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JIJtI NS STILL AT YOUR SERVICE. *g = To preserve unbroken the connection of three generations which has existed between us and our customers in BI^IIDC3-jE]ISrjD7 we have opened a Branch Establishment at 31, CAROLINE STREET. We mean to make our Service, under the new conditions, so good that it will be even better than before. These branches of our business will be comfortable and convenient centres where the latest books and periodicals can be obtained, and where orders can be placed for the hundred and one things we stock and supply. Our organisation for the delivery of Newspapers is the most perfect in the world, the result of the experience of the whole of the 19th century combined with the methods of the 20th. New books will be put into stock or can be obtained directly after publication at the usual discount prices. 300,000 volumes are at the command of the members of our Circulating Library-all that is best in the world's literature for an annual subscription from 10s. 6d. upwards. Orders are taken for Bookbinding, which is executed with taste, skill and economy in our own workshops, where we apply to this art the experience of real craftsmen. We shall give unique value and a choice selection of all kinds in suitable articles for presents, Leather and Fancy Goods, and any and every requisite for correspondence and the writing table. W. H. SMITH & SON, Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Bookbinders, Printers & Stationers. Head Office: 186, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. AND AT NEATH: 143, Windsor Rd. | ABERDARE 1, Duke St. LLANELLY 1C0, Station Rd. 1 4 Age tj borrow (Saturday). u. actions in every Department. '? j ^ICITED. CATALOGUES ON APPLICATION. %+- j±^ | — .—— < Musical. PIANOS & ORGANS.-Latest designs and JL best construction, tone, finish, and dura- bility. Inspect our stock. It will pay you. With our numerous branches in different towns, we sell more Pianos than any other firm in South Wales, and are therefore in a position to offer terms which to smaller dealers would be impossible. Instruments by other makers taken in exchange. PIANOS on Hire by the day, week, or month. Tunings and repairs on the shortest notice; Church and Pipe Organs built, tuned, and repaired estimates free.-Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.-Our WONDER MODEL, full iron P frame, full trichord, plated wire, best check action, marqueterie panel and sconces, every modern improvement, best materials, best work- manship, best finish price JB15 15s Od, warranted for 20 years.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd, 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. P LINO.—45 guinea instrument (by Agello and Sous), burr walnut case, full iron frame, up- right iron grand, full trichord, plated wire, best check action, bushed and mortised keys, handsome marqueterie panel and sconces, and all latest im- provements returned from hire, condition as new reduced to 38 guineas, payable at 16s per month. A rare Bargain.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO (by J. Hopkinson).—Walnut case, JL trichord, full compass, incised gilt panel and sconces, equal to when new offered for 18 guineas, payable at 9s per month.-Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—40 guinea instrument (by Arthur P Allison and Sons), full iron frame, full trichord, best check action, marqueterie panel and sconces, and all the latest improvements reduced to 30 guineas, payable at 15s per month.—Thomp- son and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Brid- gend' PIANO.