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E. REES HOWELL'S GREAT SUMMER = SALE = IZ7 NOW ON The Entire Stock, consisting of New and Up-to-date Goods of the Latest Fashions will be cleared at Ridiculously Low Prices to effect a Complete & Speedy Clearance. _——— TEMPLE OF FASHION t WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. gHEEP DIPPING REASON, 1909. J^LEWELLYN'S pOWDER DIP (POISONOUS) In 1/- Packets, sufficient for Dipping 20 Sheep. Has been approved-by the Board of Agriculture as a RtfMEDY FOB SCAB. Is effectual in Preventing the attack of Flies on Sheep and iambs. L LEWELLYN's F LY pOWDER In Perforated Tins, 1/- each, SufficieBt for POWDERING 30 SHEEP. An effectual Preparation if or Preventing the attack of Fly on Sheep and Lambs. CORNS! CORNS! CORNS! ETHELINE A new and most effective remedy for Corns. perfectly sale and harmless. Is very easily Mplied. va a few applications without th-i slightest pain. troabied with either Corns, Worts, or Banions, will find relief by using Ethelme. t Price Is. 2d. per bottle, post free. {« JOHN LLEWELLYN, High Street, Cowbridge < AND 4 Commercial St., Llantrissant The Event of the Season! Grand Sports and Carnival will be held on Wednesday, August 4th, at the Recreation Ground. Nantymoel. Proceeds in aid of Cardiff Infirmary and Bridgend Cottage Hospital. 12 MILE MARATHON RACE (Start 1 p.m., from Nantymoel), JB9 to he followed by several Handi- caps, 80 YARDS, liD YARDS, 300 YARDS, HALF-MILE, also FOOTBALL and BOYS' RACE. TUG-OF-WAR BIG PRIZES. AMBULANCE COMPETITIONS. V2 MILE TROTTING HANDICAP (Open). Don't Miss the Fancy Dress Carnival 10 Classes. Morning 10.30; also in the Evening. Two Bands will be in attendance. GRAND BALLOON ASCENT. Full particulars in Schedules now ready. Entries close First Post Saturday, July 31st, 1909. 126 E. A. HALE, Secretary, Nantymoel. J. HORSELL & SON, SCULPTOBS, Monumental Works, Pyle ESTABLISHED 1882 All kinds ofjMemorials in Granite, Marble or Stone Quality of Material and Workmanship Guar- anteed. Old Tombstones Renovated. 7538 WONTING fTNTING WfclNTLNG ■MINTING ■BESTING #* •MSTING #* WONTING MINTING KONTTNG f«UNTlNG fKDTflNG tEBHNTMG FE^TLNG SUITING MHOTINQ #* MNTSG ■grSTINQ JBJJSTING PRINTING #* HUNTING ## FJTLSTING G MINTING PRINTING SENTING #* R»ESTLNG *# BBSS W HB S FEINTING MINTING HSTIING MOT^G SmriN O HUNTING MINTING O.taNTING 1NQ iI LI'llo ix's 0 p G G ,G G G 0 .& PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING The Gazette Offers Special Advantages To Its Customers. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR PRINTING IN BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT. PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING FEINTING PRINTING PRIN LNG PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING at. PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING *# PRINTING PRINTING A PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING J PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTINO PRINTING EMNTDMT I I I Telephone, Central 1015 I Telegrams, "Evans, Swansea.-7 An Invitation. Visitors are cordially invited to pay a visit of inspection to our Premises :— One of the Sights of Swansea." No one importuned to purchase. READING AND WRITING ROOM for the use of Customers is provided. TEA AND LUNCHEON ROOM on the Premises. Moderate Tariff. Ben Evans & Co., Ltd., | SWANSEA. | Park Slip Colliery Explosion Relief Fund. No. 32. Statement of Accounts for the Half-year ending 30th June, 1909. Half-year ending 16 Months x- „ T) „ 30th June, 1909. 31st Dec., 1893, dumber of Persons on Fund 41 304. Add Posthumous Births ^3 Dependent Restored on Fund l Less Dependents off Fund — f,a Deaths x 4 „ Children over 14 years 18 Widows re-married — 1 3 —— 94 41 223 REVEl PTS. £ s. d. To Balance at Bank 338 4 8 „ Dividends on 241 per cent. Annuities 26 2 10 Do. (i.W.R. 5 per cent. Stock 42 14 1 Do. L. & N.W.R. 4 per cent. Stock 35 10 7 „ Do. Midland Railway 2g per cent. Stock 18 14 4 „ Interest on Deposit 4 7 5 £%5 13 11 PAYMENTS. £ s. d. £ s. d. Ly Relief paid out 160 10 0 Medical Attendance upon Widows and De- pendent Relatives 9 15 0 „ Postages, Telegrams, &c. 0 7 6 Advertising Accounts. 