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EAGLE IMPLEMENT -= c, "tfcjr STORES, COWBRIDGE. -:= WOOL SEASON, 1909, E. JOHN & SON JJitE others that they are still giving Full Market Prices for all classes of Wool, which can be sent to Cowbridge and Bridgend depots at any time. Wool Sheets supplied on application. Bagmen and others who are canvassing the County cannot give a better price than we can. Edward John & Son. JUNE 9th, 1909. t". 800 FIRST PRIZES I Ink 800>ooo Tfl bnj I I Ml* oom AIIOM JM I I P| "ALFA-LAVAL" «Wr I I I SEPARATOR PRODUCE M0R€ BUTTER AND ■ I |||iM[ 0087 LESS ™AN nvE cows AND m KL ■ 8EPARATOR. ■ .gfftfkWWr H Fixed on ONE MONTH'S H ■ 'HIOl H FREE TRIAL by ■ B J LLLWRA IE. JOHN AC SON! ««BSB» H Implement Agents, Cowbridge Bridgend, -=- W. EVANS. jS i Nolton Street, Bridgend. BEOS to iaform the public generally that he has opened business at the above address where he has a grand display ot Riding Saddles and Bridles, Carriage and Cart Harness, Portmanteaus, Travelling Cases and Bags, Leggings, Carriage Lamps, Purses, Rugs. Whips, etc., etc. Fanners waited upon at their farms by experieneed workmen. Collieries contracted for or.,v ns supplied. W.E. trusts by strict personal attention, with good workmanship arA material, to merit a share of your patronage. 9011 —— F. T. MOSSFORD & CO., MONUMENTAL MASONS, Coity Street, Bridgend. ALSO AT FAIROAK ROAD, CARDIFF, AND TYNEWYDD ROAD, BARRY. Prices and Designs sent on request. 6419 See our Display of ROSES At Fruit Stall In the Market, ON SATURDAYS. Boxes of Fresh Cut Blooms 2/6 and upwards. Carriage during July, August & September, Paid., A.TOWNSEND 21, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. gHEEP DIPPING SEASON, 1909. IP WELLYNIS JpOWDER DIP (POISONOUS) In 1]- Packets, sufficient for Dipping 20 Sheep. Has been approved by the Board of Agriculture as a keTmedy FOR SCAB. Is effectual in Preventing the attack of Flies on Sheep and Lambs. L LEWELLYN's FLY pOWDER In Perforated Tins, 1/- each, Sufficient for POWDERING 39 SHEEP. An effectual Preparation[for Frtventing the attack of Fly on Sheep and Lambs. CORNS! CORNS! CORNS! ETHELINE A new and moat effective remedy for Corns. gUfteQtiy sale aad harmless. Is very easily Mailed. Ourea in a few without the slightest pain. Cverrone troubled with either Corns, Worts, IKSaivian«, will find relief by using Ethelme. Price Is. 2d. per bottle: post free. JOHN LLEWELLYN, High Street, Cowbridge AND 4t3ommercial St„ Llamtrissamt Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural V. SHOW AND Cowbridge & District Horticultural & Poultry Show Will be held At COWBRIDGE On 1 Tuesday, July 27th, 1909. Schedules may be obtained from E. W. Davies,^f)igh St.Cowbridge or T. J. Yorwerth, Cowbridge. 9933 I Dyeing & Cleaning If you want to economise, send J I your articles to us to be Dyed and Cleaned. By our Special Process, soiled and faded Dresses are made bright and fresh, and take on a new lease of life. Let us send you a list showing the articles we renovate and the prices. W. E. VAUGHAN & CO., THe Cardiff Dyers, LOCAL AGENCY- WOODWARD & CO. Adare Street, BRIDGEND. —IZZIIIIIIZIIZZZZZIZIZZZZZIZZZIIIIZZ_Z Ben Evans & Co/s —— GREAT —— SUMMED SALE (tF Drapery, Fashions and Furnishing = Goods. ===== DAILY THROUGHOUT JUL Y. We give below particulars of one of our Special Sale Parcels, which we have prepared for the benefit of those who are unable to visit our premises during