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I YALE OF GLAMORGAN SHOW. I POPULAR EVENT MARRED BY WET WEATHER. RECORD ENTRIES; FINE QUALITY OF THE EXHIBITS. AMALGAMATION OF THE HORTICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. The eighteenth annual show of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, dairy and garden produce, etc., promoted by the Vale of Glamorgan Ag- ricultural Society, was held on Tuesday, on II the Bear Fields, Cow-bridge. under the most adverse circumstances. The Society has not experienced the best of fortune in recent years in the selection of the date for the show —last yeaT it was held in a severe storm—but the climatic conditions on this occasion were the worst since the inception of the show, lain falling incessantly throughout the day. In consequence the attendance of the public was the lowest on record1, there being not more than a few hundred on the ground at any time. As regards the number of the en- tries and the quality of the exhibits, however, the show ranks as the most successful in the history of the Society, which is saying a great deal. There was not a single department which did not show a substantial increase. This year the Cowbridge and District Horti- cultural. Poultry, and Pigeon Society held ite annual show under the auspices of the Agri- cultural Society, the exhibits being arranged in two large marquees near the main en- trance. In the circumstances it was impos sible to judge as to the wisdom of this ex- periment, but, as the horticultural shew usually attracted a comparatively email at- tendance, the amalgamation will probably serve the best interests of that society, while it will provide an. increased attraction to the Vale Show. The entries in all departments reached the magnificent total of 872, of which 315 were in the poultry and pigeon section, and 79 in the horticultural exhibition. It was hoped that the Earl of Plymouth, who is this year's president of the Society, would at- tend' the show, and a civic reception had been, arranged by the Mayor (Councillor R. E. Watkins) and the Town Clerk (Mr. W. T. Gwyn). but his Lordship was, unfortunately, detained on important business, a telegram to this effect being received on the morning of the show from Mr. Robert Jorrest, his agent. In the course of the morning Councillor Wat- kins also received a wire from the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, who had been invited tu the luncheon, regretting that he and the Deputy Lord Mayor were unable to attend owing to the inclement weather. Judging was well in hand before 12 ocock, cattle being first adjudicated upon in the small ring. and the cart horses in the large ring. In the- cattle classes there were no fewer than 74 entries, which was a gratifying increase compared with last year's total, i-rti a large number of useful animals weie shown. The silver cup for the best pair of steers in the show went to Mr. W. Thomas, J.P., The Hayes, who dEO secured, among other prizes, the "specials"' given by the President and Mr. E. H. Ebsworth respectively. Each of the bull classes provided a good ringful of sires, and the milking cows and heifers, though not many in number, were of exceptional quality. Some fine animals were exhibited by Messrs. T. R. Thompson, Penarth; Walter Davies, Pontypridd; .0. Jenkins, iTleiiiingstone; T. Williams, Caecady, etc. The sheep classes were better filled than last year, the quality of the exhibits being distinctly creditable. Some fine pens were brought in by the well known triumvirate of breeders—Messrs. W. R. Board, Great Frampton; Noah