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FLINT AND DENBIGH SHOW SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION AT MOLD. NEXT YEAR'S VENUE NOT YET SELECTED. Though the show held to-day week, at Mold, under the auspices of the Flintshire and Denbighshire Agricultural Society was not up to the level attained at Colwyn Bay, twelve months ago, in points of entries, it was on the whole a thoroughly successful exhibition. The entries were fewer by 42 only, 183G, compared with 1878 at Colwyn Bay, and it was most satisfactory to hnd that the decrease had not taken place on the essentially agricultural side, the fall- ing oil being most marked in the classes r poultry, dogs, and pigeons. In tact, the cattle classes attracted a record entry, whilst the entries in the classes for sheep, horses, arid rigs were well up to average iof recent years. The western end of Denbighshire was of course inueh less in evidence in the com- petitions this year, nevertheless some credit- able victories were won by Mr R. E. Birch, Colwyn Bay; Mr Thomas Williams, Den- bigh" Mrs "C. Lloyd, do. the Bodrhyddan Horne Farm; Mr R. J. Dav0;, Abergele; and Mr John G. Gratton, do. Luckily, the weather was favourable, and there was an excellent attendance of spec- tators. The judges were as follows :-Impl.ements, dairy utensils, saddlery, stands, and pigs, Mr George Morcton, Middlewich; horse shoes, Mr Jamcs Storrar, Y.S., Chester; shorthorn and cross-bred cattle, Mr Goorge J. Bell, Wig ton; dairy cattle, bullocks and heifers, lonj-v.ooi sheep, Mr Fergusson Fed don, Grainger; heavy horses, Mr James Gould, Crouciiley Farm, Lymni; light horses (exerpt jumpers), Mr A. W. Hicking, Adbolton; leaping competitions, Mr H. W. Buddicom (president), Colonel Arthur Mesh am, and Major P. T. DaTks-Cooke; Welsh sheep, Mr H. J. I'.vans, Towyn, Merionethshire; Shrop- shire, Southdown, and any other breed sheep, and fat lambs, Mr Charles Coxon, Tamworth; butter and dressed poultry, Mr Westbury Ro- berts, Chester; bread and eggs, Mr Richard Taylor, Ormskirk; honey, Air John Berry, the Apiary, Lianrwst; hams and bacon, Mr 1. E. Maiden, Southport; cheese (county si asses), Mr George Platt, Eaton, Tarporley; theese (open classes), Mr A. Rollings, The Crofts, Nantwich poultry, Messrs Charles Sneddon, Baldersby, Yorks., and G. W. Dutton, Shavingtou, frewe; pigeons, Messrs Alex. McKenzie, Liverpool, and G. Dimond, Southport; dogs, Messrs Charles Wrigloy, Mossdey, R. de C. Peele, Ludlow, Sam Crab- tree, Fiiilsworth, and the Rev. W. P. Nock, Wellington. THE AWARDS. IMPLEMENTS, STANDS, etc. Best collection of agricultural implements 1 and silver medal, Burtonwood and Jones, Flint. Best single or double plough: 1 and silver medal, Burtonwood and Jones. Best float, cart, or waggon 1 and silver medal, Burtonv ood and Jones. Best collection of carriages, 1, Ed. Bellis and Co., Mold. Best collection of saddlery (open to all); 1, Frank R. Pardow, Walsall. Best set of four heavy horse shoes: 1, Edward Davies, Denbigh. Best set of four light horse shoes; 1. E. Davies. Best arranged stand (open to all): 1, Frank R. Parley. CATTLE. Shorthorn Society's District Prize (open to all North Wales).Bull, calved in 1909, the bona-tide property of exhibitor residing in North Wales: 1 and special, Sam Rey- nolds, Buckley; v.h.c., Earl of Powys, We Ishpool. I Shorthorn Bulls (open to bona-fide farmers residing in county of Cheshire and exhibitors residing in Denbighshire and Flintshire.— Bull, any age: 1, Sam Reynolds; 2, W. G. Moss Betley. Shorthorn Cattle (confined to Denbigh- shire and Flintshirel.-Bull, calved in or before 1908: 1, Mrs C. Lloyd, Denbigh; 2, Bodrhyddan Home Farm. Illiuddlan. Bull, calved m 1909: 1 and special, Sam Reynold. Buckley; 2, J. C. Goold, Broughton. Cow, in calf or in milk 1, 2, and special, R. E. Birch, Colwyn Bay. Heifer, in calf or in milk, calved in 1003: 1 and special, C. W. Sandles, Ruthin 2, Frank Lloyd, Wrexham. bred, in calf or in milk 1. Bodrhvddan Home Farm; 2, P. E. Storey, Denbigh. Cross-bred Cattle ^confined to Denbigh- shire ar.d Flintshire;.—Cow, half or cross- bred, in calf or in mild 1, Bodrhyddan Home Farm: 2, T. Armour Jones, Denbigh. Heifer, half or cross-bred, in calf or in milk, calved in 1908: 1, ,J. Eldon Bankes, K.C., Northop; 2, T. R. Parry, Wrexham. Heifer, half or cross-bred, calved in 1909: 1, John Morris, Wrexham; 2. John Broad, Worthenburv. HORSES. Shire Stallions (confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire), the property of the exhibitor, confined to horses that have regularly and fairly travelled the above-named districts during the sea-son 1910: 1, B. J. Davies, Abergele; 2, George Inginan., Mold. Heavy Horses (confined to Denbighshire and FlintshireL-Cart colt, gelding or filly, foaled in 1909: 1, R. C. Roberts, Lianrwst; 2, Thomas Henry Jones, St. Asaph. Ditto, gelding or filly, foaled in 1908: 1, J. S. Evans, Broughton; 2, John Owen, Ruthin. Ditto, gelding or filly, foaled in 1907: 1, John Broad, Worthenburv 2, Reuben Haigh, Ruabon. Heavy Horses (confined to bona-fide far- mers. principally depending upon farming in Denbighshire or Flintshire).—Cart mare with foal: 1 and special, William Dyke, Pulford; 2, John Broad Vlorthenbur'l; 3. Brereton Bros., Isvcoed. Cart foal, foaled in 1910: 1, Brereton Bros.; 2, John Broad; 3, Wm. Dyke. Cart colt, gelding or filly, foaled in 1909: 1, R. C. Roberts, Lianrwst; 2, William Dyke; 2, William Jones, Ruthin. Cart geld- ing or filly, foaled in 1908: 1, J. S. Evans, Broughton; 2, John Owen, Ruthin. Cart gelding or filly, foaled in 1C-07: 1, John Broad, Worthenburv; 2, Wm. Lewis, Wrex- ham; John Charles Read, Northop. Colt foal, foaled in 1910: 1. John Owen, Ruthin: 2, Frank le Gallals, Northop. Fillv foal, foaled in 1910 (prize presented by Mr Geo. Ingman, Mold, and are open to all filly foals sired by any of his shire horses): 1, William Astburv, Northop; 2. Alfred Read, Mold. Stallions (confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire).—Hackney stallion, the property of the exhibitor, confined to horses tttet have regularly and fairly travelled the above- 'named counties during the season of 1910: 1. J. M. Owen, Whitford; 2, Samuel Hughes, Holywell. Hackneys, colis and ponies (confined to Den- bighshire and Flintshire).— Hackney marc with foal at foot: 1, Peter S. Laurie, Wrex- ham; 2, Frank Bibbv, Dvserth. Hackney foaJ. foaled in 1910: 1: Alfred Hood, R, tt, 2, WiUiam Johnson, Denbigh. Cob mare with foal at foot, not exceeding li hands: 1 C. F. Kenyon, Buckley: 2, Edward Edwards! Mold. Pony marc with foal at foot, not ex- ceeding 13 hands: 1, Thos. Price, Mold; 2, E. Davies, Ysoeifiog. Cob or pony foal, foaled in 1910: 1, C. F. Kenyon, Bucklcy 2-, Thos. Price. Mold. Mountain PQTIV ("Welsh), mare or gelding, to be shown in the rough, not to exceed 12 £ hands: 1, Robert Davies, Mold; 2, L. Davies. Hacknev colt, gelding or fi'lv foaled in 1909: 1. Harold W. Davev, Afon- 2, George Williams. Hackney peldinr* or filly, foaled in 1908: 1 and 2, Alfred'Hood' Rossett. Hackney gelding or filly, foaled in 1907: 1, Harold W. Davev, Afonwen 2 Ellis Gill am, Pulford. Saddle horses (open to lnit.ed Kingdom'.— Marc or gelding, over 15 r, a rids 1, Thomas Caiton, Padiham; 2, Mrs E. Way, Chester. Mare or gelding, over .4 ami not exceeding 15 hands: 1, Harold W. Davev, Afon VM- £ Thos. Calton. Mare or gelding, over 1; and 110.. exceeding li hands: J. Herbert Walts, Cheadl-e Hulmc; 2, Joseph Bond, Chester! Mare or gelding- not exceeding 13 hands- I Herbert Watts; 2, Margaret E. Knott, Con- way. Harness horses (open to United Kingdom*. —Mare or gelding, any height, never having previously won a first prize in harness: 1, J. Makeague, Newton-lo-Willows; 2, H. W. j Davey. Afonwen; ft, E. Gillam, Pulford. Mare or gelding, over 15 hands 1, T. Calton. Padiham; 2, J. Makeague; 3, Mrs C. E. Way, Chester. Mare or gelding, over 14 aDd not exceeding C; ds 1. J.