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BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. ToiepLione. No. 38, Corwyn Bay. Toi-egrams: "Plans," Colwyn Bay. COLWYN BAY.—Detached BUNGALOW, situate bracing position, outskirts of town stands in grounds of about threb acres. Contains two Reception and Lounge Hall, five Bedrooms, usual Offioes; lovely views; eunny aspect. Price J51100. Freehold. COLWYN BAY. — Pencourt," Conway- road; Detached House, south aspect. Contains three Reception, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, and. Offices; town water and gas; sm-all Garden. Rent moderate. COLWYN BAY.—Substantially built etone Residence, overlooking town, standing ip well planted grounds. Contains three Reception, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; also Gardener's Lodge, Stables, Motor-house, etc.; electric light, town water, telephone, etc. Price moderate. RHOS-ON-SEA. Freehold Semi-detached RHOS-ON-SEA. — Freehold Semi-detached Villa., beautifully situated, close to sea fi»ont; has Garden, and. contains two Recep- tion, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, excellent Domestic Offices, modern conveniences. Price JB1050. CONWAY. Detached Residence, about l c of a mile from town, sunny sheltered position, two Reception, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; good Garden -and Pa/ddook. Price £1050. FURNISHED HOUSES, Colwyn Bay and District; also, several good Country Souses to Let. Lists Free on application. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND. Choice F Sites for Bungalows, Detached or Semi- detached. Residences, for Sale, in Colwyn Bay and District. For further particulars and orders to view apply as above. MELLOR & ALLEN, ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS, Tel. 131 COLWYN BAY. HOUSES TO LET. 2 ENT., 4 Beds, nice Grounds; j £ 32. ~| ENT., 4 Beds, good Garden; J622. -2 ENT., G Beds; open, sunny; X28. ENT., 5 Beds, large Gardens; S45. 2 ENT., 4 Beds; lovely views; E37. T^TIC'ELY Furnished Houses, good situation. Winter terms, 10s to 8 guineas vtek- 1y. FOR SALE. jpHIVATE RESIDENCES, £ 500 to £ 1500. BLOCKS of Cottages, return interest 7 to 10 per oent. ^JOTTAGE, 10 acres of land, = £ 900. BUILDING LAND, Nant-y-GTyn, about 3 acres, £1500. B CILDING LAND, Rhos-on-Sea. Nat. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TO INFORM HIS CLIENrs THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Oaktancfs (First Floor), Conway Road, Colwyn Bay (NFCXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES), D. HENRY ROBERTS, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, and ESTATE AGENT, S. DENBIGH-STREET, LLANRWST. HOUSES TO LET OR SOLD. RENTS COLLECTED. :r R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. T01fnllaB). CONWAY, AND AT THE ESTATE OFFICE DEGANWY. Telephone: No. 29, Conway. ^Telegrams: "Jones, Estate Agent, Conway." FURNISHED HOUSES.—Llandudno, Con- way, Deganwy, P« maw r, Lianfair- 44-chan, and surroundings. UNFURNISHED HOUSES.— Deganwy: Detached P,,eaidence, tso. Deganwy; Semi-detached. £ 35. Deganwy; Semi-detached, £ 28. Conway Semi-detached, £ 28. Conway Valley: Dctacked, £40. Conway Valley: Detached Cottage, £21. CONWAY VALE. FOR SALE.—Charming Estate of 40 Acres -,or thereabouts with Gentleman's Residence- -electric light and all other modern eo um- swnts. M DEGANWY. FOR SALE.—Gentleman's detached Resi- dence in secluded situation two Reception six Bedrooms, large Hall. Stabling and Ten- Mi& Lawn. Price £1G50. CONWAY. <T,0R, Comfortable Semi-detached ^illa Residence, witn Garden back and front -%wo Reception, five Bedrooms, Low pnoe Mween now and Quarter Day. YG YFYLCHI. Near PENMAENMAWR For immediate Disposal by Private Treaty Taluab.e FARM PROPERTY of 21 Acre/ jftdjacent to New Golf Links (to be opened at ihaster). Make fine site for Gentleman's Re- -sidence or ripe for opening up as attractive 4>mlding estate. LLANFAIRFECHAN. ATTRACTIVE COUNTRY HOUSE, in own -well laid-out grounds of about an Acre, three Keeept;on-rooms, six Bedrooms, together with Servants' Accommodation {Stables if ret -quii,.ed). for Saie at « low price, aid, with fcg! possession, by gentleman leaving «vnifmLwGiPDR SAtiE in OEGAN-r 1 *Y, CONWAY, PENMAENMAWR,; Etc. v, For all particulars apply 7 HE ESTAtE OFFICE 5 CONWAY. M ] im "Fiouir" ^rtifuwati, SITUATIONS VACANT. AGENTS Wanted. Private Greeting Cards. Absolutely best series pub- lished. Write At once for Rook.-Wilkinson, 24a, Bank-street, Accrington. p I Al UOIIONEER and Estate Agent in North- A Waies has vacancy for tt Pupil; pre- mium required, part of which will be re- turned in aalary.-Apply, "Pupil," "Pioneer" Oflioe, Colwyn_Bay. p A TLANTIC LINERS.—Persons desiring to ..L.1.. become Stewards, Stewardesses, Butellers, Bakers, Engmoars, Stokers, etc.; healthy life application foruis free. W. Breakeli. 14, Ciuitham-road, Southport. 2&30p A GENTS W anted for Private Christmas Cards, ladies or gents.; sample book free; large pro tits.