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BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Te!«phoc«: No 58, Coiwyn Bay. Ta;egr*m»: "Plans," Colwyn Bay. CHOICE FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND for SALE, suitable for immediate erection of BLUNUALOWS, DETAC HED and SEMI-DETACHED VILLAS. Also several 6jic* suitable for SHOP PREMISES. In some ciues money advanced Oil two-thirds vaiuie of Land ajid Buildings. (COUNTRY RESIDENCES, with from three to 60 Acrcs of Land, to bo Sold or Let. Rent* ranging from .£40 to per annum. I BURNISHED HOUSES for Winter Months, in excellent positions, and low r entails. All modern conveniences. Full partienkurs on a p piic-a Uou. A PAR'TMENT HOUSES—Colwyn Raj and District. Rants ranging trom JMO to lOO. Exoaikmt {x»ition4>, good connec- tioc*. DEGANWY.—Good Semi-detached Houco V to Let, with two Sitting and live Bed- rooms. Usuati Domestic Offices. Lairge Gar- den. Rent Possession Febriutry uext. Also a House with two Sitting and four lk-d- coom*. Rent LLANDUDNO JUNCTION.—An cxc&iunit Double-trontc-d Sdiop and House over. Also a Lock-up Shop to Let on main road, lients .£20 a.J.:<1 £11 respectively. RHOS-ON-SEA.—Excellent Detached and Seini-detacii>ed Villas to .Let and lor Sale. OLD COLWYN.—A good House to Lot, in plcass-nt situation, with open Vi-ews; three Sitting and six Bedrooms, Bathroom, etc. Rent Jt'3G. COTTAGE PROPERTY.—Several Lots of Cottages for Sale, in good, repair, and tenanted. Rents from 3a W. to 7$per w-ock. For further particulars end orders to view appiv as above. I A7aL Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TO INFORM HIS CLIENTS THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Qaklands (First Floor), ÇODway Road, Colwyo Bay (NtXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES). A. M. Fowler, Junr. (Elected A.M.I.C.E. 1889). ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. TEMPORARY OFFICES during o course of erection of new Business premises— COLWYN AVENUE, I Rhos-un-Sea, Colwyn Bay. Telephone Office, No. 222a. Residence, No 222. Telegrams Fowler, Architect. Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. 3UILDING LAND.—Choicest Plots of FREE- HOLD LAND for Sale at RHOS-ON-SE\. ] PENRHYN BAY. OLD COLWYN, and; CRAIG-Y-DON, LLANDUDNO, suitable for the erection of Detached AND SEMI- DETACHED VILLAS. BUNGALOWS, and BUSINESS PREMISES, exceptionally suit. able Plots for HYDROS, BOARDING and APARTMENT HOUSES. Money advanced oa two-thirds value of Land fcnd Buildings during erection, and as permanenti Mortgage. Houses built to suit Leaseholders or Pur- chasers, ), < ?——————— j MELLOR & ALL £ N, ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS j Tel. 131 COLWYN BAY. TO LET. HOUSE and 2l Acres of Land; £3;:). V ERY Desirable House, large Gardens 1 £ 42. f\7^ER 1 Deaiiable House, large Gardens' £ 36. J-A PAlil'MENT HOUSES; three Entertain- mg, nine Bedrooms; .£45. »A PAEi'MENT HOUSES; three Entcrtain- ing, ten Bedrooms; < £ 40. ^APARTMENT HOUSES; four Entertain- ing, ten Bedrooms; £5Q. JJOUSES; .£22, £32. FARMS, 5 and 10 Acres, for Sale. ITOUSE and GARDEN, £ 375. House and Land, £ 615. fClURNISHED HOUSES, lCs to 7 guineas weekly. .,[ D. HENRY ROBERTS, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, and ESTATE AGENT, a, DENBIGH-STREET, LLANRWST. HOUSES TO LET OR SOLD. RENTS COLLECTED. R. ARTHUR JONES, LHOCS, House and Estate Agent, rHE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. TownH:\II). C C' NT \v A '1 J 1" AND AT r"11' E'("l' 'j'E C!F J.. ¡:, ú j.' 1 CE (11. l'(Jt Office) L) ]•: CAN W Y. Telephone: No. 2D, Conwav. Tedcgraonit: "Jones, Estate Agent, Conway." .[ LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. r't>UTCHER'S ARMS," LLANFAIR P.G. —To be Let, with early possession. In-going by Valuation. — Apply, Lichfield Brewery Co., Ltd., Lichfield. 7151 LOST. LOST, in Bangor, on Thursday, November 3rd last, a Plan of Bethesda Station. —Finder teturn ing it to W. Bingham, L. a.nd tf.W.Rv. Bangor Station, will be suitably regarded., Q SITUATIONS VACANT. A PERSON of re^jKcta.'jijlity and energy may iieaa- of a high-class Agency, without outlay. Good remuneration; and jKn-maaiency to suitable man.—Address, "R. Pkmoer" OHioe, Colwyn Bay. 28917p A GENTS Wanted to sell well-known Feed- ing Cakes, Meals, and Manures in Dis- tricts not already represented in Anglesey. —Apply, "C and M., "Clori&nydd" Office, Llangefni. cl AUSTRALIA. — Wanted Farmers, Farm Labourers, Market Gardeners. Fare from .£2. FemaJ.e Domestics Free. Others must pay full fare; big demand for willing workers. — Write to Australian Agency, v, London-street, London, E.G. 7338c BANGOR.—Mrs Williams, Registry Office for Servants, 216, High-street. (Stamp for reply.) QOK or COOK-GENERAL Wanted, good plain cooking; £18-.£22.-12, Hoscote Park, vYest Kirby, Cheshire. 7433 COOK-GENERAL Wanted; three in fam- ily good wages.