^Makeague; 2, C. Sykes, Whitchurch; 3, H. W. Davey. -V,a,m or gelding, over 13 and not exceeding 14 hands. 1, H. Watts, Cheadle Hulme; 2, J. Bond, Chester; 3, C. Foster, Tranmere. Pony mare or gelding, not exceeding 13 hands: 1, H. Watts, Cheadle Hulme; 2, Margaret E. Knott, Conway; 3, C. L. Wil- liams, Mold. Pony turnout, not to exceed 12 hands, most suitable for children; to be driven by a girl or boy under 15 years: 1, C. L. Williams, Mold; 2, J. Jones, hoivwell; 3, J. Griffiths, Mold. SHEEP. Welsh (confined to Denbighshire and Flint- shire).-h-am, two-shear or over: 1, 2, and special, T. Williams. Shearling ram: 1, J. G. Grat-ton, Abergele; 2, W. G. Roberts, Dyserth. Ram billb: 1, J. G. Gratton; 2, W. G. Roberts. Three ewes that have reared lambs this season; 1 and 2, J. G. Gratton. Three shearling ewes: 1, W. G. Roberts; 2, J. G. Grattan. Throe ewe lambs: 1, W. G. Roberts; 2, J. G. Grattan. Shropshire (confincd to Denbighshire and Flintshire).—Ram, two-shear and over: 1, Bodrhyddan Home Farm, Rhuddlan; 2, J. Eldon Bankes, Northop. Shearling ram: 1, R. E. Birch, Colwyn Bay; 2, Bodrhyddan Home Farm. Ram lamb; 1, 2, special, andr championship of show, R. E. Birch. Southdown (confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire).—Ram, two-shear or over: 1, P. E. Storey, Denbigh; 2, Bodrhyddan Home Farm, Rhuddlan. Shearling ram: 1 and 2, Bodrhyddan Home Farm. Ram lamb: 1 .nd 2, E. W. Griffiths, Trefnant. Three ewes that have reared lambs this season: 1. p. I s E. Storey, Denbigh; 2, Bodrhyddan Home Farm. Three she-ailing ewes: 1 and 2 Bed rhyddan Home Farm. Three ewe lamos: 1. Bodrhyddan Home Farm; 2, E. W. GritliLhs, Trefnant. Any other breed, except Welsh, Shropshire, Southdown, long-wool, lor which classes have already been provided.—Ram lamb: 1 and 2, Frank Lovd, Wrexham. Three ewes that have reared lambs this season: 1, Frank Lloyd, Wrexham; 2, C. W. Sandles, Ruthin. Three ewe lambs: 1, Frank Lloyd; >2, J. J. Hughes, Marchwi-el. u Fat lambs.—Three fat lambs, bred by ex- hibitor (any breed): 1, Frank Lloyd; 2, W. G. Roberts, Dvserth. PIGS. Boar, any breed 1 and 2, B. E. Philips, Mold..Sow, any breed, in pig or with litter: 1, J. E. Bankes, Mold 2, B. b. Philips, Mold. Boar, any breed, under 12 months old: 1, V. Wright, Wrexham; 2, G. Greig, jun., Mold. Pa1 r gilts, and breed, under 12 months old: 1, H. E. Parry, Wrexham; 2, T. G. Lewis, Caergwrle. Best pig, confined to cottagers or small holders occupying 5 acres or less: 1, T. Rushforth, Cileen; 2, E. Bellis, Flint. LONG SERVICE PRIZES. Confined to residents in Denbighshire and Flintshire.—To the woman servant who has served the longest time in one place under the same master or mistress: Barbara Evans, Rhydymwyn, Mold, 28 years 9 weeks. To the man servant who had served the longest time in one place, under the same master or mistress: John Griffiths, Bryn Awe^, Mold. BUTTER. Confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire Two pounds butter, slightly salted (exhibited by maker), confined to tenant farmers prin- cipally defending on fanning 1, John Harri- son, Wrexhara; 2, Mrs Rushforth, Cilcain; 3, R. Jones, Rhyl. Two pounds butter, slightly salted (exhibited by maker), re- stricted to those who have never won a first prize for butter at any of this society's show3 since 1907: 1, John Harrison; 2, Sally Price, Rhosesmor; 3, Malcolm Roberts, Dyserth. One pound butter, slightly salted (exhibited by maker), who must be a cottager or small holder and not keep more than two cows: 1, Mrs Owens, Northop; 2, Mrs Mary Kendrick, Mold; 3, Allen Jones, Nerquis. Package of butter, not less than 141bs. weight exhibited by maker: 1, J. Eldon Bankes, Northop 2, II. W. Buddicom, Nannerch; 3, William Morlev. Broughton. Package of butter, not less than 28ibs., confined to shop- keepers: 1. H. J. Roberts, Mold; 2 and 3, Ed. Roberts, Rhvl. v EGGS. Confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire.— Six white hen eggs, single yolk: 1, W. S. Roose, Rhyl; 2, Mrs J. Crofts, llaward".] 3, Meredith, Loggerheads. Six hen tggs, and other colour, single yolk: 1, S. L. Jci ts. Lianrwst; 2, Chas. A. Younger, Jiiwb 'D; D. L. Thomas, Abergele. BREAD. Confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire.— Loaf white bread, made in a tin, 2ibs. or over: 1, Hughes Bros., Glan Conway; 2, T. G. Wynne, Mold; 3, Thos. Treleaven Jones, Old Colwyn. HAMS AND BACON. Confined to Denbighshire ar.d Flintshire.— Ham, pale or smoked: 1, H. J. Robert?, Mold; 2, Mrs Bythe-il, Halkvn; 3, W. Ro- berts, Mold. DRESSED POULTRY. Confined to Denbighshire and Flint-shire.— Couple dressed chickens, hatched 1910: 1, Thos. Hughes, Llandulas; 2, Frank Arun- dale, Colwyn Bay; 3, Eleanor Price, Rhoses- mor. Couple dressed ducklings, hatched 1910: 1 and 2, Thos. Hughes 3, Frank Arun- dale. HONEY. Confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire.— Six lib. glasses run or extracted honey, dark colour: 1, Thos. L. Smith, St. Asaph! 2, D. Mac. Nicoll, Abergele; 2, T. Aiun Jones, Halkyn. Six lib. glasses run or extracted honey, light colour: 1. H. O. E'lis, Dyserth; 2, D. Mac. Nicoll; 3, J. Tomiiiison, Bucklev. CHEESE. Confined to Denbighshire and Flintshire. Th cheese made in 1910, to be exhibited by the maker: 1 and special and Kenyon Challenge Cup and society's silver medal, John Harrison, Wrexham; 2, Albert Hughes, Malpas: 3, Wm. Parker, Wrexham. Three cheese made in lilo, to be-exhibited by the maker who has not won a first prize with cheese at any of this society's shows since 1907 1, T. E. Hughes, Malpas; 2, J. Harri- son, Wrexham; 3, D. K. Mackenzie, March- wiel. One cheese made in 1910, rot: kss than 301 bs., to be exhibited by a shopkeeper: 1, E. Davies, Moid 2, H. J. Roberts, Mo d 3, W. Phillips and Co., Ltd., Wrexham. Open to the Li nited Kingrom: 1 and special, P. V. Cook, Chester; 2, W. Parker, Wrexham; 3, C. E. Parton, Tarporiev. Three cheese, while, made in 1910. to be exhibited by the maker: Special, A. Hughes, Malpas. Three cheese, coloured or white, made in 1910, to Le exhibited by the maker, who has net won a first prize witil cbe«e at any 06 this society's shows rtinee 1907: 1, J. Ila-rrson, Wrexham; 2, G. W est. Tar^-orley; 3 and special, G. II. Malkxik, Wrtxham. POULTRY. Competition in 46 classes, or-en to United Kingdom.—Game, modern, any colour, COCK or cockerel: 1 and 2. J. Lewis, Tarporiev. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1 and 2, J. Lewis, Tarporiey. Ditto, Old English, any colour, cock or cockerel: 1, W. and J. II. li--vs, Faeit near Rochdale; 2, J. Williams, (l.icain. Ditto, lien or pallet: 1, W. and J. II. ileys; 2, W. T-aufa,r- pwll; 3, t. W. Peel, Ormskirk. Ditto, Indian, ccck or cockerel: 1, W. and J. IT. Beys; 2, G. Faulkner. Rowton; 3, R. Cunnah, Mold. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1 a:d 3, G. Faulkner; 2, W. and J. II. Heys. Plymouth Rook, barred, cock or cockerel: 1, J. Brandon-Smith, Welshpool: 2, 2, F. A. S. Duxbury, Camforth; 3, W. Slater, Lancaster. Ditto, hen or pullet 1. J. Drandon- Sniit-h; 2, F. A. S. Duxbury. Ditto, other than barrod, oock or cockerel: 1 a.nd' 2, C. ITiellnsBon. Dor.castcr; 3, W. Slater. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1 and 2. C. Theliusson; 3, W. Slater. Orping- ton, buff, cock or cockerel: 1. R. Anthony, Chor- ley; 2 W. B. G-oode, Borough i>riilge; 3, J. A. Glover, Upboihind. Ditto, hen or pailet: 1, R. Anthony; 2, Mis.