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CAERAU & NANTYFFYLLON. Receiving Order.—A receiving order has been made in the matter of John Jones, 57 Coegnant-road, colliery proprietor, formerly grocer. Ministerial.—The Rev. Haydn M. Morgan, formerly of Dolan (Radnorshire), has taken up the pastoral duties of Bethany English, Presbyterian Church, and he conducted tho services throughout Sunday. The recogni- tion services will not be held for some weeks. Noddfa. Chapel.—Prayer services have been held at Noddfa Welsh Baptllit. Chapel during the past fortnight. The meetings have been well attended and characterised by much en- thusiasm. The Jtev. W. Meed (pastor) con- ducted all thootings. A number of con- versions were announced. New Causa.-—Owing to the recent dispute at Hermon Welsh Calvmistic Methodist Chapel, Caerau, a number of the members have withdrawn from the church. These held services at the Old Coegnant Library on Sunday last for the first time. The new branch will probably erect a ohapel. Now Chapel.—The new Bethel Welsh Wes- leyan Chapel, situated opposite North's Lib- rary at Caerau, has now been completed, and will be shortly opened for worship. The building has been constructed by Mr. John. Jenkins to the design of Mr. Burnett, archi- tect, Tondu. The church has previously worshipped in the library. Rev. T. Davies is the pastor. Alleged Theft.—At Bridgend Police-court oa Wednesday Alfred Cooz;e, aged 17, was. brought up in custody charged with stealing a. silver watch and chain, value C3 10s., the property of Samuel Davies, of Caerau. P.C. Mahoney said that he arrested prisoner in Commercial-street, Maesteg, on Tuesday, and took him to the Police-station. In answer to the charge, he said, "1 went to the door with the intention of asking for some food. I knocked at the door, and', getting no an- swer, I opened it and walked in. I saw the watoh and chain hanging over the mantle- piece and took it and came away." Prisoner was remanded in custody. Temperance Meeting.—A meeting was held at St. Cynfelin's Church Vestry on Monday evening in connection with the Church of England Temperance Society. The Rev. R. Davies presided over a good attendance. The Chairman read a paper on "The influence of drink." He dealt with the subject in a lucid manner under four headings: (1) The in- fluence on the child (2) on the parent; (3) on the church; and (4) the country. In order to get a sober country they must work hard, he said, to get the children and youths. to recognise the value of temperanoe prin- ciples, and no parish should be without a temperance organisation of some kind. The greatest enemy England had to fear was the drink traffic, and it was a grave matter that £ 140,000,000 was spent in drink during the year 1904. No less than 140,000 persons were charged and summoned at the Police- courts of London, and 70 per cent. of the cases were traceable to drink. It was cal- culated that 70 per cent. of the poverty and; 50 per cent. of the insanity of the country was due to intemperance. He advocated the v non-employment of females in public-houses. Among other speakers were Messrs Taliesin Thomas, T. Hunt, Arthur Woody, Frank Stentiford, H. Harding, 0. Tobias, and J. Darnley. A vote of thanks was accorded to the chairman. SOCIAL TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT. A most enjoyable social tea and entertain- ment, undtea" the auspices of the XantyffylloIL Male Voice Party (Mr. D. John conductor), took place in Salem Hall on Tuesday. There was a large number present, and amongst those who had accepted invitations were no- ticed:—Rev. D. C. Howell and Mrs. Howell (Salem), Rev. Solva Thomas and Mrs. Thomas (Jerusalem), Rev. W. Meek and MIs. Meek (Trinity), Dr. Hector Jones, Mrs. and Miss Jones (Tydierwen), Mrs. Glasnant Jones, Mr. Vernon Hartshorn, (miners' agent) and Jrs. Hartshorn, Mr. J. Roderick, D.C., Mr. A. J. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Hadiey, Mr. and Mrs Samuel Jones-, Mr Richard and Mrs. Davies, Mr. Evan Jenkint3 and Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. D. John, Mrs. D. Evan i Mrs. J. Jivans, Mrs. Howell Davies, Miss Evans, etc. Letters of apology for inability to attend were received from Rev. T. E. James and Mrs. James (Saron), Rev. W. Morgan and Miv^. Morgan (Caersalem), and Mr. Harding. The tables,, which had been very tastefully arranged, were laden with all kinds of dainties, and were pre- sided over by the following ladies: -Mrs. J. H. Rees, Miss Harding, and Miss M. Morris; Mrs. O. John. Miex Lewis, and Mrs. Be van; Miss J. Phillips, Mies A. Rees, and Miss L. Thomas; Miss E. A. Preece, Miss M. H. Thomas, and Miss S. M. Preece; Miss N. Bevan, Miss M. A. Thomas, and Miss A. White; Miss G. Sampson, Miss L. Rawle, and Miss E. Edwards. All these ladies hadt a very busy time, and, were most assiduous in their attention to their guests, whioh greatly contributed to the enjoyment of the evening. Salem Hall1, with its adjoining class-rooms, is admirably adapted for social meetings of this kind, and the committee axe to be congratu- lated upon the arrangements made upon this occasion; there was absolutely no confusion, and everything passed off without a hitch.. In one of the rooms could be been the tea fountain, which was in charge of Messrs. D. and J. EVans, vice-presidents of the party,, whilst tea and sugar were dispensed by Mrs. Evans, Picton-street. In other rooms, breadL and butter and cake were being rapidly cut; up by Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Ann Evans, Mr. W. T. Hughea and Mr. J. Daviee. The meat and. ham department was in charge of Messrs. J. J. Lewis and E. Saundlers. Fruit and gellieer were entrusted to Mr. Thomas John and Mr. Gladstone Howells. Others who rendered: valuable assistance were Mr. Thomas John, Mr. John White, and Mr. W. Jenkins. After the tables had been cleared, and in the ab- sence of Dr. Sinclair (president of the party) the chair was taken by Rev. D. C. Howells, who, in a most genial manner, conducted tha meeting through the following programme: — Part song, "The Little Church," Male Voice Party; address, Mr. blC-hard Davies; solo, The Wreckers' Light," Mr. W. R. Strat- ton; addrees, Mr. John Roderick, D.C.; part song. Male Voice Party; address. Mr. Vernont Hartshorn; duet, "Excelsior," Mr. D. John, and Mr. W. R. Stratton. A vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding was proposed! by the Rev. Solva Thomas, who made a hum- orous and witty speech, and kept his hearers in roars of laughter from beginning to end. This was ably seconded by Rev. W. Meek. A most enjoyable 'evening was brought to a close by the Male Voice Party, ivlio favoured the company with a magnifioent rendering of that well known hymn "In the sweet by-and-bye." Miss M. A. Arnold, A.L.C.M., very ably ac- companied on the pianoforte. The secre- tarial duties were performed by Mr. Ernest John, secretary to the party.