—Briery, Ivonbruok, Colwyn Bay. 28922p EMPLOYMENT, r-tiSpectebie and prohtabi-. ca.n bo found lor a Man of good ap- pearance and character, residing in or near Bangor. Address, Box 7470, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c Eng- lish eeverail Plain Cooks Vv aoiftcd.—l'J, Bay Vjaw-rond, Bay. 28998p ROCERY and PROVISION.—Wanted, an Apprentioe.—R. Herbert and Co., Rail- way Suppiy Stores, Menai Bridge. 7438 HAIRDRESSING.—Wanted, a Yoxith, Appi^enti-oe; small premium required. —Apply, Kaxl Tesche, Lad>;s' and Gent's Haiitfresseir, 133, Moatyn-st., Llandudno. Headmaster's private ho; good references essential. — Apply, Mrs Giynn Williams, Friars School, Bangor, Nortii Wales. 29055p LLANDUDNO.-—Wanted, General Servant; small family; early riser, clean, 000k I well.—Address, "812," "Directory" Office, Llandudno. MISS EVANS, Servants' Registry, t. Asaph. — Wanted, Cooks, Housemaid- Waitresses, Generals; good references. Stamp for reply. p N'URE=-fioUS£AIl)W;It,d at ono; 1 haaithy and willing, with good refer- ences 17—22.—Apply, Mrs Eileocic, Swarth- UK>G. Conv>ay-ro,w;l, Lolwyn Bay. 29059p -N-T'Ù; -)-r;nro.-(l t\l> 11-t'-le gir's t;l- t L'.L\.v.L. ll..1. '\J. -l..l.' v, .À. 4 .a.nd 5 m-e,J:¡,'t.h: go-od 11'c0d2'2-w{}lnYi_- Apply, by letter, Mr& Herbert Bourne, Il j.ith- lauds, Colwyn Bay. 290-38p EGISTRY OFFICEr- Uoiisemak!, Wait- resses Wanted for Private and Board- ing-Houses; also good Generals.—Mrs Payne, 13, River-street, Rhyl. 27049p |i~EGiSTRY_OFFICE, 120, IHGH^STREE' PORTMADOC.—Mrs Humphreys has excellent Situations for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, etc., for next Term (Pentymhor). c SI* PERI OR Young General W anted (18— 23}; private family, two; pLain cook- ing; ro waaiijog; comiortablo home; Wiiiges, £ i2. — VVoc^dLands, Diuig.e Hill, C'oiv/yn Bey. 28981p OERVANT Want o-d; age, thirty to forty; comfortable home witii a Lady, Daughter; ab< to wash and iron.— "Piouicor" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29018p OUPERIOR GIRL, about 18, as Useful Help for Businc&'s Houje at Rhos; all duties; comfortable home; if suitable will be taught the business; small wage to commence. — Address, "S.P. "Pion-eer" Office, Colwvn Bay. 29047p fW^It USTW ORTHY, Active Man wishing to increase his earnings, and having two or three hours free d-iiy, wanted by old tablished Company.—Address, "Pio- neer" Office, lolwyn Bay. 29052p ^JSEFUL HELP for Housework and Children.—Apply, Taylor, Tanyrailt Isa, Mochdre. 2892Gp \\J' ANTED, in Liverpool, strong Genercl; small family; must be fond of children. —Appry, 35, Rovvijais-street, Fauli-eld, Liver- pool. 28958p ANTED, a ct,rong, experienced VVonuui, to nurse a. help.ess invalid; must have goal lefetrtaiocs.—Mairlborough H01B?, Bet- twsyeoied. TO'ANTED, experieneed Waitress, for C'ol- » wyn Bay private house.—"R. X. "Pio- u0:,r" Uffice, C*x.wyn Bay. 28965p \ATANTED, strong Giinl, about 18, who can milk.—Apply, Mrs Chfrnhail, Bod!fa^.ci, Llaaddulas. 29008p ANTED" GENERaSj SERVANT, for Farmhouse, over 20, able to milk.— Apply, Mrs Twiddle, Coed Mawr, Douwydd- elenL 2900Jp V?tTANTED an experienced Housemaid for Old Colwyn; ago between 25 and 30.- Apply, by letter, Ml" Wiley, Plas Gvvilym, Old Colwyn. 29046p ~W~TANTED by well-known firm of pub- lishers, an Agent resident at Colwyn Bay, to call upon Pix>prietors of Apartments and Leading firms. High Commission offered.— Send references and particulars to "8.S. Pion>ecr" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29049p WANTED, a superior General Servant; must be a good plain cook.—Apply, by letter, to Mrs Dickens-Lewis, Ashlev, Llaii- dudno. "O^ANTED, at once, good General.—Apply, ™ T Ship Launch, Garth, Bangor. 7428 WANTED, in Country House, in Anglesey, good Cook-General and experienced Iloresema.d-Waitre^s, to sUii t together this month.—Apply, Box 7473, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c "irfrANTED, smart Dad, as an Apprentice j T in the Draipeiy Trade; Welsh essential. —W. H. Evans and Co., Portmadoc. 1 (](¥] HO USE CiVNVAjSSERS, to" best Id lines oca tlie mad-ket. Sui-e liv- Send 2s foe 36 Id Sojaples; carriage (HlDd. — B. S. Co., 5, Cheiapside, Mac- chestor. 29014p EDUCATIONAL. "IT^INDBRGARTEN.—A Lady (ceirtiHeated) gives tlie fuil Course of Lessons (Practical and Theoretical) to iatendiiiig t-oacthers. Terms moderate. — "S. B. "Pioncar" Office, Cod-wyn Bay. 28986p "j%|ETALLlFERO US MINERS^ Oiffcial^" l'L Quarrymen, desiring success, take Postal Lessons, m Geoiogy, Metal Minin^, Surveying, Electricity. Certificates awarded! —Write for free Book, "Cambrian Mining School," Glanftrwcl, Porth, Glam. 29053p MEDICAL. A C'COUCHEMENT Lady received iJll hous.e of nuns-e. before and during confine- ment.—2, Amtreoiroad, Off Hawthornlroad, Boot-lo, Livetrpool. 2bi>90p T:iIE MEDICAL HOME, COl.WYN BAY.— FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED URSES supplied, who jive in the Home when iibt at Cases, and are under persona-, super- vision. Patients received. Macsa^e Nursing Appliances on Hire. Tel. No. 24. —Matron. Midi Isabel Matty. 22553p ADOPTION. V\TANTED Home for Baby taken from birth. — Address, "S.O. