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BRIDGEND POLICE COURT. Saturday.—Before Messrs. R. W. Llewellyn (chairman), W. Llewellyn, E. F. Lynch BLosse, E. Orawshay-Willi-ams, J. P'. Gib- bon., T. C. Jones, W. J. Lewis, Rev. H. Eynon Lewis, and Dr. E. J. Pa.nry. • HOOPLA AT BRIDGEND. SHOWMEN SUMMONED. Three showmen—David Boswefl, Alfred North, and Richard Bu&s—were summoned for gaming with rings on Bridgend Fail- Ground. It was understood that the game, the legality of which was challenged by the police, is one known as lfoopla." Alderman T. J. Hughes was for the defence. Supt. Menhinick applied for a remand, as Inspector Evans, who was a witness in the case had tb leave for the Assizes. Alderman Hughes: My answer to that is that I am concerned in the local cases at the Assizes, and I have arranged with the C'lerk of Arraigns not to take them before 3.20. Inspector Evans can leave by the 1.3.). The Chairman: Will the cases take long? Snpt. Menhinick: I am afraid they will, your worship. Alderman Hughes: I shall be surprised if Mr. Menhinick can keep his end up for half an hour, having regard to something of which I informed' him half an hour ago. I cannot help thinking there is some other reason fcr the application. Supt. Menhinick: I think the cases will occupy a long time. and I should feel relieved if your worships will relieve. the inspector. The adjournment was granted. Alderman Hughes remarked that the cases were of importance, as they affected people all over the country. "OUT OF DEVILMENT." CAKE ATI YOUTHS' THEFT OF BEER. Arthur Bryn (17), Hendrick Davies (17), David James Williams (17). and Emrys Wil- liams (18), all colliers, were charged with stealing two M gallon casks of beer, value 20s., the property of the G.W.R. Company. Mr. Parsons (Messrs. Vachell and Co.) prose- cuted. Frederick George Hicks, checker, spoke to a van arriving at Nantyffyllon Goods Yards on Friday. July 22nd, from Burton, contain- ing beer. Two casks were afterwards missed. Owen Jones, wholesale beer merchant, said his consignment was two casks short. Herbert William Hooper stated that on July 2nd he was near Caerau siding when he heard one of the defendants say to another, '• What about stealing a cask of beer from the siding." Witness advised them to join to- gether and buy some beer if they wanted some, and not steal it. Later in the even- ing he was talking with his brother and an- other man near the Duffryn, when he saw the defendants pass with a cask of beer. P.C. Fitzgerald said he arrested' the d'efen- dants and charged them Jointly. Bryn said, We had only one cask. We carried it np the mountain beteen us and shared it." Witness afterwards found the bottom of one of the missing casks on the mountain. Bryn We did not want the beer. We took it out of devilment. Defendants admitted1 taking one. cask. Emrys Williams, against whom there were previous convictions, was nned E3, or 10 days, and the other defendants L2, or seven days. UNLICENSED AIR GUN. PONTYCTMMBK YOUTH SUED. Ivor Allsopp, Pontycymmer. collier, was summoned for carrying a gun without having a license. Alderman T. J. Hughes appeared for defendant. P.C. Price Evans stated' that at 6.50 p.m. on April 7th he saw defendant in a field! near Alexandra-road firing with an air gun. Alderman Hughes said the defendant was one of a number of sons, and their father bought them an air rifle because he thought it would keep them out of mischief and pro- vide harmless recreation for them. It was selected from a catalogue, in which there was nothing to indicate that a license was neces- sary, and the defendant innocently took the gun out of the house to have a few shots, quite unaware that a license was necessary. Defendant was, of course, entitled to use the gun in the house, but not outside. The ease was dismissed on payment of the costs—2s. 6d., and the Chairman advised the defendant to join an air rifle club. He thought all young fellows should follow Lord Roberts's advice and join a club and learn to shoot. NOT HER HUSBAND'S CHILD. Mary Hannah Thomas, 19 Metcalf-street, Caerau, summoned her husband, David John Thomas, of Cwmparc, Treorky, collier, for arrears on a maintenance order amounting to tll. The order, which was made at Bridgend, was for 10s. a week. Defendant applied for an adjournment to enable him to take out a summons to have the order varied. His wife, he alleged, had given birth to a child by another man. Complainant: It is quite, true, but I thought he was in America. The case was adjourned. MALAFIDES AT TREOS. William Roberts and George Beynon, of Coity, colliers, were charged with obtaining intoxicating dtrink at the Star Inn, Treos, on July 4th. Inspector Benj. Evans said defendants stated that they lived over three miles dis- tant, but he had