—36 Guinea instrument, full iron frame, P upright grand, full trichord, best check action, bushed.,and morticed keys, walnut case, handsome marqueterie panel and sconces returned from hire reduced to 24 guineas, payable at 12s 6d per month; a genuine bargain.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO by Wornum.—Rosewood case, check action, ivory keys, &c. equal to new; good instrument for beginner price only 10 guineas, payable at 6s per month.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd.. 1. Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO—48 guinea instrument (by Keith Prowse), upright overstrung, iron grand, handsome rosewood case, marqueterie panel and sconces, best ivory keys. check action, &c.; reduced to 33 guineas, payable at 17s 6d per month. Thompson and Shacfcell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIPE ORGAN (just rebuilt), 246 pipes, 6 stops, handsome polished mahogany case, with front decorative pipes suit chapel seating 300 to 400. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HARMONIUM by Alexandre.—Solid oak case, H 4 full sets of reeds, 2 knee swells, &c.; offered for 10 guineas, payable at 6s per month.—Thomp- son and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HARMONIUM (by Murdoch), walnut case, 1111 full compass, broad reeds, etc., only 4 guineas, payable at 4s. per month. Others at 3 guineas and 5 guineas, ten years' warranty.—Sole Agents for the ESTEY ORGANS, and the MAL- COLM and HARDMAN PIANG PLAYERS. Best of all, easiest to manipulate; workmanship of the best. Recitals daily. Catalogues and price lists free on application. Edison-Bell Phonographs and Records. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS OF PIANOS AND ORGANS, 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. IN EVERYBODY'S MOUTH. PRIZE MEDAL FLL LP J-T^I^TT SUPPLIED AND ARTIFICIAL X J 'JJGJ A IF FITTED BY HENRY SELINE & CO., 53, HIGH STREET (Opposite G.W.R.), SWANSEA. ■ i CASH OR CONVENIENT PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. Painless Extractions by all the Latest Methods. Complete Set of Teeth from £ 2-2-0. Single Teeth from 2s. 6d. I.' Z" stumps. Misfitting Teeth made 1 No charge for ex- tractions when New Teeth requir- ed. Artificial teeth fixed by the New Patent Suction Principle if de- sired, requiring no fastenings, and adapted without extracting loose by any firm Reset. Repairs of every description'done in a few hours; if forwarded by post returned same day. Teeth Scaled, Filled, or Regulated. Branches at PONTYCYMMER.—Every alternate MONDAY, 10 to 2, at Mr. Brown's, 151, Oxford Street! Next visit, Monday, January 15th, 1906. MAESTEG.-Next visit, Monday next, January 8th, 1906. OGMORE VALE.—Every alternate TUESDAY, 12 to 3, at Mr. Llewellyn's, Chemist and Post Office. Next visit, Tuesday, Janaary 16th, 1906. NANTYMOEL.—Every alternate TUESDAY, 3 to 6, at Mrs. Richards, Draper, Dinam Street. Next visit, Tuesday. January 16th, 1906. BLAENGWYNFI.—Every alternate MONDAY, 3 to 5. Next visit, Monday January 15th. tar For Sample Sets of Teeth and all other information, call and see MR. SELINE at his Swan- sea or one of his Branch Addresses. All Advice Free—Personally, bv Letter or Telephone, No. 188Y (Nat.) Established 12 years. Recent Testimonial from a Glamorganshire doctor 1 have much pleasure in stating that MR. SELINE, of Swansea, has done some excellent work for me personally. I have also recommended several to him, and in every way he has by his courtesy, skill and painstaking interest, given the most unbounded satisfaction." 