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CRICKET. ♦ Oleporta of Saturday's Matches should "•<* beadi office, Queen. Street, Bridgend, not"tatQE than first post Tuesday. Soorea ""6 Of Wednesday's games can be accepted on Thursday mornings. Secretaries are in- vite* fa-aeud in their fixture oards.] BRIDGEND v. ST. FAGAN'S. At St. Pagan's on Saturday. The local captain, having choice, decided to put his Tiieii in first. Towse and Preece opened the defence, Brown and W H. Yeo sharing the attack. After a useful stand Tows'* before to Yw, and his place was taken bjVV. Spiller. Runs now came rapidly, both bats- men hitting out in grand style. Changes in the bowling were tried, and eventually VV Bpiller got. leg before to Carr. Preece, who was. plaving at the top of his form. was next partnered by Keevil. and the fielders were kept busy. Directly Preece had completed his century, the innings was declared, with the total at 183 for the loss of two wickets. P-reece gave. a masterly display, which was only marred by one chance, when he reached iiis 50. Bridgend's only hope wa.s to make a drawn1 game. When time was called they bad 'lost live wickets for 33 runs. the chief contributor being T. D. Schofield. who made 15 not out. Towse took three wickets for 9 runs, 0. Morgan one for four, and Keevil one for 2, Scores — St. Fagan's. ibw. b W. H. Yeo 12 « Preece. not out 102 W. Spiller, lbw. b Ca rr 27 A. Kee-vil, not out 35 Extras 7 • Total (foi t^v,Q -p-ic]jets) .183 « (Innings ^pvCiaT€<l closed.) C. Spiller. F- S Francis, C. H. DaviesO. Morgan, C. J*.xdo-n, L. Phillips, und C. Cul- ved'Avell. did bat. j Bridgend. Jk A. ^Thomas, b Towse Q&pt. CaiT, c W. Spiller. b Towse 0 JBrovck, b A. Keevil T D. Schofield, not out W. H*. Yeo. b O. Morgan o O. Thomas, c Davies. b Towse S. Williams, not out f Extras .= Total (for five wickets) 33 C. tiewis, Captain 1. War low, Captain E. H. Davidson, and B. Yeo did not bat. IXAXIfARPvAX v. ROATH PARK COXGRE- GATIOXAL (.CARDIFF). Played at Llanharran on Saturday. This vas theJgMurn fixture, the previous match having unfinished owing to rain. Foi TjianliaCran, North took two wickets for 7 PhUUpffour for 22, J- Barkle two. for 7, and Hughes one for 9. Shellibeer and John bat- ted%t.My foi' the homesters. and mate rial 1} Sped to win the match. Sharp batted well for the visitors. Scores: Roatk Park Congregational. W. Ec&vards. b North G. Th.omas, b Phillips J. Egford, run out „ E. Llewellyn, b Phillips A. Sifarpfil, b North 15 F. Hughes, b J. Barkle *■ E. Thomas, b J- Barkle EvR<jbert6, c S. Barkle, b Hughes. 1 J. Edwards, not out W. Egford, c and b Phillips yf. Roberts, st Shellibeer, b Phillips J) 52 Llanharran. F«, Austin, c Thomas, b Egford J J Barkle, c Edwards, b Egford J. Shellibeer, b Roberts j' ~W. V. North, b Roberts jf: w Jgilm, c Egford, b Roberts 15 ( A *W. P. Smith, not out J t5 J. M. R. Phillips, run out J Barkle, b Roberts £ (C. Wood, not out „ i Extras 3 4 Total (for seven wickets). 61 W. Jones and W. J. Hughes did not bat. z!l HAESTEG PARK RANGERS v. BRYN. Played at Maesteg on Saturday. Park Rangers. J. Allen, c W. Daniel, b T. Williams 2 A. Thomas, c Lloyd, b Williams 0 • A, Griffiths, lbw. b Lewis J] £ R. Millar, b Williams i* R,e<r. Allen, c Patrick, b Lewis *± J. Thomas, b Davies » A. Lewis. c Savage, b Lewis 6 Xu Watkins, b Lewis ••••: „ "VV. Lewis, c Patrick, b Davies » L- Bovan, c Savage E. W. Jones, not out Extras 6 66 Bryn. P. Lloyd, b J. Allen 1 H, Davies, c and b Griffiths 1 W Daniel, b J. Allen » J. Lewis, b J. Allen T. Williams, b J. Allen W