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LLANFAIRFECHAN URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE PENYCLIP QUESTION. RATS AT GLANYMOR. A monitlily meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday even inig. The Chairman (Mr J. Har- rison) premcted, and the other members present were:—Messrs W. G. Roberto (Camarnaint), Thos. Roberta, J. R. Williams, W. Timmins, J. D. Williams, T. J. Owen, T. G. Morgan, Dr. Archdall, Messsi's W. G. Roberts (Hall Bank), Harry Jorss, with the Clerk (Mr W. H. Ellis), and the Survevor (Mr Thoma.s Hughes). PENYCLIP SEA ENOROACHMENT. It was reported that a special meeting of tlie Council had; been held' on the seaah-ore to con- sider the sea encroachments, and, it was decided to croct an additional wooden) groin to prevent further encroachments. With regard to Panyclip the Courtcil decided that the prorosN-i, purcliase by the County Conn- cil of laiThd at Penycldp be approved, a,aa that the Council should ask the County Council to re- ceive a deputation to impress upon them the desirability of acquiring land westward of such land. The Council also agreed in regard to encroach- ments by the sea that the owners of the land at the sea front be written, to as to the sale of the land. The Clerk to the C'arna,rvon County Council (Mr J. T. Roberts) wrote asking- whether the Council agreed to the purchase of the land at Penyclip within their jurisdiction, required for the protection of the road The Pomriaenmawr Council had their concent, and as soon as- the rf(,diiaii consent was received it was his intention to call a special meeting of the Surveyor's Committea to consider the matter, and the would bo followed by a. sfiecial meeting of the County Council. He had already pointed cut to the Council the importanoa of acting promptly, and further delay mght result in their finding that the land: had been sold to the Rail- way Company. In a subsequent letter the Clerk to the County Council stated1 -he feared the Office of Woods Would be. unwilling to sell the plot, at all events that was the view expressed by the gentleman whom he raw when he called at the office. Sir Staiford Howard was only willing to sell so much of the land as was re- quired for the protection of the road, and in his opinion the two plots, the subject of the present- negotiations, we--e ample for the pur- pose. The Office of Woods wrote that Sir Stafford Howard regretted he was unable to entertain the Council's application to purchase further lanct, at Penyclip owing to the probable future requirements of the Penmaenmawr quar- ries. Mr T. J. Owen said it was clear the Survey- or's Committee did not understand the situation, and he proposed that a deputation be sent to them. Mr Jorss agre3d, and said- that if the road was undermined the old road would have to bo brought into fuse again. Mr T. G. Morgan said it. was wrong for the Office of Woods to give preference to the Quarry Company. It was dccided to send a deputation to the Surveyor's Committee. THE CENSUS. A letter was read from the Census Office stat- ing that on the night of Sunday, April 2nd. 1911, a census of the population of England and Wakx; would be taken, andl askin-g the co-opera- tion of the Council in ordetr to secure the ser- vices of efficient enumerators, upon whom the success of the C3iusus largely depended. Mr T. G. Morgan suggested that, unemployed clerks should; be recommended for the work. In some places where paid officials did the work, their remuneration was deducted from their salaries. Mr Timmins said the work would have to be done prone rlv. Mr Jorss: Our officials have plenty of work to do already. It was decuded to allow the officials to do the work if they so desired. RAILWAY FACILITIES. A letter was read from the London and North- western Railway Co. regarding a Llanfairfechan stop being given on the 4 p.m. express Liver- pooi to Carnarvon. They were sorry to say ,that to give this stop would risk delaying* the down Irisn Boat Express, which foi.owed the train clotsoiy through Bangor, with t.ho i-eault that the 4 p.m. from Liverpool -would frequently be held at Llandudno Junction for the boat, ex- pros3 to pass, and the service at Ll-aDfa-rfcohan would be then no better than at present. As the Council knew, there. was a train, already Laving Llandudno Junction for Llanfairfechan at 6.8 p.m. In any case, the time-tables were now printed until the end of April, a-ild they would not be considering any alterations for some time. Mr Timmins said that if the Council wanted satisfaction from the Railway Company, a depu- tation must be sent to them. It was decided to send a deputation to Chester. A PLAGUE