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The fourth annual flower show under the auspices of the Llanharran, Peterston-super- Montem, Pencoed, Llanilid, and Llanharry Horticultural Society, which was held on Bank Holiday proved a great success, not- withstanding the many counter-attractions in the district. The event was held in the picturesquely situated cricket field, kindly lent by Mr. J. Blandy Jenkins, of Llanliarran House. The exhibits, which were more numerous than on any previous occasion, i were staged in a spacious marquee, and a fine appearance was presented. The quality of the produce was of a high standard, and elicited much praise from the judges. The show of flowers was exceedingly fine, and Messrs. Cooke and Sons, Bridgend, had a show display which was staged at the en- trance to the marquee. Last velar an eis- teddfod was held in connection with the show but it did not justify the committee's depar- ture, and this year no eisteddfodic pro- gramme was arranged. The committee, however, followed the Cowbridge and Dis- trict Horticultural Society in instituting a poultry and pigeon section. The entries in this department were fewer than had been expected, a good many classes having to be cancelled. During the afternoon an excel- lent programme was executed by the Blaen- garw Brass Band, and an enjoyable feature of the afternoon's proceedings was the im- promptu sports. This year's presidents of the society are Mr. J. Blandy Jenkins and Mr. T. J. Masters, of Lanelay Hall. The judges were: Vegetables, Mr. T. Beynon (head gardener at Lanelay Hall) and Mr. Carter. Miskin farm produce, poultry, etc.. Mrs. Morgan, St. Mary Church, and Miss John. Pencoecl; pigeons. Mr. E. W. Davies. Cowbridge; live poultry. Miss N. Edwards. Gloucester. The duties of secretary were en- trusted to Mr. D. Harvey (stationmaster). Mrs. J. Blandy Jenkins is the treasurer of the society, Mr. J. Smith chairman of the committee, and Mr. A. J. Jenks vice-chair- man. the other members including Messrs. W. Hughes. H. Webber. T. Sedgebeer, E. Thomas, W. Morgan. D. E. Davies, J. Preece, M. Llovd, S. Gronow, F. Ball, G. Trotman, E. John. Chas. Harris, T. Lewis, W. Holland, Ward David, and J. Morgan. The stewards of the pigeon and poultry sec- tion were Messrs. J. Preece, G. Trotman, and T. Sedgebeer. Awards: OPEN CLASSES. Six Dahlias: 1, D. Adams, Ton Brigam; 2, H. Adams, Penlline; 3, E. John, Llan- harran. T T Sweet Peas (six colours): I, J. Deacon, Penyfai. Gooseberries: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams; 3, T. Radciitfe, Llanharry. Black Currants: 1, D. Adams; 2, H. Adams. 4 Red Currants: 1, H. Adams; D. Adams. Collection of Vegetables: 1. J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams; 3, E. John. Kidney Potatoes: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams; 3. H. Page, Llanharry. Round Potatoes: 1. C. Dare, LIanharran; 2, D. Adams: 3, H. Page. Peas: 1, C. Dare; 2, W. Morgan, Llan- harran. Broad Beans: 1. J. Deacon; 2, W. Mor- Runner Beans: 1, D. Adams; 2, H. Adams; 3, J. Preece, Llanharran. White Celery: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams; 3, W. Morgan. Red Celery: 1. D. Adams; 2. W. Morgan. Parsnips: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams; 3, H. Adams. Carrots: 1, D. Adams; 2, H. Adams; 3, J. Deacon. Spring Onions: 1. D. Adams; 2, H. Adams; 3, T. Radcliffe. Autumn Onions: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams. Leeks: 1, J. Deacon; 2. T. Radcliffe. White Cabbage: 1. H. Page; 2, D. Adams; 3, E. John. Brace of Cucumbers: 1, J. Deacon. Beet Root: 1. D. Adams; 2, T. Radcliffe; 3, W. Greenslade, Llanharran. Tomatoes: 1. W. H. Williams, Llangan; 2, C. Dare; 3, J. Ambury, llanharry. 