275 RATS FOUND DEAD. Mr REID, Professional Rat Catcher, write, from Blair Castle, N.B. :—" A few hours aflei using Rodine Rat Poison .1 found 275 Rats. ] have been a Rat Catcher for 45 years, and never saw any thin;, s>c deadly." RATS ulJKE IT, EAT IT, AND DIE. PRICE—6d., 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ Post, 2d. HARLEY, CHEMIST, PERTH. AGENTS :— T. LLEWELLYN, Chemist, OGMORE VALE C DA VIES, Chemist, PONTYCYMMER. 437 Wanted. WANTED, immediately, a smart young MAN TV for milk round; outdoors.—Apply, Williams, Bryncethin Farm, near Bridgend. 2169 WANTED, PLACE for useful willing Boy.— Apply, W," Gazette Office, Bridgend. 2165 FURNISHED APARTMENTS WANTED in in January—Bedroom and Sitting-room— with attendance pleasantly situated; terms moderate.—Address, "J.L.M. Glamorgan Gazette Office. 2153 ANTED, a good General SERVANT.— Apply, Mrs. Morgan, Greyhound Inn, Maesteg. 2173 .WANTED, first week in January, Servant W GIRL.-Apply, Mrs. Thomas, Queen's Head, Bridgend. 2175 WANTED, capable GENERAL plain cook' ing; family four, no washing; man foi rough'work references.-Mrs Edward Richards, Elmsfield, Tondu 2194 WANTED TO RENT in March, VILLiS (with stable preferred).—Full particulars, Gazette Office 2189 DRAPERY.-W ANTED, respectable young D LADY as apprentice.-T. G. Llewelyn, Ewenny Shop, Bridgend 2190 WANTED, by 13th January, strong clear General SERVANT.—Apply, with par ticulars, Mrs Pearce, Commerce House, Forthcawl 2196 WANTED, immediately, GIRLS for washing bottles in Factory.—Apply, Thomas and Evans, Coity Road, Bridgend. 2204 WANTED, good GENERAL, able to dc plain cooking; no washing.—Apply, Mrs. Atkins, Pencoed. 2208 WANTED, immediately, Married Couple, without encumbrance, to keep house foi father and daughter in the Maesteg district, in exchange for house and coal free. The party must be total abstainers and professing christians: references will be exchanged.—Apply, "E.W. Gazette Office, Bridgend. 2224 WANTED, immediately, GIRL for general work (16 or 17), must be strong, clean, and early riser.—Mrs Feather, Overdale, Minerva Road, Bridgend 2225 ANTED TO BUY, small HOUSE, leaslTo^ freehold, with land or use of common.—A. Palmer, Elm Cottage, Pantrosla Road, near Brid- gend 2214 WANTED, strong GIRL for farmhouse, one who can milk preferred.—Apply, stating reference, Robertson, Aburthin, Cowbridge 2215 ~VX7~ANTED, Office BOY, knowledge of Short- • hand, must be a good writer, &ge 14 to 16.— Apply, with references, to W. Powell Davit, Solicitor, Adare Street. Bridgend 2222 WANTED, a good General SERVANT, with references; good wages to suitable girl.— Apply, Mrs W. S. Morgan, Ironmonger, Porth 2217 WANTED, good General SERVANT.—Mrs Needham, Victoria House, Grove Road, Bridgend 2228 WANTED, a respectable GIRL as nurse, age about 17 or 18.—Apply, Mrs. G. Stradllng, Mitre Hotel, Bridgend. 2240 To Be Let. TO BE LET, GLANAVON HOUSE and Stables For all particulars apply to Mrs. W. Cooke, 45, Park Street, Bridgend. 2119 STABLE TO LET in Oldcastle, Bridgend.— ks Apply, C. Jenkins and Son. 9992 TO LET on Lease or Yearly Tenancy, from 2nd February, 1906 (or earlier possession can be obtained if required), the MANSION HOUSE of Caercady, near Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, with about eighty acres of excellent Pasture Land adjoining.—Apply, Messrs. Gwyn and Gwyn. Solicitors, Cowbridge. 2029 TO LET, BEDROOM and SITTING-ROOM (furnished).—Apply, for terms, "K," c/o Ingram Davies, 9, Talbot Street, Maesteg. 2124 __h- TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP, 6, Union Street, Bridgend.—Apply, Alban Morgan, Bridgend. 2221 TO LET, Bryngelin House," near Bryn- menyn Station good stabling suit business man; rent, JE50 per aunum.-Apply, Tennant. 2120 TO LET, LOCK-UP SHOP in Angel Street, Bridgend, immediate possession.—Apply, E. Bramley, Estate Agent, Bridgend. 