Morgan, Fenybryn, and E. Akers, Pentrebane, St. Fagans. In each of the three pig claeses the premier honour was secured1 by Mr. S. Mil- lard, Howe Mill, Cowbridge. whose winning Beikshire boar is of exceptionally good type and quality. The cart horse classes, in which the entries numbered in all 63—an increase of 16 over last year—formed a strong feature of the show, some well known winners being seen- in the ring. The champion prize, a handsome silver cup, given by the Mayor of Cowlaridge, went to Mr. W. Thomas, Eglwys- Nynydd, whose handsome bay gelding "Cham- pion" was adjudged to be the best exhibit in any of the cart horse classes. Champion" won the championship at the Maesteg Horse Show, but was beaten at Bridgend a week later by "Prince," belonging to Mr. F. J. Sparkes, Cardiff. The latter, however, did not find favour with the Cowbridge judges, who reversed the Bridgend decision, the Car- diff horse receiving the reserve card only. The cup was formally presented to Mr. W. Thomas (Eglwys-Nynydd) within the shelter of the secretary's tent by the Mayor, who made some appropriate remarks. The winning pair of cart horses were exhibited by Mr. S. Radcliffe, of Palla, whose fine mare, "Falla Countess," was also adjudged to be the best two-year-old in the show. Miiss Talbot's brown mare, "Maud 2nd," which showed rare quality and moved well. was second. In the three year oid class there was a good winner in Mr. J. Davies's (Margam) "Belle," a light bay mare. There were an impressive lot of suckers. Hunters, though comparatively few, made quite a useful show. In the two-year-olds, Mr. D. Evans, Burdon's HiB, took the lead with his beautifully-balallced bay filly, and Mr. F. Williams, Stall Court, won Colonel H. R. Homfray's prize for four-year-olds. The yearling class, in which there was an excel- lent show, was led by Mr. Walters Davies's (Pontypridd) Mischief," Mr. R. Morgan's (Llantrithyd1) bay colt, by "John Bull," com- ing a good second. The harness and riding classes were the outstanding feature of the show. a large number of classy animals ap- pearing before the judges, including the cream of South Wales rings. One of the most interesting classes was that for the Pre- sident's prize—the best mare or gelding of any height in harness. The judges centred their affections on Mr. Jabez Goiigh's well- known winner, "Royal Guest," a free going animal of nice quality and movement, which will be remembered as the champion of the Bridgend Show. "Hanover Reality," a stylish bay, exhibited by Mr. D. Richard's, Pontypridd, was placed second', and Dr. Cromwell Jones, Merthyr Tydfil, had to be satisfied for his bay, "Queen Fortunate," which is a strong and graceful mover, with the third prize. This order was maintained in all the harness classes in which the ani- mals appeared. Mr. T. Nicholas, Port Tal- bot, scored several successes with his bay mare, Terrington Daphne." which was awarded' the silver cup for the best goer (muter 1.5 hands) in harness—a class confined to tenant farmers. An objection has been laid by Mr. A. V. Harding, Cardiff, who re- ceived the reserve card, on the ground that Mr. Nicholas is .not a bona fide tenant far- mer, which the committee will adjudicate upon later. In the riding class, however, "Terrington Daphne" was beaten by Mr. F. W. Jones's (Porth) chestnut gelding. The winning hackney mare or gelding, any height, shown in saddle, was found in. r. Tom Mor- gan's "Honourable Maid," a free moving four-year-old, which beat Dr. Jones's "Queen Fortunate." There was a particularly useful show of Welsh cobs suitable for Territorial purposes, the- breeding