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29039p BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. TMPORTANT to Boardiiig-liouse Keep>ei-s, Caterers, Bakers, Confectioners, and others.—For immediate Disposal, that Old- established, well-known Restaurant Business, Ma-e()r House, Mold, together with the Free- hold of the premises. Tiie House has a splen- did reputation among Farmex-s, Butciiers, Visitoirs, etc., and doosa good all-round-the- year trade; close to Auction Mart; Owner re- tiring. — Apply, J. Williams, Accountant, .Flint. 2906Gp T LANDUDNO BUTCHER^S BUSINESS *-1 (smallJ for Safe, Ownar goLng abroad through ill-health.—Address, "A. B. "Direc- tory" Office, Llkjjidudno. 29012p CYCLES, MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. TTicyel€7 stro7ig7~2iglit in weight, specially ma<le for owner; .£8, cost £18.-Appl,r, Box 7450, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c "STOCKTAKING SALET^l^^r"T911" pattern covers, 3s 3d. Air Tubes, with valves, 2s 3d each guaranteed. Pr: Tyres Frames, Wheels, Capes, Saddles, etc., guaran- teed new goods. Sale list free. — W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. c PROPERTY FOR SALE. LLYSFAEN, near Colwyn Bay.—Freehold Cottages and Land for Sale. Cheap. Pant-y-Carw. Two Dwelling-houses (al-,v«ys tenanted), with about three Acres of Build- ing Land. Excellent position. Chartnxn<> environment. Grand panoramic views.— Apply, Mr W. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Old Bank, Holyhead. 231/07 u SITUATIONS WANTED. YOUNG MAN, iNi-h-6s to m?ect A w-*tli -om,p-,D?-m-ent in Batigor; invest small capital. Apply, Box 7487, "Chronicle" Offioe, Bangor. DISENGAGED, good Plain Cooks, General Servants, Houstcma/id Waitresses, Bay Viiew-irood, Cobwyn Bay. 28998p ARDENER, married, practical in ail braaiobes, life experience, disengaged. Apply,, 37, "Pioaeer" Offim, Colivyn Bay. i ARDENER, cxpork'iiced, wants Situation, with or witiiout assistants; married; excellent references. — Apply, "X.Y.Z. "rionoer" Office, Colwyn Bay. p ENERAL dlisenga^ed; strong, country girl; 20; 18 months' reference; cook, wash; < £ 12.—Rose Cottage, 54, Berwyn-street, LI a i L, km. 29038p T ADY requires situation as Useful Help where Maid kept; thoroughly domesti- cated good cook and needlewoman; good re- ferences.—"S.L. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29017p AD 11?-I ('?4) 6-ituat."oii a.9 Compan,ion L Servant for ont "P140U,C,er?,(?ffioe, (,oiw5-n B-,Iv. 21,04??-p wclts Sit,u,ation in Country liot'ol; expe*ri) £ <n)Ct<d, good re>feox«ices.'— Aiddrctss, "S. G. "Pionie>eir" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28999p 'RONG Countiy General diseaigtuged (17/,), 7 18 months' good rektr etneo; 3s Gd (good worker, ta-Jl, strong). — 54, Bervvyn-sta-eiot, Llan gollen. 28984p OITUATION W aiiitcd; Marrie<f Coupie, young, seeks matnagiomen't of Country Lrcitvil oc Catretakers; in any position of trusit.—Adidiress, "S.C. "Pioneer" Offieee, Cot:wyn Bay. 28991p 0 ITUATION Wrantcd as Housekeeper where servant is kept, or as Companion to invalid lady.—Apply, No. 7531, "Clorian- ydd" Office, Llangefni. cl TTPHOLSTERESS. — Loose Chair Covers speciality. London, West End, ex- pe> rienoe; references; moderate terms. — "D. care of Miss Guthrie, Stationer, Rhyl. 29051 p VJTfANTED, Siituation 'as auperioir Usiciful- Hcdp, :a Hotol; used to business; re>- "S. E. "Pioneer" Office, Colvv}"n Bay. 28995p ANTED First-class Situation as Cook or Houaekeqpetr, otc any place of trusit, tamporary or pcirmaaieait.—Address, "R.Y. "Pioneer" Office, CoJwyTi Bay. p "VTOUNG MAN, age 20, wants Situation to help with Car; willing to h-eJp in Stables or Garden.—"R.J. "Pioneer" Office. Colwyn Bay. 28900p O UNG LADY ),iced) desires mom- — ing post as Governess, to one or two Jain u-ry.-App' v, Offi-02, Colwyn Bay. 2,(,06? OUNG LADY dc-,ir?Ls post a, y ii-dren's w,c,.ek-y or h,*oli- est references; Colwyn Bav or district.— "S. W. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 290G3 WANTS (Miscsllancous). jy|"0tLE SKINS. — Gerraxd Brothers, Fur- riers, Edinburgh, announce increase in price for Mole Skins.—Send for particu- iara- 29054p 1%/TOLESKINS.—Any quantity bought for immediate cash during coming winter. State price at once.—VV. J. iNew, 110, W int-er- bourne-road, Thornton Heath, Surrey. 7439 npO RAG "HAWKERS and MARINE A STORES, etc. — Woollens, 3s 9d per score; unripped cloth, Is Id; whites, Is; rough rags, 'id; taiiors"cuttinga, 3s 4d to •^s-—Horwich, "Albert Mills," Downe-street Liverpool. 28352p \\TANTED, Geat's Misfits; Ladies', Gtsi/t 's, ami Chiddron's Lea't-oii' Clothing. Good Prices gi.iven. CuEtomors waited upon oei re- eept of Post Card. Clasih by return for all 1 aroeils seint on. — Jonie^s, \Vctiidrobe Deailer, Conway. 29005p \\rANTED, DAIRY"of well-cooled~Milk7 20 to 25 daily.—Apply, Dairy, 430, New Chestec-road, Rock Ferry. 29061p THE FARM AND GARDEN. A LBERT3 BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply to W Ellis and Co.. Merchants. Abergeie. V%rANTED, Lairge and Scnalil Quaaitaties of 7 Hay, Lower Land and Clover alnd Straw Carrots and Swedes; also Potatoes and otilior kinds of Faum Produce.