2177 COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS, C suitable for two gentlemen, TO LET.- Apply, Mrs. Williams, Rose Villa, Coity Fields, Bridgend. 2179 O LET, FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for one or two ladies or gentlemen, with attendance.—Martley Villa, Grove-road, Bridgend. 2187 TO LET, 31, Caerau Road, CAERAU first- class business premises and house fixtures and counters all round suit gents' mercery and outfitting.—Appiy, H. Davies, 26, Castle Street, Cardiff 2193 "VTANTYMOEL. —Lock-up SHOP TO LET ■A.* at The Square; best position.—Apply, Griffiths, jeweller. 2201 TO LET, Dinham House," Ooychurch Road, Bridgend (large Garden).—Apply, J. Telling, Railway Inn, Bridgend, 2206 HOUSE TO LET, 13, Edward Street, Brid- JLJL gend.-Apply, T. Powell, Cowbridge Road, Bridgend. 2207 TO BE LET, COTTAGE, Tynygarn, Aber- kenfig.—Apply, by letter, Foundry, Tondu 2220 TO LET, comfortable APARTMENTS for one or two gentlemen,—Apply, "P. Gazette Office, Bridgend 2244 TWO Unfurnished ROOMS TO LET in Grove Road.—Apply, S. Gazette Office. 2239 TO BE LET OR SOLD, Freehold FARM, -L containing about 20 acres of excellent grass land and orcharding, convenient house and out- buildings, large garden of about 400 fruit trees, brook runs through, and close to a good road.- Apply, S. A. Mustoe, Daddlebrook, Woolhope. 2218 TWO HOUSES TO LET, Chapel Terrace, Brynmenyn, rent 17s per month; Bryncoch 14s.-Apply, Mr Howell Williams, Bryncethin Farm, Bryncethin, near Bridgend g227 For Sale. XMAS and NEW YEAR CARDS.—Private Greeting Cards, splendid sample books to select from newest designs. Large selection Pictorial Postcards.-Dyer, printer, 20 Queen Street, Bridgend. 2049 FOR SALE, four well-built VILLAS in Coity Road, Bridgend.—For particulars apply, W., Sutcliffe, Plympton, Coity Road, Bridgend. 1985 LEGGIN GS. A splendid lob of NEW L LEGGINGS now ready at Lowest Prices.- Yorwerth, saddler, Cowbridge. 1436 FOR SALE, wire-haired Terrier DOG, 22 months old good house dog broken to gun and ferrets; 15s.-Apply, "E. Gazette Office, Bridgend. FOR SALE, good PONY, rising three years.— Apply, 3, St. Marie Street, Bridgend 2226 OR SALE, Leasehold RESIDENCE and PREMISES, known as The Croft," Park Street, Bridgend; first-rate condition; vacant possession can be given immediately.—For full particulars apply, E. Bramley, Estate Agent, Bridgend 2236 Strayed. STRAYED to Penyrallb Farm first week in December, 1905, a Chestnut PONY, aged, white stripe on forehead, long tail and mane. If not claimed in seven days will be sold to defray expenses.—Richard Llewellyn. 2237 Education. OLLIERY OFFICIALS AND MINERS.— Qualify yourselves for Promotion. Lessons by Post. The surest road to Success. Write for Syllabus.-T. A. Southern, 279, The Universal Mining School, Cardiff. 1717 MINING TUITION.—Colliery Officials and Mining Students preparing for their Examinations, send postcard for Prospectus. "Certificate of Efficiency" given to deserving Students. — Cambrian Correspondence Mining ( School, Glanffrwd, Porth. 2026 MOURNING CARDS may be obtained at tha I M Gazette Office Bridgend. Tenders. Glamorgan County Asylum, TENIERS FOR LIME STONE. THE Committee of Visitors are prepared to -N- receive lENDERS for the Supply and Delivery of the following LIME STONE at the Asylum, as reqijred, between the 15th February and 15th March,$06:— 1.—ANGELTON— 300 Tons Lime Stone, broken to pass a li-in. gaige. 100 Tons Lme Stone Chippings. 2.—PARC GWYLLT- 300 Tons Lme Stone, broken to pass a li-w. gaugl. 