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PASSING OF THE P.T. CENTRE. ♦ IMPORTANT PROPOSAL BY THE EDUCAr- TION COMMITTEE. BRIDGEND INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL ENLARGEMENT. THE CLERKS SALARY. The Governors of the Bridgend Intermedin ate School considered at their meeting on Monday. Mr. S. H. Stockwood presiding, an important matter affecting the training of pupil teachers. Mr. Mansel Franklen, clerk to the County Council, wrote- "The Educa- tion Committee on Tuesday last had under, consideration the additional grant which the Board of Education are now prepared to make to secondary schools in which a certain percentage of pupil teachers or bursars re- ceive their training, and have appointed a special committee to meet your governors with reference thereto. At the same meet- ing, the headmaster of the Bridgend Pupil Teachers' Centre (Mr. J. J. Morgan, B.A.) Avas appointed headmaster of the Pontycym- mer Higher Elementary School, and the pre- sent is therefore a suitable opportunity of making the pupil teachers department at Bridgend an integral part of the County Schools, thus making the receipt of the addi- tional grant a. practical certainty." Replying to the Chairman, the Headmaster (Mr. John Rankin, B.A.), said that, so far as he could see, there was no objection to this proposal, as the work of the pupil teachers, and that of the ordinary scholars would be very much the same. The Chairman, said he thought it was an idea which the Governors ought to encourage. He did not think it was in the interests of education that there should be a number of small schools, and if there was no internal dif- ficulty, it would be better that they should, focus secondary education in the one school. The proposal was one that should receive the sympathetic consideration of the governors. The Chiet Education Utiicial (Dr. J. James), the only member of a deputation from tho Education Committee who attended, was ad- mitted to the room. tie stated that it Avats evidently the wish of the Board of Education that the pupil teachers' centre which had been transferred from Tondu to the tempor- ary premises near that sclioor, should now be- come an integral part of the County School. The increased grant which was ottered was a strong inducement to the governors to adopt this proposal. It was provided by Section* 28a ot the new Secondary Schools Regulations that the governors, in consideration of their undertaking to train pupil teachers, should receive a grant of £1 on behalf of each ordin- ary pupil. It was true there were conditions but they were fairly easy to fulfil. They must pass the certificate examination either in the last year or file last but one of their engagement, and for each who did this, the governors would receive an additional grant 01 £ ? ius. per annum. There was, of coiuse, some element of doubt about this grant, but he thought the teachers generally would get through the examination atter Being at tne school during the period of their engagement- lhe Education Committee enterea into an agreement with the pupil teachers by which. the latter were bound to devote the whole of the year succeeding their apprenticeship to^ study for the examination^ so as to secure this grant. The Chairman But if they fail we get no- thing ? Dr. James: That is so. but we put pressure 011 them by getting them to sign an agree- ment, and by obtaining quarterly reports on their work. Many County Schools had adopted tins system, and, as the headmaster of the Centre had secured another appoint- ment, there could not be a more opportune time for dealing with the matter at Bridgend. Questioned as to the scheme for enlarging the school laboratories, etc.. Dr. James stated that he understood the matter was re- ceiving attention. After Dr. James left several of the gover- nors expressed their approval of the proposal, but Mr. George Harris thought it should' re- ceive very careful consideration. It was decided, on the motion of Mr. L. G. Jones, seconded by Mr. J. Roderick, to hold: a special meeting to further consider the mat- ter. THE CLERK'S SALARY. On the minutes being read, Mr. Harris challenged them as being incorrect. He said that at the last meeting he gave notice to move the recission of the minute which in- creased the clerk's salary from £ 50 to £ 75, and this Avas not on the minutes. The Clerk: You should have given notice in writing. Mr. Harris: Are there any standing. orders ? The Clerk Yes. Mr. Harris: Then I should have been in- formed of the fact, and the Chairman at that meeting should have told me it was necessary for me to give notice of motion in writing. The Chairman You had better give notice of motion in writing. Mr. Harris: The governors do not meet again for another month, and during thi& time the increment in the clerk's salary is going on. The matters is an urgent one, and I ask permission to move the suspension of the Standing Orders, so that I may deal witb the matter now. The Chairman No, I can't allow that-ji there are too few governors present. Mr. Harris: Very well; I will give notice- in Avriting.

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