of which is being so strenuously encouraged by General Tyler, LIanftrithyd, who, with Mrs. Tyler, nrovided the prizes in this class. Mr. 0. Thomas's (Wenvoe) exhibit secured the first position, and' the judges were so pleased with the c'ass that they awarded either h.e. and c. cards to aJl who did not secure a prize. The trades- men's class lay between Mr. 0. Thomas, Wen- voe, and Mr. S. Batten, Cardiff, the latter's Lady Cardigan" having to take second place to the Wenvoe horse. Though few in num- ber, there were some good jumpers in two out of the three classes. The dairy produce classes again filled well, and the judges had nothing but commenda- tion for the exhibitors. The butter cfas»es were well fflled, though perheps in a difitlrw-t fairly well filled, though perhaps in a district Ifke the Vale a larger entry lis,t could reason- ably be expected. In the garden-produce section the entries reaeh«J the record total of 168—an increase of 77 over last yeaT-and here again the exhibits were excellent tn, quality. There were 79 entries in the loeaJ classes in which the prizes were given by the Horticultural Society (who bad received a- subscription of £18 from the Vale Sjocfety). The exhibition was thstinddy e^ed'Hable, flowers and fruit making a wonderfully go«J show. Exhibits hot for competition ill.!1IdtltJ a magnificent show of flowers, etc., from Ash Hall, Ystradowen, which Mr. Tudor Owen offered for sale at the close, devoting the pro- ceeds to assisting the finances of the Society. The entries in the poultry show, which has more than held its own since its inception five years ago, showed an increase of no less than 100 over last year. There was an ex- cellent show of birds, many well known ex- hibitors being represented. Mr. E. H. Ehs- worth is the president of the Horticultural Society. The show arrangements and secretarial duties were efficiently carried out by Mr. T. J. Yorwerth (deputy mayor), who has now held that onerous office for 13 years. He was capably seconded in his efforts by Mr. Oswald Davies, accountant, Cardiff, who was assist- ant secretary. The judges were:—Hunters, hacks, cobs, and ponies: Messrs. E. Curre, Itton Court, Chepstow, and W. J. Tatem, Penylan, Cardiff cart horses and c-olts, Mr. F. S. Humphreys, Amberley Court. Mon- k mouth; cattle, Messrs. Rees Keene, Llanvi- hangel Court, Monmouth, and R. Stratton, The Duffryn. Newport; sheep and pigs, Mr. J. Friend, Idminster. Salisbury; garden pro- duce, Messrs. Bashani, Newport, ascl Hugh Pettigrew. St. Fagans; dairy produce, Mrs. Williams, C'oedygoras; roots, Messrs. Ivor Loi\rie, Radyr, and Griffith Powell, Monk- nash. Mr. E. Akers was the general stew- ard of the yard, and the other stewards were Hunters and hacks, Messrs. T. Thomas, J. W. Hall, C. J. Gwyn, and G. Thomas; cart horses, Messrs. DI. Jenkins, N. Morgan, and D. Spencer: cattle, Messrs. T. Jones, W. G. Thomas, and T. Thomas (Red Farm); sheep and pigs, Messrs. E. Williams (Slade) and 1. "Williams (Castleton); dairy produce and honey, Messrs. W. L. Jenkins and the I Mayor; garden produce, Messrs. E. John, W. D. Alexander, and W. J. Davies. Messrs. Basset, M.R.C.V.S., Llanblethian, and J. Dow, M.R.C.V.S.. Pontypridd were the hon. veterinary surgeons. Mr. C. W. Davies (sec- retary of the Horticultural Society) dis- charged the secretarial duties of the poultry show in an energetic way, and Mr. J. F. E-nt- wietle. Calder Grove. Yorks, was the judge. The stewards were The Mayor. Messrs. T. James, F. Saunders. C. Morgan. R. J. Beer, W. Jenkins. W. G. Lovett, and G. Miles. THE LUNCHEON. The luncheon was served, in a marquee oi the