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The important work carried on by the Glamorgan County Council in instruction in mining is indicated in a report by the Educa- tion Committee on the last Summer Mining School and the prospectus of the forthcoming session. The mere fact that 216 persolls; were killed in South Wales coal mines last year, and no less than 21,000 persons re- ceived injuries which incapacitated them for seven days and upwards, shows the necessity for the continuation and extension of this work. That a good system of instruction in mining does much to reduce the death roll of the collieries is beyond dispute, and facts are available which enable its results to be gauged with some degree of.accuraev. For instance, in Nova Scotia, where five to six million tons of coal are annually raised, the death rate is only one half that of British Columbia, where no system of mining educa- tion is established. Special efforts are being put forth by the Glamorgan Education Com- mittee just now to reach colliery firemen and shotsfiremen, and also colliery electricians. Re- garding shot-firing, the numerous cases where explosions have occurred in the coal stores of steamers, in kitchen fire6, and on locomotive engines by stray detonators, and in under- ground blasting operations, explain the need of instruction in a direction which is not al- ways remembered, while as to colliery elec- tricians, it may be mentioned that over sixty lives have been lost at collieries in recent years owing to accidents due to electricity. r j, A Special Commission is now sitting to col- lect information which may lead to a reduc- tion of dangers from electricity, and, mean- time, it is interesting to know that the Gla- morgan Education Committee has arranged a special course of lectures for these officials at the University College, Cardiff, as well as for colliery firemen and shotsfiremen. The lecture on Colliery Rescue Work" will, it is interesting to state, be delivered by Mr. J. H. Thorne, who penetrated the burning mine at Whitehaven, and who had previously won the King Edward medal for heroism after the Hampstead disaster. A special appeal is being issued 'to those interested in the safety or welfare of men engaged in the mines to assist in making the lectures a success by making it convenient for their employees to attend, and we believe colliery proprietors and mining engineers in this district will wel- come an opportunity of assisting their officials and workmen to attend. As the lectures are held in the evening, there ought to be no diffi- culty on this score. The Colliery Examiners' Association has decided to pay the lecture fees and train fares of members selected to attend the lectures, and every member so selected will give a detailed report of the lec- tures at the lodge meetings next winter and promote a discussion on the subjects dealt I with. Thus will be disseminated all over the coalfield a large amount of valuable informa- tion calculated directly to reduce the number of colliery accidents. I Regarding the tours undertaken by the Glamorgan Education Committee, Mr. Henry Davies, the director of mining instruction, points out, in his report, that these are inten- ded to give advanced students opportunities of personally inspecting systems of working collieries akin to their own, or widely differ- ing on account of local requirements and other causes. The mere inspection of other collieries is not the sole duty of the students, but after the tour is completed all students must forward to the education office books showing the notes taken at the and works visited, and full reports prep." i from t these notes. The scholarship fees paid I' only on receipt of satisfactory reports and note books, which shows that the Education Committee are careful to see that their ex- penditure bears good fruit. The seventy-five students who proceeded on tour in Julv last were divided up, and visited the South Wales, the Yorkshire, Staffordshire, and German coalfields. Only "honours" students took part in the German tour.


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