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CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCA- TION COMMITTEE. SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATIONS. COMPLAINTS AND GRAEVANCES. APPOINTMENT OF A HEADMISTRESS. (From Our Rt-pcrtcn). A ""J' Ed <L-:('V11lg of t.\e Carnan'o¡:Jure :l.atJOn eol1.!11Jltoo was he.:d to-d¡y w(.'{',k at t,tw Ûh'ty EduC"aLon Offices, C,.rnarvon. 'fhø <>U:rman (1r D. P. \Vil.liams) pr.Sie-d <1nd t 1\ r IHQInoe,r& pæ3Cnt mdud.,d 1\'1153 Murel cr¡(;e D I r. H-obelft PrTy, Dr. tWbcrt O\VCII.' Jors bsarù Da.Yics, J. R. PritcJmrù, H.. O. MYS. W. W. L}{)yd, r:.hys J. Huws, Oe.rt<, rs rw 'ph Fi,mcr, John Owen, ltolK>¡-t nu- l!d G. O. Jones, J. '1'. Jon c.']" W. J. Pan-yo hi}\:hert.s,. Itichard Da"-es, ltev. '1'. 1; onc. JQll:¡¡ n K Ju;¡.e<.>, M¡¡;ury' J'On. hloa.rd ,tJl tho t,l'crctary (J'iJr Evan E,. Dane:), t">lstant S.ooretMY (Mr D.. l'homa,), and £ rohit.œt (Ml' Rowland L. Jonof'S). l'l{,ANCE SC1'TOLAltSHIP EXAMIKA. 11' 1 C)-N. NN-IIO DLVUL-C.ED Tlll-?? P,?ESUI,T?c,? I-' foIlcvv?,n,? iNra. in t?ie 1-uport, of !].a v;ng bee,il i*1.?o?-txd at re liri-own 'Ll bo of tl??e eximinatl(yn i-w-uts Nve t?ho L-t, Nvere it m-lved tvi?,t th,3 r wi?c?'hef ar'Y exPl-na- 'UTA b,3 t that tlic sobolar-.bdps of 4C-5 a,.h t i e4 enabi-e 'or f,ur ye-l.-s siouli Ie. awa"- l?"beqt W. llujiii-,hi-c,,vs, Trcc-4yrailt Couxi(?il Pwilholl, &,n.-d f? ii-or-cn ce ilal!, Girls' X%l 11,3;t (,;?Lrii,arvixi, I'?ie t,,)p boy and girl "tivel tdie. C?CiLLlkty. y in qut"stlon (,f subjccls at tlio exaii-iiiia*. Lic?n %vas referred ;W,t,?? Nluri-ol Pr*e, Mr P?d. 1), Llo?,d and Ni-,? -,t-s Evan Evans ard AW l?liarr,, for ar, report. m 11 1 r 1-??;ard Dvit?:s, in io?ler,?ine?e t<) din.ul"i f 0 the exau 'rDati<>n restilti, isaid ? rL?, tho z?up?,rm',c?ndent ex- h,),d aie exa.!riiiiers if they CIGLI]D ;lay explaiiat*>n. wer.0 t-he oi-ilv ,0,, cnew ?hc re..)u?,t.- L?ciore they wello lvho I and U.y -d-,?,n;(-,d diN-ulgI.iig any in- ai kb.! J. R. llrj't,(,,bard tbc>u,-Iit tlo Lsts '-4hould be il,shf,(i. i-riiiiied:ate?ly thcy wore received. The U.tb3,, waa i-nal?*ng itself i?,fiiculou; "With Q,: "AL?VON TEIACI-IFRS' REPUDIATION. 74 rl? I '??pd Davies stated tiiat a lettor bad been %NV f Nir Eva.-is, of t?l-io (,arnarvoii roill to 111(3 f<)Ilow'i4 efl,.?et:-rh.3 at a n-R-otin, held oiii Wedbeeday in- ttio char,-es and sugge-tions whiob bc-an nia(i?,- at ?he Carnz-x-voi C?overn- to tji-e offect th"t tlw tea-Wiers of the 41 r%7,)ri COLU,< School 1,,a.(! gi,veit I)rivaw to c?"' I-,ours an(i had L,.c-cn d it r-?'m r" 4iiaii-L,ers are siti,?ific-d (a), thaii no 4 ?'l.L6 beo?i mado to ali,,i tA-3aciior fDr work S,3hool? hc?urs; (b), thait no work oilt- I hours ?Nes undertaken ard oo-n,,?, v?o pay,,i-ticlit oould be r,-o6ved for it; that the iv-hol-e? w--h.iiie of work for the year a'LI-Lfully c.Lrr:d out throu.-bout,, including -Adurd, 5, 6 and 7; (d), that iifi, rpec'al ola4?s for oounty 9L-liout s&.oleraiiij? N?,w he?ld school hours (-,r otit8ido w-)hool- Fduca- h<)iild an inqu'Lry be held by tlio 44-% nuiubtee, the headtezwh?,,r and staff Ta.r,ed tD, oonfirm state-.irenta. 