Show Ground. Mr. Edward Akers (a vice-president of the society) presided, sup- ported by the Mayor of Cowbridge (Coun-cillor Watkins), who is also a vice-president; Mr. W. Brace, M.P., General T. B. Tyler, Colonel H. R. floiifi-ay, Alderman Edward John, Mr. E. Curie (Chepstow), Mr. T. J. Yorwerth (secretary), Major H. C. Prichard, Messrs. J. W. Hail, W. T. Gwyn (town clerk), I. W. Lowry (Radyr), Rev. W. M. Yorwerth, Messrs. C. J. Gwyn. Noah Morgan, J.P., Thomas Thomas, Ty Hen Daniel Jenkins, Ruthin Illtyd Williams, Castleton H. O. Irvine. Southerndown Edwin Price, Bridg- end; Rees Thomas. Boverton W. Thomas, The- Ha yes B. Parsons, Pendovlan A. M. Maddock. Pyle; Aaron Jame-s. Port Talbot; George Thomas, Stormy; D. J. Jenkins, Fiemiugston T. Thomas, Peuliyn W. D. Alexander, W. L. Jenkins. R. Hedger Wallace (County Council agricultural lecturer), R. Stratton, J. Friend, etc. Messages 'regret- ting inability to attend were read from Lord Ph mouth, Sir Henry Aubrey Fletcher, and Mi. T. W. David, J.P., C.C. Mr. W. Brace proposed the toast of "The Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society and Show." He regretted the absence ox the Earl of Plymouth, and the fact that the inclement weather had done so much to militate against the success of the show, both this year and last year. If the Board of Agriculture did something to regulate the weather at these gatherings, they would do more good- than they had so far been able to do in the direc- tion of assisting agriculture. (Laughter.) He cited the case of Switzerland, where greater assistance was rendered by the State to those engaged in the pursuit of agricul- ture than was done in a large, wealthy coun- try like ours. (Hear, hear.) He was told by the secretary that never since this society came into existence had the entries reached such a figure as this year. That was very gratifying, and he had no doubt that if as a consequence of the weather, the finances needed a 'little effort on the part of the mem- bers. the secretary would not have any diffi- culty in getting their co-operation. (Ap- plause.) The Chairman, who responded, said they re- echoed Mr. Brace's expression of regret at the absence of the noble Earl, who had kindly ac- cepted the presidency of the Society for a second year. The show had been in exist- ence for 18 years, and its history was one of steady and 'maintained progress. Unfor- tunately they had found their greatest foe in the weather. The entries this year were nearly a hundred more than last year. Proposing the health of the Judges, General, Tyler expressed a hope that they would be quite well on Wednesday morning after their uncomfortable experiences in the wet. Mr. E. Curre and Mr. R. Stratton acknow- ledged, the latter describing the quality of the stock at the shew that day as exceedingly good. He strongly urged the farmers of the Vale to breed none but the best stock they could. Mr. J. Friend, another of the judges, said he felt that the Vale of Glamorgan lent itself to the rearing of Hampshire Down sheep, andi these, which reached maturity early, were more remunerative than any other class. The following were the awards;- CATTLE.