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HAESTiSG & DISTRICT GAZETTE. Musical friends of Madame T^organs-Paddison (Maest-ag) will be glad to jear that she has added another success to tJje long she has already won as a. music teacher in successfully coaching Miss gusan JoneSj Tynywern, Tondu, so as to en- able her to obtain the degree of A.L.C.M., which entitles Miss Joiie« to wear the cap and gown of the London College of Music. Fall,of "Roof."—On Tuesday night a fall of roof occurred at the Garth Colliery, by which Joseph Perkins, Llwydarth-road, and Elias Hughes, Fontrhydvcyff, both engaged in the harry seam, were severely injured. Perkins was knocked senseless for some time, and Hughes was buried in the debris. Both were conveyed home and attended to. Another fall took place. a few minutes later when about tefl- tramloads came aown. Taberna-cle.-TJie pulpit of the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel was occupied last Sunday, in the 3fb6ence of the pastor (Rev. W. R. Wat- kins, B-A-), by Mr. Tom Bassett, a student from the B ^ptist Theological College, Bangor. Air. Bassett is very popular and highly re- spected at the Tabernacle, where he was in- vited some years ago to relinquish the car- penter's bench and devote his life to the ministry. The sermons delivered were greatly appreciated by the congregation. A Maesteg Missiomer.—At a meeting held last Sunday at the close of the evening ser- vice, the Bethel Church granted permission to their popular and esteemed pastor to comply with the request sent from the Bap- tist Churches of Caersuys, Maesyrhelm, and Newtown to conduct a fourteen days' mission at the above places of worship. Mr. Davies is pre-eminently fitted for this kind of work. His intense enthusiasm for missionary work, his ineffable sincerity, and his eloquence, will undoubtedly contribute to the attainment of the noble purpose for which Mr. Davies has been engaged. Canaan Hall.-A successful competitive meeting was held on the 27th ult. at the above hall, under the auspices of the Mutual improvement Society, which is attached to the church. The officers were: Chairman, Rev. D. John; adjudicators—music, Mr. D. Thomas; miscellaneous, Mr. D. Rees; trea- surer, Mr- Wm. Lewis; secretary, Mr. D. Evans; stewards, Messrs. D. Howells, and Wm. Edwards. The awards were as follows: Recitation for boys, divided! between D. Evans and Thos. J. Rees; recitation for girls, Rose Lewis; handwriting, Ceinwen Evans; solo for children, divided between C. H. Rees and E. J. Petty; oration on "Christmas," di- vided between Edward Petty and John Evans; champion solo, Mrs. Ellen Lewis; impromptu reading, Miss Lily Davies, Oak- wood Schools. Free Church Council.—The ordinary meet- ing of the above Council was held on Monday fcri if\ €cs'eyan Vestry, Rev. Glasnant Jones (oilon) in the chair. A report of the tem- perance and watch committee was read. AS was decided to take action with regard to j:radinPr; and to write the secretary o tne Llynfi; Ogmore and Garw Temperance committee asking him to bring before his oninuttee the importance of taking action re back entrance to public-houses, by bringing it before the Licensing Magistrates, asking tHem..when granting licenses, to do so on ondition that no "back door" trade is done. tb«f p, ow7nS were appointed to represent -p Council at the annual meeting of the Division Federated Cbuncil of Free;—Revs. Rhys Davies (president), ■ gar James (vice-president), Mr. W. G. Kolierts (secretary), Rev. Solva Thomas, Rev. Ixiasnant Jones, and Mr. Silvan Evans. Bethania.—A singing festival in connection Witii the Welsh Baptists of the lower district of Maesteg was held at the above place of worship, rhe presidents of the day were the Jitev. W. R. Watkins, Tabernacle, and Mr. David Thomas, Bethania, and the conductor or the singing was Mr. Samuel Davies, G. and i •i V"liama' lhe singing was of a very Ingli character, and most of the tunes were repeated over and over. Great praiso is due to Mr. Samuel Davies for his enthusiasm. Speeches were delivered by the chairmen and the Rev. Iorwerth Jones, Messrs. J. P. Gibbon, J.P., and Henry Laviers. Between the afternoon and evening services Mr. J. P. I- ian 0 f»milv frave «+»-— °hildren of the Bethania School, consisting of Christmas tree and books. Mr. Gibbon also intends presenting, next Sunday, a 'Welsh »nd English Testament, to each of the 30 chil- dren transferred from the children's school <*> the adult school at Bethania. Banquet.