'I'lie are. ploaaed to fir).l ti.,ai Ca t -,o iiiany boys Da- -,nt. aro unable to l,ay f-or privatoe- f)avo gairiod s,-?holar,4hir)s in the merit L. J. R. Priicliard laud,,d the (?,arnarvon Sohool wliioh, 'lie said, ww as ui ti?o iriatter of tLLiltion of pupils dur- 'Ours ali tlw boy-s whool. No clat3ses i 4ar'ug Eo6lpDol h<)-ut?s. There tilt he newspaper sa?,d, dis- S"tl" 1--d' tlj" He aK)w un&rqtood tl,)e *v?-re ix>ally level'?1--?d. against soc?hools out- i4r j,,h n Owon thoLL,?bt inqu-iries Gliouli b?-- 14 t t4'rougbout GIK-) countv as to tb.t-? pra?c-tice.) L:?tilors in zogiard to th-o exa 'iiatioiis. He ilu S,()mc hoadt-eaol)ors prepared tl-.?eir I)Lt of school iioui-6 ar.d lorm-od selwiarsaiii) but rherx, -?h(>uld be a urkif-orni rule thivugh- C,.Unty. the runiour Jones ,m?d th,&t be Imrd 1, tl-? C.Lriiarvon Council Sobool. %tl,6 S?-crotary Lnturiatod Lh--t lj(,, liad I.he of the beadtcao'?ier of the tk>p boy in ,N ,ty that lic did not an 'I-,our's special 1 fc>r t,i,? exauii", 'Lon during soh<-),ul Rev W W l,.oycl asl.od wlietlo--Yr it was not t?at if t.he c?mnkiidates were taugfit ovt!r %vh-om t?4? FAiucatian Com- t no wiitrol. Rliys J. lluws thought thore Itlot?"II(I be V. tionii with r?egard to the it some r.ula 1 1 q,L Ion. kh""b Cll,-tirman We have rc--uJatio-ns, but are 'lot stringent enoi;,?h. was asked to in(juir-c into the ;n th-o d,scus.?.o.,i. ()0 YOUNG I-'OR -,C'HOLkltSI-IIP. "P,?, Fi?,?her comp'ain,c-d that the 'lop the Bang?)i- d'str?*ct (who liailed from Al? 'f4i'fechan) had 'l),mii refused a Echolar- P, beejuse he was under tt-.ti years -of Islard Dav,'cs tliou,,Iit th-o Bi-n,,?,or ouid 'Ilow the'bov the scholar- 3h a m it -was the intent?<)n ?f the scheme 4ti bo ys in the County School?S at as early 1 "9" as possible, $41"1; Ch,airman: I think the scholarship r 'Du '(I be dcferrcd until the boy is t-en ears 14 'isher: P,?r-l-i,,tps we mi-ht get the facts t I t! u the Bangor Governors ire rather su6- tA Chairman sa'd there would be no harm attent'o-i? t-o the fact. fi?tv. P,hy'c, Huws suco,'ested that the kill- Ittbe were Int-c-rfering rather -undu.y the Cirovernors. Had the 1-?oy the ri,-ht Vsfcp at the examination seeing he was under Th ? t? Secretary v.'as asked to make inquiries ? matter. ??. ?oh.n Owen .said the who?e scheme of ?Qations should be overhauled. ?ANDUDNO JUNCTION INFANTS' ? SCHOOL. ?."? following' candidates who wore appli- ??. for the post of Headmistress of the ??'?dno Junction Infants' School appeared ?? th'e committee:—Mi&s E. A. Bennett, ??'??sgaer; Miss Jennie Grimths, supply ??? M the county; ?nd Miss Ellen Ro- ?. Bethcsda. t?? Issard Davi-o? asked whether Welsh was '?a.??? ? this school, which was situate in t?' ?'as regarded as th<e most Anglicised ? ?'? of the county? ? t? ??'?'t Roberts thought it rather late ?? ? ??y to raise that question. It should ?., ?c?n raided before the short list was T??- ?h?Chairjnan said the scheme of the com- ? th? ?? based upon WelsL being essential ?case of infants. <ss? wisher agr€<d that a Welsh teacher was ?o C?? ?? ? school. jAn English teacher ?Q?*?d been teaching at the school said she ?))t? ?t extremely dimcult to teach the in- ?t .?h'ldrea owing to her ignorance of ?? — Be hoped the committee would exer- ? ???? ca.Te in making the appointment, as ? ??Bt appointments had not quite pleased ?Public. ?'? ? large major'ty, M?s Jennie Grimth ?? ??3 a pupil teacher at the BIaenau Fes- ?)