—Any Pure Breed. Bull calved before 19C7.: 1, Walter Davies, Pontypridd-; 2, Colonel J. P. Turbervili, Ewenny Priory; 3, W. Thomas, The Hayes, Sully; r., T. R. Thompson, P'enarth. Bull calved in 1907: 1, D. Jenkins, Rythin 2, E. Williams, Sealands; 3, D. Jen- kins, Flemingstone Court. Bull calved in 1908: 1, T. Williams, Caer- cady, Cow bridge 2 and 3, T. R. Thompson; r., T. J. Morgan, Marcross. Bull calved in 1909: 1, J. Lewis, Brigam; 2, D. Jenkins, Flemingstone Court; 3, W. Thomas. Cow in calf or in milk: 1 and 2, W. Tho-mas; 3, D. Jenkins, Rythin; h.c., Ley- ahon Thomas. Sigginstone D. Jenkins, Flem- ingstone T. Williams. Caercady. Heifer calved in 1907: 1, Walter Davies, Pontypridd; 2, W. Thomas; 3, T. Williams. Heifer calved in 1903: 1 and 2, W. Thomas; 3, D. Jenkins. Rythin.. Heifer Calf calved in 1909 1, D. Jenkins, Flemingstone; 2, W. Thomas; 3, J. Lewis, Brigam. Pair of Heifers not exceeding two years old, not exhibited in any other class: 1. D. Jen- I kins, Flemingstone Court; 2, T. R. Thomp- son. Dairy Class. Pair Milking Cows: 1, Mrs. Trott, Cow- bridge; 2, W. Perkins, Llanmaes; 3, D. Jen- kins, Rythin. Cow in calf or in milk 1. Mrs. Trott, Cow- bridge; 2, T. Williams, Caercady; r., W. Perkins, jJanma-es. Heifer calved in 1907: 1 and 2, T. Wil- liams, Caercady. Heifer calved in 1908 1, T. Williams. Special Prizes. Pair of Steers not exceeding three years (silver cup given by the Mayor of Cow- bridge): 1, W. Thomas; 2, D. Jenkins, Flem- ingstone. Pair of Cows in calf or in milk (any breed): 1, W. Thomas; 2, T. R. Thompson. Cow, Two-year-old Heifer, and the Cow's Yearling Offspring (bred by exhibitor): 1, W. Thomas; 2, W. R. Board, Great Frampton; r., D. Jenkins, Rythin. Bull, Cow, and their Offspring calved in 1909: 1, W. Thomas; 2, T. R. Thompson-; r., D. Je-nkins. Flemingstone. Pair Yearling Cattle (steers or heifers, pure or cross-bred), sired by a pedigree Shorthorn or Black Polled Bull, and only shewing ealf teeth, bred by exhibitor: 1, 2, and 3, W. R. Board, Great Frampton. Bull of any age in the Hereford classes 1, Walter Davies, Pontypridd; r., T. Williams, Caeroady. O i^P.—Any Pure Breed. Yearling Ram: 1 and 2, X. Morgan, Peny- brvrJlo. Ram Lamb: 1, W. R. Board; 2 and 3, E. Akers, Penferebane r., Noah Morgan. Three Yearling Ewes: 1 and 2, W. R. Board; 5 and r.. N. Morgan. Three Ewe Lambs: 1 and 2, W. R. Board; 3 antl r., E. Akers. Peu oi Four Ewes which have bred lambji in 1000: 1, N. Morgan; 2, W. Emerson, Swel- don; r. and h.c., W. R. Board. PMS.—Any Pure Breeds Boaj-: 1, G. Millard, Howe Mill; 2 and n., J. H. Thomas, The Hayes, Sully. S»w in farrow or with pigs 1, G. Millard I 2, C. John, Tudor Arms, Ystradowen; r., J. -H. Thomas. Pair of Sows farrowed in 1909: 1, G. Mil- lard; 2 and r., J. H. Thomas. CART HORSES. Pair Cart Horses (confined to tenant farmers in Glamorganshire): 1, S. Radcliffe, Palla, P'alla Catherine" and "Palla Prin- cess"; 2, J. Davies, Kenfig House, Captain" and "Belle"; 3, W. WTiiting, Aberdare, "Old- field Drayman" and "Gomer" r., Dl. Jenkins, RythÜù. Mare in foal or with foal at foot: 1 and 2, S. Radcliffe, Palla, Palla Catherine" and "Palla Pi incess"; r., J. Davies, Kenfig House, uelle"; h.c., E. J. Jones, West Monkton, "Ginger"; W. C. Williams, Llan- dow. Sucker Colt or Filly, got by any of Miss Talbot's stud horses: 1, E. Williams, Sea- lands; 2, G. Thomas, Llwynhelig; 3, W. Rad- cliffe, Waterton Court; r., Rees Bros., Dim- Is-nds. Yearling Colt or Filly got by any of Miss Talbot's stud horses: 1, W. Thomas, Morfa Bach; 2, Rees Bros., Dimlands. Two-year-old Gelding or Ma-re got by any of Miss Talbot's horses: 1, Miss Talbot, "Maud 2nd"; 2, E. Williams, Sealands, Champion." Sucker Colt or Filly got by any of Mr. R. T. Board's shire horses: 1, J. T. Lovesick, WTiitney Farm; 2, J. Board, Sheepleys; 3. T. J. Morgan, Marcross; r., Mrs. Masters, Lanelay Hall. Sucker Colt or Filly got by any horse: 1, J. Davies, Margam House; 2, J. T. Loveluck, Whitney. Yearling Colt or Filly: 1, W. Thomas, Eglwysnynydd; r., W. Thomas. Morfa Bach. Two-year-old Gelding or Mare: 