—State pcruce, Webster, Hay and Corn Merchant, St. Andrew's-st., GaUlowga.te, Newca^tje-on-Tyne. Teilephooe, 2800 T-eoegrams, Straw. 29000p XXAY—last year's crop—a few Tons for Sale, at Aoergele; good quality; what offer.—"R. O. "Pioneer" Office, "Colwyn Bay- 28911p ANTED two black Welsh Heifers not undje^r six months; ages, price.—" S.N. "Pioneer" Office, Cplwyn Bay. 29037p KAA GUARANTEED Flowering Bulbs Hyacinths, etc.), 4s; 250, 2s 3d; or 500 (specially picked Bulbs), 5s; 250, 2s 9d; 150, Is 9d; sample 70, post free, Is. Gardener's (B) Supply Depot, 47, Dover-road, Blackheath, London. 8848p MISCELLANEOUS. TJOOK DEBTS purchased. Cash down, any -■ district.—W. Jackson, 2U, Corporation- street, Manchester. 26511p CCONTRACT Wanted for pure, rich Cream J (partly Guernsey;. About five gallons a week, in small jugs ready for 3s per quart, or including carriage and jugs, 3s 3d Sale, Retailahie at 4s.—Glenmoriston, Eastham. .E.N,ERAL ACCOUNTA-NUY, R-ent and Debt Collection, House Agent. Holder of a Certificate under the Law of Distress Amendment Act.—Liew. D. Jones, Account- ant, Bangor. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. — Every Mother who values the Health ot her Ulxild sh-ould use Harrison's "Reliable" Nur- sery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the tiair. In Tins, 4 £ d and 9d. Postage, Id.— Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all C'h?emist-?,. A-?ent for Colwyn .Bay ?- Q;ori, Clielist, StatlDu-road. Agent J. W. Adam 1 for Penmaenmawr :—T. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Conway:—L. Jones, Chemist. 23828p LADIES.—My improved Remedies act in a few hours, when aU else fails. Surprisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for Free Sample. Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, Ingiedene, Boscombe-road, South- en-i.F.s&ex.- 264211) L-(;TIONS.Ide,a.s" Limericks, Gd 80 Trabl?m, Init-aJs, etc., 2 for Gd; p?; ly We.Coma ct?? Conipetil?ion, compi-e?.t?) at finish, 6d; "Chums" Competition, Is. Enclose stamped addresses.—Sloan, 11, Merry- street, Motherwell. 29000p' Tit Y TRICARDS" New Patent Domino Game, with emblems of Gt. Britain, etc. Post 9d. Fazakerley, Duke-stroet, Liverpool. 7489 TTENFTTIAN BLINDS, re-paimted, cite., made liko new, iirom 2'd square foot. —Thos. E. Evans, DomjaJdaan-sfo-">eit, Ldveir- pool. 29007p t* A PAGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to use them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell. The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Car- diff. Established 1879. 2S119p ADVERTISE I THE PIONEER AND INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS 1 WRITE TO-DAY FOR TERMS TO THE ADVERTISING MANAGER, PIONEER OFFICE -o- COLWYN BAY. APARTMENTS TO LET. COMl1'ORl'ABLE Sittllig'-room and Bed- room, ov-erloobng till(} Menai Straits, with or without boa 1x1.—Apply, 3, Garth- terrace, BangoT. 7479 LAN -DUDNO.-ComfortaWo Apart- men'l,i (with or without Board); permanency or otherwise; sunny and centrally situated, Bath, Piano, and all modern conveniences; good Cooking and attendance; moderave t,erms.-Apply.. Mrs Griffith, Hemmingford, Caroeine-street, Llandudno. p RHYL.—Permanent Rootna in centre of Town for one 01 two gentlemen or ladies; good cooking; very moderate terms. 2, Crescent- road. p RHYL. — Comfortable Apartments for Winter; pleasantly situated, near Pro- menade (West); moderate terms. Mrs Bailey, 12, Butterton-road. 28896p HUDDLAN.—Apartment*, comfortable and x. i> clean, near Caste and River, permanent or seascn.-bliss Davis, Tower House, Caetle-st-, Rhuddian p ITT1NG-ROOM and "BEDROOM; pretty Cottage; large garden; close to sta- tion.—Proprietress, Rolft Cottage, Rott, nr. Wrexham. 28773p DOGS FOR SALE. FOR SALE splendid Scotch ColHAe Dog.— Apply, Bianjh'eiim, LLajaeliian-xoad, Coi- wyn Bay. 289G2p Oc 3C=)8f >9f~, ^>»CT— xz=>9 You Get More Replies w by advertising an the "r,ion-cer." w If you want a servant, to rent a house, to sell or buy anything; if you want a situation, the best thing Ii to do is to fill in the form printed j J at the bottom of this page and send U v it to the Advt. Manager, 9 "PIONEER" OFFICE, C'olwyn Bay. -»■ -rsme-r. -<■ ¡ POULTRY, EGGS, A", f LOOK! STRING NETTING. Poultry enclosing, waterproof, lin. mesh, 30yds. by 1yd., Is 4d; 30yds. by 2yd-3., 2s 6d; 30yds. by 3yds., 3s 8d; this is sent carriage paid.—H. Robinson, Wish, Wraid-street, Rye, Sussex. 28815p triGH-ULASS Piux) Utility Cockerels and Puilets, eapeeiiiailly ba-ed for lay-img.- 131iff and White Orpingtons, Barred aad Buff Plymouth Rocks, Beaek and White Leghorns, Wiiiite Wyandottes, Houdans, Black Minor- cas, ajid Aaiooauas, from 5s each. Also a few 1909 (guaranteed). Buff Orpington and Black Leghorn Pullets, 4s each. Enquiries eo Mullock, "Hollies," Mai.pas. ISS BABCOCK, winner of 5000 Prizes, Cups, Specials, etc., at all the Classical Shows, including Crystal Palace, Dairy Royal, Birmingham, York, Leeds, Manches- ter, etc., has for sale splendid Cockerels and Pullets; also Adults in Old English Game, in all colours; also Bants; also Indian Game and Indian Game Bants; also Andalusians; also White Orpington Cockerels, Lindner's Strain, Plymouth Rock Cockerels (J&ckson's Strain), and others for utility purposes.