—Unpchaae, "Cardex," Darlington. A Cfc'l'RALIA. — Wanted Fanners, Fiirm Labourers, Majket Gardeaers. Fare from t2. Femoie Domestics Free. Others must pay full fare; big denland for willing workers. Write to Australian Agency, U, London-street, London, E.C. 7338c A REPRESENTATIVE is Wanted by an A important Company. To a suitable person, the remuneration will bo most liberal. —Address, Box 7368, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. A GENTS Wanted to sell well-known Foed- ing Cakes, Meals, and Manures in Dis- tricts not already represented in Anglesey. —Apply, "C. ana M., "'Clorienydd" Ofiice, Llaugeini. d /^JOOK and Kitchen-maid; Parlour-maid, £ 24; and Generals Wanted. — lira Hurst, 16, Ray View-road, Colwyn Bay. 28784p COOK required, immediately; good w-ages. good -CoWen'd Hotel, Capel Curig. 28to7p J^ENTISTRY.—Mr H. Gwilym Owten, D L.D.S., R.C'JS., London, has a Vacancy for a Pupil. Premium.— Address, 337, iligh- street, Bangor. f^RKiSMAKING.—Apprentices Wanted, at once.—Apply, The Firs, Mostvn-road, Colwyn Bay. 2872op RA-PERY. Wanted experienced Young 1) Lady; fancy counter, good saleswoman, serve through cash trade; state age, salary and reference. J. and A. Savage, Run- corn. 288-3 3 p EXPERIENCED GENERAL, 30-40, one lGdy. quiet situation.—Address, giving full particulars, with reference, Mrs Riley, Moasiey Hill, Abergele. 28712p l^ALPLOl' MENT, respectable and profitable, ■ can be found for a man of good ap- pearance and clianactc-iT, residing in or near Colwyn Bay. Address, "P.J. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28736p ENERAL for Llandudno, middle of Octo- G ber; age 2U to 30, good plain cook; Gentleman and Lady and two Children; Niuae kept. Address, "O.X. "Pioneer" Ofiice, Colwyn Bay. 28665p GOOD Cook-General; state age, wages, re- ferences.—Mrs Rees, Waveriev. CTaisry- don, Llandudno. p rjCk)D, PLAIN" COOK Wanted, not ujidcr T 2o._ Apply, Miss Smith, Llanrhos Vicarage, Lilondu-dno. 28803p ENTLKMAN Wanted as sole representa- G tive; already engaged preferred; help given; success guaranteed.—"Organiser," 71, Lin wood-road, Uirketthecd. 28S21p GENERALS Want-ad; age about 15 or 16; —" in small private family near Conwav. Address, "P.X Pioneer" Office, Colwyn :&ly. 28847p tro U S EM AID-WAITRESS Wankd, for Xieadmaster's private house; good I references essentia,— Apply, Mrs Glynn Wikiams, Friars School, Bangor, North WaAes. 28795p EVANS, Servants' Registry, St. Asaph. — Wanted, Cooks, Hou&emaid- Waitresses, Generals, good references. Stamp for reply. p r EGISTRY OFFICE. Housemaid, Wait- r Wanted for Private and Board- ing-Housee; also good Generals.—Mrs Payne, 15, River-street, Rhyl. 27049p tJEGlSIKY OFFICE for Servants of aLl It classes in Wale« and England. A. Epkraim, Registry Oilice, Biaenau Fos- tiniog. 28740p CiINGLE-HANl)i,D BOOTS Wanted in good ;s class Hotel. One who has been under- boots. About lli or 2<J, strong, good worker. Total abstainer Apply, Box, "Boots" "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. p VArANTED, at onoe, Housemaid-Genera1 used to wasiiing; references rccluircd. Address, P. D., "Pioneer, Colwyn Bay. 2866ip WA^JEP,' sul>enor young General » (18—22); private familv, two; plain cooking no washing; wages," £ 12.—Wood- lands, J>mgLe Hill, Colwyn Bay. 28708p ANLTED am, tAy Girl u Day Giri-, WA^"T.EI?,ckaJirt :^y G irl a^Day" G irlT 16 to 17; been out before preferred.— Apply, Mrs Cragg, Uryu Euryn, Colwyn Bay. 287281; WANTED, immediately, good, plain Cook" „_ v for neighl>ourhood of n way. "P. N. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn 28775p ANTED, good, plain Cook; wash, bake • '1 l' c<>«atrv girl; knowiltdge OOlry work pr-Etfer.r.e.d.ingwal Vicarage, Altrmcham, Ul-shMX?-_ 28786p \\f exper^*enoed Gi-norad, who can cook; iage 24 to 30; two in family washing sent out; good wages.—Mrs Rovdra, Carrog Llwyd, Jiuiction, Couway. 28787p WANTED, CLERK, for Caerhun Pariah Cliurah.-Apply, Vicar of Caer- tun- 28790p WANTED, young Housejnaid, for Boy a' » » Preparatory Sche«>I. — Apply, Mrs Banks, AXUALD HOUSE, IXLUKKLUUAIS, lkn bigh- shia.>e. 28733p -WTANTED, experienood Coot-GeneraJ, for T T email Boardiag-house.—"P. »eer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28301p \VTANTED Young Girl as General; good home.—Apply, Hill Crest, Rhiw-road, Colwyn Bay. 28804p y/yANTED Solicitor's Clerk; competent 1 Shorthand Writing and Typist.—Ap- ply. by letter, WuLiaias, Solicitors, Rhyl. \\rANTED, for Colwyn Bay, strong Girl «. Hous«work, 18 to 20. — Address, 'P.F. "PioneCT" Offices, Colr/yn Bay. 2S718 \\TANTED Young M^n, able to kill Pi^s, Sheep, and Lambs, Salt and make small wo' in Shop wthen required (We^h preferred).—Apply, stating age and v/a.gos recjuirod, live out, and reference. — Griffiths, Butcher, Carnarvon. 238o2p \\TANTED Young Waitress; age about 227 » » —Apply, PwUycroctan Hotel, Colwyn Bay. 2883In ANTED General Servant; not over 30; three in family; ab'e to wasli; good reference required; salary .£18. "P.S. "Pioneer" Office. Colwyn Ray. ANTED, at o:loe, Milkm/in, able to milk and drive, to live in.