1, S. Rad- c cliffe, "Palla Countess" 2, W. Thomas, Eglwysnynydd, "Eglwys Lady"; r., Miss- Talbot, "Maud 2nd." Three-year-old Gelding or Mare: 1, J. Davies, Kenfig House, Belle"; 2, W. Thomas, Morfa Bach; r., J. Lewis, Brigam. Mare or Gelding suitable ior a builder or contractor, shown in harness: 1, W. Thomas-, Eglwysnynydd. "Champion'; 2, A. M. Thomas, Llanmaes; r., F. J. Sparkes, Car- diff, Prince." Champion Prize. Best Animal exhibited in any of the Cart Horse Classes, silver cup given by the Mayor of Cow-bridge 1, W. Thomas, Eglwysnynydd, Champion" 2, A. M. Thomas, Llanmaes. HUNTERS. Brood Mare calculated to produce hunters, in foal or with foal at foot: 1, D. Watts, Llantrithvd, "Wisdom"; 2, W. G. Thomas, Llandough. Hunter, Mare or Gelding, four years old and upwards: 1..F. Williams, Stallcourt, "Red Rag"; 2, D. Watts, Uantrithyd, White Hat." Two-year-old Mare or Gelding: 1, D. Evans. Burdon's Hill, "Ladv Joan"; 2, T. W. Davies, Pontypridd. "Half Pay"; c., Mrs. L. Dow, Pontypridd, "Cleopatra." Yearling: 1, T. Walters Davies, Ponty- pridd, "Mischief"; 2, R. Morgan, Llantri- thyd; r., G. Griffiths, Pontyclun; c., F. Grant, Llandough, "Little Man"; T. Watts, Llanmihangel Place. RIDING CLASSES. Pony not exceeding 13 hands, ridden by a boy not exceeding 15 years of age: 1, Chap- man and Wiimott, Cardiff; 2, J. Millward, Merthyr, "Forest Queen"; r., A. V. Hard- ing, Cardiff. Ma re- or Gelding exceeding 13 hands, and not above 14.2, ridden 1, F. W. Jones, Porth; 2. T.Nicholas, Port Talbot, "Terring- ton Daphne"; r., S. Batten, Cardiff, "Lady Cardigan"; h.c., Evan Williams, Porth, Lady Cardigan." Mare or Gelding, exceeding 14.2, not above 15.2, and not exceeding six years, ridden 1, Tom Morgan, Tylorstown, "Honourable Maid"; 2, S. Cromwell Jones. Merthyr Tydfil, "Queen Fortunate"; r., D. Richards, Ponty- pridd, Llanover Reality." Hackney Mare or Gelding of any height, ridden 1, Tom Morgan, Honourable Maid"; 2, S. Cromwell Jones, Queen For- tunate" 3, D. Richards, Llanover Real- ity"; r., F. WT. Jones, Porth. Welsh Cob Brood Mare suitable for breed- ing horses for Territorial Army purposes: 1, 0. Thomas, Wenvoe; 2, W. Hopkins, Llancar- fan; r., A. M. Thomas, Llanmaes; c., Miss O. Yorwerth, Cowbridge. HARNESS CLASSES. Pony, Mare or Gelding, not above 13.2, to be driven in harness 1, A. V. Harding, Car- diff; 2, J. Millward, Merthyr, "Forest Queen"; r., Chapman and Willmott, Cardiff. Best Goer in, harness (under 15 hands), pro- perty of tenant farmer: 1, T. Nicholas, Port Talbot, Terrington Daphne"; r., A. V. Harding, Cardiff. Mare or Gelding, exceeding 13.2, and not above 14.2, to be driven 1, T. Nicholas, Terrington Daphne"; 2, S. Batten, Cardiff, "Lady Cardigan"; r., W. Edwards, New- bridge. Mare or Gelding, exceeding 14.2, and not above 15.2, to be driven 1, Jabez Gough, Mountain Ash, "Royal Guest"; 2, D. Rich- ards, Pontypridd, "Llanover Reality" r., S. Cromwell Jones, Merthyr Tydtil, Queen For- tunate." Harness Mare or Gelding, the property of a tradesman or farmer 1, 0. Thomas, Wen- voe • 2, S. Batten, Cardiff, "Lady Cardigan"; r., T. K. Lukey, Mountain Ash, Darran Las Boy"; h.c., E. Evans, Pontyclun. Mare or Gelding of any height, driven 1, Jabez Gough, "Royal Guest" 2, D. Richards, "Llanover Reality"; 3, S. Cromwell Jones, "Queen Fortunate"; r., S. Batten, Cardiff, "Lady Cardigan." JUMPING. Best Jumper, 14.2 and upwards: 1, W. H. Fletcher, Pontypool; 2, A. Jones, Merthyr; 3, Percy Jones, Merthyr. Best Jumper, under 14.2: 1, A. Jones, Merthyr. Champion Class: 1. W. H. Fletcher, Pon- typool; 2, Percy Jones, Merthyr; 3, A. Jones, Merthyr. DAIRY PRODUCE. Lot