F. Savage, c Jones, b Allen 0 T+ Patrrick, c Griffiths, b R. Allen. o N. Stanley, b Griffiths 1 D. Evans, run out 1\. Clement, not out H. Maxtell. lbw, b Griffiths U Extra 1 15 OGMORE YALE v. LLANTWIT MAJOR. Played at Llantwit Major on Saturday. Llantwit Major. J. Loveluck. b Evans A. V. Morgan, run out *• T. Andrews, b Evans H. J. Abraham, b Evans « T. R. Thomas, c and b Browne J Pritchard, b Browne F. C- Price, b Evans f D. Watts, b Evans A O. Loveluck, not out K. Noel, st Mayo, b Browne J*. Kibble white, run out j Extras 4 28 1 Ogmore Yale. d. Davies, b Andrews 2 A. Mayo, b Andrews 11 13. C. H. Browne, b Andrews o R, McNamara. b Andrews 0 T. E. Evans, b Andrews H. Osborne, c Watts, b Andrews •> J. Lioyd, b Andrews 4 JL Mereweather, c Pntckard, b Abr«- J. Williams, c and b Thomas 8 J. Boobyer, b Thomas T. Mordecai. not out Extras 6 43 LLANDOUGH v. PENARTH PARISH CHURCH. :&t Llandough. Llandough. J. R. Dunn, b Prosser £ Rev. H. Nicholl. c Butt, b Dyer P. W. Dunn, b Prosser F. Groom, c Evans, b Butt 1- Bt Bird, b Butt A Stockwood, not out 3 Extras 4 Total (for five wiekets) .140 (Innings declared closed.) T. Jenkins. J. Denbury, F. Bryant, J. SWliite, and J. Burgoyne did not bat. Penarth Parish Church. H. Dyer, b F. Dunn. 20 P. Butt, b F. Groom 5 B. Hoast. b F. Groom 0 # W. Prosser, at Bird, b Groom 1 P. Howells, b F. Dunn 0 G. Hairley, b F. Dunn 4 G-. Jones, b T. Jenkins 11 *T. Evans, c Jenkins, b F. Dunn 12 A. Hunt, c and b F. Dunn. 7 S. Lauret. not out '3 C. Fifoot. b F. Dunn 0 Extras 19 I S COWBRIDGE GRAMMAR SCHOOL v. BARRY II. Played at Cowbridge on Saturday, and re- enlted in. an easy win for the School, f»r whom A. I. Dun II took five wickets for 12 runs frrnri J. R. Jones four for 11. -Scorea: Barry II. H. KIrby, Ibw, b A. I. Duna 8 Q T/mVina 'h A. I. &ttnci .I. D. Smith, c A. 1. Dunn, b J. R. Jones 0 H. Thomas, b J. R. Jones 0 J. Robinson, b J. R. Jones 2 W. T. Llewellyn, c Gibbon, b Dunn 1 Dr. Kent, b Dunn 5 J. Driscoll, not out 3 H. Adams st H. A. Dunn b A. 1. Dnnn. 3 H. Graham, run out 0 E. Howells, c Dunn, b J. R. Jones. 0 23 Cowiridge Grammar School. H. A. Dunn, Ibw. b Graham 6 E. R. Gibbon, b Graham r J J. R, Jo nes, b Graham D. C. P. Davies, b S. Jenkins A. I. Dunn, st Adams, b Jenkins q T. M. Davies, b Smith G. Thomas, st Adams, b Llew -jj. R. Griffiths, c Graham, b Lh n L. G. Williams, c Graham b 3 R. Riley, not out 2 M. Deza, b Jenkins 7 Extras 7 59 GARTH 01^ B0Yg y MAESTEG PARK BOYS. ye A at Maestes. Scores— Park Boys.—J. Davies, b T. Mar- nr 15; J. Lewis, b T. Martin, 5; O. Lewis, .In\ out, 2; J. Davies, b A. Maddock, 1; W. Davies, b T. Davies, 9 F. T. Davies, run out, 3; R. Stradling, c and b T. Martin, 12; R. Joseph, run out, 8; T. Petty, not out, 0; E. Petty, b A. Maddock, 0; C. Stephens, b T. Martin, 0; extras. 5. Total. 60. Garth Old Bovs.—E. V. Marchant, st Davies. b Lewis, 27; M. Thom as. b Davies, 0; R. Martoin. run out, 6; D. Griffiths, b Lewis, 3; T. Da vies, b Lewis, 0; J. Cox, not out. 3; T. Martin, b Lewis. 0: A. Mad- dock, c Davies, b Lewis, 1; W. Mamby, b Davies, 1; J. D. Owens, b Lewis, 0; E. Row- lands, b Davies, 2. Total, 43. GILFACH GOCH v. TERORKY II. This match was played at Treorky on Sat- urday. The visitors were obliged to make the journey minus four of their players. Treorky batted' first, facing the bowling of Tom Jones and George Jones, and were dis- missed for 35 runs, the latter having hard' luck in not performing the hat trick. Gil- fach were only able to put on. 28 runs, thus being beaten by 7 runs.




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