—Apply, Gwern Tyno Farm, Colwyn Bay. 2884Cp ANTED Coc)k-G,er-.eral and Housemaid- Waitress for Colwyn Bay; Cook, .£26. -16, Bay View-road, Colwyn Baý.I- ^LTEEKLY GOVERNESS Wanted, Young Lady, Country, four miles from Aber- gele; two girls, eeven and nine.—"R.A. "Pioneer" Oflioee, Colwyn Bay. 28358p VjyANTED a Working Housekeeper in a small Farm family of two comfort- aWe home.—Williams, Englefield, near Holy- well. 283€4p \Al ANTED, GENERAL, for Private, Rhyl; soui-o kiiowkdje of cooking.— Wdte. stating capabilities and wages, to "Pioneer" OlRoe, Rhyl. \Q~ANTED, f'or^ft~i^cspectable public house at IAan-gefrai. General, 18. to 20, ab'e to wash. y. 'No. 7&09," 'U. orianydl" Dffioe, TilfcHgyfai. » \\[ ANT^D clea^, quiqk' and smart G^erai 1 T Servant for ^privaW familyj in Bujjgor; id oooking. and ^hiflg'.jbut m«st b^Tarly riser wa^es, £ 33. — Addrsei "liif, 'CSfrooicl^ 08l<M £ Baagaf SITUATIONS VACANT. AVr A IS TED strong, sharp, Youith to make luimself useful in Hotel; aieo good Cook- General—Apply, with reierenoee, Box 7336, "Citronscle" Oilice, Baiigor. c "V^T" ANTED, in November, strong General; g-ood washer and baker; email family Church Girl.—Apply, Box 7350, "duroniolo" Office, Bangor. c WANTED, in Country House, in Angle- soy, experienced Housemaid-Waitress and Between-maid. Apply, Box 7382, "Chroniel-o" Office, Bangor. VAT ANTED, a strong, young, country Girl, about 16, to assist in housework; must be cl-en, and willing to learn.—Apply, with reference, to Oaklends, Garth, Bangor. 7372 ANTED, strong General, 20—22; refer- T ences.—Apply, Mrs C. H. Crawford, 2, Garfield-terraee, Bangor. 7377 "T ÅNTIb tholÍùy respectable Girl as TT General; throo in family; comfortable home.—Apply, No. 7513, "Ckwianydd" Offioe, Llangefni. VVTANTED for New Zealand, Female T » Domestic Servants, Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, in great demand. Good wages. Healthy, prosperous country, line climate. Fares London or Liverpool to any port in New Zealand, X2 16s (reduced from .£17).- For application forms or other parti- culars apply, by letter or post card, to The High Commissioner for New Zealand, Emigra- tion Department, 13, Victoria-street, West- minster, London. 7284c AA/'AN1ED, Art. 50 (Female) for Cwm Scaool. Also Art. 68 (Female), expe- rienced, musical, for Penmachno SohooL- Apply, Rector, Penmachno Rectory, BeUws- yco€ii- 7306c ANTED, Lady 1e>acher, about one hour or two daily, for little girl, 5>- years. —Apply, Box 7360, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. WANTED good Cook-General. — Apply, Mrs Todd, Mona Private Hotel, Pen miaen- mawr. 7335c X^OUNG GENERAL Wanted, fond of chLl- X^OUNG GENERAL Wanted, fond of chLl- ,f" dr,eT1 i references.—60, Bishop-street, Mosg Side, Manchester. 28746p EDUCATIONAL. K I-NDERGARLTEN.-A Lady (oeirtificated) gives the full Course of Lessons (Pr-ti-I and Theoretical) to intending teachers. Terms moderate. — "P.L., "Pioneer "Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28852p SITUATIONS WANTED. £ jOl)NrRY GENERAL disengaged (20), 2] years good roierenoes; cook, wa.3h, .£12.- Cottage, 54, Be-rwyn-^ti'oet, Llan- goLlen. 28777p X\ISENGAGED. — Cook-Gonerail, Housc- -— Parlour-maids, General 8e-rvant.s.-Mrs Hurst, 16, Bay View-road, Colwyn Bay. 28785p p 1AISEN G AG ED. Cook-Generals, House- m aid-Wait re sees, General Servants; several otihers.—16, Bay View-road, Colwyn Bay- 288-12 p (_J.ENEHAL diecngaged (20), tali, strong, country girl, cook, v.'ash; two years last situation; 4s 00. Rose Cottage, 54, Berwyn-otreet, Llangollen. 28827p "HLTOTEL, as Book-keeper, would take cliarge of, dispense, personal reference if neoessary.—"P.H. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28734j) T AjjY (young, domesticated) wishes Situa- Von as Oompanion-Keip for Lady.—. "P. M. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28776p OUNG MAN, age 22, requires Situation y in or near Colwyn Bay.—For particu- lars apply, P. E., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn 'Bay. 28686p 'VTOUNG LADY wants position of trust, good Dre<jsmaker, or Daily Sewing. — "R.C. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28862p "VTOUNG WOMAN wishes to do soma washing at home in Llanfairfechan.— Address, "li.D. "Pione-er" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28863p MEDICAL. OPEN-AIR LIFE. — Sunny quarters in 0 Lady's quiet Cottage; nurst, re-adent; shelters; weighing machine. Miss Villy, Penrhy-n Bay. 28828p T~ HE MEDICAL IlOME. COl-WYNBAY — JL FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who livo in the Home WOQD not at Cases, and are under persona1, super- vision. Patients received. Massage Nursing Appliances on Hire, Tel. No. 24. —Matron. Miss Isabel Matty. 22553p LOST. T OST, GoLd Chain Braoeiot, near Tanybryn- road, on Saturday, Octobar 8th.— Apply, "Belmont," Penrhyn View, Colwyn Bay. Finder rewarded. 28802p LOST, on the 11th inst., between Rhudd- lan and Rhyl, Jubilee two-guinea piece, I with piece of chain attached.—Finder will be rewarded on returning same to Police Station, Rhuddlan. 