> Fdtvaids, Darsley; 3, S. Carey, Spoliby. Ditto, black, rocs or cockerel 1 and 2, J. Lewis; 3, W. Bell, Ringwocd. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1 and 2, J. Lewis, Tarporiev. Ditto, a.ny other colour, cock or cockerel; 1. W. L. Horburv, Bromboroug-h; 2, t-, Bell; 3. Rev. J. B. Nodder, Chesterfield. Difto, hen or pul- let: 1, W. L. Horburv; 2, W. Bell; 3, R. An- thony. Wyandotte, white, cock or cockerel: 1, R. Antrsorry; 2, N. J. Campbell. Holyhead; 3, C. Theliusson. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1, R. An- thony; 2, J. Robinson, Roytoii; 3, C. Thelius- son. Ditto, black, cock or cockerel: 1 and 3, J. Lewis; 2, J. A. (aveT, I 'pheKend. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1 and 5, J. Lewis; 2, R. Anthony. Ditto, blue-, cock or cockerel, leu or pullet: 1, W. Sl«ter; 2, J. Turner, CoiiLhani; 3, W. H. Davies. Pwllheli. Ditto, wy other colour, hen or pullet: 1. W. L. Horbury; 2, R. Anthony; 3, W. Foulds, Leicester. Langshan, any colour, cock or cockerel: 1. R. Anthony; 2, J. P i-ekeri !i. Nantwich; 3, C. Thelluseon. Ditto, hen or pul- let: 1 and 3, R. Anthony; 2. J. Pickerill. Camp- ines: I an4 2, A. H in ton, Conway; 3. Dr. S. K. Duakia, London. Any ot/iiec variety riot pro- viously mentioned, cook or cockerel: 1, R. An- thony; 2, C. Theliusson; 3, E. Williams, Llan- sa-nnaii. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1, R. Anthony; 2, W. and J. H. Heys. Bantam, modern game, any colour, cock or cockerel: 1, J. Lewis; 2, T. H. Stretch, Ormskirk; 3, W. and J. II. H-eys. Ditto, hen or pullet: 1, T. H. Stretch; 2 and 3, J. Lewis. Ditto, any other variety, cock or cockerel: 1, Miss Preston, Lancaster; W. and J. H. Heys. Ditto, hen. or pullet: 1, W. and' J. H. Heys; 2, Miss Preston; 3, J. Price, Mold. Drake or duck, Aylesbury or Tekin: 1, J. Long- ton, Chapel-en le-Frith; 2, J. Wheat ley, Bolton I Percy; 3, P. Roberts, Ruthin. Ditto, Orping- ton: 1. 2, and 3, A- E. Brown, C'hislchurst. Ditto, any other variety 1, R. Alty, Ormskirk; 2, R. Mercer, Halewood; 3 R. Anthony. Sel- ling- class, any variety poultry, either rex: 1, J. I-ewis; 2, R. Anthony; 3, W. L. Horbury, Biomborough. Ditto: 1, R. Anthony; 2, J. Lewis; 3, G. Faulkner. Local Poultry.— Plymouth rock, cock or cockerel, hen or pullet: 1 and 3, W. E. Samuel, Wrexham; 2, J. Evans, Llangerniew. Orping- ton, cock or cockerel, hen or pullet: 1, R. Wil- liams, Mold; 2, J. Crofts, Ilawarden; 3, Mrs Davies Cooke, Rhydymwyn. Wyandotte, any colour, cock or cockerel: 1, W. R. Owen, Holy- well; 2, A. E. Lloyd, Bagiiit. Any other varie- ty not previously mentioned, ccck or cockerel: 1. T. II. Edwaids, Chirk; 2, W. R. Owen, Holy- well; 3, J. T. Mitchell, Northop. Any o-,dior variety not previously mentioned, hen or pullet: 1, R. Wiiliams, Mold; 2, J. M. Williams, Rur.hin; 3, R. Cunnah, Mold. or duck, any variety: 1, II. Williams, Ruthin; 2, T. R. Parry, Wrexham; 3, P. Roberts, Ruthin. PIGEONS. Open to United Kingdom.-DTipntal frill, cock: 1 and 2, A. Maitland, Chester; 3 and spe- cial, Citpt. E. H. Davies, Mold. Oriental frill, hen: 1 and 3, A. Maitiand; 2, G. GibiOii, Cast let cn. Dragon, cock: 1 and special, C. Faulkner, Holmes Chapel; 2, G. Iball, Oxton; 3, A. Ekigftr, Leytonstone. Dragon, hen: 1, C. Iball, Oxton; 2, A. Edgar, Leytonstone; v, E. c. Stretch, Ormskirk. Owl, English, coeK or hell: 1, 2, and special, R. Arkwright, Bhxekpool; 3, W. L. Horbury, Bromborough. Tippler, oock: 1 and 3, 15. 