelope for full particulars and testimony's GUARANTEED. GENUINE UNDER A PENALTY OF £ 1000. Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKES, (147 Dept.), 220, ARDGOWAN ROAD, IIITHER GREEN, LONDON, S E. (Established over 16 roars). — — —1— — HODI N E RE PELS RATS I The SmcH of RODINE at' raet; the rats; I it's pleases them. They eat it me eel- ilv, die instantly, leave no smell. Never liiiils. Utter extermination assured. 6d., Is., 2s., 3oè.. 5s. Post, 2d. II.vilLEY, Chemist;, Per h. Agents:— S. Prytherch, Chemist, L'ar.-xefni: R. R. Jones, Chemist. Amlwch; II. P. Tho- mas and Son, Chemists, A bed?raw; and J. T. Thomas, Chemist, Portdinorwic. i..ij-Lin MM I TH TV/FA To Destroy'every' r*, Il'l f~\ form of Eczcsia tiso SBJN OINTMENT. Itcg will ccaee after One Applica- tion. Wi 1 cure Iting.. worm in 2 or 3 Dajg. Is Infallible for riles. Acta like a ch&rra on Bad Le^-3. Kenls cp oid Wounuri &: Sores. î Destroj-a every form I of Ecwms aud other f nevey been knowT! RUin Tronbles. Has never been known to fail. In boxes. It. Id. (.:1.Ó (past fret) FiiOS & G].,CHEMISTS, W^EXHAS