28856p LOOT, on Saturday evening, October 8th, between W-cat End, Railway Station, and Town Clock, a. Pair of Gold Eye-glasses. —Finder suitably rewarded on returning to 35, Penchwintan-road, Bangor. 7378 FARMS TO LET. PARISH OF LLANRWST. TO BE LET, on 30th November next, GWNINGER and TAIYNYFOEL Farms (except the Dwelling-houae, Garden, and appurtcn-anocs known ,as "Belmont"), containkiig 81a. ST. 37p. or thereabouts; also the Grazing in the Gwninger and Taiynyfoel Plantations, comprising abooit 12G acres. For particulars, apply to Messrs Griffith and Allard, Solicitors, Llanrwst. TSO BE LET, as and from the 29th of Sep- -BL tember, 1910, Tanybryn Farm, in the Parish of Cwm, near Rhuddian; containing 105 acres 3 roods and 7 perches. The Land is mostly all good pasture.—For particulars apply to Mr W. Conwy Bell, Bod- rhydd/sn Estate Offioes, Rhuddlan, S.O. 28822 LAND FOR SALE. LAND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonald road) for Sals, for erection of small IIous«3 or Villas.—Jani^s F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71. lorl- street, LiverpooL 24925p APARTMENTS TO LET. APARTMENTS. Bedroom and Sitting- Toom or combined; Bedroom 5s week; permanency.—Mrs Kempster, G, Marlo View, nea-r Deganwy. 28860p U RN LSI!ED AI"ARTMENT to Let;"Dne Sitting and two Bedrooms; beautifully situated. 7, Boyd-terrace, Llannerch-road, Colwyn Bay. 2874>5p T LANDUDNO.—Comfortable Apartmen',o L (with or without Board); permanency or otherwise; sunny and centrally situated, Bath, Piano, and all modern conveniences; good Cooking and attendance'; moderate terms.—Apply, Mrs Griffith, liemnungford, Caronae-street, Llandudno. p ti Y L.-Ileru-suient Roonis la centre ct Town for one ot two gentiecnea or ladies; good cooking; very moderate terms. 2, Crescent- road. p X) H Y L. —-Cumfortable, quiet Apartments R for the win.ter; good position; Bath- room; no ohildron; suitahle ior lady; terms moderate.—Apply, "X. Misa Gut-nrie, Sta- tioner, Km me i-street. 28778p D HUT)DLAN.-ApartmentB. comfortable and 1- cleaa, near Castle and River, permanent or season.—Miss Davis, Tower HQuae. Caotle-at-, lthuddiaii p (^ITTIMG-IiOOM and BEDROOM; pretty o Cottage; Jarga g.a.rd.en; close to sta- tion.—Proprietress, Rofft Cott-age, Ros&ott, nr. Wrexliam. 28773p HORSES. CARRIAGES. Ac. A 'BUS WAGGONETTE, ruibfoer-tyrod, just been re-varnished, £ 40- ale*), Vic- toria, rub bar tym- ins.-Mouut- ford aul- Co., liolpole, Shrewsbury. 2879Gp 'nVO-WBF-f!.)L BAKER'S 'VAN for SJlLe, in good oonditrlion; 6-cwt. (Uioap. Bargain.—Apply, "P. P. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28798p UOS .SALE, New Box-Cart, moveable top, suit Butcher or Fish and Poultry Dealer; large 'Bus and useful Lurry, and light Spring Cart; Carriages of every descrip- tion for sale or exchange. Floats and light Traps our speciality. Write for list. Cash oil easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Coa-ch Builders, Colwyn Bay. p X1TENRY JONES, Penisa, Dyserth, who is giving up business, wishes to dispose of the following: Three Horses, Wagonettes, and covered Brakp, drawn by two Horses; also suitable place to sell Coal, etc.; in- spection invited. 28730p OTICE to Farmers, Contractors, and Coal Meroiiants.—Bay Mare, 15-1, six years old; also Dorse, 16-2, seven yc-ars; both wa<ranted sound, quiet, good workers, and used to long journeys; trial allowed if re- quired; prices £ 15 and £ 25. Gears, Waggons, Coal Scales and Stiff Cart, cheap; reason of sale i.1-hcelth.-8, Daulby-stroet, top of Lon- don-road, Liverpool. 28839p =* -'a« •»+' 9 You Get More Replies by advertising in the "P,ioneer." WI n If you want a servant, to rent a n U house, to sell ox buy anything; if U you want a situation, the best thing « to do is to fill in tho form printed U at the bottom of this page and send u n it to the Advt. Manager, y "PIONEER" OFFICE, Colwyn Bay. *»«- X===5#c==#c=s9c==3cr=3# f POULTRY, EGGS, ac. TVTISS BAB COCK, winner of 5000 Prizes, Cups, Specials, etc., at all the Classical Shows, including Crystal Palace, Dairy Royal, Birmingham, York, Leeds, Manches- ter, etc., has ior sal-e splendid Cockerels and Pullets; also Adults in Old English Game, in all colours; also Bants; also Indian Game and Indian Game Bants; also Andalusians; also White Orpington Cockerels, Lindner's Strain, Plymouth Rock Cockerels (Jackson's Strain), and others for utility purposes. Ap- ply, Ait Ghur, Old Colwyn, or R. S. Marsden, I R-mington, Clitheroe. 28440p W. R. OWEN, Downing, Holyvnell, winner this season at Wedsh and English Sthows, has grand Stock of Cockerels, Exhibi- tion or utility, in White Wyaaidottes, Fave- rolics, and Ancon«s. Reasonable Prioes, to dLear yard for Breeding Season. 28789p O YAJiDS^Vire Netting always in Stock, from Id per yard. J. B. Ra.ndles, Ironmonger, Coiwyn Bay. < THE FARM AND GAHDEN. A LBERT3 BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply to W. Eliis and Co.. Merchants -CAL YES frcni <lc*ip-milking big-framed C Cheshire Shorthorn Cows; lowest prioes. W rit-e for particulars, Frank Dobic, Little- ton, Chester. 