2 10 0 Hecretary's Salary. 15 0 0 Railway Fares of Com- mittee 2 7 7 Stationery & Printing 0 18 3 „ Amount voted to the Miners' Permanent Fund 45 0 0 Auditor's Fees 2 2 0 „ Cash at National Pro- vincial Bank, Bridgend -On Deposit. 339 19 11 LESS Current Account (Overdrawn) 112 16 4 ————— 227 3 7 JB4651511 To Total Amount Subscribed to Fund. £ 16,925 2s. Od. | By Total Amount Disbursed. £ 13,322 Is. Od. LIABILITIES AND ASSETS. To Beneficiaries on the Fund— At 30th June, 1909-At Dec., 1893. Widows 27 53 Children — 110 Caretakers. — 2 Dependents 14 58 41 223 £ s. d. £ s. d. -D -CM ncn a Cost Price Present Value By £ 1,950 Annuities 2| per cent. (1905) at 101 15-16 1990 2 1 1794 n n „ £ 1798 G.W.R. 5 per 0 u cent. Guaranteed at 1651 „ 2999 11 7. 2499 4 s „ £ 1576 Midland Consoli- 5 dated, 2^ per cent. Preference 1306 10 6.1087 8 9 I' „ £ 1870 L. & N.W. Rly. 4 per cent. Preference atl322 2492 12 0.2075 14 0 8788 16 2.7456 7 2 „ Cash at Bank 227 3 7. 227 3 7 £ 9015 19 9.7683 10 9 We hereby certify that the Market Value of the above named Securities on the 22th June, 1909, was £ 7,456 7s. 2d. THACKERAY & Co., CARDIFF. Examined and compared with Vouchers and Securities for Moneys invested T UV A IMC T> rp JOHN GRIFFITH JONES. CHARTERED ACT-OVNTA vr, J. E\ ANS, Pro. Treasurer. L. G. JONES Secretarv 2nd July, 1909. oyjaa, secretary. R. MUMFORD, M.P.S. (late Jenkins), FAMILY & AGRICULTURAL CHEMIST, WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. SHEEP DIPS, All the leading makes, including- QUIBELL'S, McDOUGALL'S AND COOPER'S A Dipping Machine lent to purchasers of Dip. FLY POWDER, FLY & MAGGOT OIL. WEED KILLERS AND INSECTICIDES. DISINFECTANTS- Sanitas, Jeyes, Izal and Carbolic. CAMBRIAN ESSENCE OF RENNET for Cheese Making. In Jars, 6d. and lOjd. each. Superior to all other makes. £ National Telephone 149. 8012 £ MORTGAGES. MR. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, has several sums of money, from £ 100 to £ 600, available for investments on good securities.— \.pply with particulars to his offices, Station Hill, fridgend. 8689 A DVICE FREE for Stamp; Mrs. E. Stewart's C3L Famous Females remedy Never Fails. Address 9 Guinea Street, Bristol. 3 I lb* slamorgau (saztttt*- PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six. Insertion Insertions.. Insertions 18 Word* 0 6 1 0 1 f 27 Worda 0 9 1 6 S P 36 Worda 1 0 3 0 I t 45 Worda 1 3 2 6 I V 54 Worda 1 6 3 0 4 0 63 Words 1 9 3 6 w. i I 72 Words 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 Worda 2 3 4 6 i f The above Charges appry only to the clawe* ..of Advertisements specified below, and are strictly oonnned to those which are PAID FOB PREVIOUS TO INSERTION if not prepaid, they will be charged by the general scale: IfisoeHaneoas Wants. Situations Vacant. Houses to Let. Apartments Wanted. Apartments to Let. Situations Wanted. Margam Flower Show. THE 31st ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD IX TUL Orangery & Pleasure Grounds of Margam Abbey (By kind permission of Miss TALBOT), OX WILL BE HELD IX TUL Orangery & Pleasure Grounds of Margam Abbey (By kind permission of Miss TALBOT), — ON — Thursday, Aug. Sth, 1909 The Finest Show of Vegetables, Fruit St Flowers in South Wales. PORT TALBOT & TAIBACH BRASS BAND (Recent First Prize Winners). Cheaf) Trains issued on all Railway?. Refreshments Supplied. All Particulars may be obtained from R. MILNER, Hon. Sec., Margam Gardens. BETTWS Athletic Sports Monday, Aug. 16th, 1909. PROGRAMME OF EVENTS— I ION J RW TT -|. 1st prize 2nd prize £ nt. Fee 1—120 yards Open Handicap £ 5 £ 1 10s. 2s. 2—240 yds. Open Handicap £3 jEl 1/6 3-N oyice Race £2 15S. rs- 4-1 Mile Open Handicap £3 15s. 1/5 5-2 Mile Open Handicap L2 10s. 1/- 6—15 Mis. Open Trotting H'cap £ 3 £1 1/6 7—Marathon Race, starting from Blaengarw, via Pontycymmer, Llangeinor, Pandy to Bettws, and 8 laps of the track L3 JEl 2s. Handicapper—Mr. Ted-Lewis, Pontypridd. Hon. Sec.