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LOCAL NEWS. « Tabernacle Chapel.—Preacher next Sun- day, Mr. J. Oliver Stephens, B.A., B.D., Cambridge. The Celebrated Lipton's Teas and Pro- visions may be had of the Agent for Bridgend -T. Woodward, near The Bridge. Sets of Garden Tools, Spades, Buckets, Balls, and all other Seasonable Goods in great variety. H. Woodward and Co., Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Sundries Merchants, Adare-street and Station-hill, Bridgend. The Bridgend and District Investment and I Loan Society have funds in hand for invest- ment. £ 5 to £ 50 advanced to members with- out delay, upon note of hand only, with easy repayments by weekly instalments. Particu- lars and last statement of accounts may be ob- tained of the Secretary, D. O. Evans, 31 Nol- ton-street, Bridgend. I Engagemei-it.An engagement is an- nounced between the Rev. Lumley Green-Wil- kinson, head of the Magdalen College (Ox- ford) Mission, younger son of Lieutenant- General Green-Wilkinson, C.B., and Mrs. Green-Wilkinson, and Caroline Myfanwy. only child of Sir Francis Edwards, Bart., and Lady Edwards, of Knighton, Radnorshire. County Examination.—The results of the County Examination in April last in the fol- lowing subjects are to hand, namely:—Mine Surveying: First class advanced, T. J. Price. H. J. Bennett, and Trevor Brace: second class elementary, William John, W. S. Mor- gan, and Albert Cooper. Practical Mathe- matics: Stage 3, Trevor Brace, Geo. Price: Stage 2, W. T. Rees, T. W. Evans, Ben Morris, D. H. Davies; Stage 1, W. S. Mor- gan, H. G. Madley, Percy iein-is, and W. C. Harris. Sunday School Outing.- At ten o'clock on Wednesday morning ten waggons and six traps, kindly lent t»y tradespeople, conveyed about three hundred scholars of the Taber- nacle Sunday School to Ogmore-by-tlie-Sea, where an enjoyable day was spent. The superintendents of the senior and J'tivenilt, classes, Mr. T. Adams and Mr: Rhys illiam.i respectively, were in charge. Games were in- dulged in, while those who desired the quieter life, spent their times in walks or wandering over the rocks. Lunch and tea were provi- ded in a marquee and all were sorry when the time came to leave for home, which was reached at 8.15. Hermon's New Pastor.—The invitation ex- tended to the Hev. Philip Jones by the deacons and members of Hermon Church, has been accepted, and final arrangements have been made for the taking over of the pastor- ate some time in September. Hermon have been fortunate in securing a man of the re- cognised abilities of the Rev. Philip Jones, who -has the reputation of being one of the most popular Welsh preachers of the C.M. con- rexion; and his services are in great de- mand. Educated at Trevecca, Mr. Jones was ordained in 1887. His first call took him to Fishguard. Later he went to Llaildilo, thence to Llanelly, and in each place he made hosts of friends. Cyclist Territorials. -The C yclist Company at Bridgend is doing some good work under Lieutenant Lvnch-blosse, who has proved himself to be an efficient officer, and is most popular with his men (says The MajW" in the "South Wales Daily News"). The } Maxim gun section, which is commanded by Sergeant E. W. Miles, who has under him a corporal and Iii men. is getting into thorough I shipshape, and the section intend to put 111 some good work. Motors are being prepared for the two guns, and when they are ready the section will take the guns out for prac- tice. The motors will be ready for the camn Haverfordwest on the 2it'll Jul; and Sergeant Miles and his men are looking for- ward to making much progress with the handling of the Maxims during the camp training. rpbernaeie Aniiivoxcarr.—There were ro- Sunday, when the anniversary services were held. T.-trotigL^ai U.e da, the ehurcli was crowded, and every available seat occupied, while the vestry, lobbies and aisles were like- i r:i,;c Úll<.J. The singing was of a beautiful character, and, as far as the choruses and solos by the Sunday School scholars were con- cerned. was a tribute to the ability of Mr. I Wi'li.irns as a conductor. Hev. V. v> n h er 'J /.onia; y rc.vebc-d eloquent sermons. 1" _r }e ,;tg t;.e ;;o-rvi'o was in Welsh, the elv.P'r-. :i r :h-ring special music. A solo and chorus by four toys, ( iyw ni, fwyn Waredwr," was especially well given. The church was quickly filled in the afternoon. and the musical service, which was announced to commence at 2.30, had to be started at 2.1o. Choral marches.with parts, were ad- ip.,ioiily given by the juvenile and adult coo/rs and the orchestra. Sacred action L I I songs were also contributed bv the children. The magnificent vocal efforts by the choir in the afternoon had the effect of bringing a re- quest for a repetition of The Son of Light" and The Clarion Cry'' in the evening. Miss I letcher, a very fine soprano from Cardiff. had been engaged fer the day, and rendered solos at each service. Her efforts were: Nearer, my God, to Trie (L eoni) in the morning; "I will give you rest" (Cowen) in the afternoon and in the evening" Let there be Light." Able accompaniments to the choruses and solos were rendered by Miss Gertrude Williams, and Mr. W. J. Matthews led the orchestra. COrXTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. Aide rman T. J. Hughes presided over t b, meeting of the County School Governors on Monday. The Cha irman raised the question of en- trance seholarships, and asked the Governors to decide upon the number to be given this year. Last year fourteen were awarded. The Governors had to give a certain amount in scholarships or bursaries, and they had a sum of over £ 200, which was practically ear- marked for the purpose. If it was not used it was carried forward.In reply to a ques- tion. the Headmaster (Mr. Jno. Hankin. B.A.) said he did not think two more scholars would add anything to the cost.—The Chair- man said they did not. want to increase the number and then redu-e it again.—It was ul- timately agreed to give 18 entrance scholar- ships, nine for boys and nine for girls. The Headmaster reported that there were now 280 pupils en rolled. with an average dailv attendance of 227. A vacancy had been caused by the death of Miss Biggs, an assistant mistress at the school.—It was directed that this should be filled before the next term, the person appointed to have special qualifications for the teaching of Welsh and geography. It was left to the headmaster to decide whether the teacher should be male or female. A number of. applications w ere received for the withdrawal of pupils before the expiration of the three years' agreement, and, being con- sidered exceptional cases, the requests were granted, subject to the transfer fees being paid. It was decided to inform parents of other pupils who had left the school before their term was up. that unless satisfactory reasons for leaving were given, the Governors would consider the advisability of taking proceed- ings.

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