the Great Sale. No. 1 Parcel of Household Requisites 2 Huckaback Towels with Hemstiched ends pniVTPT.FTF FOR 2 Large White Turkish Towels, Fringed 2 Large Brown Turkish Towels 2 Strong Honeycomb Towels A f I #•* 2 Strong Kitchen Towels I I I I 2 Typed Lavatory Towels [ ■ I 2 Strong Brown Knife Cloths I 2 Strong Brown Knife Cloths I 2 Red Bordered Roller Towels (3 yards lonjJ I 2 Check Linen Glass Cloths CARRIAGE. PAID. 2 Wearwell Scourers, 2 Wash-up Sponge Cloths 1 Money c willingly returned if not approied oJ. A Real Bargain. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. Swansea. GREAT SUMMER 4T| I CLEARANCE NOW PROCEEDING AT w R- JONES, SX"0:.8!' Great Reductions in all Departments v Costumes, Jackets, Mantles, Millinery, Feather and Ostrich Boas, Raincoats, Skirts, Blouses, Corsets and Underclothing, etc. Household Goods, Curtains, Sheets, Table Linens, Bed Ticks, Blankets, Quilts, Rugs and Floor Cloths, etc. Black & Fancy Dress Materials greatly reduced REMNANTS! REMNANTS! REMNANTS! Outfitting Department, Great Reductions in Men's Suits. Great Reductions in Boys' Suits. Mackintoshes, Flannel and Fancy Shirts, Pants and Vests, etc., GREATLY REDUCED. E. REES HOWELL'S GREAT SUMMER NOW ON. The Entire Stock, consisting of New and Up-to-date Goods of the Latest Fashions. will be cleared at Ridiculously Low Prices to effect a Complete & Speedy Clearance. TEMPLE OF FASHION WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. Man wants but little here I below but I I wants that little good. I I That's but another reason why he should I | patronise my establishment for Tailoring, ■ • Outfitting, etc.. M Only good things are to be obtained from ■ I nie, ana my price is less than you will be I ■ asked at many places for greatly inferior I ■ articles. I ■ Proof? You will find it in my windows, I ■ on my counters, and 011 my shelves. Just ■ 5 come and see, or drrfp a postcard and my 5 5 representative will call. M I H. LEVINE, I I 2 & 3, Market Buildings, I I BRIDGEND. 1 I I I I I I .-1 Margam Flower Show. THE 31st ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD IX THE Orangery & Pleasure Grounds of Margam Abbey (By kind permission of Miss TALBOT), — 0:\ — Thursday, Aug. 5th, 1909 The Finest Show of Vegetables, Fruit & Flowers in South Wales. PORT TALBOT & TAIBACH BRASS BAND (Recent First Prize Winners). Cheap Trains issued on all Railways. Refreshments Supplied. All Particulars may be obtained from R. MILNER, Hon. Sec., Margam Gardee-m I R. MUMFORD, I M.P.S. (late Jenkins), FAMILY & AGRICULTURAL CHEMIST, WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. SHEEP DIPS, All the leading makes, including- QUIBELLS, McDOUGALL'S AND COOPER'S A Dipping Machine lent to purchasers of Dip. FLY POWDER, FLY & MAGGOT OIL. WEED KILLERS AND INSECTICIDES. DISINFECTANTS- Sanitas, Jeyes, Izal and Carbolic. CAMBRIAN ESSENCE OF RENNET for Cheese Making. In Jars, 6d. and lO^d. each. Superior to all other makes. 4? National Telephone 149. 8012 I BRIDGEND LICENSED VICTUALLERS' SPORTS MARATHON, FOOT, BICYCIE, HORSE AND PONY RACING. Saturday, 31st July, 1909. 13 Miles Marathon, JE16. 120 Yards, £8 10s. 1 Mile Bicycle, £4 10s. I5 Miles Trotting, £6 10s. 2 la Miles Galloway, JB6 10. Entries close Wednesday, 28th July. • Entry Forms and particulars of W. E. PURFIELD, 44 17, Sunnyside, Bridgend. J. HORSELL & SON, 8CULPTOES, Monumental Works, Pyle ESTABLISHED 1882 All kinds ofjMemoriala in Granite, Marble or Stone Quality of Material and Workmanship Guar- anteed. Old Tombstones Renovated. 