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BEAUPRE ESTATE AT AUCTION. 0 HISTORIC PROPERTY FAILS TO GET A PURCHASER. The historic residential, sporting, and agri- cultural estate known as Beaupre was offered for sale by Messrs. Stephenson and Alexander at the Mart, High-street, Cardiff, on the afternoon of the 25th inst., together with a number of other properties in the Vale of Gla- morgan near Cow bridge. The property was divided up into 11 lots, but at the outset the first seven lots, including "New Beaupre," Howe Mill Farm, and Old Beaupre," were offered together. They were withdrawn, however, at £ 25,000, and then offered separ- ately. It is not often that a. property of such associations as the Beaupre Estate is brought under the hammer of the auctioneer, and it must have been painful to Mr. D. T. Alexander to confess that tho result was most disappointing. In conversation afterwards, Mr. Alexander, whose qualification to speak with authority on matters of property, par- ticularly in South Wales, is undoubted, ex- pressed the conviction that there was evi- dently something which restrained the large company present from showing the spirit of competition usually evident at sales of pro- perty of such historical, residential, and agri- cultural importance. It was the first imports ant estate he had had to submit since the in- troduction of the Budget, and he could not help feeling that the proposals of the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer had a great deal to do with the result. In submitting the property for competi- tion, Mr. Alexander pointed out that the Beaupre Estate, which is situated in the I parishes of St. Hilary and Llanbleddian, ■adjoining the town of Cowbridge, within, six miles of Bridgend, four of Llantwit Major.— all good market towns—and twelve from the city of Cardiff, was valuable as a freehold re- sidential and sporting estate, besides which it had most interesting historical associations. It lay in a beautiful wooded country ia, the Vale of Glamorgan, comprised upwards of 500 acres of fertile land, with farms, modern re- sidence, small holdings, woodlands, and plan- tations, together with the remains of old Beaupre Castle, built previous to the Norman Conquest, of which portions were still intact, the whole producing a. rental of about £ 1,020 per annum, exclusive of the return from the woodlands. The estate, which had. been in the possession of the vendors since the Nor- man Conquest, as its name (Beautiful Meadow) implies, is situate in one of the most productive and beautiful districts in the country. The portions of the estate, dividedi into Lots 1 to 7 for convenience, were first offered as a whole. These comprised — Lot 1.—New Beaupre, a modern residence, with extensive accommodation, stabling. gardens, and lawns, covering two and three- quarter acres, pa-rk lands, two cottages, with farm buildings, the whole comprising 100a. 3r. 15p.; the land and1 one cottage let at £ 145 per annum, while the estimated rental value of Beaupre House, gardens, woodlands, etc., is £150, subject to £2 17s. 9d. tithe, £ 3 Os. 4d., land-tax (paid by tenant), and £1 19s. 8d. land-tax paid by landlord, together with timber valued at JE833 17s. Lot 2.—Howe Mill Farm, 134a. 3r. 31p., with farmhouse, buildings, old corn mill, etc., let at £ 150; tithe C2 12s. 5d., land-tax paid bv tenant £3 14s. 9d., paid by landlord 10s. 3d. (including over 42 acres woodlands--in, hand), timber valued at JE546 17s. Lot 3.-Four closes of meadow land, o2a. lr. 25p., apportioned rentals £ 64 10s., tithe 10s. 6d., land-tax paid by tenant £ 1 6s. 9d., with timber valued at JE142. Lot 4.—Pasture field, 22a. 3r. 32p., appor- tioned rental £ 50, tithe 9s. Id., land-tax £1 2s. 9d., timber valued at CI8 10s. Lot 5.—Two closes pasture land, 15a. Or 22p., rental £15, tithe 7s., land tax 8s. 00" timber valued at £ 37 5s. Lot 6.—Three closes of pasture land and cowshed. 23a. 3r. 13p., rental £35, tithe 9s. M., land-tax 17s. Id. Lot 7. Farm known as Old Beaupre Castle, 141a. Or. 2p., with ruins of Beaupre Castle, comprising old porches, chapel, guard room, etc., still intact, with farmhouse, buildings, etc., rental £295, tithe L2 19s. 9d., land-tax £5 96. lid., and timber valued at E159 16s. The bidding started at JE17,000, and the pro- £ 25^000 °lle lot Wle "withdrawn at The lots were then put up separately, with the following ,results: -For Lot 1 there was no bidding, and the property was withdrawn. Lot 2 was withdrawn at £ 3,900. Lot 3 was sold to Mr. 0. Smith, surveyor, Glamorgan County Council, for £ 1,750. Lot 4 was withdrawn at £1,450. For Lot 5 there was no offer. The property comprised in Lot 6 was acquired for £1,075 by Mr. David Jen- Jnns Flemingstone. Lot 7, Old Beaupre, started at £ 5,000, and the lot was finally with- drawn at £ 7,200. Lot 8 was the pasture farm known as Broadway, containing upwards of 28a. Or. Q?Pv TTt^1 £ 90> £ 4 ls-> land-tax 19s. od., and situate within five minutes' walk of Cowbridge railway station. The bidding be- lot was withdrawn at Lot 9 was a plot of accommodation land, 2r. 28p., fronting the main road! to Llan- dough. rental JE3, and it was sold for JE85 to Mr. Hopkins, Cowbridge. Lot 10 was withdrawn without a bid. The item was a close of accommodation land, la House aental £ 4 10s"' fronting Eastfield Lot 11, being the freehold' cottage and garden known .as Broadway Cottage, 'let at 14s. per month, was acquired for £205 by Ml-. Watkin° Clt0rj C:°wl:)ridge, on behalf of Mr. The acting solicitors were Messrs. Keen, Rogers, and Co., London.



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