—Ap- ply, ivit Ghur, Old Colwyn, or R. S. Marsden, Rimington, Clitheroe. 28440p Q<EVERAL good, white Leghorn Cockarels for Satle, Soman. Hunger's strain, 5s oaeih. — Clhonlftem, Be&mocait, Upper Goilwyn Bay. 29010p V/VTHITE WYANDOTTE COCKERELS,^ jnonths, from pedigree layers, 6s Gd; ck' hEwi 46 Gd.—Write partieiiLairs, iloyd Nunn, Colwyn Bay. 29016p \\TANTED, Large and Smaill Quantities of Old Fait Hems, Ducks and Gc«se, Tuir- k-eys, live aillid rough, dressed.—State price to Nonthiumfberland Supply Svtores, 100, Cor- pGration-st., Newcasitle-on-Tync. 29001p YARDS Wire Netting always in jV/v/W Stock, from Id per yard.—J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. HORSES. CARRIAGES. &c. FOR SALE, new Rubber-tyre Governess Car and Seeond-hand Gig, Dog Cart, two Light Lorries, Horse Breaker's Cart, two Phaetons,Rubber-tyred Landaus, Victoria., and Brougham, Business and Pleasure Floats, a specialty; Hand Cart-s, Wheelbarrows, and 'Bus top. Cash or easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Coach builders, Colwyn Bay. "E^DNERALS.—All Undertakers should send name and address to John Marston'a Carriage Works, Ltd., 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham, for latest list free of charge. 7519cl ON SALE, DOG CART, suit 15 hands, equal to new, Rubber Mats, Lamp, complete. —Apply, John Pugh, Saddler, Bangor. 7295c QE1' of HORSE SLINGS for Sale, cihcap, wittih emduass chain pul'leys, compiefte.— Address, "S. J. "Pioneer" Office, COÜWYll 29011p "QQU ARE-BACK ED GIG, noarl^T^^y, to ^-5 fit 14 or 15 luvnds, will be Sold cheap; room wautcd. Apply, Jones, Cae Eithem House, Colwyn Bay. 28950p nm BE SOLD, Turnout, a very good A Governess Car, Rubber Tyres, Chestnut Pony, 13 hands, perfectly qtfiet; and Silver Set of Harness; or separate. Lloyd Wil- liams and Co., United Stores, Beaumaris. 7522 "^STAN'TKX), light Two or Four-whoetkd Carriage; suit Pony about eleven hands. Address, "S.A PioneeT" Office, Cialwyn Bay. 28982p FOR SALE VARIOUS. A MUSING Novelties and Puzzles; special offer; sie«nd a penny s*tamp foT parti- ouueuns.- — Hyaons, 19, iiliis-street, Bdirm/ing- ham. 28992p BEST1 Galvanised Corrugated Sheets.—5 ft., Is 3d; 6-ft., Is 5d; 7-ft., Is 7d; 8-ft., Is 9d. Ridgecap Nails, Washers, Bolts. Carriage paia on lots of 20s.—Alyn Galyani- zing Worics, Mold. 25962p T>ULBS on approval; carriage paid; re- • liable quality; reasonable prices; 36- page Catalogue fl' ce.-E.ilison, F.R.H.S., 126, West Bromwich. 28368p (JS'ROMERS Wanted to take from 500 to c 700 do7,eu of new-laid English Eggs weekly; c?i,-ei*y Eg- warranted nevv,l-aid. Is ld per d I ir ozen from Monday, 18th Ju.1y. Best S<,ald Creajn Butter in 21-lb, prints and roils, Is Id per lb.-Apply, Snow and Co., Merchants, Tiverton, Devon. 28097p DELICIOUS YARMOUTH BLOATERS^ KIPPERS, acid HAM H P.R.R1NGS, direct from t'he Cim-ing Hoaises to breakfast tetiore. Is Gd to 2s 6d par box; carriage paid; fmm J. Butior's Fisn Curling Works, Great Yarmouth. 29004p "LiOR SALE, a, POR'RABLE ENGINE, in first-c-ass working order; can be seen at work on giving iNotico to J. 0. Lloyd, Graig, Bagilit. p I^REE CHOCOLATE FOR CHRISTMAS.— Real genuine offer, do not fail to write to-day for a free coupon and lull particulars to The British COUJKMI Co., 28, Coiaege-road, Saltley, Birmingham. 29050p I^OR SALE, ten strong Store Pigs, ready for fattening. — "R. "Clorianydd' Offioe, Llangeini. c REY HAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using UARRi&UiS'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but a natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneticral to the growth and beauty of the Hair. in bottles, price Is 6d (postage 3d excra). Manufacturer: G. W. Harrison, tlalr Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent ior tfangor: J. Bowen, Chemist, Castle Hail. Agent lor Llangefni: S. Prytherch, Cnemist, jiona Drug Hall. -,I AL VANISEI) COITH UG ATED SHEET, all M warranted sound, 27in. wide; 5ft, Is, lÜt. Is 3d, 7ft. Is tkl, .aft. Is 9d, 9ft. 2s, 10ft. 2s 4d each. A few. light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. lOd, 6ft. Is each; ridgmg 3d per foot; spouting 3 £ d per foot.—N.VV. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28112p VANISED FENCING WIRE, in jl-cwt. GA-L 2 bundles, from 6 to 14 w.g., perfect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised Barbed Wire, saivace, slightly soiled, in 84-lb. bundles, 336 yds.,°9s P,1r,bundle-~JS*W- DePfc-' Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p (^UNST^GUNS! GUNS! — Giadual" ments. I'horoughly reliable work. Close shooting. Send for list.—Thomas Wild Gun Works, Birmingham. p X^ARDEN BARROWS, strong, well- M seasoned wood, from 15s 9d each.