had the distance measured, and found it just over two miles. Defendants, neither of whom appeared, were fined 10s. each. THREE MONTHS FOR WIFE DESERTION. John Dyson Stafford, formerly of Maesteg, was brought up on a warrant charged with deserting his wife, Harriet Emma, and two children, whereby they became chargeable to the common fundi of the Bridg- end and Cowbridge Union. Relieving Officer Evan Evans stated that the prisoner left his wife in January. He had previously deserted her, in May of last year. Prisoner, who had nothing to say, was sent to prison for three months. RELIEF BY FALSE PRETENCES. Thomas Ryan, no fixed abode, was charged with feloniously attempting to obtain relief at Bridgend on July 16th. Sergt. Wm. David said that defendant ap- plied at the Police-station for a night"s lodg- ing, stating that he had no money. Witness found a tin in one of his pockets containing some tobacco at the bottom of which was a 2s. piece. Asked why he had denied that ho had any money, prisoner replied, I thought I could get a night's lodging, for no- thing." Prisoner said he was saving up for a new coat. He was let off with a caution. IT'S THE DRINK AGAIN." John Welsh, no ixed abode, was charged with stealing a coat, value os., from 104 Com- mercial-street. Maesteg, tfee property of Berthold Weherte. Boston Weherle gave evidence as to missing the coat, and P.S. Sees Davies spoke te the arrest. When charged by the last witness prisoner said It's the 4lrink again." Prisoner was committed for seven days. TWO MONTHS FOR POLICE ASSAULT. Thomas Rees, a labourer, of no fixed abode, was charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting P.C. Thomas Davies, at Maee- teg. P.C. Davies stated that he was OR street duty on the previous Monday when he saw defendant, who was very drunk and creating a great disturbance. He came across to wit- ness and struck him. knocking him down. While on the floor, prisoner kicked him. Mr. Bevan, of the Model Lodging-house, came to witness's assistance. Prisoner was sent to gaol for two months. ORDER BY CONSENT. Elizabeth Thomas, 20 Morris-street, Maes- teg, taiJorees, summoned William Edgar Jones, Alma-cottage, Alma-road, Maesteg, fitter, to show cause, etc. Mr. Harold Lloyd was for the complainant, and Mr. E. E. Davies defended. Mr. E. E. Davies stated that the paternity was admitted, and defendant agreed to an order for payment of 3s. 6d. per week, with court and midwife fees. Formal evidence was given. and an order was made in accordance with the arrange- ment stated. PLAUSIBLE WIFE DESERTER. A BAD CHARACTER." William Henry Clarke, late of 15 Gelli- street, Caerau, collier, was charged witK de- serting his wife and two children, aged two years and five months, whereby they became cWu-geable to the Union on June 5th. Evan E. Evans, relieving officer, stated that defendant's wife and children were admitted to the Workhouse oil June 5th and were after- wards allowed 5s. per week in relief. They had cost the Guardians altogether £2 2s. Mrs. Clarke said her husband went away on February 2nd—two weeks before her baby was born—without intimating his intention to do so. On February 16th she received a letter from him stating that if she wrote him he would send her money and call on the fol- lowing Saturday. She replied by return, but her letter was returned through the Dead Jjetter Office. She had only received 5s. from him since he went away. Defendant: It is -all through her family. If she would come away from them it would be all right. Complainant: My father provided him with a home, and he sold it up. Defendant I went to the house six weeks ago, and her father turned me from the door, threatening to send for the police. Complainant: I was in the Workhouse at the time. Defendant: It is all through her father. It is his game to keep her from me and get me to pay towards her. Complainant: My father has done a lot for you. He paid your Federation for you and you tried1 to raise the money afterwards from the secretary to spend in drink. Defendant: That was before we were married. The Deputy Clerk: Do you offer to provide your wife with a home now ? Defendant I have a home at Llanbradach. Complainant: He sent for me once before, and when I went, no-one was there. I had to sell my little girl's eoat to pay my train fare home or I should have had to sleep out. He has never provided me with a home yet. Prisoner, who was told by the Chairman that he appeared to be a bad character, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment. BATCH OF SUMMONSES ADJOURNED. Mr. Phillips, solicitor, Pontypridd, applied for the adjournment of the following sum- monses—Alfred Brickie, 46 Gelli-street, Caerau, collier, against Jno. Jenkins, 45 Gelli- street, collier, for assault, and against