11. Wedgwcod, Blyth Budge; 2, C. Griffin, Llanelly. Tippler, hen 1, b. H. Wedge-wood; 2, A. Kcstromin, Swansea; 3, T. J. Harns, Swansea. Tumber, cock or hen: 1, W. Seward, Liyerpool; 2, II. S. Anthony Chor ley; 3, W. T. Negus, Camborne. Any other variety (except Homer), cock 1 and spe- oia-I, G. Bradley, lleswail-on-Dee; 2, C. Griilin, Llanelly; 3, W, T. Negus, Cambornp. Short- faced, cock ori hen, bred in 1910: 1 and special, A. Mai viand 2, R. Arkwright; 3, D. Ilall, Hazel Grove. Selling c'ass (except Homer), price not to exceed1 JB1 Is OJ, G. Iball, Oxton; 2, A. Ark- wright; 3, H. S. Anthony, Chorlev. Show Ilomer, chequer or chequer pied, cock or hen 1, arbd A. Maitiand; 2, II. Arkwright; 3, II. Lea, Flint. Show Homer, chequer or chequer pied, ccck or hen, bred in 1910: 1 and special, S. May, Edgbarton; 2, R. Arkwright; 3, G. Worry, L pion. Show Hcrner, cock or hen, price not to exceed £ 1: 1, D. Beadles, Iloiy- well; 2, R. Arkwrig'ht; 3, A. Maitiand. Flying Homer, chequer or chequer pied, cock: 1, G. II. Bodden, Tarvm; 2, C. Ball, Crewe; 3, W. A. R. Heaven, Harrogate. Flying Homer, chequer or chequer pied hen: 1, W. A. R. Heaven; 2, C. Ball, Crewe; 3, H. S. Anthony, Choricy. Flying Ilomer, chequer or chequer pied, eoek or hen, bred in 1910: 1 and special, R. Ark- wright. Flying Homer, a.ny other colour, hen 1, E. Lamb, Blackpool; 2, A. J. Way, Launees- ton; 3, T. Walton, Ù,dn. Flying Homer, any other colour, cock or hen, bred in 1910: 1, 2, and special: W. A. R. Hea\en; 3, W. L. Her bury, Bromborough. Flying Homer, any col- our, cock or hen, having flown 300 miles 1, T. Walton, Silsden; 2, W. L. IIorbury, Brombor- ough; 3, Wihiams Brothers, Wrexham. Fly- ing Homer, any colour, oock or hen, having flown 200 miles: 1 and special, T. Walton; 2, W. L. Horbury; 3, E. Angel, Rhyl. Flying Homer, any colour, cock or hen, having flown 100 miles: 1, R. Arkwright; 2, T. Walton, Sils- den; 3, E. Ang'el, Rhyl. Flying Homer, any colour price not, exceeding El Is and special, W. Sewardl, Liverpool; 2, R. Arkwright; 3, II. S. Anthony, Chorlev. DOGS. Competitions in first 55 classes, open to United Kingdom.— Co Lie, rough or smooth, dog or bitch, puppy; 1, T. II. Stretch, Ormskirk; 2, Robert Hughes, Bangor; 3, Tom Miller, Shrews- bury. Ditto novice: 1, T. II. Stretch, iOrms- kirk; 2. Irene Jones, Holywell; 3, N". G. Powell, Lianrwst. Ditto graduate: 1, T. H. Stretch; 2, Tom Millar; 3, T. R. Jones, Pc.n- miichno. Collie, rough, dog or bitch, limit: 1. Tom Millar; 2, Robert Hughes, Bangor. Col- lie dog or bitch, open: 1, T. H. Stretch; 2, Tom Miliar; 3, T. R. Jones. Fox terrier, dog cr bitch, maiden: 1, George Rajier, Comcrsal; 2, H. B. Palmer, Stockport; 3, Mrs A. R. Hughes, BagilU. Ditto, puppy: 1, George l-taper; 2, II. B. Palmer; 3, Edwin Powell, Shrewsbury. D.tto novice 1, George Ra-per; 2, 11, B. Palmer; 3, Edwin Powell. Ditto, graduate: 1, Stanley Ixunus. St-cckport; 2, Edwin Powell; 3, George Raper. Ditto, limit: 1, Stanley 1.4Drnai, Stock- port; 2, Edwin Powell; 3, George Rapr. Ditto, open: 1, George Raper; 2, J. H. and P. H. Wright. Didsb..ry 3, Mrs Fred Appleby Meols. Welsh terrier, dog or bitch, puppy: 1, Frank Arundale, Colwyn Bay; 2, John Thomas, Port rnadoc; 3, R. M. Jones. Ditto, novice: 1. W. Evans Eccles; 2, F. Arundale, Colwyn Bay; 3, J. Thomas, Portmadoe. Ditto, graduate: 1. W. [ Evans, Eccles; 2, R. M. Jones, Portmadoe; 3, F. Price, Colwyn Bay. Ditto, dog or bitch, limit: 1, W. C. Roberts, Llandudno; 2, W. Evans, Eccles; 3, R. M. Jones, Portmadoe. Ditto, open: 1, W. C. Roberts, Llandudno; 2. D. Dunkerley, Rhyl; 3, J. G. Parry, r Cileen. Irish terrier, dog or bitch, graduate: I, T. H. Jones, Colwyn Bay; 2, G. Bailey, Ilawarden 3, J. Jones, Mold. Ditto, open 1, J. W. McAleenan, Southpoit; 2, G. Bai'ey, ilawarden; 3, T. H. Jones, Colwyn Bay. Spaniel, clumber, dog or bitch, novice: 1. H. D. Williams, Caerwys; 2, J. and W. Griffith, Trefnant. Ditto, limit: 1 and 3, 11. D. Wil- liams, Caerwys; 2, J. and W. Griffith, Tref- nant. Ditto, open 1 and 3, H. D. Williams, Caerwys; 2, J. and W. Griffith, Trefnant. Spaniel, cocker, dog or bitch, puppy 