— J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, ColwynBay. p 11JARPS.—Welsh Triple Harps; Celtic Harps, £ 3; Pedal Harps; all kinds of Harps; 7 Oct. Baby Grand Pianos, from .£lO.-Morlcy, 6, Sussex-place, South Ken- sington, London. 7168 ll/l ANGLES and Wringing Machines, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 39s 6d each. J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p J JUMPS.—For Sale two London Pumps; one 4m., the otiher 61tn., by Tangyee; sold to make room for larger pu-ps.-A-pply, R. Ellis and Son, Ltd., Ruthin. p A.BBIT NEI:S; Fish Nets; Cricket, Lawn Tennis Nets; Traps every description Catalogue stamp.—Young (mention paper), Net Works, Crewkerne, Somerset. 28351p A'fS, MIC-E, Es, Rand BEE-ILES greedily &-tt H,rrisou,.s "Rediable" Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will no-t touch it. V,rm?In dry up a.nd le-av-e no &m,ol,l. Prio-,is 6d, Is, 2s 3d, end 3s 8d. l?,Dst- ?g,o 2d.-G. W. HA7?RRISON, Uemist, Itead- 1:rlg. Sold by Chemistj5. Agent for Bang<)r: J. Bowen, Chemist. BE SOLD, Cinera-atograph and ff-ag-i. 1110 Lantern, combined; len&es, Guyer ,et, Ether 1'endant Saturator, three Spools, 1000ft. Films, ten diffe-rent subjects, Sheet and Frame 12 x 12, all compiete, in good order and ready for use; cost X60, will acco £ 15.—Apply, Rev. Roberts, Tregele, Cemaes Bay, Anglesey. 7533d WEDDING GIFT1.—Lady offers magnifi- cent 7-guinea Service Al quality plate (stamped), comprising six each 1 able Dessert Spoons and Forks, Tea and Eggspoons (36 pieces); unsoiled; accept 25s; approval be- fore payment. White, "R,F Pionc,r" Offi-, Colwyn Bay. 28891p ALLPAPE, P?.8 from 1 'ad per r ny W Quantity, large or small, a hol t Prioes. 1"1? exceods 250,000 i-olls- all classes.- Wi",e for PWc-rns, rtating cla?ss requiz-ed.-The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 221), Camp- nolo. Avenue, Manchester. FURNITURE WANTED. ANTED, Modern or Antique Furniture • Homes purchased outright.—Haslam, Auctioneer, Rhyl. p To LET OR FOR SALE. j IVO; ^rGIl-ST., BANGOR, containing I hhoP' commodious House and Out- buildings, large Yard extending to Brick^st. with separate entrance from that street — AppJy to J. Evans Jones, Solicitor Ran- gor. 7475 F Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, 3 f PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. } < 1 The charge for all kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT C { J and WANTED, &cM in the "PIONEER" is 18 Words 1/- Three Insertions, 2/- J r I (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. J 5 10 I 15" ?" ? J 20 25 30 "——————' Picase insert above Advertisement_times, for which I enclose P.O or Stamps value s. d. Name i Address < HOUSES TO LET. ASTON HOUSE, Cliftotn-road, Llandudno, to Let. Rent, Free until Xmae. —Apply, S. T'hev.ais, West Shore, Llandudiio. BArsGOR.—No. 3, Auoey^road, rent £ 28; aiso, Nos 22 and 23, upper Garth-road; Rents, ctl4 and A. E. Bickneil, Auctioneer, rf^OMFORTABLE Uniuruishcd Flats to I et, imimodiate.y.—Apply, G. Perkins and Co., Auctioneers, Colwyn N' O. 1, BRYNTEG-TERRACE, to Let.— Apply to M. Owen. Bodfair, Glan'rafon- hill, Bangor. 7d86 ] OLD"COLWYN^ALFRED COY, House" TO LET, good selection Detached and Semi- detached V iilas. General Enquiry Office for matters relating to LAND and PROPERTY, Old Colwyn and neighbourhood. 27975p mO LET, Pendre, Llanrwst; Rent .£14 and taxes.—Key next door. p riHREFRIW. — Grandly situated Detached -*• House; all modern conveniences, good sanitation, sunny aspect, excellent Gardens. —For rental and full particulars apply R. Malek, Surveyor Estate Agent, Llan- rwst. 28333p rpREFRIW.—Thirtcen-roomed House; fine and sunny situation, Large Garden, good sanitation and modern conveniences, close to village; rental £35 p.a.—Apply, Malek, Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 28331p To LET, November 13th, Bryn fwr, —- Oerrigoeinwen; conveniently situated between Llangefni and Bodorgan Stations; unrivalled view; commodious House and Out- buildings; 20 Acres rich Pasture Land. Well watered.—Apply on the Premises. ï5¡¡: hió LET, Ja/nuary next, 123, High-street, Bangor, apart from ground floor offices.—Apply, Ivor DavLes, Architect, Ban- g»r- 7496 mo BE LET, Unfurnished, n beet part of 1 Menai Bridge, large Drawing and Bedroom; no children.—Address, Box 7466, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. HOUSES WANTED. ANTED parties having Houses to Let to send particulars, at once, to Haslam, Es- tate Agent, Rhyi. TO-ANTED, small House, for March quar- ter, good gUirden, with view to pur- dhooe, in or near Coilwyn Ba.y. — Ad- < d;roOSS, "S. K. "Piontoor" Offioe, Colwyn Ba^y. _28015p ANTED, to rent, Detached House, about eight Rooms; immediate possession; remoteness no objection. — Smith, Royal Navy, Hoo, Meopham. 7472c HOUSES FOR SALE. XpOR SALE, Two-roomed Cottage, known as Efaiil Bach, close to the Abergele Iron Works.—Apply, Roberts, Ogwen House, LLan- ddiulas. 28961 p LLA.NBEDRGOC-iI, RED-WHARF BAYT —To be Sold, Modern House; one Entertaining-room, four Bedrooms; Garden. —Richard Da vies and Son, Architects, Ban- gor. 7436 f | VREITIIW.—Leasehold (over seventy years) Detached Stone-built House; having eights Rooms, nice Garden, good approach, very conveniently situated for Station and Village. — Full particulars apply, Malek, Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 28334p FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. OLD COLWYN.—Furnished Seven-roomed House, Seani-detached, lovely situation. Low terms for winter months.—Miss Child, Kenmare, Hillslde-rd., Colwyn Bay. 28923p FURNISHED HOUSES WANTED. WIDOW (no family; wishes care of House, T rent free, in Lolwyn Bay or Old Col- wyn, for Winter months; good references; would find firing and servant. — Address, "R.L. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28904 FARMS WANTED. jLUfiifWANTED^ to Rent, 150—200 AoreisT • would pay for iia-going if necessary.— Fuji pajtietul^ars to "Agricola," care of J. M. Porter amd EliOOCk, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay, 2p LAND FOR SALE. LAND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonaid-road) for Salo, for crcction of small Houses or Villas.—James F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71, Lord- street, Liverpool. 24925p l FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. I^OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, all -*• those two Dwelling-houses, known as Brynodol and Maisonette, situate on the corner of Ellesmere-road and Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay.—For particulars, apply, T. H. Morgan .and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. OFFICES. SHOPS, Ac., WANTED. rj"K) LET, The Louvre, HoCy he ad-road, Upper Bangor. Fine Shop, with good frontage in most commanding position. Suit- able for any business. Moderate rent. — Fuill particulars from Llew. D. Jones, House and Estate Agent, Bangor. 7457c ANTED, a small Shop (lock-up pre- » ferred), at Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn, or Rhos. — ParticuiLaris, to "S. H. "Piomeer" Office, CoJwym Bay. 29009p OFFICES, SHOPS, &c., TO f-ET. HOLYHEAD.—Shops to be Let, situate in main thoroughfare.—T. G. Owen, Pen- rhos Estate Offioe. 7485 ^IIO LET, LOCK-UP SHOP, No. 5, Mona- street, Amlwch, central position; im- mediate possession.—Apply, Hughes and Jones, Auctioneers, Amiwch. To BE LET. rpo BE LET a Kitchen Garden; well stocked and productive; situate at Pensarn, Glan Conway.—Apply, D. Mac. Nicoll, Der- was, Abergele. p rpo BE LEI', CARREG-ALLTWEN, LLAN- GRISTIOLUS; commodious new Hou.se and Out-buildings, with 10 Acres of rich Land. Immediate possession. — Apply, J. Jones, as above. JOHN La HUNT, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST AND OPTICIAN, f CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. DEPOT FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REQUISITES. DARK ROOM FOR USE OF AMATEURS. SIGlIr TESTING DAILY BY APPOINTMENT. AGENT FOR HEiNRY LAWRANCE'5 CELEBRATED SPECTACLES 0 EYEGLASSES. Nickel Plated, Gold Filled, and Gold Frames. HOUSE PURCHASE. For Particulars of the Best HOUSE PURCHASE POLICY APPLY D. E. GREENFIELD, INSURAH :E BROKER, GLEN HAVEN, COLWYN BAY. Tel. 209. A Destroy every Jw form of Eczema uso FRANCIS'S SKIN OINTMENT. mUB& Itciliig w^l cease after Applica* tlon. Wiil care King- Sm worm in 9 or 3 Days. Is infallible for Files. A Lq like a charm on b. ""8. HMIs np Bad &: Sorel!. old W Ofl..Dtt. form Destroys evcl')_ of Ecz;ot1U\ and oth. Skin Troubles. Has". never been known 1 t to faiL In boxes, b. 1d. each (postfree) FRANCIS & Ca.,CHEMISTS, WREXHAM I MUSICAL. MR. BRYAN WARHURST A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., Orgasist and unou mastor of tit. Thomaa Churoh, Rbyl; Choiruntdter of St. Paul & Cllurcb, Col* wyn Bay; Singing Master, County Sohoo!, Rliyl, eto., eto. ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, SINGING, AND VOICE PRODUCTION. HARMONY. THEORY. Pupila prepared tor aii esarnmationa. Latest successes. 29 Succosaiul Candidat (R.AM. R C M.) from July, 19U8, to December, 1909. Special coaching for L.R A.M. and A.It.C M. Diplomas. Preparation personally, or by post. Aoonipietc coursa ot Practical and Theoreticil Work Papers set to cover the whole ground of Voic Production and Pianoforte Teaching. VLSII^S COLWYN BAY and OLD COLWYtf TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS Haydn Ho, RhyL 25?59p MR F. GURNEY BARNETT L.R. A.M., A.R.C.M. (Teaching Smgiugj. (Teaching Pianoforte)* Conductor oi tiie Colwya Uai Philharmonic bocjeiy, liad:es' Choir, and Amateuj Orchestra. XTOICE PRODUCTION, SOLO SINGING, PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, THEORY,, iiARaiOM Y, CO a NTERPOINT, Etc. A PreParatl«a t • the L.R.A.M. and. 7~. Dipiomad; aiad ali other recoffuised Lxajuiaatioas, Mormanhurat, Llaoerch Road, COLWYN BAY. pianoforte, Organ, Sinking, ftartnoisp. P. W. MATHERS, A.R.C.O, (Member Incorporated Socicty of Musicians)^ RECEIVES PUPILS AT HB AYCLIFFE ] J Seaffeld Road, J CULWYN BAY LE3S0N.s GIVEN AT PUPILS' RESIDENCE IP DlH.b;D, Preparation for I.S.M. and other Examinations,, MANY PAST SUCCESSES. MODERATE TERMS. 