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PONTYOYWIMER- Anniversary Services were conducted at St. Paul's Primitive Methodist Chapel on Sunday, the preacher for the occasion being Mr. George Osbourne. Theological College, Manchester. The ixttornoon was occupied by recitations by the. Sunday scholars, and songs and choruses by the choir. Bethel.- Thoroughly successful meetings were held at Bethel Church on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. An able sermon was preached on Saturday night by the Rev. W. Pritherch, Swansea, who also officiated on Sunday and Mondav. together with the Rev. T. J. Wheldon, Bangor. A pleasing feature of the series of meetings was the congrega- tional singing. The singing was conducted by Mr. ioni Fox, whilst Miss 31. J. Owen presided at the organ. CoKesriate Success.—It is highly gratifying to note the great strides made from time to time by Miss May James, the talented daughter of our esteemed vicar (Rev. H. P. James). Miss James is a student at the High School. Ashford, and in the Junior Local she obtained first class honours, first division, with distinction in religious know- ledge, English. French, and History. In relfcicus knowledge she was first in all Eng- land and the colonies, and in French first -with two others) in all England, whilst in English she was seventh, and in History six- teenth. She was presented with a gold medal as a mark of her special success ill this examination. I.O.G.T.—A most enjoyable time was spent at the I.O.G.T. meeting on Saturday last. At the invitation of the adult lodge, the juvenile members were entertained. The chair was occupied by Sister Mabel Harris, C.T. Solos were rendered by Sisters M. Bold. M. Evans. A. Philiips, B. Garfield, Jl. Be van. H. Smith, and Bro. T. 1. Morgan. -Recitations were given by Sisters F. A. Evans. G. Bright, M. Spragg, W. Cadwgan. A. Cadwgan. and Lucy liepworth. On the proposition of Bro. Dan Lewis, seconded by Bro. Elliott, a hearty vote or thanks was re- corded the juveniles for their excellent pro- gramme. This Temple is growing rapidly, and has succeeded in winning the banner diered by the District Executive for the big- gest increase in membership during the last quarter. Off to Australia. — Two Pontycymmer families left the locality on Wednesday morning for Australia—Mr. and Mrs. John Llewellyn and family, Pantygog, and Mr. and Mrs Robert Williams and family, Albany Road. Both Mrs. Llewellyn and Mrs. Wil- liams are daughters of the late Mr. Evan Hopkins (Brithdir), and are highly respected in the locality. Mrs. Llewellyn is in deli- cate health, and it is hoped that with the change of climate her health will improve. Mr. and Mrs. John Llewellyn and Mrs. Wil- liams were presented with a Bible each at the Xoddfa Baptist Church on Sunday night. They were members of the church and of the Xoddfa Choral Society. A ,?>;ood number as- sembled at the Tabernacle Church on Tues- day evening to do honour to Mr. Robert Williams, who has been a shining light in the church, particularly in connection with the singing, being conductor of the Band of Hope choir. The meeting was largely at- tended by members of the Band of Hope, and a fine programme was performed in excellent style by the young band of teetotallers. The Rev. D. Hughes presided. A beautifully illuminated address was presented to Mr. Williams by Mr. James Garfield on behalf of the Band of Hope. Mr. Henry Harries handed to Mr. Williams a purse of gold on "behalf of the committee. A poetical address was delivered by Mr. John Lloyd. Solos were contributed by Messrs. D. Jones, T. J. Mo rgan, T. Williams. R. Williams, Misses L. Morgan, M. Jones, M. Hill. and a chorus by the juvenile choir, conducted by Mr. J. Gar- held. Recitations were given by Misses B. Garfield, C. Davies. and F. A. Evans. A pleasant evening was spent.


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