7533 MORTGAGES. MR. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, haa several sums of money, from £ 100 to £ 600, available for investments on good seourities.- Apply with particulars to his offices, Station Hill. Bridgend. 8689 ADVICE FREE for Stamp; Mrs. E. Stewart's Famous Females remedy Never Fails. Address 9 Guinea Street, Bristol. 3 Mfot (SUfttmrrgxtt Slsttft; PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three. Six. Insertion Imertions. Lmsertiom 18 Word* 0 « 1 0 1 i 21 Woida 0 9 1 6 a Q 36 Words 1 0 2 0 a 46 Words 1 3 9 e < < 54 Words 1 6 g 0 4 0 63 Words 1 9 9 6 I I Words 3 0 4 0 « 0 gl Words 2 9 4 6 « f The above Charges appiy only to the classes of .Advertisements specified below, and axe strictily confined to those which are Paid voa Pbxviottb to Insertion if not prepaid, they will be charged by the general BCttto: — liiomnaaeouo Wants. I Situation* Vacant. Homes to Let. I Apartments Wanted. Apartment* to Let. } Situations Wanted. Miscellaneous. CYCLE.—Bargain to anyone that wants a Gent's High Grade Coventry Machine, not UBed six times, must be turned Int. cash, 2 best roller brakes, ball free wheel, latest improvements, High tirade Coventry Cycle, plated rims, best of all things and all accessories, lamp and everything, fully guaranteed, worth double, £3 129. 6d., ap- proval willingly before cash sent.-F. J. Hando, 6 Southbourne Terrace, Weston-Super-Mare. 9674 WOOL.—Top price is easily obtained when Sheep are dipped in BIGG'S APPROVED DIPS. A certain cure for Scab, prevents Fly from striking and kills all insects. The "Original' Paste Dip, price 6s. 6d. for 100 sheep. "Glenovis" Powder Dip, price 4s. 6d. for 100 sheep. Non- poisonous Liquid Dip, price 5s. a gallon for 120 Sheep. (Day, Son & Hewitt, Proprietors). Spocjal Agent for Ogmore Vale Thos. Llewellyn, Chemist. 9797 "DATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and ±CV Beetles greedily eat Harrison's Reliable* Cain and Dogs will not touch it. VsKmary up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., 3s. 8d. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bridgend, E. T. Rich, Dunraven Place; Neath, C. Hutchins, 3, Queen Street Aberkenfig, Mrs. S. Lewis; Nantymoel, H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogwy Street; Ogmore Vale, T. Llewellyn tall Chemists) IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.—Every Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use Harrison's Reliable" Nursery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Ver- min, beautifies and strengthens the hair. In Tins, 4Ad. and 9d., postage Id.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Agent for Bridgend, E. T. Rich, Dunraven Place; Neath, C. Hutchins, 3 Queen Street; and J. G. Isaac; Aberkenfig, W Lewis; Nantymoel, H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogw Street; Maesteg, G. I. Williams; Garniwyf Maesteg, Rhys I). Morgan; Caerau, Gwilym H Howells; Ogmore Vale, T. Llewellyn; Pontycym mer, J. H. Hopkins, 75, Oxford Street; Porthcawl, Duck, Chemist; Narrtyffyllon, Alfred Griffiths, High Street (all Chemists). 