31b. Jars of Honey: 1, W. H. Williams; 2, C. Davies. Best arranged basket of Wild Flowers (open to school children): 1, T. Perkins; 2, T. Miles. COTTAGERS' CLASSES. Four Window Plants: 1, G. Trotman, Llanliarran; 2, F. Ball; 3, A. Nash, Llan- harran. Single Plant, any kind 1, William Mor- gan 2, F. Ball; 3, W. Morris, Pontyclun. Stocks (3 varieties): 1, F. Ball; 2, H. North, Llanharran. Nosegay of Garden Flowers: 1, F. Ball; 2, C. Dare; 3, G. Trotman. Pansies 1, C. Dare. Bunches of Cut Flowers: 1, F. Ball; 2, G. Trotman. Bunches of Sweet Peas: 1, C. Dare; 2, G. Trotman; 3, G. Smith, Llanharran. Black Currants: 1, H. P'age; 2, C. Ley, Llanharran; 3, C. Dare. Red Currants: 1, H. Page; 2, C. Dare. Gooseberries .1, H. Page. Six Apples: 1, C. Ley; 2, W. Greenslade. Collection of Vegetables: 1. H. Page. Collection of Potatoes: 1. C. Dare; 2, A. Page 3, A. Williams, Pencoed. Kidney Potatoes 1, H. P'age 2, A. Wil- liams; 3, C. Dare. Round Potatoes: 1, H. Page; 2, C. Ley; 3, A. Williams. Broad Beans: 1, C. Dare; 2, A. Williams; 3, H. Cotterel, Llanharran. Peas: 1, D. Adams; 2, C. Dare; 3, A. Williams. Runner Beans: 1, H. Chatterton, Pen- coed; 2, A. Williams; 3, W. Hughes, Llan- harran. Dwarf Beans: 1, A. Williams; 2, J. Nash. Llanharran; 3, D. Davies, Llanharran. Cauliflower 1, D. Davies: 2, D. Nash. WllIte Cabbage: 1, D. Davies; 2, H. Page. Red Cabbage 1, H. Page 2, D. Davies. Carrots: 1. H. Chatterton; 2, T. Wil- liams; 3, A. Williams. Parsnips: 1, H. Chatterton; 2, T. Wil- liams; 3, A. Williams. Red Celery: 1, A. Williams; 2, T. Wil- liams 3, W. Morgan. White Celery: 1, A. Williams; 2, H. Page; 3, T. Williams. Beet Koot: 1, H. Chatterton; 2, J. Nash. Spring unions: 1, T. Williams; 2, H. Chatterton; 3, H. North. Autumn Onions: 1, A. Williams; 2, C. Ley: 3, H. Chatterton. Lettuce: 1, C. Dare; 2, H. Page. Vegetable Marrows: 1, H. Chatterton. Leeks: 1, H. Chatterton; 2, A. Williams. Shalots: 1, D. Jones; 2, H. Chatterton; 3. H. Page. Rhubarb: 1, H. Cotterel; 2, H. North. Cucumbers: 1, H. Chatterton; 2, A. Nash. Raddish 1, C. Ley; 2, H. Chatterton. Basket of Garden Herbs: 1, H. North; 2, F. Ball: 3. C. Dare. Three Turnips: 1. W- Morgan; 2, G. Trotman, Llanharran.. Best kept Flower Garden in Llanharran, Brynna, and Llanharry: 1, F. Ball; 2, W. Morgan 3, J. Smith. Best kept and cropped Cottage Garden in Llanharran, Brynna, and Llanharry: 1, C. Dare; 2, W. Hughes; 3. W. Morgan. Best kept Flower Garden in Pencoed 1, A. Williams; 2, H. Chatterton; 3, R. Arthur. Best kept and cropped Cottage Garden in Pencoed: 1, A. Williams; 2, H. Chatterton; 3. T. Williams. Best kept and cropped allotment in the district: î. J. Preece; 2, W. Morgan; 3, J. Xash. -U" FARMERS' CLASSES. Best Three Cheeses: 1, Mrs. Gronow, LIanbarran. Fresh Butter: 1. Mrs. Gronow. Dozen Eggs: 1, Mrs. Gronow; 2, E. John. Pair of Dressed Fowls: 2, Mrs. Gronow. Pair of Ducks: 1, Mrs. John; 2, Mrs. Lev. N .V. Six vases of Sweet Peas (six varieties): 1, J. Ambury; 2, A. Salter; 3. J. Smith. Prizes given by Mr. S. Willment. Pontyclun. POULTRY, ETC., SECTION. el White Leghorn: 2, John Morgan, Llan- harran.. Wyaudotte, any variety, cock or cockerel: 1, R. Salter, Pontyclun. Wyandotte, hen or pullet: 1, Joseph White, Treorky. Cock or Cockerel, any breed: 1, James James, Treorky; 2, W. Morris, Pontyclun. Hen or Pullett, any breed: 1, James James: 2, W. Morris. Any other variety not mentioned, cock or hen: 1 and v.h.c., Wm. Morris; 2, James James. Bantam, any variety 1, John Casely, Llanharran. Working Homer Pigeon (bred in 1906), cock or hen 1, T. Morris, Port Talbot 2 and 3, R. Salter, Pontyclun. Working Homer (any age): 1 and 2, T. Morris; 3, Charles Dare; vhc.. R. Salter; he., F. Sedgebeer, Llanharran. Any other variety pigeon, cock 1 and 2. 19 T. R. Evans, Aberdare; 2, T. Perk; Lin.i- harran; vhc., D. John, Llanharran. Any other variety pigeon, hen: 1, T. R. Evans; 2, T. Perkins; 3. J. Preece, Llan- harran; vhc., John Ambury, Llanharry.


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