of Cheese, not less than 281bs., exceed- ing four inches in thickness: 1, Mrs. Millard, Howe Mill; 2, Miss L. M. Board, Sheepleys; 3, Miss Lizzie Howells, Pantruthyn. Lot of Caerphilly Cheese, not less than 28 lbs., four inches and under in thickness: 1, j Mrs. Williams, Prisk; 2, Miss Watts, Ty; Draw; 3, Miss L. M. Board, Sheepleys; r., Mrs. W. C- Williams, Llandow. Lot of Fresh Butter not less than 31bs.: 1, Mrs. Thomas, Llansannor; 2, Mrs. Thomas, Llwynhelig; 3, Mrs. Williams, Llangan; r., Mrs. Watts, Sheepcourt. Collection of Dairy Produce, Butter and Cheese: 1. Miss Watts, Ty Draw; 2, Mns. Watts, Ty Uchaf; r., Miss M. Morgan, Peny- rheol. HONEY. Six lib. Sections of Comb Honey: 1, D. George,- Merthyrmawr; 2, T. George, Mer- thyrmawr. Six Bottles Extracted Honey, approximate weight lib. 1, R. Morgan, Cowbridge; 2, Mrs. Morgan, Cowbridge; r., J. Boyes, Car- diff. GARDEN PRODUCE. Open to the County. Collection of Vegetables: 1, R. K. Pri- chard, Bryntirion 2, John Deacon, Penyvai. Collection of Potatoes: 1, N. German, Llandough 2, J. Trew, Llanblethian; 3, H. Dav ies, Rhoose. 12 Round Potatoes: 1, N. German; 2, H. Davies; 3, H. Cook, Cowbridge. 12 Kidney Potatoes: 1, N. GM-man; 2, R. K. Prichard 3, W. J. Thomas, Crossways. Bunch of Leeks: 1, R. K. Flrichard; 2, N. German. Dish of Autumn Sown Onions: 1, D. Adams, Ton Brigam; 2, John Deacon, Peny- vai. Dish of Spring Sown Oaions: 1. R. K. Pwchard; 2, N. GeTman; 3, J. Deacon. Nine Parsnips: 1, 11. Cook, Cowbridge; 2, J. Dea-coiv. Six Sticks of Celery: 1, R. K. Frichard 2, J. Deacon. Peas 1, N. German 2, H. Davies, Rhoose.. Xina Parsnips: 1, J. Deacon; 2, W. James Thomas, Crossways. Dish of Kidney on French Beans: 1, H. Davies, Rhoose; 2, N. German. Carrots: 1, R. K. Prichard; 2, Evan [Matthews, Trehinghttl. Cucumbers: 1, J. Deacon; 2, D. Adams, Ton Brigam. 12 Tomatoes: 1, J. Deabon; 2, W. J. Thomas, Crossways. Marrows: 1, N. German; 2. J. Deacon. Beet: 1, H. Davies; 2, N. Germarr. Broad Beans: 1, H. Davies; 2, F. House, Cowbridge. 12 Shallots: 1, E. Matthews, Treiiinghill; 2, H. Davies, Rhooee. FLOWERS AND PLANTS. Collection of Dahlias: 1, D. AdaDis, Ton; Brigam; 2, N. German 3 Plants, assorted Begonias Tuberous: 2, H. Cook, Cowbridge. Geraniums (in bloom): 1, N. German; 2, H. Cook. Pot of Fern 1, H. Cook; 2. N. German. Cut Roses, H.P.'s or H.T.'s: 1, G. E. Morris, Llanblethian; 2, A. W. Morris, P'en- arth. Cut Roses, Teas or Noisettes: 1, A. W. Morris; 2, G. E. Morris. Cactus Dahlias: 1, D. Adams; 2, G. W- John, Bridgend. Asters: 1, H. Cook. Carnations or Picotees: 1, A. W. Morris; 2, N. German. Fansias or Violas: 1, J. Trott, St. Hilary, FRUIT. Grapes: 1, N. German; 2, Mrs. Owen, Ash Hall. Dessert Apples: 1, T. Watts, Llanmihan- gel; 2, W. Norton, Llanblethian. Gooseberries (red): 1, E. Matthews, Tre- hinghill; 2, N. German. Gooseberries (green): 1, D. Brown, Cow- bridge 2, E. Lanman, Sigginstone. Black Currants: 1, W. J. Thomas; 2, J. Trott, St. Hilary. Red Currants: 1, N. German; 2, J. Dea- con. Culinary Apples: 1, W. J. Thomas; 2, W. Norton, Llanblethian. COUNTY COUNCIL CLASSES. 21bs. of Fresh Butter, no salt added: 1, Miss Bessie Griffiths, Maindy; 2, Mrs. Thomas, Llwynhelig; 3, Mi^s G. Watts, Llan- mihangel; 4, Miss G. Llewellyn, Holly Bush; v.h.c., Miss L. AVilliams, Cottrell. 31bs. Fresh Butter, salt added 1, Mrs. Wattts, Sheep Court; 2, Mrs. Thomas, Llwyn- helig; 3, Mi&s B. Griffiths, Maindy. FLOYVER SHOW CLASSES. Plants (confined to Cottagers within 5 miles radius of Dow bridge).—Pot of Fern 2, J. Trott. Plant, any variety: 2, J. Trott. Cut Flowers.