?. S Girls? Scl)oo?.. and was trained at Ban-?) ?Ls appointed. ? INSPECTION OF PLANS. ??.?sher complained that members of th? ?U1 ?? ?? ??? have the opportunities they ? J?osaess to ijispect plans of new schools. ''t:M'?u?d like to 8e-e the p'ans of the new <i?r Standard School to be erected at Llan- ?. ?6 ? ?airman agreed that facilities should ? ?a members to view plans. ?1 ??? stated that residents of Llandudno ?. have an opportunity of inspecting- the ? '?' ?? ?? "'?? scliool at Llandudno bei'ore ? ??c.c?d. ? ?'JOL CHILDREN AMIDST INSANI- ? TA!.Y SURROUNDINGS. ??t? s"? I-?Y"B referring to the last Te- ? ?t Dr. Owen, the medical inspector for '??'?'?hern part of the county, commented t?M large number of children who were '?* to come from homes whose accommoda- ? .??sisted of one or two rooms. What ??t ??' ? asked, of building expensive ?Q bu.ildicgs if such scandals were to be S.??? -? ?" ?ucational bo-dy he thought. ? ??.?u?y to call the serious attentio<i of ??ary authorities to tJbe matter. On the suggestion of the Chairman, Mr Da- vies agreed to bring the matter up again at the next meeting ot the committee. In their report, the Medical Inspection C,o.,nr.iitte-e thit tile ent?-' li r lp in the medical inspection schedules in the schools were not intelligible to the head- teachers, and resulted in much of the benefit which should be derived from medical in- spection, being lost. It was lelfc that the little help and sympathy which the teacher could give the child would be infinitely more valuable than volumes of statistics, -and a re- solution was passed calling upon the medical inspectors to till in their schedules in an in- telligible manner. OFFICE PETTY CASH. Mr Issard Davies referred to the following item in the report of the Financ-e Committee for July :—"Office Petty Cash and Disburse- | ments Account, £ 325," and said he thought the sum rather high. Dr. Parry, the chairman of the Finance Committee, said he supposed the sum had boen audited. He could not give any further information. The Treasurer explained that the items included all sums he was empowered to pay under -"5, such as for furniture, wages, travel!' of teacher- T).ogtap,,es, etc. III, exlwtls??s The postages cam, to = £ 8 a month. Mr J. T. Jones rose to speak, when Mr Issard Davies interposed with the remark: "Never mind personalities. I know you are very fond of inc" (laughter). Mr J. T. Jones: Oh, yes. APPOINTMENT OF MANAGERS. I Mr Ed. Roberts suggested that the hcad- miasters of the intermediate schools in the county should be appointed managers of the elementary schools .in their districts. Mr John Owen said that from what he knew of the headmasters of the intermediate schools they would not bo an acquisition to the com- mittees of managers. al' 'flie Chairm r-einarkk?,d that the appoint- s in the co-Ltntv NY-a, ca--r'ed m-ent of mani-,er ry sl;.p-sii-?d m--nner.' out '?n a ve DEFECTIVE CHILDREN. I A letter from the Denbighshire Authority re- specting the desirability of joint action in pro viding a school for blind, deaf and dumb, and defective children for North Wales was con- 'dej I I -(,d, and Mr Iss,,ir(i Dztv*s and Mr Mauri-Ic s Jones were appointed to attend a conference convened for the purpose. TRAINING OF TEACHERS. The Board of Education having been informed of the Education Committee's decision to ci-j- continue the bursar and student teacher