100 Tons Lim.. Stone Chippings. The Contractor wil be required to have the material to be supplied weighed at his own expense on a railway or other public weighing machine, and to furnish the Committee with weighbridge tickets of the weights. Every 1,ad must also be weighed on the Asylum weighbricge. .ge. Sealed Tenders, marked "Tender for Stone," to be sent to the undersigned on or before the 10th January, 1906. The Committee do not bnd themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender or to take the full amount of material tenderet for if they shall find before the execution of the Contract that a less quantity will be sufficient. HUGH W. DAVIES, „ Clerk of Asylum. Bridgend, 27th December, 1905. 2198 Notices. Be Henry Bowen. Leceased- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS against the estate of the above-named HENRY BOWEN, deceased, of Tyderwen, Cornelly, Pyle, are re- quested to send particulars of the same to the undersigned on or before January 12th, 1906. Also all DEBTS due to the said deceased must be paid by the same date. MRS. CATHERINE BOWEN, Tyderwen, Pyle. December 29th, 1905. 2199 TRESPASSERS. ALL Poultry found Trespassing on any of my laud will be shot after this date.—E. Williams, Sealand, Bridgend. 2184 ALBERT BERESFORD, LIOENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR LIVE & DEADSHORSES, &c. Letters and Telegrams promptly attended to. BRYNDU, PENCOED. 1912 1912 MOORLANDS SCHOOL, PORTHCAWL. PRINCIPALS: THE MISSES GARSED, Assisted by Resident and Visiting Certificated Masters and Mistresses. Recent Successes in Associated Board of R.A.M. andtR.C.M. (Local School), and A.L.C.M. Resident French Mistress. Sound English Education. Special Advantages in Art Subjects. Large Playground. Healthy situation close to sea. References to Parents. 1\TEXT TERM^COMMENCES JAN. 18th. -Ll 2197 JgRIDGEND COUNTY SCHOOL. THERE are a few VACANCIES for the NEXT TERM, which COMMENCES on 16th JANUARY, 1906. and for which Applications should be made forthwith. No Bursaries will be granted for next Two Terms to Scholars coming by train, unless a six months' ticket be taken. Entrance Scholarships, 1906. The Syllabus of this Examination is now ready, and may be obtained from the Headmaster, or from H. EYNON LEWIS, Clerk to the Governors. Bryncethin, Bridgend, 2nd January, 1906. 2219 Pyle and District Ploughing Match. President J. I. D. NICHOLL, ESQ. Patrons :—Miss Talbot, T. M. Franklen, Esq. G. Lipscomb, Esq., J.P. Earl of Jersey, R. W. Llewellyn, Esq., J.P. R. L. Knight, Esq. R. K. Prichard, Esq. Dr. Davies, Miss Blandy, Lewis Jenkins, Esq. W. Griffiths, Esq. (Coity). THE TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH Will be held in a Field at CORNELLY, kindly lent by Messrs. R. Thomas (The Hall), and R. Thomas (Tytanglwst), On Thursday, January the 18th, 1906, When the following Prizes will be offered :— CHAMPION CLASS, Open to all comers: First Prize (given by Miss Talbot), JB10 2nd (given by the Committee), JS5 3rd (given by J. I. D. Nicholl, Efjq.), 23. Members, or Employees of Members, Entrance Fee, Is. Others 10s. CLASS I (Open to all comers except those who have won two first prizes in senior classes in this or any other match; also open to those who have not won a prize in this or any match for the last three years): 1st JB3, 2nd JB2, 3rd JE1, 4th 10a. En- trance Is. CLASS II, for Youths under 21 (except those who have won two first prizes at this or any other match); 1st £ 2 10s., 2nd J32, 3rd £1, 4th 10s. En- trance Is. CLASS III, for Chills, open 1st jB2 10s 2nd JB2, 3rd £ 1, 4th 10s., 5th 5s. Entrance Is. HEDGING AND DITCHING.