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PORTHCAWL URBAN COUNCIL Mr. J. L. Lambert, J.P., presided at the" fortnightly meeting of the Porthcawl Urban Council on Monday evening. There were also present: Messrs. W. J. Griffin, T. E. Deere, John Elias (Nottage), John Grace, W. J. Jackson, John Elias (Newton), and Ed- mund Heme, with the clerk (Mr. E. T. DaA-id), the deputy clerk (Mr. W. Chorley), and the surveyor and inspector (Mr. A. S. Lilley). PAT ON THE BACK. A letter was read from Mr. Robert Elias acknowledging the expeditious way in which the surveyor had attended to the burst of a drain at Newton. Mr. Elias (Nottage): I suggest the letter be handed to the surveyor, so that he can produce it any time as a recommendation. Mr. Elias (Newton): It is not often we get a pat on the back. (Laughter.) BAND STAND. The question of the erection of a temporary band stand by the Chamber of Trade was, on the motion of Mr. Jackson, referred to the Works Committee with power to grant a site on the Esplanade or Green. Mr. Deere: Has anything been heard from Mr. Higginson as to when he is commencing with his band ? The Deputy Clerk: We have had an ack- nowledgement of the Council's last letter.. Mr. Grace I belieA-e he is treating with the Chamber of Trade in the matter. N OF AUDIT. The Clerk intimated that notice had been received that the audit of the Council's ac- counts for the year ended March 31st would commence on Monday. August 9th, at 12 o'clock at the Council Offices. PLANS. Mr. G. Griffiths submitted amended plans for six houses in New-road. It will be re- called' that the private street dispute arose in regard to these plans. The Surveyor stated that the plans were similar to those already approved. Mr. Jackson proposed that the plans be sealed, and this was carried, the Chairman and Mr. Deere voting against. Plans for four houses in Lias-road for M'r. W. Bagg were also approved. HACKNEY CARRIAGES. The Works Committee reported that they had received a petition from the proprietors of Hackney carriages requesting the Council to take steps to prevent owners from other towns plying for hire in Pbrthcawl, and pointing out the injustice which this involved to resident ratepayers. The Deputy Clerk stated that the Council had adopted byelaws governing Hackney car- riages. Mr. Jackson proposed that the clerk be directed to report on the subject, and this was agreed to. PRIVATE STREETS ACT. The Works Committee recommended the Council to instruct the surveyor to prepare .plans with the view of putting the Private Streets Works Act into force in St. Mary- street, Lias-roadi-from John-street to Oletha —and a portion of Church-place. Mr. Jackson proposed the adoption of the recommendation. Mr. Griffin opposed the motion, stating that this was the initial step of what he be- lieved would prove a highly contentious mat- ter. There was no doubt in his mind that when an attempt would be made to put the Act into force with respect to certain por- tions of the streets the frontagers would raise the point that those portions wrere public highways. Mr. Griffin further contended that, in any case, the instructions of the com- mittee were not sufficiently definite, and' also that the condition of portions of the streets was attributable to what the Council had done there in connection with sewerage works. He moved that the matter be re- ferred back. Mr. Elias (Newton) seconded. Mir. Elias (Nottage) and Mr. Jackson, urged that the scheme should proceed, having re- gard to the condition of the roads. The Chairman thought that Mr. Griffia's points would arise when the final apportion- ments came before the Council. It was im- portant that plans should be prepared for the guidance of builders in regard to the floor levels of buildings. Mr. Griffin was in" viting opposition to the attitude of the Coun- cil, which was not playing the game. The amendment was defeated, and the Council adopted the committee's recommen- dation—to instruct the surveyor to prepare plans. "THE WILDERNESS." The Council adopted a recommendation of the Works Committee that the clerk write the secretary of the Chamber of Trade that the Council could not see their way clear to ap- proach Mrs. Gordon with the view to ''The Wilderness" being thrown open. C REPORTED. The Surveyor reported that Mr. Rhys Jones, the contractor for the laying of a water main to Shortlands, had laid and cov- ered about 100 feet of main without affording him the opportunity of inspecting it. The main was under 2ft. cover, whereas 3ft. was demanded. Mr. Jones's explanation was that he had instructed his foreman accord- ing to the specification, but the latter had evidently misunderstood' it. Mr. Griffin proposed that the matter be left in the hands of the surveyor, remarking that the Council would give him every support in having the works carried out strictly accord- ing to contract. This was carried nem. con. THE WATER SCHEME. The agenda contained an item relat- ing to the payment of a cheque to Messrs. Smith and Co., the waterworks contractors, according to the final certificate of the en- gineers. There was some discussion as to whether the matter should be dealt with in open Council, but it was pointed out that the whole of the accounts would have to be gone into, and the Council decided to consider it in committee. OTHER MATTERS. It appeared that Mr. J. H. Thomas had appeared before a committee of the whole Council with reference to an alleged contra- vention of the bye-laws, and that he had agreed to the appointment of Mr. D. Griffiths to superintend the additional work provided' for in the amended specifications. Replying to the Chairman, the Surveyor stated that no further information was avail- able respecting the alleged right-of-way through the Golf Club enclosure; he was waiting to hear from Mir. Lipscomb on the matter. Mr. E. T. Evans, solicitor, Port Talbot, writing on behalf of the owner of the Ship and Castle Hotel, stated I observe your Council will temporarily repair the roadway in front of these premises. I don't know what is meant by temporary repair.' We expect the road to be put in the same state as that in front of the other property.'—The Chairman said the word temporary" was inadvertently inserted in the Council's reso- lution as communicated to Mr. Evans, and it was decided to reply to that effect. The Local Government Board wrote sanc- tioning the re-appointment of Mr. A. S. Lilley ae inspector of nuisances.