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11 -> ST ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. CONTRACTS FOR THE HALF-YEAR. THE ESTIMATES: INCREASED RATES. The fortnightly meeting of this Board was lield on Friday. Mr J. Frimsfcon, J.P., presided, and the vioe-chair was occupied by Mr W. Jones Llannofydd). There were also present:—Measrs Jno. Roberts, J. B. Williams, Abergele • Robt. Da vies, Betfcws; R. E. Griffiths, Boctielwyddaai; W. S. Roberts, Bodfary; Owen Rees, i^e-na; Hugh. Williams, Mrs A. Gee, Miss Gee, Den- b,gi,- Messrs Edwin Morgan, Hymeirohioui; Ed. .Williams, Dyserth, R. A. Jones, Wm. Williams, Henilan; Geo. Williams, Meiwteii; Robt Jones, T. Pennant Williams, Prestatyn; Win. Morr.s, jLlew B. Evans, Rhuddiaii; S. Pctks, I Baths, G. F. Gunner, liugn J&awards>, Mrs De lianoe, Mrs M. Jones, Rhyl; Messrs J. Lothian, W. A. -ts, .~i. Asapn; and Jno. Jones. Waen. ;0b: UltTll\G HOME INDUSTRIES. At tr.e previous meeting of the Board the qjuefe-tion was raised as to whether the Master Bhouxtt order Oorwein. or Bryn Gwyn stone for tramps to break, and he was directed to ascer- tain the vie-vs the County Road inspector, it being stated that he lsticr stone- (from Riiuallt) was equal to the Corwtn stone, and was 2d per ton cheaper. Iik; Master now laid before the Board letters from the owners of the (Jorwon quarries offer- ing to supply 100 tons of stone at 3d less than tie-i- former price. The Bryn Gwyn owners offered die stone at the old price, so that on the ajiiended particulars the Oorwem stone would be Id per ton cheaper. Mr Gunner asked why was it that an amended price had been sent in. Mr E. Morgan: In consequence of the report of the last meeting (latiglitor). It was decided by a largie majority to purchase 100 tons of Bryn Gwyn stone. Mr Jno, Roberta: It is a great mistake (laughter). The Chairman Nover mind, Mr Roberts, you have lost this time (laughter). THE BOARD AND ITS SERVANT BOYS AND GIRLS. A discussion took place respocting the case of a girl who left the workhouse, and went to service, but 1st her pJaoe for another without first re- turning to the workhouse. As she had done this she had been removed from the control of the Board, but her former mistress returned her out- fit and her bank-book (acceding to which she had £ 3 5s to her credit). The girl now applied for her outfit, and bank-book, as she was "with relatives in a good piaee." After thoroughly going into the matter, the Board decided to give the girl the outnt pro- vided she would ocmseint to Mrs Do Raiice, of Rhyl, talcing' charge of her bank-book and guid- ing her as to how sihrt should spend, her money, the amount having been saved in twelve months from her wages. The girl readily consented to tira, and said siha was anxious to add to hex Barings. The Chairman advised the girl to be very care- ful, and complimented her on having saved! so much. While discussing the case of boys who were ready to go to wea-vaco, it "ato stated that Messrs Corbett and Williams, of the Rhuddlan Fomndry, fead intimated that they were in want of boys to be taught trades and were prepared to pay them wages of from 5s per week. The report created a discussion as to the possibility of plac- ing boys to loam trades, but although it was suggested that a committee should go into the matter there was a feeling that the Board should be relieved of all responsibility when boys were eant out of the worldjouse, and that they should receive wages in addition to board and lodgings. Olio of the two boys available was sent to ser- vice with a member of the Board. A CRUEL MOTHER. The Board, on the recommendation of the committee, then passed a resolution taking charge Until they aro 18 years of age of four children of a woman who had recently been co:ivictod. Mr Batlxi