1, G. Howard, Slough; 2, W. Shingler, Colwyn Bay. Ditto, novice: 1, Mrs E. L. Adams, Hawardeu; 2, R. Evans, Llandudno 3, Ii. A. Grocott, Shrewsbury. Ditto, graduate: 1, Mrs E. L. Admns, Ha warden 2, G. Jones, Denbigh; 3, R. Evans, Llandudno. Ditto, limit: 1, E. L. Adams, Hawarden; 2, G. en; Howard, Slough; 3, G. Jones, Denbigh. Ditto, open: 1, G. Howard. Slough; 2, Mrs E. L. Adams, Hawarden; 3, G. Jones, Den- bigh. Bull, dog or bitch, puppy: 1, R. H. Voss, Bowdon 2, J. Grcgson, Gresford; 3, H. Bate, Wrexham. Ditto, novioe: 1, W. Thomas, Wrexham 2, James Gregson, Grcs- ford; 3, Noel Day. Wrexham. Ditto, do- or bitch, graduate: 1, Charles Done, C^ewe 2, R. H. Yoss, Bowdon; 3, Arthur Roberts, Colwyn Bay. Ditto, dog or bitch, limit: 1, Charles Done, Crewe; 2, Mrs May, Rhvl: 3, Charles W. Brown, Manchester. Ditto, dog or bitch, open 1, James Wood bridge, Liver- pool 2, Mrs May, Rhyl; 3, Charles W. Brown. Pomeranian, or pom miniature (mixed), dog or bitch, puppy: 1. Mrs Hall Walker, London; 2, W. Atherton, South- port. Ditto, dog or bitch, novice: 1, W. Atherton, Southpoit; 2, Mrs H. Smith, Col- wyn Bay; 3, Mrs J. H. Hall. Rhyl. Ditto, graduate: 1, Mrs Hall Walker; 2, W. Ather- ton 3, Wm. Ed. Singleton. Southport. Ditto, limit: 1, Mrs Hall Walker; 2, L. C. Dyer. Llangollen; 3, W. Atherton. Ditto, open: 1, Mrs Hall Walker; 2, W. Atherton; 3, L. C. Dyer. Pug, dog or bitch, graduate: 1. Mrs Bert Wdieatley, Southport; 2, G. F. Davies, Moston 3, S. B. Richardson, Liver- pool. Ditto, limit: 1, G. F. Davies; 2, S. B. Ricliardsor.; 3, Mrs Treliearn Jones, O'd Colwyn. D'tto, open 1, Mrs Bert ley; 2, Mrs G. F. Davies, Moston; 3, Mrs Trehearn Jones. Sehipperke. dog or bitch, graduate: I.Edward Quill Oldham; 2, BarCe J. Kehoe, Higher Broughton; 3, W. J. L'therland, Birkenhead. Ditto, limit: 1, Edward Quin; 2, Birt.14-- J. Kehoe; 3, W. J. Lftherland. Ditto, open 1, Edwin Quin 2. Bartle J. Kehoe; 3, W. J. Li-theriand. Sport- ing dog or bitch, any breed not previously mentioned, limit: 1, Miss GrTffith, Trefnant"; R; 2. S. B. Richardson 3. John Taylor, Colwvn Bay. Non-sporting, dog or bitc'h. any breed not previously named, limit: 1, L. C. Dyer; 2, Mrs C. Done. Sporting, any breed/dog or b'teh, graduate: 1, G. Raper, Gomersal; 2, Stanley Lomas, Stockport; 3, S. B. Richardson, Liverpool. Non-sporting (any breed), dog or t;tch, graduate: 1, Mrs Bert Wbeatley, Southport; 2, Phylip Soorn, Man- chester; 3, S. B. Richardson, Liverpool. Ditto, puppy: 1, T. H. Stretch, Ormskirk; 2, Edwin Powell, Shrewsbury. 3, R. H. Yoss, Bowdon. Ditto, novice: 1, Geo. Riper, Gomersal; 2, T. H. Stretch, Ormskirk; 3, Edwin Powell, Shrewsbury. Ditto, graduate: 1, Geo. Raper; 2, Stanley Lomas, Stoekport. Ditto, htmt: 1, Mrs May, Rhyl; 2, Geo. Raper; 3, Dr. Chas. W. Brown, Manchester. Ditto, open 1, Geo. Raper; 2, J. H. and P. H. Wrigfet, Didsbury; 3, J. Redwood, Rua- bon. Selling class, dog or bitch, price not to exceed £ 10: 1, Charles Done, Crewe; 2, Jas. Redwood, Cefn Mawr; 3, Thos. Felton, Wrexham. Puppies (any breed), under four months, not less than three in number: 1, Mrs Chas. Done, Crewe; 2, T. H. Burrows, Oswestry; 3, A. Radoliffe, Broughton. Cpllie, rough or smooth, dog or bitch: 1, W. G. Powell, Lianrwst; 2, Irene Jones, Holywell; 3, Ethel M. Elkington, Holywell. Fox terrier, dog or bitch: 1, J. Tregoning, Den- bigh; 2, A. R. Hughes, Bagillt; 3, T. Felton, Wrexham. Spaniel, clumber, dog or bitell: 1 and 3, H. Davies Williams, Caerwys; 2, J. and W. Griffith, Trefnant. Ditto, cocker, dog or bitch: 1, Eva L. Adams, Ilawarden; 2, Geo. Jones, Denbigh; 3, A. M. Mackey and G. P. Whittaker, Gresford. Any other variety, sporting, dog or bitch: 1, Miss Grif- fith, Trefnant-; 2, J. Taylor, Colwyn Bay; 3, Mrs Drink water, Wrexliam. Ditto, i:on- sport-ing, dog or bitch: 1, Mrs May, Rhyl; 2, J. Redmond, Cefn