—D. Evans, Brynawel, Bettws, Bridgend. Assistant Sec.—Wm. Evans, Tydariyreglwys; Bettws. '121 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. — Look out for — Telynfab Gwalia s 2nd Concert Tour TONDU, OCTOBER 6th, 1909. All fresh artistes. Proceeds towards the Tondu and Aberkenfig Coronation Silver Band. 120 | A SATISFIED EXPRESSION^ I is the kind you'll wear when leaving my I I establishment, no matter whether you have I I visited the tailoring or outfitting side. I I I am out of the fashion—haven't got a sale I ■ running—but I have got a fine assortment I 5 of holiday goods, such as straw hats, tunic 5 I shirts, neckwear, gloves, etc., etc., priced at figures which are as low as many people's I sale prices. ■ Just come and see—you'll never know how I well I am catering for your needs until you I do; or drop a postcard and my represen- I tative will call. | | H. LEVINE, | I 2 & 5, Market Buildings, I I BRIDGEND.! I epl, I t I v I ST. BRIDE'S MAJOR, WICK AND ST. ANDREWS MINOR Flower, Fruit & CUAW Vegetable OilU 11 Will be held in DITNSAVEN* PARK on Monday (Bank Holiday), August 2nd, 1909. The Excelsior String Band, conducted by Mr. Tom Hopkins, Bridgend, will render a choice selection of music. The Sports will commence at 3 p.m. The Show will be opened at 2 p. m. for Snbscribers on presenting tickets, and to the public on payment of Is. between 2 and 3-30; after 3-30, 6d. Exhibi- tors free after 3 p.m. on production of ticket. Children under 12 half-price. Refreshments (tea, &c.) will be provided. Secretaries— I. WHEELER, St. Bride's Major, Near Bridgend; T. HADDEN, Dunraven Gardens, South- erndown of whom Schedules, Rules and Regula- tions may be obtained. 135 A Day at the Seaside. The PORTHCAWL TROTTING ASSOCIATION will hold another of their Champion Meetings On Monday, August 16tft. Programme includes- jB20 Sprint. £ 13 Marathon from Port Talbot. J340 Trotting in Harness Cl7 Trotting in Saddle J320 Galloway Handicap. Marathon Runners meet at Port Talbot at 11-30. Sports commence at 1 sharp. Handicappers—Mr. T. Lewis (footy and Mr. T. Williams (horse). For entry forms apply D. P. JONES, Secretary. Tenders are invited for Canteen for August 16th. Tenders to reach Sec., D. P. Jones, on or before Wednesday, Aug. 4th. 168 6eat!t I RICH rfotE Chkmist> Geattit giGh'S. I mWi BRIDGEND. Good Bye Old Mend. M You will be able to quickly say to that I Corn of yours, you have been carrying about so long. Yrni positively will not know yourself, you will feel like joining the Territorials within a week of using that marvel, W I WAUKWEL • CORN CURE, which has moved so many Corns, and improved the walking capacities of hundreds in this district. And it is Yours for 7|d. hundreds in this district. And it is Yours for 17icl. I RICH The Chemist, I BRIDGEND. ^mm See our Display of SOROSES At Fruit Stall in the' Market, ON SATURDAYS. Boxes of Fresh Cut Blooms 2/6 and upwards. Carriage during July, August & September, Paid. A.TOWNSEND 21, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. TOWN HALL THEATRE, MAESTEG. Proprietors .0. Poole's Theatres Co., Ltd. Managin Director Mr. C. W. Poole District Manager Mr. W. Bynorth Resident Manager Mr. G. F. Knowles Secretary Mr. E. A. Goodman Stage Manager Mr. T. Goodman The Management reserve the right of refusing admission. GRAND RE-OPENING ENORMOUS ATTRACTION. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Commencing Monday, August 2nd, FOR SIX NIGHTS. GRAY LANGTON PRESENTS CHARLES CARTE (The well-known Actor) — IN — DRINK NK Wlitcli has been played at the Leading London Theatres. SPECIAL NOTICE: Owing to the commencement of work earlier, Mr. Poole has decided to start each evening at 7 p.m. Curtain Rises prompt at 7 p.m. Prices of "Admission—2s., Is. 6d., Is., 6d. Musical. PIANO BARGAINS.-Wornum Piano: 10 gns. JL 6s. monthly. Stodart Piano, 12 guineas 6s. 6d. monthly. Cramer Piano, 17 guineas 8s. 6d. monthly. Thompson & Shackell Piano, 18 guineas: 9s. monthly. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. BORD PIANO, 20 guineas iOs. 6d. monthly. B Thompson & Shackell Piano, 24 guineas: 12s. 6d. monthly. Challen Piano, 36 guineas 18s. monthly. Ajello Piano, 30 guineas 15s. monthly. Thompson & Shackell Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HOPKINSON PIANO, 36 guineas 18s. monthly. JLJL Collard & Collard Piano, 40 guineas: 21s. monthly. Hertel Piano, 40 guineas 21s. monthly. Hooff Piano, 44 guineas: 22s. 6d. monthly. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HT HOMPSON and SHACKELL Organ, 5 Guineas; X 4s. monthly. Portman Organ. 5 Guineas 4s. monthly. Thompson and Shackell Organ, 8 Gns.; 5a. month Chicago Organ, 14 Gns.; 7s. 6d. monthly. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., lt Wyndham St., Bridgend. TOttOMP&OrN and SHACKELL Harmonium, 3 J. Guineas 2s. 6d. monthly. Alexandre Harmonium, 4 Guineas 3s. monthly. Barnett Samuel Harmonium, 6 Gns.; 4s. monthly Cesarini Harmonium, 8 Guineas 5s. monthly. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham St., Bridgend. PIANOS and Organs by any Maker, in the JL Kingdom. Every Instrument warranted and delivered free. Tunings and Repairs 011 the shortest notice. Music and Books in great variety. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 41 Miscellaneous. SHEEp.-For curing Scab, killing Insects, pre- S venting the "Fly" striking, increasing the 00 quantity and quality of the Wool, use BIGG'S APPROVED DIPS. Note the prices—The "Original" Paste Dip, 6s. 6d. for 120 sheep. Glenovis Powder Dip, price 4s. 6d. for 100 sheep. Non-poisonous Liquid Dip, price 5s. a gallon for 120 sheep. (Day, Son & Hewitt, Proprietors). Special Agent for Ogmore Vale Thos. Llewellyn, Chemist. 9796 RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES AND Beetles greedily eat Harrison's "Reliable'* Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., 3s. 8d. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bridgend, E. T. Rich, Dunraven Place; Neath, C. Hutchins, 3, Queen Street Aberkenfig, Mrs. S. Lewis; Nantymoel, H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogwy Street; Ogmore Vale, T. Llewellyn (all Chemists) TMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mother _L who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use Harrison's Reliable" Nursery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Ver- min, beautifies and strengthens the hair. In Tins, 4id. and 9d., postage Id.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Agent for Bridgend, E. T. Rich, Dunraven Place; Neath, C. Hutchins, 3 Queen Street; and J. G. Isaac; Aberkenfig, W Lewis; Nantymoel, H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogw Street; Maesteg, G. I. Williams; Garnlwyi Maesteg, Rhys D. Morgan; Caerau, Gwilym H Howells Ogmore Yale, T. Llewellyn; Pontycyns mer, J. H. Hopkins, 75, Oxford Street; Porthcawl, Duck, Chemist; Nantyflyllon, Alfred Griffiths, High Street (all Chemists). 9321 MARSTON'S, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. Modern light Funeral stock, sale or hire, New and Second-hand, 50, low prices, easy terms, Hearses, Cars, Coaches, Brakes, Landaus, Hansoms, JE20. Illustrated catalogues and prices free. 72 TO MOTHERS. — Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It is pleasant to taste it produces natural, quiet sleep by relieving the child from r>ain, and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button." Of all Chemists. Is. Ud. per bottle. 2 Notices. BRIDGEND URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. SOUTH WARD. Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg to tender my heartfelt gratitude to the 151 persons who voted for me at the above election on Monday last. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your faithful servant, Cartref, Bridgend, JOHN DAVIS. 28th July, 1909. 175 PUBLIC APOLOGY. WE, Ivor Miles, of Hill Head, and Barbara Davies, of College Terrace, Llant- wit Major, having uttered certain slanders con- cerning Phillip Cadogan, do hereby both humbly and sincerely apologise for uttering the same, for which there was no foundation whatsoever. We also promise to abstain from repeating any such slanders, and in consideration of further proceed- ings being stayed, agree to pay the costs of this notice in the Glamorgan Gazette." (Signed) Ivor Miles, Barbara Davies. 