28824p "C^LOWER POTS from 21 inch to 18 inch kept in stock; Seed Pans, Rhubarb and SeakaLe Pots, Rustic Ware, etc., try our 7s 6d, 10s 6d, 15e, and 21s crates. Catalogue free. Buy from the mak-ors-H-orbert Park Pottery Co., Darlaston, Staffs. p GUARANTEED >low<7ring~lBuJbs~ Hyacinths, etc.>, 4s; 250, 2s 3d or 500 (specially picked Bulbs), 5s; 250, 2s 9d; 150, Is 9d; sample 70, post free, Is. — Gardener's ('B) Supply Depot, 47, Dover-road, Biackheath, London. 28848p BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. T7KDR SALE, Grocery and Drapery Business, Jn good jx*rition. Pre>aejiit ov/ner leaving Country. Apply to Riohard Edwards, Accountant, Bethefda. p "piOR DISPOSAL. — Old-established Breaid and Confectionary Butriness with Tea Rooms, Wine Lioenoe and Bakehouse; situated centre of Wol verb amp ton acoept valuation to quick purchaser; good reasons for selling.—49, Victoria-street, Wolverhamp- ton. p BUSINESS WANTED. STATIONERY and TOYS —Good bus?inem s Wrantcd on Coast, between Prestatyn and Bangor. Possession February. Ad- dress, "P.T. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 2882ap FOR SALE-VARIOUS. BEST Galvanised Corrugated Sheets.—5 ft., la 3d; 6-ft., Is 5d; 7-ft., Is 7d; 8-ft., Is 8d. Ridgec-ap Nails, W ashjers, Bolts. Carriago pad on lots of 20s.—Alyn Galvani- zing Vvorss, Mold. 25962p XJULBy on approval; carriage paid; re- -■ liable quality; ixsasonabie prices; 36- page Catalogue fret- Ullson, F.R.H.S., 126, West Bromwich. 28368p /JUSTOMERS Wanted to take from 500 to 700 dozea of new-laid English Eggs weekly; every Egg warranted new-laid. Is Id per dozen from Monday, 16th July. Best Llevonahire Scald Cream Butter in j-lb. prints and rolls. Is Id per lb.-Apply, Snow and Co., Merchants, Tiverton, Devon. 28097p TROUBLE BASINETTE (with Hood and Cushioned Dark Blue Leather); cost seven guineas, acoept 30s; good condItion.- "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 2885lp R SkiE. C*ottkVo Piano, by DaLe, Forty, CheltanJbam; full aise; good condi, t ion -"nereh, E'ilesmoro-roaa, Colwyn Bay. 28781p T^OLDING 6ft. Mahogany Bagatelle Board • with ivory baiis and two cues, 30s.— Address, "P.W. "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28836p -l-;OR. SALE, Gramophone (Monarch Junior in Oak); coist also six Gramapholie 12in. Records, and three others; ail in splen- did condition; the lot, A3 10s. — Address, ^F.V. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28835p rf^t AL VANlSED C'ORRUGATED SHEEX all' warranted sound, 27in. wide; 5ft. Is, 6ft. Is 3d, 7ft. Is 6d, 8ft. Is 9d, 9ft. 2s, 10ft. 2s 4d each. A few light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. lOd, 6ft. Is each; ridging 3d per foot; spouting 3id per foot.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28ll2p A-LVANISED FENCING WIRE, in J-cwt7 G bundles, from 6 to 14 w.g., perfect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised Barbed Wire, salvage, slightly soiled, in 84-lb. bundles, 336 yds., 9s per i)undle.-N.W.. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p /^J_UNS! GUNS! GUNS! — Gradual pay- ments. Thoroughly reliable work. Close shooting. Send for list.—Thomas Wild Gun Works, Birmingham. p ARDEN BARROWS, strong, well- G seasoned wood, from 15a 9d each.- J- B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p M ANGLES and Wringing Machines, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 39s 6d each. J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p RABBIT NETS; Fish Nets; Cricket, Lawn Pt Tennis Nets; Traps every description; Catalogue stamp.—Young (mention paper), Net Works, Crewkerne, Somerset. 28351p WALLPAPERS from l £ d per roll. Any ¥ ¥ Quantity, large or small, at Wholesale 1 rioea. Stock oxoeedij 250,000 lolls; ail classes.— Wi.ite for Patterns, stating class rcquired,-The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 221), Camp- liftld Avenue, Manchester. Qj] GRAND Second-hand Mail"Carts lind Trolley Cars to clear, cheap.—Mar fell's Ironmongery Stores^ Colwyn Bay. 28599p 1 000 BUSINESS CARDS, 2s 6d; 5000 HandbiLLs, 5s. Bieet value in England. Write for samples. Round Printer, West Bromwich. 28844p -w. MISCELLANEOUS. JIOOA DEB IS purcnase-d, Cash down, any district.—W. Jackson, 26, Corporation- street, Manchester. 26511p ^ONTRACT Wanted for pure, rich Cream (partly Guernsey;. About five gallons a week, in small jugs ready for 3s per quart, or including carnage and jugs, 3a 3d Sale', Betailahle at 48.-lTlenmonst<m, Easthum. ADIES.-Aly improv-,] Renwdies act in a L few lour3, when aJ elSe fails. Suiprisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelope lor Froo Sample. — Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, Ingledeue, Bceco-Er. be- road, South- ead. Essex. 26421d YmPORTANT TO MO'HI KRif. — Every IMot-iitr who valuts the Health of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nur- sery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, boautifks and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4Jd and 9d. Postage, Id. Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading.' Sold by all Chemists. Ag-ent for Colwyn^Bav J. W. Adamson, Chemist, Station-road A Writ for Penmacnmawr T. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Conway:—L. Jones, Chemist. 23828p (M PAGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to nuse them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell, xiie Herbalist, 144, liichniond-roa'd Car- cliff. Established 1879. 2R11!)n 1'- WANTS (Miscellaneous). T ADIES- HAIR COMBINGS WantOO. 3d, 1d and upwards per ounce; any quantity taken; we send money by return. O. Schinies, Hair Merchant, 2, Mtrlborough- road, Upper Hollow ay, London, N. 28837p RPO RAG HAWKERS AND MARINE STORES, etc. — Woollens, 3s 9d per score; unripped cloth. Is Id; whites, is; rough rags, 4d; tailors' cuttings, 3s 4d to 5s.—Horwich, "Albert Mills," Down'>-street LiverpooL 28352p IvTiTANTED a good Insurance Book on the v t' North Wales Coast; state particulars and price.—"R.B." "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 288591 ANTED Fresh Trapped Rabbits, up to v v 80 couples per day.-Frank Arundale, Conway-,road, Colwyn Bay. 28722p CYCLES, MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. J3ICYCLE, Gent.'s, sell cheap; in good con- dition.—Can be seen at Roval Hotel Yazds, Coiwyn Bay. ^28681p 1 Q 1 0 TYRES. No advance. Cov 3s 9d each. Air Tubes with Pal guaranteed. Also Dunlon Palmer, Clincher Tyres, Frames, Wheels fr« W Amr T' vMakfS' prlWs' Ust* hampton rton' Manufacturer, Wolver- LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. L L,I*c-,i,d lious-e to accustomed, fully Licen«>d House to be Let, situated well trade. Apply, Northgate Brewery, Chester. 28670p F Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, < f 4 PIONEER OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) s I The charge for all kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT and WANTED, &c., in the PIONEER is 18 Words i/- Three Insertions, a/- 3 ? (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. 5 'I JI 10| | | { 2oj | | | -.— -7 | ■ 30 | I ? i Please insert above Advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O l « or Stamps value 8. d- ■ i I >'r I •: •! ..Name 3 V'?|' '1& T Address v>. >-■ | Jo 0* 0%0 %0%0 0 %ofto 40 \O%p \Oho%f \0%0 W. HOUSES TO LET. COMFORTABLE Unfurnished Flats to 1 et, immedia.tely .-Apply, G. Perkins and Oo., Auctaoiueesrs, Colwyn Bay..wG38p C-RAIGFRYN, DEGANWY. Two"BeoepT tion, three Bedrooms, Bathroom, etc.; large Garden, Summer-house, Stabling; X43 clear. 28845p T\BGANWY."—Good House, with two Sit- ting, four Bodrooms, Bathroom, ETtohMi, and usual offioes; small Garden; hracing position; early possession. Rant, £ 22.—J. M. Porter and Moock, The Estate Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28782p f\LD COLW YN.—ALFRED COY, House and Estate Agent, Station Yard. TO LET, good selection Detached and Semi- detached Villas. General Enquiry Office for matters relating to LAND and PROPERTY, Old Colwyn and neighboitrhood. 27975p OLD COLWYN.—SPECIAL. Excellent" Modern Detached Villa; two Recep- tion, five Bedrooms; 1a.rgo Garden fine, opon situation; £ 42 ,per annum; reduction ,1ea.w.- Alfred Coy, Station Yard. 28774,p UT. ASAPH.—To Let, ROE GxlU; eliarm- ing Rcaidenoe, standing in its own grounds; Drawing-room, Dining-room, five Bedrooms, Bathroom (h. a-ndc.), Kiteien, and the usual ofiioas Stable and Coach-hou^o for Pony and Trap; Gaixlens and Wood; ton minutes' walk from Cathedral and Station; rent moderate.—Apply, Mr Walter Williams, Bryn Gobaitdi, St. Asaph. 28780p fTlREFRlW. — Grandly situated Detached House; all modern conveniences, good sanitation, sunny aspect, excellent Gardens. —For rental and full particulars apply R. Malek, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Llan- rwst. 28333p rI'0 LET, pleasant Semi-detached Hous-e, &m view, throe minutes from Promenade; rent, £ 26; four Bed- rooms, Wash-liouse, Lavatory, and other con- ■roniences; posscssicoi immediate.—Apply to "Landlord," Claremont, Elwy-road, Rhos- roed, Colwyn Bay. 28726p npO BE LET, with immediate possession, —- No. 1, Marian Villas, Rhuddlan; con- taining on the Ground Floor, Entertaining- room, Breakfast-room, Kitchen, and tlr,iisual Offices; on the First Floor, three Bedrooms, Bathroom and W.C.; and on the Second Floor, two Bedrooms; Hot and Cold Water; large Garden at the back. No. 2, Marian Villas, also to be Let as and from the first of November, 1910.-For further particulars apply to the Bodrhyddan Estate Offioes, Rhuddlan, S.O. 28823p u rl10 BE LET, charming Residence, com- mandin.g grand views of River Conway and district. Suitable for retired Officer with small family. Rent = £ 45. Apply, Colonel Higson's, Estate Offioe, 18, Booth- street., Manchester. 28846p HOUSES WANTED. WANTED parties having Houses to Let to send particulars, at onco, to Ha*lam, Es- tate Agent, Rhyl. -=L. —■ — HOUSES FOR SALE. 