27.^5<;op — — MR. E. ARTHUR MORRIS, A.R.C.O., ORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER OF ST. CHURCH, OLD COLWYN, i^lIVES LESSONS IN PIANO, ORG AIT AND SINGING. For Terms, etc apply "AMBION," OLD COLWYN. 2816Ip THE CLAXTON-JONES ORCHESTRA (A_N Y a U Atliiiit;, OPEN TO ENGAGEMENTS FOR ALL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS.. « REPERTOIRE INCLUDES LATEST LONDON AND CONTINENTAL SUCCESSES. Terms on application to Holland Villa, Bodafon, Llandudno. 27551p r;.=.=..= .=. :=.=. -=: :c.1 X X X nlr Pttr Eawarös, mus. r&ac X X (p'<lr .RIatl,)), Ä X Mtlsical Adj{f(izcntw',h:slti'al Co:/duc!u/, ,'t,; K X 4, Lake Avenue, RHYL. X -IMPOU1'1- NJi';W WOltlz.- X N A.lONAJ.AIH8 01;' \\r ALES. 'fIla Musio X Edlt"ü & t11u W orù. fa.ithfully tr¡¡udl¡¡,tuLi K X by f'odr Ala w. '1'0 be .t'uuHsiw,l uy.s U lj- X X ISU1Ul-l'JU, tho Nalu¡¡s ill tilo X V ulumo. Prioo 5/ Hoth.N otu.LWlll1 u"cd. X t::l\wu for Prollj,Jo:cLus tJ 'J..tl1!õ Và.Xl'V.'i X X PH.JLS. LTD., ttA.NUOH. X .:=;.=..=-=-=..=-=-=.. -=-= -=.. -:J FINANCIAL. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY in Large or Sruaii Suuia (not less ttiuu ON BORROWER'S OWN PRO. MISSORIT NOTE. ESTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS and now lending UPWARDS of £70.000 ANNUALLY. For Prospectus and Terms, apply to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. 1162t WE DO NOT ADVERTISE NONSENSE. TP you aro in need of 'Temporary Casii Acvanc5 x froui BIO to £ 1,000 without .sureties, fees, puolicity or do ay, thau UOM'T Fa and write at onoe tj us for our terms. All communi- cations strictly private. Courtesy always bliown., Hundreds of Testimonials to our traig.,t and Honor- able Dealing*. Loans paid out whre uxuibitant interest uas Deen etiargeu. BY POST. Apply in contidonce and convince yourself. H. KAY & CO. Ltd., 92, MARKBT STREET, MANCHEiTEK. Short Date Loans. Special Terms. £ 5, repay £ 5 12s. 6d. £ 20, repay £ 22 10s. £ 10 .» £ 5s- od. £ 50 „ £ 56 53. od W. JACKSON, 120, Brook St., Chester. CASH ADVANCES. £10 TO £1000 A LL respectable Peraons who are short of mune/ ara invited to write to a Private Uontleuian, wha will treat your application in STKrcTf £ 3r i^uiVAcr. Tnc cash can be aavuuceil at your own hoif do- sired, or the business trausaoted by post. Loans completed promptly without FiceC Fuss op LOAN office formalities. Unfailing courtesy and J"C8.8Qnar..le chars cllon be reiied upon. Repayments arranged to suit your convenience. Write for term* 111 confluence to—D. KEUM.AN, 29, CORPORATION bTUEKT, MANURESTEtt. IMPORTANT NOTICE.—LOANS from £ 19 to iS5000 granted, without delay, at anj distance, to Householders, Tradesmen,! Publicans, Farmers, and aU Glasses, 011 per- sonal security; no Bondsmen, no trouble, strictly private, low interest, by following' Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Repay- ments:—J610 Loam from 3a weekly; .£20 Loaa from 5s weekly; £ 50 Loan from. 12a 6d week- ly; .£100 Loan from 258 weekly. Deal with an Old-Established Firm, where you can. rely on straightforward Business. Don't ba misled by paying- extortionate interests and heavy repayments above your means. —■ SAMUELS and CO., 5, JUHN DALTON- STREET, MANCHESTER. THE POLICY ISSUED BY The City Life Assurance Company, Ltd. Provider Life Assurance without Mouical Examination. For full part culars of this uniqui schema Itmd P.O. to Uirector. 6, Paul St., Finsbury, London, E.G. AGENTS WANTED—EXCELLENT PROSPECTS. 1 RATS ENJOY RODINE. It's temp ing smell lures tilem to the,r doom, iiats can t resist Kodine. They cat it ravon^as- ly, dio instantly, leavo no smeU. IVo trouble, failure, or mo.sa. od., I/ 2/ 3/ 5/ l'ost 2d." HAKLEY, Chemist, Perth. Agents :-S. Prytherch. Chemist, Llangefni; H. H. Jones, Chemist, Ainlweii H. P. Tuomas He Son, Chemist, Aborlfraw aud J. X. Thomas, uhemist, Pcrtdinorwic. TO LADIES. Irreg-ubritieos, etc., removed by an entirely new and ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN METHUD WITHOUT MEDICINE. No pills, mixtures, or nauseous drugs to take. No useless injections. THE GiiEATEbT DISCOVERY OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Guaranteed harmless. It is pot-itive, safe, certain, and en-cedy. Does not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with usoleas remedies. Send at onoe a stamped, ad-dressed envelope for full particulars and testimonials GUARANTEED. GENUINE UNDER A PENALTY OF £lC{)O, Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKES, (147 Dept.). 220, ARDGOWAN ROAD, IIITHER GREEN, LONDON, S.E. (Established over 16 years). Printed by tne Proprietors of the "WELSH COAST PIONEER," and Published by them at their Head Offices:—Conwav road, COli- WYN BAY, in the COUNTY of DENBIGH; and at 63a,MoHtyn-strt,LLANDUD,O, in :,1, COUNTY of CAItNARVON; "Pionee¡:" OfÎicé T<inmeJ-stlX'f'ot, Rhyl; O('ntr<11 Build. 'll" h '-eot, P RESTATYN, tn :hø :in.s, ::ug. -&0 -vT Th;J 1I.T J coGNTY OF FLl¡, uray, .QVœJl>cr '.17, 1910,