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)R ADRAN GTMRAEG. It *-Now-4 -D | EVERYTHING FOR THE- j | MOTOR | e F CAN BE OBTAINED I i1 FROM •. { A. DEACON & SON 1 LIMITED, I LLANDUDNO. • T i J Fvery make and Description 8 (' t' I €1 oj Car Supplied. J LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. J | j I Repairs and Overhauls a ] | Speciality. j CARTRIDGES. CARTRIDGES. rtynoch's Smokeless Telax, 6/10 per 100 is obeli's SVJrting Clyde 8/6 per 100 Primax Ejector Case 9/- per 100 Scliuhze 10/6 per 100 Kynoid 10/6 per 100 Curtis' & Harvey's Dia-1 <- 1 I 10/6 per 100 monu Smokeless j r A GOOD SECECTION OF BELIABLE GUNS from 30/- to ,£:20 in Stock. FISHING TACKLE, SPORTMENS' SUNDRIL3 of all kinds. A La- ge Stock of WIRE NET i -NG, CORRU- ATEDo SHEETS, KITCHEN RANGES' JllATES & MANTELPIECES, JOINERS, Jk PLUMBERS' TO:>LS, CUFLERY, ELEC- TKO-PLATE & HOUSEHOLD UTENSILS JV ALL KIDS AT LOWEST PRICES, AT MARFELL'S IRONMONGERY STORES, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYi BAY. TEL. 2x. L- JOHN L. HUNT, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST AND OPTICIAN, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. DEPOT FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REQUISITES. DARK ROOM FOR USE OF AMATEURS. SIGHT TESTING DAILY BY APPOINTMENT. OENT FOR HENRY LAWRANCE'S CELEBRATED SPECTACLES Ø9 EYEGLASSES. Nickel Plated, Gold Filled, andl Gold Frames. ,¡. MR. CHARNLEY D.B O.A. (BY EXAM.), EYESIGHT & SPECTACLE SPECIALIST, of Birmingham, Leicester, etc., may be consulted personally at t7, Penrhyn Road, COLWYN BAY. ADVICE FREE. Moore's Advice to the Married. 2nd Edition. A wonderful book, written by a medical expert. Valuable information for both sexes. Containing 200 pages, largely il- lustrated. From all booksellers, or post free. P.O. 1/3. MOORE WILLIAMS & Co., BELFAST. DANYGZ VIRUE li not a Poison, but DES kg M -1 t) kl-rml% A ffmg% & lnvmi ICE Hirtaleei to Human Beluga, & other Atimids, ko. B Single Tube, 21.; Three Tubes, 151. Pott Free fro,- H DANYSZ VIRUS Ltd., Box 129 9 52, toodenh&U Street, London, B.C., smd M all Ohell1. r- r- BOOK FOR LADIES. By DRTAIII^som. THIS is the best Book ever written for ladies. Over 2U0,GGG copies have been sold. Hundreds have written him, saying it is the book they wanted, but couid not iind before. It tells a woman all about herself, and in plain and proper terms. Sent post free in envelope for Is 2d, by Dr. Allinson, 172 Room, 4, Spaiiish- piaoo. Manchester-square, London, W. EFFICIENT BILLPOSTING. p A-RTIES desirous of having Bills posted A on ALL the MOST IMPORTANT Advertisement HOARDINGS in the District of Rhyl, Prestatyn, Meliden, Dyserth, Rhudd- lan, and St. Asaph, should send their Orders to BEECH BROS. The RHYL and DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS, Advertising and Billposting Contractors. Proprietress: MRS F. BEECH, to whom all Communications should be Addressed. Manager: W. KELLY. Head Office: 3, KINMEL-ST., RHYL. M A N F U L N E S S. An interesting and instructive Book can be had FREE, describing a safe, simple, and scientific lysrtem which has been practised for over 20 years with unexampled success, together with eve* 1000 testimonials, giving absolute peroof that the «cvwajt oases -of NERVOUS EXHAUS. TION, OBCAY OF VITAL FORCE, WAST. ING, WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE, etc., haw been PE^ANENTLY CURED without Stomach EJeafcricity, C2h«.npje of Diet or IIaóbiM, LoBs of Time or Occupation, A former sufferer writ* "It has made life a^ain worth living- Apply M-day, two atarape for poat<K?e in pl«,'n and men- tion tfvia paj^er- A. J Laigj^ 92 and 93, Gt. BufwU-dtreeW W-C, 28892p



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LIith Die Jones.I

Priodas Miss J. E. Vincent.

Pigion o'r Drych.

Cofiant Dr. Owen Thomas.


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Hen Gymoriadau Hynod.

Beth yw Ystyr Fy Mywyd?

1Uwd a Llefrith.

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Nedion o Glip y Gop

--------Cyfarfud Ysgol Dosbarth…


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Helpwch St. Petersburg yn…

Ewyllys y Diweddar Mr E.A.1…

Yibyty Mon ac Arfon


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