5th July, 1909. Witness, David Davies. 69 J FRANCIS, BUTCHER, TREOES, begs to • announce that he has taken over the butcher- ing business of Mr. W. L. JONES of BRITAN- NIA BUILDINGS, PENCOED, and intends to have fresh home-killed meat daily. J. Francis hopes to have the patronage of Mr. Jones's custom- ers. He will continue the rounds successfully carried on by him for the past 25 years. 184 BRYNMENYN Association Football Club re- B quire open dates for the coming season with junior teams. 132 H. WILTSHIRE, Sec. LOOK OUT for the FIRST Pencoed ANNUAL SPORTS I Early in September. Horse, Foot & Cycle Events. Upwards of 650 in Prizes. Full particulars later issues, or of Messrs. D. C. WILLIAMS and FRED DAVEY, Pencood, Joint Secretaries. 170 I Dyeing & Cleaning If you want to economise, send your articles to us to be Dyed and Cleaned. By our Special Process, soiled and faded Dresses are made bright and fresh, and take on a new lease of life. Let us send you a list showing the articles we renovate and the prices. W. E. VAUGHAN & CO., The Cardiff Dyers, LOCAL AGENCY- WOODWARD & CO. Adare Street, BRIDGEND. To Advertiser.—Advertisers who 'send as small advertisements that come under the various headings of our prepaid soaJe, are re- qae»ted to kindly send remittance with order. Wanted. WANTED, a good General Servant.—Apply Mrs. David Williams, Green Meadow, Coity Road, Bridgend. 73 WANTED, a well-educated Youth as Appren- tice.—Apply Richard Mumford, M.P.S., Pharmacist, 19, Wyndham St., Bridgend. 83 WANTED, canvassing Agent for Bridgend dis- trict by Messrs. A. & G. Taylor, Bridgend. -Apply Geo. Strong, 54, Grove-road. 95 WANTED, a strong Girl as General, age 18 to 20, wages 16s. to £ 1 a month, small family, good references.—Apply, Mrs. Arnott, Penyfai Parsonage, Bridgend. 103 WANTED, 2 Apprentices to the Plumbing and Heating Trade.-Hitt & Sons, Bridgend. WANTED, good general servant.—Apply, Mrs. R. Jones, Bridge House, Bridgend. 93 WANTED, General (age 16 to 18) in Farmhouse no milking, small family one that has been out before preferred.—Apply Mrs. Matthews, Red- hill Farm, Laleston, Bridgend. 128 WANTED at once, strong general Servant.— Apply T. Jenkins, Blaengarw Hotel, Blaen- garw. 142 WANTED immediately, General Servant.— W Apply, Mrs. Thomas, Five Bells, BridgencL 147 WANTED, a Calf, about 1 week old.—Apply, David Edmunds, Capel Vach, Llangonoyd, Bridgend. 155 WANTED, a Respectable Girl for a small Dairy Farm near town.—Apply, with references, Mrs. Loveluck, Tynypwnt Farm, Bridgend. 169 WANTED, Board-residence at Porthcawl in good family by gentleman in business at Port Taibot. Willing to pay well if suitable, and may be permanent.—Apply, Y.Z., Gazette Office, Bridgend. 159 WANTED immediately. Two Useful Girls for housework and assist business: state salary. —Mrs. Thomas, Talbot Arms, near Pontyclun. 178 W ANTED immediately, experienced General, clean and honest, references required —W. C. Sampson, Springfield, Porthcawl. 177 WANTED, good general Servant, about 18.— TV Apply Mrs. T. Powell, 15, Dunraven-place, Bridgend. 188 WANTED, at the Bridgend Electricity Genera- tins: Station, an Apprentice. — Apply T. Thomas, Council Offices, Bridgend. Applications must be sent in before Friday next, the 6th August. 193 SMART Juaior Male Shorthand Typist wanted, age 16-18, good prospects.—Apply, 838. Gazette Office. 180 TWO "Smart Girls wanted as Apprentices to the Dressmaking.—Apply, Miss B. M. Bryant. 86, Nolton Street, Bridgena. 165 APPRENTICE wanted to Tailoring.—Apply, W. Taylor, 30, Adare Street. 9978 For Sale. FOR SALE.—New semi-detached Villa, 6 roomed -C etc., known as "Frondeg," Pontrhydoyff.- Apply. Post Office, Llangonoyd. 9793 FOR SALE.—Small Trap, fit pony 13 hands; a bargain.—Apply, Star Hotel, Maesteg 5 FOR SALE, Window Cleaning Business, with Truck and Ladder, &c.