9321 MARSTON'S, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. M Modern light Funeral stock, sale or hire, New and Second-hand, 50, low pricea, easy terms, Hearses, Cars, Coaches, Brakes, Landaus, Hansoms, £ 20. Illustrated catalogues and prices free. 72 Get it at Rich's. I? T fl H The ciiemist> lYlUli BRIDGEND. Get it at Rich's Sale of Bath Sponges. a I We are offering this week a very special I N line in Bath Sponges. N Wc have a very large size at 2s. ll^d. A medium size at 2s. 5i<l. And a smaller size at Is. ll^d. In the ordinary way these would be sold at 5s., 4s. 6d., and 4s. We have bought a large consignment direct from And a smaller size at Is. ll^d. M In the ordinary way these would be N sold at 5s., 4s. 6d., and 4s. We have I bought a large consignment direct from I the importers, and we expect to sell out H in a short time, come early and have I I your pick. Remember they are these I prices only whilst in the window. Come I 1 f TOWN HALL THEATRE, MAESTEG. Proprietors Poole's Theatres Co., Ltd. Managin Director Mr. C. W. Poole District Manager Mr. W. Bynorth Resident Manager Mr. G. F. Knowles Secretary Mr. E. A. Goodman Stage Manager Mr. T. Goodman The Management reserve the right of refusing admission. Saturday, July 24th, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday July 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st, GREAT Wrestling Carnival IXTRODUCJXt; ALBERT W. COLES The Welsh Miner. JB25 offered to any man he fails to throw in 15 minutes. Saturday Night Contests between JACK RICH- ARDS, Maesteg, Runner up in the Tournament at the Agricultural Hall, London, and GEORGE MORGAN, Runner up in the 10-st. 7-lb. Tourna- ment at the Hammersmith Music Hall, London, for a Medal, value £ 5. All competitions for the Six Nights will com- mence this night, including Wrestling, Jumping, Skipping and Dancing. For each Tournament a valuable Silver Medal will be given. A Gold Medal for the Wrestling Tournament, winner to be selected for the Alhambra Tournament in London with a week's expenses to be paid. In addition to the above, the following well- known variety turns, including FLO INMAN (celebrated Comedienneand Dancer), CHAS. NEILL (the celebrated Buck Dancer). For the first time in Wales the latest BIOSCOPE PICTURE—King's Visit to the Royal Show at Gloucester. Referee in all contests, Jack Neill of London. Children's Matinee Saturday Afternoon at 3 p.m. with competitions. All entries to be sent in to Mr. Jack Neill at the Victoria Hotel. Prices of Admission-2s., Is. 6d., Is., 6d. BETTWS Athletic Sports Monday, Aug. 16th, 1909. PROGRAMME OF EVENTS— 1st prize 2ndprne Ent. Fee 1-120 yards Open Handicap £5 JEl lOa. 2s. 2-240 yds. Open Handicap £3 JBl 1/6 3—Novice Race £2 15s. ls- 4-1 Mile Open Handicap £3 15s. 1/6 5-2 Mile Open Handicap £2 10". 1/- 6—la Mis. Open Trotting H'oap £ 3 £1 1/6 7—Marathon Race, starting from Blaengarw, via Pontycymmer, Llangeinor, Pandy to Bettws, and 8 laps of the track £3 Li 2s. Handicapper-Mr. Ted Lewis, Pontypridd. Hon. Sec.—D. Evans, Brynawel, Bettws, Bridgend. Assistant Sec.—Wm. Evans, Tydanyreglwys, Bettws. 121 The Event of the Season I Grand Sports and Carnival will be held on Wednesday, August 4th, at the Recreation Ground, Nantymoel. Proceeds in aid of Cardiff Infirmary and Bridgend Cottage Hospital. 12 MILE MARATHON RACE (Start 1 p.m., from Nantymoel), £ 9; to be followed by several Handi- caps, 80 YARDS, 100 YARDS, 300 YARDS, HALF-MILE, also FOOTBALL and BOYS' RACE. TUG-OF-WAR BIG PRIZES. AMBULANCE COMPETITIONS. 1,1 MILE TROTTING HANDICAP (Open). Don't Miss the Fancy Dress Carnival 10 Classes. Morning 10.30; also in the Evening. Two Bands will be in attendance. GRAND BALLOON ASCENT. Full particulars in Schedules now ready. Entries close First Post Saturday, July 31st, 1909. 126 E. A. HALE, Secretary, Nantymoel. Mearmng Cutis way be obtained icb the Gftamoffgaiq, Gacette" Office, Qneeto-streot. Musical. PIANO BARGAINS.-Wornum Piano: 101 gIllJ. JL 68. monthly. Stodart Piano, 12 guineas 6s. 6d. monthly. Cramer Piano. 17 guineas 8s. 6d. monthly. Thompson & Shackell Piano, 18 guineas: 9s. manthly. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. BORD PIANO, 20 guineas 10s. 6d. monthly. B Thompson & Shackell Piano, 24 guineas: 12s. 6d. menthly. Challen Piano, 36 guineas 18s. monthly. Ajello Piano, 36 guineas 15s. monthly. Thompson & Shackell Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HOPKINSON PIANO, 36 guineas 18s. monthly. JEL Collard & Collard Piano, 40 guineas: 21s. monthly. Hertel Piano, 46 guineas 21s. monthly. Hooff Piano, 44 guineas: 22s. 6d. monthly. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. T" HOMPSON and SHACKELL Organ, 5 Guineas; A 4s. monthly. Portman Organ. 5 Guineas,- 4s. monthly. Thompson and Shackell Organ, 8 Gna.; 5s. month Chicago Organ, 14 Gns.; 7s. 6d. monthly. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham St., Bridgend. HOMPSON and SHACKELL Harmonium, 3 Guineas 2s. 6d. monthly. Alexandre Harmonium, 4 Guineas 3s. monthly. Barnett Samuel Harmonium, 6 (ins.; 4s. monthly Cesarim Harmonium, 8 Guineas; 5s. monthly. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham St., Bridgend. PIANOS and Organs by any Maker, in the Kingdom. Every Instrument warranted and delivered free. Tunings and Repairs on the shortest notice. Music and Books in great variety. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 41 Election Addresses. BRIDGEND URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SOUTH WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEX, A vacancy having occurred in the representation of your Ward, through the sad death of your Councillor, the late Mr. R. C. Griffiths, you will on Monday, 26th instant, be called upon to elect another Councillor in his place. I beg to offer myself as a Candidate for the vacant seat and place my services at. your disposal. I have resided in the Town for many years, and am well acquainted with its requirements. I have my time at my disposal, and will therefore be able to devote it to your service more fully than if I were engaged in any occupation. As a ratepayer, it is in my own interest, equally with yours, that the rates be keptas low as possible, and I promise you, if elected, to watch your interests carefully, strictly adhering to economy, compatible with due efficiency. Having served in a public capacity for many years in I trust a straightforward and independent manner, I will in the future follow in the same course, giving my attention to the welfare ci the Town in general and the South Ward in particular. I therefore beg to solicit the favour of your vote and interest. I am. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your faithful servant, Cartref, JOHN DAVIS, Park St., Retired Supt. of Police. Bridgend. 17th July, 1909. 122 Notices. PUBLIC APOLOGY. WE, Ivor Miles, of Hill Head, and Barbara Davies, of College Terrace, Llant- wit Major, having uttered certain slanders con- cerning Phillip Cadogan, do hereby both humbly and sincerely apologise for uttering the same, for which there was no foundation whatsoever. We also promise to abstain from repeating any such slanders, and in consideration of further proceed- ings being stayed, agree to pay the costs of this notice in the "Glamorgan Gazette." (Signed) Ivor Miles, Barbara Davies. 