Mawr; 3, L. V. Dyer, Llangollen. Any variety, dog or bitch, graduate: 1, Mrs A. R. Hughes, Bagillt: 2, u 11 Mrs W. Smith, Colwyn Bay; 3, J. Taylor, Colwyn Bay. Puppies (any breed), under four months, not less than three in number: 1, A. Ratclirfe, Broughton; 2, C. Moore, Wrexham; 3, T. H. Hughes, Hope. ANNUAL MEETIfiSG OF MaMBSHS. NEXT YEAln; YEUB. At the annual meeting, Mr Buddicom pre- sided, and among others present were Mr J. Eldon Bankes, K.C., Mr Herbert Lewis, M.P., Mr P. 1'. Pennant, Colonel Mcsham, Colonel Mainwaring, Major Birch, Captain Cole, Messrs E. Webster, T. James, Peter Roberts (Biomiieid;, J. W yune Williams, T. M. Keene, Colonel Howard, R. E. Jones, R. Morris, Frank Lloyd (Wrexham; John Wat kin, Mur- less (Wrexham), C. P. Sheffield (ido.d), A. E. Evans (Wrexham), etc. The chief business was to select the site ofn-e-xt year's show. The Secretary said they had endeavoured to come to terms" with Den- bigh, but had failed. They had since ap- proached Wrexham, but they had a rival there in the Welsh National fchow. The Wrexham Town Council had consulted the Farmers' ion, and the latter had un- animously decided to recommend that the Denbigh and Flint Show be invited, to Wrex- ham in lUll. Mr Murless explained that the Town Coun- cil felt they were under a promise to invito th,e Welsh National Society to Wrexham during the coming year, but in saying this he was not speaking in an official capacity, lie hoped that notning would be done un- less there was an invitation to that Society from the Town Council. On the proposition of the President it was decided to defer the question until the October meeting, and that in the meantime the fcociety's representatives meet the Wrex- ham Council and endeavour to come to some arrangement. MR HERBERT LEWIS, M.P., ON THE ESSENTIALS OF A SHOW. At the luncheon Mr Herbert Lewis, M.P., proposed Success to the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society. He re- marked that three essentials of a good show werct—good men at the helm, a smiling sky to attract as many visitors as possible, and a record number of exhibitors. He congratu- lated the Society upon having all these factors that day (hear, hear). The Society, however, did not exist for the purposes of the show only. It existed in order to de- velop agriculture, and however great might be the pride of the prize winners and the de- light of tho visitors, these were not the only objects of the Society. He hoped the Society would continue to flourish, so that agriculture in that county and the adjoin- ing county of Denbigh might be improved. He trusted the Society would fulfil to the uttermost those high hopes which they enter- tained of its future (applause). In responding. Mr Pennant (chairman of the Finance Committee), said the Society he.d that day put forth its whole strength in a most marvellous way. He was not express- ing his own opinion, but the opinion of ex- perts when he said that the show that day waa most excellent (hear, hear). Their standard of agricultural shows at tho pre- sent time was rather exalted, because it was only -a few weeks ago that they had the great •Royal Show within a comparatively short distance from that place. It was most satis- factory that they should have such a. large number of excellent exhibits on the ground, and that there should be such large num- bers of agriculturists and others present to look at those exhibits (hear, hear). As Mr Lewis had that Society existed for the promotion of agriculture, and he had not the slightest hesitation in saying that the Society had thoroughly succeeded in carrying out this object by showing farmers the char- acter of the stock they ought to possess (hear, hear). "The President" was proposed by Mr T. M. Keene, and was suitably acknowledged by Mr Buddicom.