syste-n of training teachers, wrote asking for informa- tion on the following points:—Whether ifio Authority will secure a plentiful supply of teach- ers for elementary schools. The Board think it probable that a considerable proportion of tue candidates whose applications the Authority ex- pect to receive will be disposed in point of fact to teach in secondary schools. Whether a suffi cient proportion of such applications will bu from young persons who arc likely to become teachers and good teachcrs in rural schools. The Board consider that the majority of the applicants -vili be town-bred boys and girls who will almost i- ways under present conditions be unwilling and occasionally by unable to take positions as teach- ers in country schools. In order to secure a sup- ply of boys and girls from the country districts, which are often remote from the secondary schools, it is probably necessary to offer adequate maintenance allowances and other forms of .s. sistance. It was decided to inform the Board that in Carnarvonshire there is a greater number of ap- plicants for admission to the teaching profession fron. rural districts than from urban districts. Out of the 21 bursars appointed by the committee in 1907 there were none from Bangor or Llan- dudno and only one from Carnarvon. Of tho 24 bursars appointed in 1908, there were but tvo from Bangor and none from Llandudno. Of M-a 15 who applied for a bursarship in 1909, there was only one from Bangor and none from Llan- dudno. PICTURES FOR SCHOOLS. The sub-committee for the provision of school pictures recommended that the suggestions of H.M. Inspectors thaf the school walls be bright- ened and decorated by suitable pictures be ear- ned into effect, and that tne committee make a contribution of 4d per heart on the number f scholars on roll of a school, towards providing suitable pictures, providing the managers found an equivalent sum, either from private contribu- tion, school concerts, or from the allowance mads by the committee for ordinary school regulations. The committee's contribution is not to cxcold JJ50 in any one year. EVENING SCHOOLS. A letter was read from the Board of Educa- tion intimating that on the understanding that more suitable arrangements in regard to the pay- ment of teachers for the year 1910-11 will tie made, the Board are prepared to exceptionally relax the conditions of Art. 19 of the lLegulations, and that they will not make a deduction trcm the grant which may be payable in respect of the classes for the session 1909-10. It was resolved that a conference be held en ?Ibiect of eveiin,- schools with the hei-I the teachers of the. el,?nientary schools and ti,,t II.M. Inspectors, Dr. W. Williams an? m,, L. Roberts be invited to attend. SCHOOL ACCIDENTS. A number of letters were submitted containing particulars of accidents which had happened to school children since the last meeting through a variety of causes, and the Secretary was in- structed in all future cases where accidents were reported, if it appearee that such accidents had boon brought about in any way owing to the condition of the school premises, to obtain a detailed report upon the matter from a nembcr of the building staff, for the consideration ol the Building Committee.



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