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BRIDGEND DISTRICT COUNCIL ♦—-———- ELECTRIC POWER FOR ORGAN- BLOWING. MR. ABBOTT AND THE CHAIRMAN. Mr. W. Edwards, J.P., presided at a meet- ing of the Bridgend Urban Council on Tues- day evening, also present being Messrs. M. Stradling. W. Jones, R. C. Griffiths, H. Abbott, G. Bevan, ±.. Preece, junr., G. Harris and J. G. Jenkins, with the clerk (Alderman T. J. Hughes), the surveyor (Mr. W. F. Tudor), and the electrician (Mr. T. Thomas). PAVING. Mr. Harris, as chairman of the Works Com- mittee. said the work of paving in front- of Hope Chapel in Loity-street would be pro- ceeded with, it being ciearlv understood that the trustees of the cnapel would pay the cost of paving and kerbing, and the Council that of channeling. COITY FIELDS. The Works Committee reported that they had considered a request from Mr. G. F. Lam- bert, architect, to assist in getting an im- proved approach to Coity Fields, beyond the Barry Railway Mineral Line. with a view to laying the property out for building purposes. The committee were of the opinion that the matter was outside the functions of the Coun- cil. and that Mr. Lambert should be informed accordingly.—Carried. Mr. Lloyd wrote that he forwarded plans for the opening up of a. portion of Coity Fields for building purposes some time ago, but had not received notice that they were passed, though he believed they were in order. If the Council would hurry the matter on it might mean the provision of work for unem- ployed.—The Surveyor said the plans had been returned owing to the provision ar- ranged for carrying: off the surface water being considered insufficient.—It was decided to reply accordingly. LEGAL BOOKS. The Works Committee recommended that a copy of Lumley's Health Acts be procured, the cost being £3. The committee also re- commended that all legal and reference books belonging to the Council be kept on the pre- mises. The Clerk said he would like to know what was implied by the recommendation. If it was carried he could not take the responsi- bility of looking up legal points at the meet- ings of the Council, and it would mean delays of a fortnight before he could give his advice. Mr. Harris said it was the unanimous feel- ing that, a large amount having been expen- ded in years past in books of this description, they should be kept on the premises, so that members could have readv access to them. The Clerk said he had not the slightest ob- jection, so long as the Council understood the position. The Surveyor often came to his office for advice. Was he to cart Limley's there? It did not seem to him a practical proposal. The recommendation was carried. TAR MACADAM. The Surveyor reported that tar macadam was being laid around all projecting manholes in the town. