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DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING LAND. -At a meeting of the Glamorgan County Council Small Holdings and Allotments Com- mittee on, Monday, Mr. Robert Forrest pre- siding, Mr. E. F. J-iyiircli Jilosse wrote stating that Colonel Go re Avas unable to accept the offer of the committee of JE706 for the pur- chase of Llanmaes Farm, Llantwit Major, for the purposes of small holdings, and' it was therefore decided to enter into negotiations for the lease of the land for a term of years to be agreed upon. With regard to the Garth Farm, Clydach, considerable tiiscussioii took place ow ing to the gr-t difference between the value 1 s esti- mate and the price put unon it by the owner. Mr. W. J. P. Player said there was an op- portunity of getting a farm in a. populous centre. The Government were pushing on the County Councils to do something. Up to the present the Glamorgan County Counci'l had, not taken a single acre. If cut into -four holdings he thought it would certainly pay. It. would' show that they had done something to try and work the Act..The farm at present was vacant, so that they would not be turning anyone out. It was decided that the agent for the farm should be commiunicated with, to see if he would accept the committee's valuation., and failing that to find out his lowest figure. Alderman' Evans, of Caerphilly, said there was an impression abroad that the members' constituting that committee were not in sym- pathy with tlie Act. He was stating what he had heard, and the resolution he had in his mind was that it should be an instruction to each of their sub-committees to ascertain what farm or farms in their respective dis- tricts were suitable for small holdings, the object being to write to the owners of such farms with a view of buying them, but fail- ing to purchase by negotiation that they should take steps to put into operation the. compulsory powers which they, as a Council, had under the Act. Mi. Allen (deputy clerk): Have you not first of all to decide whether the land! is wanted? Alderman Evans said he was afraid he was misunderstood. There were applications throughout the whole county. He would like each sub-committee to report to that com- mittee what farms were suitable in their dis- trict for small holdings, that they should then negotiate with the landlords for their purchase or lease, and failing that to put into effect the powers they had. They would at least have some goal to work for. At pre- sent they were beating the air they had not acquired an inch of ground, and they were accused of being lethargic. The Chairman said he saw no objection1 to the resolution, but he thought that what AMerman Evans wanted was being done. The Deputy-Clerk remarked that they had written to all the District Councils, and that was going farther than Alderman Evans's re- solution. They were asked to ascertain what land was suitable, not only now, but from time to time. He presumed Alderman Evans wanted to deal with land whether on the market or not. Alderman. Evans said that was so. Mr. T. W. David observed that he did not think that committee should be blamed for its inaction as it was in the Press. There had been1 a very sincere desire on the part otf the committee to get hold of land, and it had made very considerable efforts with that ob- ject in view. (Hear, hear.) But the fact in that county land was so very difficult to get they had not been able to make much progress. The Chairman And it. is at very much higher prices than in Herefordshire;, Worces- tershire, or Shropshire. Mr. David, continuing, said the committee did not deserve the complaints made in re- gard to it. In some counties it was com- paratively easy to get land, but in Glamor- gan it was not so. They had' done nearly everything possible to get in touch with the people who had land and were prepared to dispose of it, but certainly without much suc- cess up to now. As to the complaints, they were altogether unjustified. Mr. John Griffiths said he did not quite agree with Mr. David. 111 the parish of Ltanguicke. applications had been made for small holdings, but no steps had been taken to provide them. The Chairman said he certainly agreed with Mr. David that the committee had done everything they could, 'and were doing so. They were aware that two landlords down at Barry were offering land direct to save the County Council trouble, and the only ques- tion was whether they could get money to put up buildings.. In other cases there was the question of price. It might be the Hand- lords asked too much and the committee of- fered too little, but he denied, on behalf of the chairman of the committee (Mr. Randall) that nothing had been done. He maintained that a great deal had been done. Mr. Griffiths said llö steps had been taken beyond asking the landlord if he had any land, and the reply was in the negative. He maintained that they ought to take further steps, or the Act would become a dead letter. They should provide land for those who had applied for it, inasmuch as they had not told the applicants they were not suitable to have it. The Deputy Clerk: Are you speaking of people who have been accepted as suitable? Mr. Grimths: Yes. Mr. 0. Smith (agent) said the, suggestion had been made that every effort should be made by negotiation' to obtain land until next September, and that after thenl compul- sory powers should be put into operation. Mr. Griffiths as1œd: if compulsory powers had not already been, applied, and Mr. Smith replied in the affirmative. Mr. David: If these eeneltmen will tell us where the land' is to be obtained we should be obliged to them. The Chairman said what they wanted to know was if Mr. Griffiths would bring, some 'land to their notice, that would satisfy his friends. Mr. Giriffiths: We have done that. The Chairman But it is not suitable. You must get some other. Mr. W. J- P. Player suggested that Mr. Griffiths should approach the landlord himself independent of the Council and see ivhe, could not put the case before, him in such a way as to get him to allow part of his farm to be given np. Alderman' D. H. Williams, of Barry, said in his neighbourhood they had found the agents very ready to assist the committee Mr. Griffiths remarked that iii, one case a man went to the landlord: before he came to the committee, and the landlord stated that if he gave him a part. the present tenant would1 give up the whole lot. The Deputy-Clerk said the instruction given to the sub-committees was simply to I nnd out whether there was any available land. A Idler 111 an. Evans added) that he wanted the sub-committees to act in con junction with the agent to find out the suitable land and from that point. get into communicaion. He agreed that his resolution would be met by the resolution to the sub-committeesi being that they should find out what available and "suitable" ilaii4 there is. Subsequently it was decidedt that the agent (Mr. O. Smith) should see the sub-committees in each district and report on' the suitability of the land to be had by agreement, purchase or otherwise, to that committee from time to time. Alderman D. H. Williams: said there was a rumour t'hat the Hon. Ivor Guest, M.P. for Cardiff, was ready to, let them have land at Sully if they applied for it. That, he thought, would be quite convenient for Cadoxtoi-i people and probably Penarth people too. The agent was instructed to write the Ho'l1\. Ivor Guest to ascertain whether he had land to offer at Sully or elsewhere, and what the conditions were.