—Roses 1, J. Trott. Migno- nett 1, S. Willment; 2, J. Trott. Pansies: 1. J. Trott; 2, S. Willment. Pom Fon Dahlias: 1, S. Willment; 2, E. Reed. Sweet Peas: 1, D. Brown. Fruit.—Apples: 1, J. Trott; 2, D. Adams. Gooseberries: 1, D. Adams; 2, Mrs. W. Nor- ton. Red Currants: 1, D. Adams. Black Currants: 1, J. Trott; 2, D. Adams. Vegetables.—Collection of Vegttables: 1, D. Adams; 2, O. Thomas; 3, J. Trew. Kid- ney Potatoes: 1, S. Willment 2, O. Thomas. Round Potatoes: 1, O. Thomas; 2, D. Adams. Peas: 1, J. Trew; 2, 0. Thomas. Parsnips: 1, S. Willment; 2, 0. Thoma.s. Carrots: 1, E. Reed; 2, D. Adams. Tur- nips: 1, E.Reed; 2, S. Willment. Leeks: 1, D. Adams. Spring Sown Onions: 1, D. Adams; 2. 0. Thomas. Autumn Sown: Onions: 1, O. Thomas; 2, D. Adams. Vege- table Marrow: 1, E. Reed. Cucumbers: 1, D. Adams. SPECIAL PRIZES. Decorated Vase of Flowers (open to ladies residing within 3 miles of Cowbridge): 1, Misses N. and B. Morris; 2, Mrs. John; 3, Mrs. D. Brown. Sweet Peas: 1, L. Leyslion, Penyvai; 2, N. German; 3, Mrs. Tudor Owen. POULTRY AND PIGEONS. Modern Game 1, special, 2 and 3, T. W. Forey, Aberdare. Old1 English Spangle, Cock: 1 and special, Mason and Edwards, Nantymoel; 2, P. Pen- dry, Ferndale; 3, W. Harvey, Aberaman. Hen 1 and special, W. J. Attwell, Mountain Ash; 2, A. J. Attweil; 3, J. R. Morgan, Caerau. Old English A.O.C., Cock: 1, Tom Garner, Abbey Town; 2, J. E. Hawkins, Newport; 3, W. J. Attwell. Hen: 1, W. H. Lewis, Tre- orky; 2, P. P'endry; 3, E. W. Davies, Cow- bridge. Orpington, Cock: 1, A. Webb, LIanhar- ran; 2, Bremenda, Llandibie; 3, J. C. Phipps, Morton-in-Marsh. Indian Game: land special, T. H. Thomas, Cadoxton; 2 and 3, J. C. Phipps. Wyandotte, White Cock: 1, T. Morris, Nantymoel; 2 and' 3, D. George, Merthyr- mawr. Coucou de Maline, Cock: 1 and special: Major F. Herbert, Raglan; 2, Col. W. A. D. O'Malley, Cheltenham; 3, T. H. Borne Norton, Shaftesbury. Hen 1, L. E. Cornut, Clacton-on-Sea; 3, T. H. B. Norton. Plymouth Rock (Barred): 1 and 2, Griffith Morris, Bridgend 3, T. W. Hird, Caldicot. Orpington Rock or Dotte Chicken 1 and special: T. Parry; 2, A. Webb; 3, W. T. Hird. Any Variety Cock and Hen 1 and special, J. McCarthy, Fenlline; 2, special and 3, Tom James. O.E. Spangle, Cock: 1, Lewis and Davies, Mountain Ash; 2, W. Parr, Abertysswg; 3, W. Dobbs, Treharris. Hen 1, Lewis and Davies; 2, T. E. and W. H. Thornton, Hon- ley; 3, J. R. Morgan, Caerau. Old English A.O.C., Cock 1, special and 3, E. W. Davies, Cowbridge; 2, Geo. Lewis, Neath. Hen 1, 2, and 3, E. W. Davies. Rosecomb 1 and special, Inman and Elam, Bradford; 2, E. W. Davies; 3, Fred Picker- ing, Driffield.. A.O.V. 1, Pickering Bros.; 2, R. A. Briggs, Barnsley; 3, W. Dobbs. Local Boy's Class: 1, Percy Jones, Cow- bridge; 2 and 3, Edgar Goulden, Cowbridge; 4, Percy Jones. PIGEONS. Tumbler, L.F. Selft: 1, G. Harris and Lewis, Bridgend; 2, R. Pool, Bedford; 3, L. J. Abington, Bristol. Tumbler, L.F. A.O.C. 1 and 3, J. W. Hall; 2, W. T. Negus, Camborne. Magpie: 1, E. T. Houle, Cardiff; 2, A. Stephens, Cardiff; 3, J. Board, Merthyr- mawr. Ex-Flying Homer: 1, Geo. Butler, Goole; 2, Martin Cooke, Burnley; 3, A. J. Cleobury, Brosley. Working Homer, Cock: 1, Martin Cooke, Burnley 2 and 3, H. V. Prior. Hen 1 and special, Martin Cooke; 2, A. J. Cleobury; 3, Sutton and Son. Working Homer (bred 1909): 1, W. Vile, Nantymoel; 2, H. V. Prior; 3,. W. H. George. Any Other Variety: 1 and special, H. Allen. Birmincham; 2, E. Pitt Elliott, Maes- teg; 3, H. Whitley. A.V. Fancy Pigeon (Local): 1, Aubrey Mor- gan 2, Ralpi# Goulden; 3, Jack Oakley- Working Homer (Local): 1, 2, and 3, W. G. Lovett, Maindy.



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