—CLASS I, open: For the best repairing of two perches in the most work- manlike manner: 1st E2 2s., 2nd £1 Is., 3rd 15s. Entrance 2s. CLASS II: For the best repairing of two perches in the most workmanlike manner 1st £2 2s., 2nd £1 Is. (given by G. Lipscomb, Esq.), 3rd 10s., 4th 5s. Entrance for members Is., non-members 2s. Competitors in Class II not to have won two or more First Prizes in this or any other match. AGRICULTURAL HORSES. For the Best Brood Cart Mare, 1st J31, 2nd 10s. For the Best Two-year-old Cart Gelding or Filly, 1st JB1, 2nd 10s. For the Best One-year-old Cart Gelding or Filly, 1st £ 1, 2nd 10s. For the Best Sucking Colt or Fjlly, 1st JBl, 2nd 10s. For the Best Team Ploughing at the Match, 1st J31. 2nd 10s. For the Best Mare or Gelding not exceeding 15.2, 1st, Silvered Teapot (given by Messrs. J. Ashworth and Sons, Limited, Cheshire), 2nd 10s. For the Best Cob Mare or Gelding, to be ridden or led, 1st JB1, 2nd 10s. All Horses exhibited to be the bona-fide property of Tenant Farmers. Open. Entrance: Members Is., Non-members Is. and to pay two years' sub- scriptions, viz., 10s. One Year's Subscription, viz. 5s., must be paid by each ploughman or his employer before he will be allowed to plough, except in the case of annual subscribers. Teams to be on the field at 8.30 a.m., to start punctually at 9. Horses on the field at 1.30. Entries close MONDAY, JAN. 15th, 1906. All Entries to be made to the Hon. Secretary, A. M. MADDOCR, Pyle, Bridgend. LUNCHEON ON FIELD AT ONE O'CLOCK. TICKETS Is. 63. EACH. 2212 MISS, AGNES THOMAS, A.L.C.M., C.R.A.M., and R.C.M., TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL MUSIC. Pupils prepared for all Local Exams. Visits weekly-Ogmore, Garw & Maesteg Valleys, Gilfach and Bridgend. Accept Engagements for Concerts & Eisteddfodau. Terms Apply— 2216 MYRTLE HOUSE, PENCOED. -"t X Auctioneers' Announcements. Messrs. MICHAEL DAVIES & SON, Auctioneers and Valuers, 15. WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. HOTEL VALUERS AND GAUGERS (20 Years' Experience). AGENTS FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. AND FOR THE UNION CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR SOUTH AFRICA. SALE FIXTURES. January 9tb, 1906.-Sale of Furniture and ESeeta. at the Drill Hall, Bridgend. Messrs. MlOfliSL DAVliS & SON'S ANNOCNCIMMTS. SALE NEXT TUESDAY. DRILL HALL, BRIDGEND. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Sent for'Absolute Sale. I j\T R- MICHAEL DAVIES has received in- 1™X structions to Sell by Auction, at the above Hall on TUESDAY NEXT, January 9th, 1906, a Large Consignment of Superior FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising Several Walnut and Satin Walnut Suites with Wardrobes, Saddlebag and Leather Suites,. 4ft. Chippendale Cabinet, Sideboards, Walnut Hall Stand, Chests of Drawers. Bookcases, Overmantels, Kitchen Tables and Chairs, Fancy Tables, Clocks, Carpets, Braaa and Brass and Iron renders and Curbs. Brass and Brass and Iron Bedsteads. Wire Mattresses. Wool Overlays, Bedroom Chairs. Table (10ft. long, suitable for a Public House). also 3 Iron Fireproof Safes, "Ladies' and Gents' Watches, etc., etc. Sale to commence at TWO o'clock. HARRY F. LAMBERT, A.A.I., AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, Land and Estate Agent. OFFICES Prudential Buildings, BRIDGEND ? and Talbot Street MAESTEG. NAT. TEL.-0198. At MAESTEG OFFICE: MONDAYS. Hours, 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. Valuations for Hotels Mortgage, Probate^ &c. Insurances of All Kinds Effected BOVERTON HOUSE, BOVERTON. TO BE LET, together with Stabling, Loose Boxes, Coach-houses, Kitchen Garden, small Paddock also Coachman's House and Garden.