'FRI W hold (over seventy years) TR Detached Stone-built House; having eights Rooms, nioo Garden, good approach, very conveniently situated for Station and Village. Full particulars apply, Malek, Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 23334p rjHO BE SOLD at great sacrifice three ex- eel lent Houses; all freehold and tenanted; containing in each three Reception- rooms and eight Bedrooms with all modern conveniences; situate in Rhiw Bank-avenue, Colwyn Bay. Address, "P.B. "Pioneer" Offioes, Colwyn Bay. 28668p rrw o Semi-dettedicd Freehold Residenoes, situate in Hawardcn-road, Colwyn Bay; eaeh containing throe Entertaining-rooms, nine Bedrooms, and all other conveniences. Splendid position. Must be sold immediate- ly, owner going abroad. — Apply, by letter, "O.Y. "Pionoer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 28660 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. "DOR~SALE" BY PRIVATE TREATY, all those two Dwelling-houses, known as Brynodol and Maisonette, situate on the corner of Ellesmere-road and Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay.—For particulars, apply, T. H. Morgan and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. rjK) B13 SOLD by Private Treaty about 40 well-built Freehold Cottages in Colwyn Bay; containing four to six Rooms with good yards. All tenanted. Address, "P.A. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28667p OFFICES, SHOPS, &c., TO :"ET. DOUBLE-FRONTED SHOP. A good Double-fronted Shop, with House, con- taining two Sitting, four Bedrooms, Batsh- room, Kitchen, etc.; immediate possession. Rent., .£26. Also, a Lock-up Double-fronted Shop. Rent, XII.-J. M. Porter and Elcock, The Estate Offioe, Colwyn B-i-Y. 267631) -= To BE LET. STABLES and STORES to Let; centrally situated; splendid accommodation. — Address, 35, "Directory "Office, Llandudno. T50 LET, Three-stall Stable and Loft.— Apply, Star Supply Stores, 15, Station- road, Colwyn BAY. Gp FuFtpolTURE WANTEI). J WANTED, Modern -or A-ntique Furniture; » » Homes purchased outright.-Hasiam, Auctioneer, Rhyl. p HOUSE PURCHASE. FOR PARTICULARS OF THE BEST HOUSE PURCHASE POLICY. Apply D. E. GREENFIELD, INSURANCE BROKER, GLEN HAVEN, COLWYN BAY. Tele. 209. 28805p 2- I GREEDY RATS DIE. j Get Rodine Rat Poison. It lures rata to th^ir 1 doom. Kills instantly. Dead vermin lsave no K swell, ,/ri'o dainty death dealer killa iiiilliona | annually, never faiis, eompleta clearance car- B tain, no moss, no trouble. 6d 1/ 2/ 3/ 0/ 8 Posted. ilAltLK. Chemist, Perth. I AgentsS. Prythoroh, Chemist, Llangefni; | R. K. Jones, Chemist, Aiulwch H. F. Tiioma-s I & Son, Chemist. Aborffravv and J. T. Thomas, | (Jh€ini-.t, i'ortdinorwic. | doom. Kills instantly. Dead vermin lsave no K swell, ,/ri'o dainty death dealer killa iiiilliona | annually, never faiis, eompleta clearance car- B I tain, no moss, no trouble. 6d. 1/ 2/ 3 0 8 Posted. ILAItLr.1, Chemist, Perth. I AgentsS. Prythoroh, Chemist, Llangefni; | R. K. Jones, Chemist, Aiulwch H. F. Tiioma-s I & Son, Chemist. Aborffravv and J. T. Thomas, | (Jh€ini-.t, i'ortdinorwic. | TO LADIES. I.-ro-,ula,riti,w, etc., rem-ovod by an cntiiely now and ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN METHOD WITHOUT MEDICINE. No pills, mixtures, or nauseous drugi to take. No useless injections. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Guaranteed hari7k!«ss. It is positive, safe, certain, and epoedy. Does not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with usoleij ren>ediev>. Send at onoe a stamped »ldro.;6ed envelope for full particulars and testimonials GUARANTEED. GENUINE UNDER A PENALTY OF -VIOCO. rtirs. STAFFORD BROOKES, (147 Dept.), ,220, ARDGOWAN ROAD, HITHER GREEN, LONDON, S.E. (Established over 16 years). PP7PMA To Destroy" every ITJIXAI form of Ec^ornr1, xxso HP-W FRANCIS'S SKIN £ g||||fe OINTMENT. Xtcliinfj wiil ccaso •6^ a'tcr Appllca- tion. Wi;l cure HIng- worm in or 3 Dai? a. la infallible fcr PUea. Aelo liko it charia on Bad Lcffft; Ilefih^rip + old Wounds & Korea. Destroys every form of-Ecacms and other Bkia Troubles. jQtas | never been known f to fail. In boxes, IS. Id. EFCEH (poatfe^e) ,pHWr FRAMES & e^CHEMlSTS, WPEPAM .————————— !< !«< MUSICAL. MR. BRYAN WARHURST A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., Organist and Choirmaster of St. Thouiaa' Church, Rbyl; Choirmaster of St. Paul's Church. Coi- wyn Bay; Sinking Master. County SohooL Rhyl, etc.. ot(i ORGAN, PIANOFORTE. SINGING. AND VOICE PRODUCTION, HARMONY. THEORY. Pupils prepared for all examinations. Latest Iluoofts- 2-9 Suocftdut Candidate* (R A M- 18W from July, 1908, to December* Spociftl ooaching for L.R.A.M. and A.R.CM, Uiploniaj. Preparation personally, or by post. A complete courso of Practical and Theoretical Work Papers set to cover the whole ground ot Voioep Production and Pianoforte Teaching. VISITS COLWYN BAY and OLD COLWYN TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Haydn House. Rhyl. 25759ø MR F. GURNEY BARNETT L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. (leaching Singing). (Teaching Pianoforte)# Conductor of the Colwyn Bal Phiihaxmonid Society, Ladies' Choir, and Amateur Orchestra. VOICE PRODUCTION. SOLO SINGING* PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, THEORY, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, Etc. A if™Pj.etiPreParation f r the L.R.A.M. and a.k.l.M. Diplomas; and all other recognised Exalninations. Normanhurat, Llanerch Road, COLWYN BAY. Pianoforte, Organ, Singing, Enrmonp. P. W. MATHERS, A.R.C.O. (Membet Incorporated Society clf Mitsiciaits), RECEIVES PUPILS AT BAYCLIFFE," golwYNRo&v. LESSONS GIVEN AT PUPILS' RE3IDENCK IF DKiflHi.D. Preparation for J.S.M, and other Examinations* MANY PAST SUCCESSES. MODERATE TERMS. 