5th July, 1909. Witness, David Daviea. 69 THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875 (38 & 39 VICTORIA, C. 55) AND THE LOCAL GOV- ERNMENT ACT, 1894 (56 & 57 VICTORIA, C. 73). NOTICE OF AUDIT. GLAMORGANSHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. PORTHCAWL URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. 1VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that M. D. i-i PROBERT, Esqre., the District Auditor for the above named Audit District, comprising the District of the above-named Porthcawl Urban District Council, has appointed the Audit of the Accounts of the above Council and of their Officers for the year ended the 31st March, 1909, to com- mence on Monday, the sth day of August, 1909, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Council Offices, Porthcawl, when and where any Ratepayer or Owner of Property in the District of the aoove named Coun- cil may De present and may make any objection to such Accounts before the District Auditor. And no- tice is hereby further given that the Accounts of the above named Porthcawl Urban District Coun- cil and of their Officers, duly made and balanced, together with all Books, Acoounts and Documents relating thereto, will be deposited at the Council Offices, New Road, Porthcawl, and be open during office hours to the inspection of all persons inter- ested for seven clear days immediately before the Audit. Dated this 19th day of July, 1909. EDWARD T. DAVID, 123 Clerk to the Porthcawl Urban District Council RE MRS. ANN EDWARDS, TREDEGAR HOUSE, PONTYCYMMER, DECEASED. ALL Persons having Claims or Demands upon or against the Estate of the above-named deceased, are hereby required to send to us the undersigned full particulars of such Claims or Demands forthwith. Dated this 21st day of July, 1909, RANDALL & 00., Station Hill, Bridgend, 127, Solicitors to the Executrix. THE POISONS AND PHARMACY ACT, 1908. I JOHN BEES, of Llantwit Major, Glamorgan, 9 carrying on a Drug Stores at Llantwit Major, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I intend to APPLY for a LICENSE to SELL and KEEP OPEN SHOP for the SALE of POISONOUS SUBSTANCES (to which Section 2 of the Poisons and Pharmacy Act, 1908, applies) for use exclusively in connection with Agriculture and Horticulture. 137 (Signed) JOHN BEES. BRYNMENYN Association Football Club re- quire open dates for the coming season with junior teams. 132 H. WILTSHIRE, See. Tenders To Builders and Contractors. Re CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB, CAERAU, near BRIDGEND. TENDERS are invited by the Trustees of the 1. above Club for the erection of a Steward's dwelling-house adjoining the Club premises and for the construction of additions and alterations to the present Club Building. Plans and Specifications may be seen (on pay- ment of a deposit of £1 Is. Od., which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide tender) at the office of Mr. J. R. Snane, 3 Talbot Street, Maes- teg, the Solicitor to the Trustees, at any time between 2 p.m. stnd 5 p.m., on any weekday except Wednesdays during the next ten days. Tenders endorsed "Constitutional Club, Caerau" to be delivered at the office of Mr. J. R. Snape, Solicitor, Maesteg, not later than 12 o'clock noon on Monday, 9tli August, 1909. W. H. REES, Architect and Surveyor, Church Street, 131 Maesteg. BUILDERS desirous of Tendering for new JD Rectory House, Coychurch, for Rev. F. C. Williams, are req uestecl to send their names to us before Wednesday, July 28th, when plans and par- ticulars will be ready. COOK & EDWARDS, M.M.S.A., Masonic Buildings, Architects. Bridgend, July 22nd, 1909. 