—A banquet was held at the White Lion Hotel on Saturday night, under lne auspices of the Maesteg lodge of the nion- niouth and South Wales Mines Examiners' -Association. A splendid repast had been pre- pared by the hostess, Miss Davies. After the ctoth had been removed, the chair was taken by Mr. Peter Allen, of Elder's Naviga- tion OOllieries. The chairman, in his open- ing address, spoke of the advantages to be de- rived through the Mines Examiners' Associa- tion, and urged upon all to be true to them- selves Mr. Richard Williams, Caerau Col- liery, also addressed the meeting, after wniciiMr. Mises Lloyd, who acted as pianist for tie evening, opened the programme with a briltent pianoforte solo. Mr. Willie Isaac, the rSing young Maesteg vocalist, sang a I song IJ- tine styl6. Appended is the lsmain- ing pa't of the programme: -Song, Mr. Jos. Morris; comic song, Mr. F. Clarke; address, Mr. J..J. Martyn; song, Gwilym Taf; banjo solo, iNr- W. Collier; recitation, Mr. Joshua Davie6; address Mr. Thos. Thomas; duet, Gwilyi1 and Joseph Morris; songs, Messrs t^aac and J. Morris; ventrilo- quial ^tertallmlent, Mr. W. Collier; song, Mr. T.evan; wng, Gwilym Taf; "The King," Mr. w Isaac. A hearty vote of thanks was accords. the hostess for the very efficient manneim w.hich the dinner had been served, and th< chairman for the able way in which he had concreted the proceedings. Great credit if due to the secretary and the commit- tee whc had charge of the arrangements. Funetff Of Mrs. Lewis.—The remains of Mrs. LnvlS) Queen's Hotel, Castle-street, Maesteg conveyed on Saturday for in- terment at the Llangynwyd Churchyard. lhe deceased Was a native of Maesteg, hav- ing beer at Sychbant Farm, and she spent 1,4r entire life in the "Hen Blwyf." For soni< y%rs Mrs. Lewis tenanted the Odd- fellows flotel, Commercial-street, and sub- sequentH ^nioved^ to the licensed premises where sh# Qed. After a short service at the house, srfn^cted by the Rev. — Lewis, St. Brides the coffin was removed and the jouijntj to Llangynwyd1 was commenced. A nunJ^?ej sympathisers and re- latives ^kseembled to pay their last tribute of reSPr the departed. The mounerers were M^-Svans (mother), Mr. Edwin Evans (broth £ M> Mi&s Cassie Lewis (daughter), Messrs- ild John and Evan Lewis (sons). As the c™Vge, headed by the Revs. Stephen Jackso» (vkar), Lewis (St. Brides), and John WillialPs Pirate of St. David's Maesteg), en- tered t»e church, the organist (Miss Rees) played' effectively the "Dead March" in Saul., Revs. Stephen Jackson and John William^imducted the service in the church, apd • ho'-Hair and Ber. — Lewis read the last riteat he graveside. There were many "beauty iMal tributes. i AJfU OF MR. DAVID GREY. We fQt-eb to announce the death, after a short of Mr. David Grey, which oc- curred Tuesday, at his residence, Glen- dower.. P^eas&d was born at Lower Forest, H till!: parish of Llansamlet, on March 2nd, 1$*j. He commenced his life in con- nection Tfrit^'the metal trades, and acquired his early esF'iience under Mr. Vivian, of the Lower .1!or# Works. Alterwardfe he was ^ppoint^d Celery manager Uuder the Llynfi /ale Ir<>n Jnpany, which position he re- ^ined UnW Qis resignation. iri 1869. He J^ened Up^Ko. 9 Leyel, which has since great»f developed. Subsequently he, ^th sever^^itids, formed a company which ^blished*^ Llwydarth Iron and, Tinplate t^rks. as not unmindful of the higher ei^onsibiFw of an employer, and' by the motion 4ut,5kmen's cottages and a work- in^Q[^ led the m which others o>, to*fd>. The iron and steel trades sav^himi^hi,^ of gratitude for the labour- and^iy nlaW pickling machine for iron te^e^e tjie p • Mr. Grey1 took a gTeat in- for m&lic life of his town, and was bodi^jug^Wr of all the local governing elecQ Kim^Peatedly foj long periods burial j of the boaid of health and these AS' was during his tenure of ))Uilt tllo Maeeteg Town, was {1 t.b i














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