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I MAESTEG GROUP OF SCHOOLS. WANTED, AX INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL OVERCROWDING AT OAKWOOD. The monthly meeting of the managers 01 the Maesteg Group of Schools was held or Friday afternoon, when there were present Messrs. John Howells (in the chair), J. Walters, T. Rees (Nantyffyllon), J. Roderick, T. Morgans, E. Williams, and the deputy clerk (Mr. J. Morgan). The Chairman, referring to Miss Mary J. Lyddon, of Garth School, whom the Inspec- tor stated at the last meeting had failed twice to pass her examination, said lie understood that teacher had not sat at all. It was obvious that some misunderstanding existed. Mr. Morgan explained that pro- bably Mr. Powell was enjoying a holiday, otherwise he would be present at the meeting and could give them an explanation in the matter.—Adjourned. Dr. James, chief education official, wrote, with reference to the managers' recommen- dation for a certificated teacher for Garth School, asking them to confirm the recent appointment or otherwise. It was decided to confirm the appointment. In another letter Dr. James wrote that the unsuccessful candidates at the King's Scholarship Examination would be admitted to positions this year, but would not be ad- mitted in future unless specially recom- mended by the managers. Mr. Mansel Franklen, clerk to the County Council, wrote with regard to the over- crowded state of Oakwood Schools, that no temporary building was available, and asking the managers to consider the advisability of building a Girls' School.—Mr. Morgan pointed out that no increase had been made in the attendance of this school for the past three years, and advised the managers to defer any recommendation for the present.— This was agreed to. A letter was read from Dr. James stating that the question of establishing a secondary school at Maesteg was deferred to the next meeting.—Mr. J. Roderick spoke strongly in support of an Intermediate School.—The managers decided to write the Education Committee expressing satisfaction that the matter was under consideration Dr. James wrote that the Education Com- mittee had decided, as a temporary measure only, to amalgamate the Higher Standards School with the Pupil Teachers' Centre, and appoint Mr. J. Silvan Evans, B.A., as headmaster at a salary of C220 per annum, and appoint Mr. Glover as headmaster of the Plasnewydd Boys' School at a salary of £ 200. Mr. Philip Thomas, of Bethania-street, wrote asking the managers to exempt his daughter, Winifred Thomas, from attending school. He had recently buried his wife, and had no one at home to keep house. His daughter was in the Higher Standards School.—The managers regretted they had no power in the matter. Mr. Llewellyn Evans, of the Nantyffyllon School, wrote resigning his position as pupil teacher owing to entering a training college. Mr. C. W. Samuel, of the Plasnewydd Boys' School, wrote resigning his position as certificated teacher. Miss Lizzie Thomas, of the Maesteg In- fants' School, applied for an increase of sal- ary. pointing out that she had five years ex- perience and was under-paid compared with teachers of the same qualifications and ex- perience in other places.—Mr. Walters re- marked that it was unfair that some teachers received more salary than others who were equally qualified.—It was decided that the clerk write the Education Committee recom- mending an increase of salary. A petition, signed by C. A. Walters, M. Davies, and others, was read, stating that their present salaries were too low to enable them to purchase books for study, and asking the managers to provide an evening course of instruction. The matter was left in abeyance. Miss M. A. Williams, headmistress of the Maesteg Merthyr Infants' School, com- plained of the overcrowded and under-staffed, state of her school. The managers agreed to take the matter into consideration. Mr. Glover reported that all the seven can- didates presented for examination as proba- tioners had passed. Twenty-three out of 27 had passed the labour examination. Having been appointed headmaster for the Plasnewydd Boys' School, he now terminated his engagement at the Higher Standards School, and begged to thank the managers and the clerk for their support in connection with his past diities. Mr. Grice, headmaster of the Nantyffyllon School, wrote complaining of the conduct of Sarah A. Thomas, one of his teachers who, he said, absented herself from school with- out leave. She stated she was ill, but was seen about the roads and at the Market- place. Two of the managers were deputed to see her on the matter, and to caution her that if any further complaints were received she would be dismissed. Miss Bessie Jones wrote resigning her posi- tion in consequence of entering Exeter Col- lege. Miss M. A. Morris wrote withdrawing her application for a position at the Higher Standards' School on account of her health, and asked to remain at the Plasnewydd Girls' School at a salary of £ 75.—The mana- gers agreed to recommend that Miss Morris remain at the Girls' School and that her sal- ary be increased. Miss M. James wrote asking leave to re- main at the Plasnewydd Infants' School until the 14th of September, after which she would leave for college.—Agreed. Mr. F. James wrote asking leave to remain at Garth School until the 10th of September, after which he would leave for college. The managers recommended the appoint- ment of Mr D. J. Jenkins, certificated assist- ant for Garth School, and also an Article 50, instead of Mr. Fred James. Miss Minnie Williams, of the Nantyffvllon School, who tendered her resignation at the last meeting, wrote asking leave to withdraw it. and to be allowed to continue her engage- ment.—Agreed. The Managers recommended the adjust- ment of the staff to fill in vacancies where teachers were leaving, as follows: -—For Nantyffyllon Mixed one untrained teacher; Plasnewydd Girls', ditto; Plasnewydd Boys', ditto; Plasnewydd Infants', ditto. It was decided to advertise for a trained female teacher who was qualified to teach French, and a trained science master for the P.T. Centre and Higher Standards School. Mr. John Howells was appointed chairman or the Group Managers for the ensuing year. and Mr. John Roderick vice-chairman. Mr. Roderick called attention to the low condition of the boundary wall at Nanty- ffyllon School. Children could get into the playground over the wall. Mr. Roderick was asked to arrange for the removal of some rubbish which had accumulated in a heap.





Late Judge Gwilym Williams.…

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