Mar- garet Jenkins, his wife, for abusive lan- guage; Margaret Jenkins against Rosina Brickie, wife of the above complainant, for abusive language; Margaret Ann Rees, 51 Gelli-street. against Rosina. Brickie, for as- sault; Police against Rosina Brickie and John Jenkins for abusive language. All the offences were alleged to have been committed on July 10th. The adjournment was granted. OGMORE VALE! QUARREL. Sarah Jones, 13 Bridge-street, Ogmore Vale, summoned' Edward Hawkins, John- street, Ogmore Vale, collier, for assault on June 10th. Complainant (who had a badly discoloured eye) alleged that defendant struck her with- out provocation. Defendant alleged fhat complainant was drunk, and that. a Mrs. Wallington knocked her down. He only picked her up. Complainant: Oh, you fibber, you fibber. The case was dismissed'. I- WENT TO AMERICA." Mary Ann Dixon (formerly Langston), 17 North-street, Bridgend, summoned Rees John, 41 Grove-road, Nantyffyllon, for arrears of JE16 2s. 6d. on an affiliation order. Mr. J. T. Howell, for complainant, said defendant went to America three or four days after the making of the order, which, was for 2s. 6d. a week. He had paid nothing. Com-plainant having given formal evidence, Mr. Howell said he had' been. approached by defendant's family to accept a sum in settle- ment, and he asked for ail adjournment. Tkis was granted. SCHOOL CASES. The following were summoned in respect of the non-attendance of their children at schoo,l Aberkenfig.—Patrick Cody, Park-road, fined 10s. James James, Park-.road, 10s.; Wilham Kendall, Jenkins-row, 5s. BlaengarAv.—Joseph Stoneham, 3 Railway- terrace, 5s. William Williams, 27 Gwendo- line-street, 5s.; James Pullen, 25 Mariana- street, 5s. Pontycymmer.—William Griffiths, 73 Vic- toria-street, 10s.; John Lewis, 73 Victoria- street, 5s.; John Evans, 17 Cuckoo-street, .).8.. PontyrhH.—John James, 5 Station-road, 5s. Angelo Ranaldi, 3 Station-road, 5s. MISCELLANEOUS. William Charles, Wick, a retired publican, was charged with using a four-wheeled carri- age without a license.—F.C. Rees Davies said defendant was using the carriage to drive people to Southerndown Road Station. When asked to show his license he produced one for a dog cart.—Fined 15s. Richard John, Cefn Cribbwr, haulier, for using a carriage without a license, was fined lOti. For keeping dogs without licenses, George Prosser, Maesteg, farmer, had to pay 2s. 6d., and 2s. 6d. Evan Rees, Maesteg, farmer, 2s. 6d. Michael Coleman, Maesteg, collier, 5s. George Thomas, Maesteg, collier, 5s. Rev. Canon M. Kelly, Maesteg, 5s. William Thomas. Garth, farmer, 2s. 6d. and 2s. 6d.; Thomas Jones, Garth, farmer, 2s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. David R. Mazey, Llangymvyd, farmer, 2s. 6d. Margaret Jones, Bettws, Avidow, farmer, 2s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. William Harris, Cwmfelin, collier, 5s.; David Thomas, Llan- gymvyd, farmer, 2s. 6d. For allowing their dogs to be at large with- out collars. John Quinlan, Pricetowll, green- grocer, had to pay 2s. 6d. George Gardner, Pricetown, collier, 2s. 6d. John Thomas, Nantymoel, collier. 2s. 6d. Thomas Owen, BlaengarAv, newsagent, 2s. 6d. Thomas Shoemuck and William Davies, Pontycymmer, labourers, were fined 15s. and 30s. respectively, for obstructing Bridgend- road by fighting. David James, agent for Henry George James, was granted an ejectment order, to take effect in 21 days, against Mrs. Mary Fitssgex-ald, 2 Graig Steps, Bridgend, widow. William Henry Jones, Nantyffyllon, collier, was mulcted in 5s. for driving without lights. For carrying a gun without a license, Wm. Jones, Brynna Gwynon, collier, was fined 2s. 6d. « For drunkenness, John BoNven and Herbert Brown, Bryn cot h in. colliers (drunk at Porth- cawl). were fined 15s. each; and for being drunk and disorderly Richard Owen, Pen- bryncAvm, collier (at Pencoed) had to pay 15s. The use of indecent language led to the fol- loAving being finoo: -George Burrows, Og- more Vale. collier, 15s.; William Kennedy, Maesteg, labourer, 15s.; Samuel Rees, Caerau, collier, 20s. Monday.—Before Messrs. Oliver Sheppard and W. J. Lewis. GARW BOY CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Henry Sheenock (aged 14), Ivor-street, Pontycymmer, was charged with wilfully breaking the glass of the steam gauge of the Ogmore and Garw District Council s steam roller on May 26th. P.C. Price Evans stated that at 7 p.m. he was passing the steam roller, which was covered with a sheet, in Alexandra-road, when he heard a noise underneath. Lifting up the sheet he saw the boy deliberately breaking the glass of the steam gauge. De- fendant commenced to cry, and said he Avas very sorry. Sheenock, who pleaded guilty, was fined £ 2. £2..


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