- Full particulars and Card to view to be obtained of the Auctioneer. VARIOUS FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES AND VILLAS in Bridgend to be- Sold, and to Let; particulars on application. Various Bungalows and Furnished Houses TO LET at Porthcawl for the winter. Three well-built Houses, situate on the New Road, Porthcawl, FOR SALE. For any further particulars apply to the. Auctioneer at his Olfice. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer. « AGKXT FOR LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. 30, ADAEE STREET, BRIDGEND, and COW- > BRIDGE. ID OR SALE OR To LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land in Grove Road, Bridgend. For particulars apply to above address. 7391 Bridgend Urban District Council- a PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892. TAKE NOTICE that the Bridgend Urban District Council have, in pursuance of the Private Street Works Act. 1892, by Resolu- tion, approved of certain Specifications, Plans and Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Ap- portionments, prepared by their Surveyor in respect of certain Streets or parts of such Streets, or some or one of them, known as GROVE ROAD, in the aforesaid district, and that such Reso- lution is in the following tern .3: — "Resolved that the Surveyor's Plan, Speci- cation, Estimate, and Pi-ovisional Apportion- ment for Tar Paving at Grove Road be adopted, and that Notices be served under the Private Street Works Act." And that the Approved Specifications, Plans and Sections, Estimates, and Provi- sional Apportionments, or copies thereof cer- tified by the burveyor, will be kept deposited at the Urban Authority Offices, Union Street, Bridgend, and open to inspection at all reasonable times for a period of One Month from the 5th day of January, 1906, during which period any owner liable may, in pursu- ance of Section 7 of the Act aforesaid, by written notice served on the Urban Authority, object to the proposals on any of -the grounds in such section specified. Dated this 4th day of January, 1906. T. J. HUGHES, Clerk to the above-named Urban 2235 Sanitary Authority. Twenty-fourth Year of Atten dance. F. GrARAM young, DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SIT&GKONS DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street, BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND.—Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a>.n. to p.m., at Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical (demist, 27, Caroline Street. CARDIFF,—First and Third WEDNESDAY hi evaa month, 4 to 7 p.m., at 36, Windsor-place, Q.'ieenSc. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultatio. a Free, Painless Operations by Nitrous Oxide G as. BRISTOL.-Attendance daily, except Tuesday and W ednesday. iltht Olamorgall PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One I Three [ 3ka No. ow WOBDI. nser- Inser- I: aa* t tion. tiona. j t tOÏ-t I 8. d. I s. d. <1. 18 Worda 6 1 0 ) i 27 Worda | 9 j 1 6 j Y ~0~ 36 Words jlO 2 0 .,5 Words. I 1 3 2 6 54 Words 1 6 3 0 4 « 53 Words | 1 9 | 3 6 j 5 i 72 Words j 2 0 j 4 0 > V~r SI Word3 j 2 3 j 46 j e Every additional » r 0 3 0 6 10 5 Lme cI 9 Words J J The above Charges apply only to the olaBB&s a Advertisements specified below, and are atrict oenfined to those which are PAID FOB PREVIOUS £ 9 INSERTION if not prepaid, they will be oharsred by be general s"ie Apartments Wanted. Apartments to Let &xtiote8 Lost. jLrticIeB Found. Businesses to be Sold Bouses to Let Money Wanted Miscellaneous Wan tst Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted, Situations Vacant, Sales by Private Co nfc: a Bill-Posting at Bridgend. TD. SCHOFIELD, BILL POSTER a. nd DELIVERER for TOWN and COUNTR d, Rents all the principal Hoardings in Bridgent i. Work executed with despatch.—Address, oe ar the New Bridge, Briderend.