— Apply to H. Cooks- ley, 8, Mackworth Street, Bridgend. 75 FOR SALE, 1 Houses, situate at Aberkenfig, Apply—J. Baker, Parkfield House, Sarn, Aberkenfig. IT^OR SALE, a second-hand Gig, suit pony 13 to 14 hands.—Apply King's Head, Bridgend. 97 FOR SALE, Early and Late Broccoli, Savoy, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Wheeler's Cabbage and Curled Green Plants.—Apply. A. Clements, Colwinstone. 74 REEDS for Sale.—Apply Lewis Brigam, Llan- harry, near Pontyclun. 109 rOH SALE, or to be Let—Shed of wooden structure, built sectionally with galvanized sheet roof; measurements, 17ft. x 10ft. x 7ft. suitable for vehicle or motor garage. Oxford-st., Pontycymmer, near Mr. Jenkins' Smithy.—Apply Thomas Morgan, Coytrahen, Tondu. 144 FOR SALE.-Hand Combed Reeds at low prices.—Apply, Thomas Thomas, Saddler, Bridgend. P.O. Telephone No. 56. 146 FOR SALE, a number of Hens, 2s. each.—Apply, Mis3 Prichard, Bryntirion, Bridgend. 183 FOR SALE.—House with eight rooms, cellar, etc., on the Cwmdu Road, Maesteg.—Apply J, Martin, 7, South Parade, Maesteg. 190 TO BE SOLD.—Six Freehold Cottages and Shop situated at the Rhiew, Bridgend separate or in lots to suit purchasers.—Apply, William Bevan, Coity Fields, Bridgend. 164 LADY'S Cycle, in good condition no reasonable offer refused.— Can be seen at "Sea View," Wick, Glamorgan. 1J4 REEDS for Thatching, also Binder Cord for Sale —Yorwerth Thomas, Bridgend. 154 SEPARATOR (Mellotte) for Sale, nearly new.- k3 Apply, J. care of Willment, Stationer, Pontyclun. 88 WREATHS and Crosses (Artificial) from 4s. New Stock see Windows.—R. H. Dyer, Stationer, 20, Queen Street, Bridgend. 9974 FISHING TACKLE, river and sea, rods, reels, -L lines, flies. minnows, hooks, pawning nets.- R. H. Dyer, Queen Street, Bridgend. 9975 e.- GOOD Horse Mowing Machine (complete) £ 3; Horse Clipping Machine, £ 1; Scaffold Poles, Waggon, etc.—Tondu Foundry. 9905 BKICKS, Bricks, Bricks.—For price and quantity apply to Manager, Evanstown Brick Works, Tondu. 8074 rfO Dog Owners—What is KOSSOLIAN ? It is J- the finest Blood Purifier of the age for Dogs and Puppies, and Cures all Skin Affections, Blood Disorders, Sluggishness, &c. For preparing Ani- mals for Show or Sale it has no equal. Price 2s. 6d. post free. Advice and Price List free from Day, Son and Hewitt, 22, Dorset Street, London, W. Special Agent for Bridgend :—R. Mumford. 19, Uyndham Street. Maesteg :-Alfred Griffiths, Cnemist. 9910 To be Let. TO LET—Storerooms, Lofts, Stable, 2 stalls, and coachouse. — Apply, Wm. Griffiths, 17 Dunraven Place, Bridgend. 7953 TO LET.—Clifton House, Bridgend Drawing room 20ft. by 15ft., dining room 18ft. by 18ft., large kitchen, two sculleries, six good bedrooms, bath (h & c water) and usual offices; immediate possession.—Apply, Edward Bramley, Auctioneer Bridgend. 906I TO Let, or for Sale, Park Cottage, Park Street, JL Bridgend, as from 29th September, 1908.— Apply Edward Bramley, Auctioneer, Bridgend. 8636 'TO LET, Land for Grazing.—Apply, Jones, X Uchel Oleu, Ewenny Road, Bridgend. 79 TO Let, 32, Coity Road.—Apply, 74, Nolton St, Bridgend. 102 TO LET.—Villa, Cross Roads near Litchard, Bridgend Every convenience, Electric light, large Garden, 11s. 6d. per week.—Apply, Llewel- lyn Owen. 94 ri>0 LET, 2, Litchard-terrace; 3 bedrooms, bath- X room (hot and cold); immediate possession.— Apply Anthony, c/o the Brewery. 98 TO LET, bedroom and sitting-room for respect- able young men.—Apply E. Johnson, Fern Villa, Coity Fields. 187 CCOMFORTABLE Beard and Lodgings for 1 or 2 J respectable young men.—Apply, Box 194, Gazette Office, Bridgend. 194 COITY FIELDS.—Villa to Let, Rent moderate. Apply, D. R. Jones, 10, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 160 COMFORTABLE Board and Residence for two C respectable young men hot and cold bath.— Apply R.B., Gazette Office. 81 OFFICES to Let, Station Hill, Bridgend, whole of 2nd floor Court House Buildings; separate lavatory, electric light.—Apply T. J. Hughes and Lewis. 