27350P MR. E. ARTHUR MORRIS, A.R.C.O., ORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER OF ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, OLD- COLWYN, GIVES LESSONS IN PIANO, ORGAN AND SINGING. For Terms, etc apply AAIBION," OLD COLWYN. 28161[1 THE CLAXTON-JONES ORCHESTRA (ANY NUMBER), OPEN TO ENGAGEMENTS FOR ALL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. REPERTOIRE INCLUDES LATEST LONDON AND CONTINENTAL SUCCESSES. Terms on application to Holland Villa, Bodafon, Llandudno, 27551p K H!r Perer €clu>arcls, JK««. K (Pedr Jiiaw), U 1 | 4, Lake Avenue, RHYL. u IMPORTANT NEW WOitK. i' y RATIONAL A1KS OF WALES. The Mnslo A Editod & tho \Vrord» faithfully translatod W by Pedr Alaw. To be Publiuhod by SUB- u SOUIPTJON, U»e Namas appearing in tha II A Volume. Prico 5/ Both Notations used, f, X Send for Prospectua tj THE UAXTON V (3 PRJCSS, LTD., BANUOR. f) FINANCIAL. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY in Large or Small Sums (not les3 than LIU), ON BORROWER'S OWN PRO- MISSORV NOTE. ESTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS and cow lending UPWARDS of £ 70.000 ANNUALLY. For Prospectus and Terms, apply to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS 3, CRESCENT ROAD. RHYL. Established 1370. 11628 IMPORTANT NOTICE.-LOA.NS from Xio •to = £ 5001) granted, without delay. at any distance, to Householders, Tradesmen, Publicans, Farmers, and all Classes, on per- sonal security no Bondsmen, no trouble* strictly private, low interest, by following Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Repay- ments:—. £ 10 Loan from 3s weekly; X20 Loan from 5s weekly; S-50 Loan from 13s 6d week- ly £ 100 Loan from 25a weekly. Deal with an Oid-Est abli«.h«i Firm, wis are you oatt TP'ly on straightforward Business. Don't be misled by paying extortionate interests aact heavy repayments above your meass. SAMUELS and CO., 5. JOHN DALTON. STREET, MANCHESTER. ON'T BORROW MONEY IN YOUR OWN TUWN. -Wiiy ba handicapped fcr lack of Capi- tal when you can obtain a strictly private advance from £ 10 to XIWO on simple Promissory Note? Any distance. No suretioj required. Genuine applications n-ever refused. All Ci>inmiuiicaticms treated as pfivate and confidential whether biuiiws3 ii done or not. Promptness, absolute privacy, and straightforward dealinsrs are nssure<J. Repayuventa are arranged to suit own oonvoniance, and the interest is reasonably. It costs you nothing to enquire our fcram.-Writo o. call. to:—H. Kay and Co., Ltd.. 92, Merket-strect^ Manchester. 27158p Short Date Loans. Special Terms. £ S< repay ^5 12s. 6d. £ 20, repay £ 22 10s. od ^10 £ 11 5s. od. /l5o „ S56 53. o<* W. JACKSON, 120, Brook St., Chesten I CASH ADVANCES, flO TO EIOOQ A LL respectable Persons who ara short of monoj ara ri- invited to writo to a Private Gantioman, whu wiil treat your application in STRICTEST PRIVACY. The cash can be advanced at your own house if da- sired. or the business transacted by post. Loans completed promptly without FEES, Fuss or LOAM oftlcc formal itioi- LJnfaiiing courtesy and reasonable charge can bj relied upon. Itopayicenta arrsnged to suit your convenience. Write for terms in cuifldence to-D. KEKMAfct 29. CORPORATION bTilEBT, MANCILIICSTER. CASH ADVANCED Privately without fees. fuss or delay. On Note of iUiid or Other tiocurity." From £30 upward?, on personal signature or nidi security. llnring a large coniieotion aieoD^at ciergjmen, prufeaiiional gentlemen, tradotmen, fannen itud prirate person*, we aro in a position to ijuottf lov> a3t i at«s of interest. Ifintendingbor. rowers will .im¡,I] itata their requirement!! a qualified ropreei.L-tive will be sent to applicant's rowence uirect from head olt èö, prepared to complete tiia tranraction on matuaily ajTacta- IgeoiiA terms. Kitting ioaim paid off and adran- car-Duaue at red 11 c«d ratt* of lulortjst. If 4eaired, bui«ii esa CA>I ba tr&niiactod by post;-apply in strict ooniid«tio» t» tUj <ltw< i^-uiertf—(»yoid F? LAWRENCK, LTD., I4> Jermyn St., Piccadilly, Lottos. .Ô:f' F. LAWRIENCL, LTD., I Jrmyn St., Piccadilly, Lottos. ,Prl,n'teKi i-,Iy tfto Piopri-etors of the "WELSH COAST PIONEER," and PnKiah«i by tJwiu at tJipix He Otli -CQD way road, COL. WYN RAY, iai the (X) UNTY- of DEX BIG It; and at 63ia,Mostyn-strc«t,LLANDUDNO, in the (JOUNTY of CAR NARY ON "Pioneer" i Offio»;-UigiWtre«t, RHYLi Ccaitrial Bidd- ings,, High-street, PRESTATYN, \n Ji« | COUBTIT C^ JiL1T, Timed*?, OctobeC ooLiuisio.