143 Wa Shalt be obliged to oar adTecrtiflera if they will send in their" copy early on, Thursday morning, or on Wednesday if possible. Inwwiioa cannot be made of advertisement* reaching us after 3 p..m. Wanted. WANTED, a smart intelligent youth ag Apprentice outdoors. — Rhys Grocer, Bridgend. WANTED, a good General Servant.—Aj?l?L Mrs. David Williams, Green Meadow, Road, Bridgend. WANTED, a well-educated Youth as Ar VT tice.—Apply Richard Mumford, ]Ii. 83 Pharmacist, 19, Wyndham St., Bridgend. WANTED, canvassing Agent for Bridgend trict by Messrs. A. & G. Taylor, —Apply Geo. Strong, 54, Grove-road. t(V WANTED, a strong Girl as General, age 1" 1 20, wages 16s. to £ 1 a month, small good references.—Apply, Mrs. Arnott, perÕt 0 Parsonage. —-— WANTED, 2 Apprentices to the Plumbing Heating Trade.—Hitt & Sons, Bridg^, WANTED, good general servant.—Apply? 93 R. Jones, Bridge House, Bridgend. ø- WANTED, General (age 16 to 18) in Farniho^ no milking, small family one that has out before preferred.—Apply Mrs. Matthew8' hill Farm, Laleston, Briagend. WANTED at once, strong general Servan^, Apply T. Jenkins, Blaengarw Hotel, garw. WANTED immediately, General Apply, Mrs. Thomas, Five Bells, Brid^ WANTED, Furnished Rooms or Bungal°*oPj- Ogmore or Porthcawl, near the menee 2nd week in August.—Particulars to Chemist, Bridgend. ANTED, a Calf, about 1 week old.— WANTED, a Calf, about 1 week old.— David Edmunds, Capel Vach, Llango"^ Bridgend. DRESSMAKING.-Wanted at once, tices and Improvers to the DressmakiW^ Apply Mrs. Stanley Jones, Barry House, ggpf APPRENTICE wanted to Tailoring.— W. Taylor, 30, Adare Street^ LEADING Insurance Company have vacaD^t for Smart and Energetic Men, Full aD r^Sf time, Llynfi and Ogmore Valleys; First 'OJ, Terms.—Apply, Super., 13, Coity Rd., -^rl ^0 AN Assurance Company, which stands^ rivalled for its liberal conditions of cont also for its number of varied tables, require9, q,y and Part time Agents at Gilfach, Garw a,n .-erf more Valleys. Good solid Book free and encouragement gratuitously-given to develops3 -Apply, 66, Bryn Road, Aberkenfig. For Sale. FOR SALE.—New semi-detached Villa, 6r°^^ etc., known as "Frondeg," Pontrhyd°Sj Apply. Post Office, Llangonoyd. FOR SALE.—Small Trap, fit pony 13 hflB^8 Jj bargain.—Apply, Star Hotel, Maesteg^^ FOR SALE, Sow, and 8 pigs 8 weeks Apply, Morris, Litchard Hill. — — > FOR SALE, Window Cleaning Business^, uy Truck and Ladder, &c.—Apply to H- ley, 8, Mackworth Street, Bridgend. FOR SALE, 7 Houses, situate at Abe^^ppr Apply—J. Baker, Parkfield House, ™ Aberkenfig. —— FOR SALE, a second-hand Gig, suit P°n^j 9* 14 hands.—Apply King's Head, Bridgeo^x FOR SALE, Early and Late Broocolii Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, > Cabbage and Curled Green Plants.—ApP1* Clements, Colwinstone. —————————— — REEDS for Sale.—Apply Lewis Brigand .gj harry, near Pontyclun. FOR SALE, or to be Let—Shed of structure, built sectionally with g»'f 7ft.' sheet roof measurements, 17ft. x 10ft. f suitable for vehicle or motor garage. AP? Pontycymmer, near Mr. Jenkins' Smithy- Thomas Morgan, Coytrahen, Tondu. \o* FOR SALE.