8107 Lost and Found. LOST, a Lady's Satchel, containing Araluable JLj articles, in the 11.40 train, Tuesday, 27th inst., between Maesteg and Abergwynn. Finder re- warded on returning same to Police Stations. i ae iteg. 176 LOST, from Blaen-cryinlei Farm, a bay yearling Filly; white star on foreheal; tinder re- warded, detainer prosecuted by John John. 189 Up-to-Date Appliaiioea for turning out every class of work at competitive prices, at the Glamorgan Gazette Printing Works. Auctioneers' Announcements. MICHAEL DAVIES Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR, 15, WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND, AND 21, TALBOT STREET, MAESTRO, HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGER (20 Years Experience). AGENT FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. Also for the Union Castle Steamship Company to South Africa. And the Cunard Company for America and Canada Stocks and Furniture Purchased Privately. Trevano," Coity Fields, Bridgend, a semi-de- tached Villa with every convenience. 10009 Sale of a fine Trichord Pianoforte in EbonisedL Case, iron frame also American Organ, 7 stops. 100 SALE FIXTURES. July 30th.—Sale of Two Leasehold Villas at Og- more Vale. es' July 31sti.-Sale of 4 Freehold Houses at Penyvai.. July 31st. — Sale of Leasehold Shop at Cefm Aug. 9th.-Sale of Leasehold House at Giifacls. Goch. Aug. Uth.—Sale of Furniture, Timber, etc., at, Camp, Porthcawl, Aug. 23rd.—Sale of Leasehold Property at Maesteg- Cribbwr. Aug. 30th.-Sale of 41 Leasehold Cottages afc Maesteg. OGMORE VALE. SALE OF TWO LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES. Blandy Hotel, Ogmore Vale. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES (Fellow of the Auc- tioneers' Institute), has received instructions? ■ to offer by auction, at the above Hotel, at 7 o'clock- in the evening, on FKIDAV, JULY 30th, 1909 (subject to conditions of sale to be there and then read). Lot 1.—All that commodious, well-built, splen- didly situate Leasehold Premises being the lower of the two houses known as Dunraven Villas, im the occupation of agooi tenant at 32s. per lunar month. Lot 2.—The adjoining premises in the occupation of the owner. These houses are quite new, are held under art agreement for lease of 99 years, from July 1st, 1909, at the very low ground rent cf 25s. each, and con- tain-large kitchen and pantry in basement; parlour, sitting-room and bath room on Grounds Floor and 3 good-sized bedrooms on First Floor. The houses are well-built, and situate on the main road leading to Nantymoel and close to the new Aber Colliery, and are well fitted up with* every convenience for the comfort of the tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer* at 15, Wyndham street, Bridgend, or Mr. W. PILGRIM MORRIS, Solicitor, Pontycynimer- 141 PENYVAI, ABERKENFIG. Sale of Four New Freehold Homes. DRXTTAVEX HOTEL, BRIDGEND. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES (Fellow of the Auc- tioneers' Institute) has received instructiopsr- to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Hotel at, 3 p.m. on SATURDAY, JULY 31ST, 1909 (subject tÐ> conditions of sale to be there and then read). Lot 1—All that Freehold House and Garden: adjoining Court Colman Rd. and Penyvai Common, in the occupation of Mr. F. Gillard, the owner. Lot 2-All that Freehold House and Garderi. adjoining Lot 1. in theoccupation of Mr. D. Gillard, at £1 per month. Lot 3-All that Freehold House and Garderc adjoining Lot 2. in the occupation of Mr. D. Morgan, at JB1 per month. Lot 4-All that Freehold House and Garden adjoining Lot 3, in the occupation of Mr. Jacob, Thomas, at £ 1 per month. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer,, 15, Wyndham Street, Bridgend or to Messrs T. J- Hughes and Lewis, Solicitors, Bridgend. 125 By Order of Mortgagees. SALE OF LEASEHOLD SHOP AT CEFN CRIBBWR. Dunraven Hotel, Bridgend. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES (Fellow of the Auc- tioneers' Institute) has received instructions by the Mortgagee to SELL BY AUCTION at the- above Hotel, on SATURDAY, 31st JULY, 1909, at 3.30? p.m. (subject to conditions of sale to be there andL then read), all that LEASEHOLD SHOP AND PREMISES known as The Star Shop," Cefn Cribbwr. HThese premises are held on a lease of 50 years, from the 1st May, 1903, at an apportioned ground rent of JE2. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer at 15, Wyndham Street, Bridgend, or to MR. W. PILGRIM MORRIS, 192 Solicitor, Pontycymmer. GILFACH GOCH. Sale by order of Mortgagee. ,,a-, e. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES has receiv ed in- structions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Glamorgan Hotel, Gilfach Goch on MONDAY, 9TH AUCUST, 1909, at 3 p.m. (subject to Conditions of Sale then and there produced). All that Leasehold Messuage or Dwelling-house* aud premises situate and being Number 14, Faiv View, Gilfach Goch, as the same are now in the- occupation of Mr. Thomas Cox, on a monthly tenancy, at a rental producing JB14 6s. Od. per annum. The property is held for the unexpired residue of a term of 99 years from 1st January, 1898, subject, to the low apportioned yearly Ground Rent of 14s. 5d. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer^ 15, Wyndham Street, Bridgend, or to Messrs. T. J- Hughes & Lewis, Solicitors, Bridgend. 185 In the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division- MR. JUSTKK NEVILLK. LEWIS V. LEWIS. CASTLE HOTEL, MAESTEG. Sale of Leasehold Property. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES (Fellow of the Auc- tioneers' Institute of Great Britain), with the approbation of the Judge, pursuant to order* dated 19th February, 1907, will Sell by Auction at the above Hotel, at 3.30 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 30tli day of Arcrsr, 1909, subject to- Conditions of Sale there produced, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, viz LOT I.-All those 12 Cottages. Nos. 145 to 156r Bridgend Road, Maesteg, producing gross rentals- of JB125 9s. per annum. LOT 2.—All those 7 Cottages, Nos. 159 to 165, in- clusive, Bridgend Road, Maesteg, producing a gros& rental bf JB78 per annum. Lot 3.-All those 17 Cottages, Nos. 124 to 127, Bridgend Road, and 1 to 13, Pit Street, inclusive, producing a gross annual rental of £156 13s. LOT 4.—All that Dwelling House, Shop and Premises, No. 15, Bangor Terrace, Nantyflyllon, in the occupation of Ernest Parker, at a rental of £2: per month. LOT 5.—All those 3 double Cottages, Nos. 9 to 14r. Bangor Terrace, Nantyflyllon, producing a gross annual rental of £ 61 2s. LOT 6.-All that Cottage, No. 7, Hill Street,. Nantyflyllon, let at £ 1 6s. per lunar month. LOT 1 is held under Lease for 99 yerrs, from 29th September, 1872, at the apportioned annual Ground Rent of JB5. Lot 2 is held under Lease for 99 years from 29th September, 1872, at the annual Ground Rent of J64. Lot 3 is held under Lease for 60 years from the 1st June 1866, at the yearly Ground Rent of £9 Is. 6d. Lot 4 is held uhder Lease for 59 years fiom the 29th S5ptember, 1858, at the apportioned yearly Ground Rent of £1 9s. 6d. Lot 5 is held under Lease for 60 years fi#m the 29th September, 1857, at a yearly Ground Rent of JB1 16s. Od. Lot 6 is held under Lease for 19 years from the 1st of June, 1875, at the yeariy Grounds Rent of 12s. Printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had gratis; in London of Messrs. Helder,. Roberts, Walton & Giles, Solicitors, No. 3 and 4,. Clement's Inn, Strand, W.C. of Messrs. Bell, Brodrick & Gray, Solicitors, No. 63, Queen Victoria. Street, E.G. and in the Country of Mr. Robert Scale, Solicitor, Maesteg, Glamorgan; Messrs. C« 6 W. Kenshole, Solicitors, of Aberdare, Glamor- gan and of the Auctioneer, at 21, Talbot Street, Maesteg, and 15, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 191 EDWARD PREECE (JUNIOR), F.A.A., AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, 61, PARK STREET, BRIDGEIW. We shall be obliged to our advertiaera. if they will send in their copy early on Thursday morning, or on Wednesday if possible. Insertion cannot be made oS advertisement* reaching, us after 3 p.m.