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NORTH WALES COAST FOOTBALL LEAGUE. REFEREES APPOINTED. "A meeting- of tho North Wales Coast. Football League Oouimitfcoe vias held a-tiho rotation 3otel, Llandudno Junction, on Monday even- ing, \]K'n Mr 11. D. Richards, Bangor, pro- ded. There were' also present: Messrs P. ,eekc-f,. Holyhead; A. Duwiies, Golwyn Bay lts; T. E. Purdy, Colwyn Bay; J. O. Darioe, ■Colwyn Bay; 11. J. Williams, Llandudno; L. >1. Anderson, Bangor; David E. Roberts Llan- iudtio Juncton; T. Goodman Jones, Blaenau 'estiniog; H. 0. Hitch-jogs, Carnarvon; J. G. Cta.vies, Llanberis; W. J. Jones. Llainlleohid, Iud the Secretary (Mr E. IJoyd I Villiams, Ban- ror). Arising out of the minutes, the Secretary re- ported that he had received an apology from the ■jlanrwst Secretary (Mr N. R. Jones) with ro tl.rds to tonic words used by a Llaalrwst reprc- f«sntative at a League meeting without the oon- "'llt of the committee, bear.rig upon the. Llan- v. Bang-or fixture The Secretary's action in securing a Bangor îelTe (Mr C. J. Thomas) to referee in a U?affue match, Bangor v. Llanrwst, as jio other •"erce had been able to take the match, was approved. PWLLHELI'S RETURN WELCOMED. The Secretary also reported that ho had re- vived a communication to the effect that tho I'v.'liheli Club could succeed in re-arranging their trsL fixture with Carnarvon, they would 00 able fJ continue their membership of the League ihsar, hear). The Chairman We are all glad to xo Pwllheli In harness once more. The Chairman complimented the Secretary plr Lloyd Williams) upon getting the League handbook cut so eariy. It was unknown be- fore in the annals of North Wales League football to have the handbooks out before the icotball reason commiBoed. Usually they did not apj>ear until tho middle of Oct-obf. APPOINTMENT OF REFEREES. The following were appointed referees at the respective matches: DIVISION I. OCTOBER let. Colwyai Bay United v. Carnarvon United—Mr *• H. Vincent. I'lartberis United v. Bangicr Reserve—Mr W. "• Welch. Ltajidlmdiuo Amateurs v. Holyhead Swifts—Mr D. Richards. nLlurwst v. Blaenau Fest.iniog-—Mr E. J. B. .I: a.tee. OCTOBER 15th. Blaemui Festiniog v. Llandudno Amateurs1— W. Griffiths. Carnarvon United, v. Lfcundudno Junction:—Mr '• IX Richards. Jjlanberis United v. Pwllheli—Mr E. Lloyd plains. University College v. Bangor Resone-Mr A. Slater. OCTOBER 29th. P Carnarvon United v. Blaenau Festiniog—Mr Lloydf Williams. Holyhead Swifts v. Bangor Reserve—Mr E. B. Yates. Llandudno Amateurs v. Oolwyn Bay United- Mr T. Jones. & Pwllheli v. University College—Mr H. R. ^ardk DIVISION II. OCTOBER 1st. Glasinfrvn Swifts v. Bangor Juniors—Mr J. Turkey. j. ■L:ai:idudno Junction Res. v. Colwyn Bay °^ts— Mr R. Hersee. Llocmd Swifta v. Llandudno Reserve—Mr C. '• Thomas. OCTOBER 8th. Llanfairfedhan v. Uechidi Swifts—Mr E. •Wd. Williams. Menai Bridge v. Giasinfryu Swifts—Mr G. R. ,l S'haw. Penniaenmawr v..Llandudno Junction Res.— '^r J. H. Vincent. OCTOBER 15th. Co] y.-vin Bay Celts v. Llanfairieehan—Mr E. T. Williams. Llandudno Reserve v. Holyhead Reserve—Mr 'J. J. Thomas. Llacidudno Junction Reserve v. Menai Bridge -Mr W. R. Welch. Penmaenniawr v. Bangor Juniors—Mr G. R 0. Shaw. OCTOBER 2. Bangor Juniors v. Holyhead Reserve—Mr W. Welch. Colwyn Bay Celts v. Llandudno Reserve—Mr N'V. Griffiths. Uaafairfechaoi v. Llandudno Junction Reserve -Air C. J. Thomas. Lledhid Swifts v. Glasinfryn Swifts Mr R. D. Mdhards. Mtenai BrUlge v. P'snmaenmawr—Mr J. larkey. FINANCES. i Tiie Treadiurer of tho Loajrue, Mr T. E. Purdy, \]'>vyn Bay, reported that the credit balance at i"- bank on the current account up to date was 19s 6d (hear, hear). SIGNED PLAYERS. Tho gwretwry also announced, through the a4 that the number of registered players d to the League at the pxese-nt day was H4 whicli was declared to be highly satisfactory. REFEREE AND LATE STARTS. Air W. GrifFittm, Glan Conway, who rofereed match, Llanberis v. Blaena-u Ftestiniog, re- ported that the Llanberis goalkeeper had left Sie field twelve mnnutea before the end of the rarft without oouJtÍng the reieree. A njember of the Lca.gue Oommitteo Btated fhat it ha-d oome to has knowledge that there had Llso bp-cm a late start in this ca&o, but no men- lon of the fact w&s made in the xeiferee's re- H>rt t It was decided that a letter be sent to Mr lirifiiths, asking him why no mention of the late '.art had been made in hi" report. THE 50 MILE RADIUS. Mr J. 0. Davies (Cohvyn Bay) put the follow- ing question to the gommittee: If a player a form for team X, but works at a ptaJoe fAicth is more than 30 jjiiLee away from X, is he to eligible man, say his home is not more than k 100 yards away from the ground of the X arn? Mr Anderson, Bangor, replied that the Welsh Association oontend-ed that the ijnan must spend 0.t lea.3It one night a weeik at hom-e during the footbai'l seiason. Mr Davies: Throllg11 you, Mr Chairman, may I put the following quest ion to Mr Weekca; D< w. T. Jones, Holyhead, come home every eek ? Mr Weekes (Holyhead): Yes, he docs. He has returned home every week-end since he has teen working at Cohvyn Bay. Mr Davies said he accepted the word of Mr Weekes, but added that the Colwyn Bay Club had been told be did not. Mr W-coke3 added that he himself had seen \V. T. Jones every week during the past month. ONE TEAM ONE GROUND. Mr J. O. Davies referred to the Bangor Uni- versity ground, and 6R.,w. he understood thaA the Univejcity played some of their matches om their own ground at Ffriddoed'd, and others on the BangorNtown ground. This, he pointed out, was not fair, and there wa4s a vast difference between the two grounds Ths one was sheltered, aftd the other was windy. The Chairman explained that this was done Z49 a meane of enguriBg a better "ate" for the University t>c-am, whose finaiioes were trather low. In reply to Mr J. 0. Davies. Mr Anderson CBa,ygor) said that there would pl'OlwIobdy be BOfne apjrficationa from the University team to the Bangox club for the use of their ground this reason. It was decided that all the matches must bo played on the tame gromnd, and that the Bac- rror clb be asked to refuse any appjiicationis from the University club for the use of their ground for Ijeagne rnate-hcia. It was further decided to ball attention to the fact tihat the Colwyn Bay dhib'e ground -was rraore than three-quarters of a mile from the Colwyn Bay Railway Station, by road, but that -that is the correct distance aloaig the Promenade.


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