stated it made one's heart bleed to see aiuch nioo ahildren bearing on their bodies the marks of the cruelty of one who bore the naqlo of "mother." REMOVING DISABILITIES. On the motion, of Mr Perks, seconded by Mr Hugh Edwards, tho Board passed a resolution Exporting tho North Wales Poor-Law Con- ference in a petition to the Local Government Board in favour of removing the votiiug dis- abilities on persona who received relief through circumstances over which they bad, no control or misfortune. Mr Perks said he felt strongly in the matter, and did inot think Wlat deserving persons who 'Were unfortunate should be further penalised by losing their rights as citizens. CARE OF THE CONSUMPTIVES. The Chairman stated he had been invited to attend a conferonoe at Shrewsbury on the ques- tion of the Welsh memorial to the late King. It was suggested that the memorial should take the form of the establishment oi a sanatorium for consumptives. He thoroughly agreed with ti. Mr Perks moved that the Board support the 6chetne, and said it was incumbent on them to help those who were afflicted by this dire disease. They all kmew that it was through tho efforts of tihe late King that so much had been doao to establish sanatoria, for the consumptives, and he hoped they would support the movement. Mr E. Morgan seconded. Miss Gee said she was prepaied to support the motion, but tfcongiht that tlie "sanatoria" should be substituted for ''sanatorium." In her opinion it would bo an unwise policy to establish a sana-toftum for the whole of Wales, as the expense of getting patients there would be too great. They should have sanatoria in various places, and by this meatus the means of oure would be brought near to all. Mr Perks agreed with Miss Gee, and said he did not tlunk for one moment that they would 00 asked to support one sanatorium for the whotel of Wales. The motion was then put to the meeting and declared carried. THE CONTRACTS. When the report of the Contract Committee was presented, Mr LLew. B. Evans referred. to the tender for meat, and moved that the Board read vert isc, as they wore not satisfied with the present a rrangviirunte. Last year they paid 4d 7-8tht; per lb., leas 3d in the i; disoount, and this year tihey had received one tender only and that for 5d. He was bound to Say that the quality of the was not what it uaed to boo In reply to question*, tho Master said they had to be satisfied with the meat, til"y received feries of "No, no"). He questioned whether they had as good meat as previously. Mr Evans motion was carried. Mr Lothian, said it was all very well to speak about the meat and the price,, but he wanted to know if they took the highest or lowest tender for bread. Mrs Geo: We took the best bread (hear, hear). A discussion followed as to the coal tenders, and by a majority it was docided. to purchase Point of Ayr coal at 13& 5d per ioai. The following temfers were accepted :—Messrs E. B. Jones and 00., bread at 1 3-16d per Jb., oatmeal El 4s 6d per sack of 240 lbs., cheese 7d per lb., currants 3&cf per lb., split peas Its per crvrt., nee 12s 9d per cwt., oarbolio soap 16s. per cwt., pepper Is per lb. Messrs J. E. Price and 0& soap lid per It*, mustard 8d per lb., conn- 6mir 3d) per lb-, jam from 4d to 5*d per lb., para- ffin otl at 5$d per gallon. Mr T. J. Boyle, Rhyl, platoe, cod amd haddock 5d per lb., kippers 2fd per pair. Messrs Harrison Jotics and Co., tea Is 4td per Ib. Messrs W. Price Jones and Co., c."OkGe is per ib., moist sugar £ 1 cwt X X. pale soap £ 1 5s 6d per cwt., soda'3a 8d p^r cwt. Star Supply Stores, oocoa Is 4d per lb loaf sugar £ 1 Is per cwt., raisins 5d per lb., sago 3d pea- lb. Mr Vfm. Evans, smoking tobacoo 4s Id per lb., twiftt tobaoco 4s Id per lb. Mr E. K. Miller, Rhyl, sheetiirvg linen Is 6|d per yard twull