—Hand Combed Reeds prices.—Apply, Thomas ^Thomas, ^146 Bridgend. P.O. Telephone No. 56. tv\'e<Pr FOR SALE, Donkey.—Apply Aston, Old Llangeinor. REEDS for Thatching, also Binder Cord i°T^ —Yorwerth Thomas, Bridgend. SEPARATOR (Mellotte) for Sale, nearly Apply, J. care of Willment, St*$ Pontyclun. WREATHS and Crosses (Artificial) J?°pfe{f W New Stock; see Windows.—R. p. fdl4 Stationer, 20, Queen Street, Bridgend. FISHING TACKLE, river and sea, rods, tS. lines, flies, minnows, hooks, pawning gafl5 R. H. Dyer, Queen Street, Bridgend. /II OOD Horse Mowing Machine (compl^Ll^9' Horse Clipping Machine, £ 1; g$> Waggon, etc.—Tondu Foundry. FERRETS for Sale, small, healthy, well 3^ Bred by David James.—Apply, Coi»c$1 Horses, Cow bridge Road, Bridgend. BRICKS, Bricks, Bricks.—For price and or jL-A apply to Manager, Evanstown Brjck Tondu. ALL Dogs and half the Puppies require Purifier such as "KOSSOLIAN SALT,' 2s. 6d. and Is. Id. post XEMOS," a cure for Mange, Lice, and i Diseases, Is. 8d. post free. VEHMO^J Liquid Worm Cure, given in the food, Is- aJj MU free. Advice and Price List from Day? Hewitt. 22, Dorset Street, London, W- Agent for Bridgend :—R. Mumford, 19, Street. Maesteg Alfred Griffiths, Che To be Let, — TO LET— Storerooms, Lofts, Stable, and coachouse. — Apply, Wni. 79^- 17 Dunraven Place, Bridgend. 0 LET.-Clifton House, Bridgetid: TO LET.—Clifton House, Bridgend: 2^1^a, room 20ft. by 15ft., dining room 18ft large kitchen, two sculleries, six good he^jja bath (h & c water) and usual offices; gjssession.—Apply, Edward Bramley, Auotg06j>, "dgend. TO I|et, or for Sale, Park Cottage, Pai*k 1 Bridgend, as from 29th September* J Apply Edward Bramley, Auctioneer, Brid TO LET.—Lock-up Shop, Morfa Street, of August next.—Apply to Edward 1 36 41, Park Street, Bridgend. — — ■— TO LET, Land for Grazing.—Apl'ty 7^ Uchel Oleu, Ewenny Road, Bridgend- L__JL—-—' gt-», TO Let, 32, Coity Road.—Apnly, 74, J Bridgend. ^T^OLET. ^Villa7"Cros^Roads^t^^p^Clig^H J_ Bridgend Every convenience, Electri large Garden, lis. 6d. per week.—Appl?' 9^ lyn Owen. rpO LET, 2, Litchard-terrace 3 bedroon^p.^ -L room (hot and cold); immediate pos8e 98 Apply Anthony, c/o the Brewery. COMFORTABLE Board and Residence respectable young men hot and col<* £ >/ Apply R.B., Gazette Office. op FIELD to Let, New Road, Porthcawl; August 1st,—Apply, Mrs. W. Cooke, ^0^ Street, Bridgend. OFFICES to Let, Station Hill, Bridgeo^ ra-t| of 2nd floor Court House Buildings; s. e3 tP lavatory, electric light.—Apply T. J. glO^ ST. BRIDE'S MAJOR, WICK Asp ST. ANDREWS MINOR V Flower, Fruit & PITAtflf — Vegetable — QXXV/ Will be held in Dcxravex Park 0(1 Monday (Bank Holiday), August 2ndi The Excelsior String Band, conducted by ^F'ctif^ Hopkins, Bridgend, will render a. choice se of music. The Sports will commence at 3 p-m' The Show will be opened at 2 p.m. for on presenting tickets, and to the public on V of Is. between 2 and 3-30; after 3-30, 6d. tors free after 3 p.m. on production ot Children under 12 half-price. Refreshments (tea, Ac.) will be j>rovid jjgjf Secretaries— 1. Wheeler, St. Bride's ajor,, ,tb, Bridgend; T. Hahden, Duni-aven 'iti. on$, lio erndown; of whom Schedules, Rules and V" tionsjimyjbejibtained^ To AdTertisers.—Advertiser* who small advertisements that come undo' Ir various headings of our prepaid scate, gtMMfbed to kuxuy send remittance