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0--+-- THE MARQUIS AND HIS BALLOON. A EXTINGUISHED CELEBRANT. THE Marquis of Anglesey is anxious about the whereabouts of a, large balloon which was to have been sent up on Thursday night in commemora- tion of the Kind's birthday The balloon was sent down to the Menai Bridge gasworks to be in- flated, and it was to have been taken up to Anglesey Castle, two miles distant, in tow of his lordship's motor car. Unfortunately about half way to Llaufair P.G. the balloon broke loose, and got entangled in the telegraph wires. The motor car driver went to the nearest farm for a ladder and assistance, but upon his return he saw that the balloon, having extricated itpelf, was sailiug nicely away in the direction of Holyhead.


Rhyl Urban District Council.

4, Public=House Trust Movement…

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. Welsh Property Market.


Sale of the Colwyn Bay Model…


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