OF RATS. A letter was read from Mr J. M. Baker, of the Gorddincg Estate Office, stating that Col. PLatt, C.B., wished him to write to the Council to kf anything could be done to kill the rats-lvuge things that infested the rubbish tipped at Glanmor Elias by the Council. Mr Jorss: There arc far too many rats there. Mr Timmins: Yes, and the question of ridding the river of the rodents should also be taken into consideration. After what has taken place in the East of England, we should be very care- ful in this matter. Mr Robert Thomas said the rats infested bouses. Mr W. G. Roberts (Camarnaint.) said1 the farmers found the rats a greater nuisance this winter than ever. In fact, they had known nothing like it before. lIe had been told that at Glanmor Elias the rats infested the houses. Mr Timmins said he found four or five rats in his yard. They were a great nuisance this winter. Mr* T. G. Morgan pointed out they were re- sponsible for the rubbish heap. Mr W. G. Roberts suggested that the Sur- veyor should get rid of the nuisanes, and this was agreed to. Mr Robert Thomas said care must be taken or the rats would be driven intA) the houses. FORESHORE TENANCY. Mr Rice Hughes. Bay View, Llanfairfechan, sent a letter in which he stated that as the ten- anev of the foreshore at Llanfairfcclian termina- ted Chat month he would feel obliged if the Council would kindly allow him to rent, it again for future seasons. He found it a great con- venience to his business. The was referred to a committee. SURFACE WATER NUISANCE. The following letter was read from the Rector of Llanfairfechan (Rev. F. P. Watkin Davieg), and a special committee was appointed to con- sider the matter:—"May I ask the Council to take the following proposition; into consideration with regard to the surface water that at present runs on to the building sites in the Rectory fields. The present arrangement is most mi- satisfactory, and I am writing to suggest that we should" be ail lowed to close up the present outlet, and let the surface water flow past the Penybryn Hotel, a.nd empty itself on the Rec- tory field on the east side of the churchyard. Mr Williams will readlilv do what he can to carry this plan out, and as I am still providing an outlet for tlie surface water on to the Rec- tory field, I hope the Courjcil will accede to my req'ueit,' I am not trying to out of taking the surface water—I oniv suggesting that I should be allowed to take it in in another place." THE LIGHTING OF GERAZIM. Mr 0. T. Jones. Pias Berwyn, wrote com- pla-in.ing of tlie lighting of Gerazim, and asking that gas should be substituted lor the oil lamp.) Mr J. D. Jones also urged that the liglti-ig of Penm.Mnma.wr road ahouLd also be taken into consideration. The oil lamps were too far apart. Mr W. G. Roberts atat/ed that boys were break- ing lamps in his district, four having been smashed on a Sunday. Mr Timmins stated he would warn the beys at his school. Dr. Archdall: That is an argument for an- other policeman. A committee was asked to consider ail the complaints. SEQUEL TO THE RECENT ACCIDENT. i id In view of the recent accident, it was decided to ask the Railway Company to form wide staps on the sbone pitching near Ponu y Penmaen. Mr T. J. Owen said he always thought the road was a public en:> Mr Jorss Its the Railway Company's piteh- U5S" A PROPERTY OWNER'S RATES. Mr Jorss protested in vain against a resident being-excused the rates as irrecoverable on ac- count of poverty, stating that she owned! tho houise. Mr Morgan She cannot dispose of her inte- rest in the house, which is mortgaged. RATING INEQUALITIES. Mr T. G. Morgan protested against rating inequalities in the town. lie said two houces erected in Park-terrace had been, 'assessed at £ 12 whereas the rent asked for one of them was £ 28. They complained of inequalities, and here they wore perpetrating another anomaly. The Surveyor: We assessed them the same as other houses in the place. Mr Morgan: Wo are worse off than we were under the vestry. t Mr W. G. Roberts (Camarnaint): The whole place wants re-valuing. Mr Timmins: It is time we tackled our guardians in the matter to let us ha \e a re- valuation. Mr T. G. Morgan moved that the Assessment Commit tea should be asked to re-assess the whole Union, a-id this was carried. THE CEMETERY. The Surveyor reported that the cemetery had been tidbd, and Dr. Archdall hoped: it would be kent in that- condition. THE 9EA FRONT. It was decided to hold a meeting at the sea front to consider the recent encroaehmerits, Mr Jorss saying* the position was serious, the place having changed -after the recent gale.








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