riioets 5s 5$d eacfc. Mrs Pioroa Hughes,' Deo- bigh, g**oy calico par yard), brown oord 2b 3d per y-d. Mr J. ITaomaa, Denbigh, bilhpooden llje per yard. Messrs Roberta and Co., St. Asaph surgical calico 2 £ d i>er yard, neck shawls 16 Hid each, men's caps 12s per dozen, boys' oapa 6s 6a per doaon, aaen's braces 3s 6d per dosen, boys braces 65 6d per dozeoi, iinfants' w>o«e(n stockiflgis lOidt per pair, women stockings 3d per pair, men s stockings 2s 6d per pa*r. Messw Husbw and Son, Bronallt, Den&. grey blatiketo 10s 6d eacii, boys' sUxskings lHd ^T'r'^ir^6lOCkl^3u1l,2d per pair. Mr W. Maijden Daviea, Don^Hg^ gwrLs' booti 3s 3d per r»«. Old Post Office Boot Co., Denbigh, boys l>x>U 5s 3d per pair, men's boots 6s 3d~ per pair. Mearg Sbead and Simpson Den- bigh, w<>w«Mi 3 boots 5s 6d per pair, women's elotrt boots, 5s 6dI per pair, men's slippers 2a 6d per pair. Mr Liew. Evans said it was all very well for members who were oil the Contract, Committee to come to the Board arad UP, what J-wd been done by the oommittoe. Why did they not at- tend the meeting when the tenders were di& ousged ? Out of 30 members on the committee (OUf tea atimuiod. Mr J. B. Will8. said he claimed the right as a member of ih% Board, when ho was not on (fee OHunittea, to give his vote on any matter feoaebt up for ooofinnatioa. li be QOUJd not do that they had better give the committee power to act. Notice of motion was giveai to alber the day for consktorlag the contracts. THE ESTIMATES: LARGE INCREASES. The Clerk placed before the meeting the esti- mates for the next half-year, and saidi he was sorry to say there would be an increase of 21,700. This was oaiused by the increased county rate. Flintshire this half-year wanted Is Ogd as against 7 last time. Denbighshire had also inc" ldt in the E. There was E3,890 wanted for poor- law purposes, and £ 10,232 for county ra^p jpur- poees—one being treble the other.—The Den- bighshire rate was llN. The total calls would 4 be £ 14,244. In the estimates plaoed bafore the meeting the Flintshire rate was returned as follows:—County rate 6d, higher eduoation Id, and elementary education, 5jd. Dûnbighshire-Gencral purposes 5. education (higher) Id, elementary education 5d. The various calls were as fdllo ws: --Aber g-ele (urban), £ 703; Abegele (rural), £ 312; Bettws, £ 208; Ek>delwyddan, £ 312; Bod- fary, £ 140; Bylchau, £ 164; Gefn, E!60- Cwm, £180; Denbigh, £ 1292; Dymeirchion, R232; Dysertii, £ 384; Henllan, E5961 Llanddulas, O; Llannefydd, £ 260; Llanfair, £ 384; Llansannan. £ 292; Melklen, £ 208; Prestatyn, £ 024; Rhudd- lan, £ 788; Rhyl, 1;4476; t. Asaph, £ bob; 6t. George, £ 132; Trefinant, -6260; and Waen, -100. Mr Llew B. Evans he regretted that was his duty to propose the. adoption of the e.stiinates. They had heard one party hiame the other be- fore the last election for the rates but it seemed to him that the new party were worse thaaii the old, (laughter). Mr Geo. Williams seconded the adoption. Mr Edwin Morgan said it was all very well to blame the party in power for the increased rate, As a matter of fact it was the party previously in power who had spent the money and left it for their successors to fund it (laughter). The Chairman: Mr Evans, you should have kept quiet (laughter). Mias Gee said that as a member of the Den- bighshire Education Committee, she could assure the Board they were most careeul as to the ex- penditure. But the children, had to be educa- ted, and the committee gave them the bejb pos- s'ble education. There were a much larger num- er of children than in previous years. She did not know whether she should say "unfortunately there are more children.—(laughter)—but such was the case.. The estimates were then adopted, and trie Board rose.


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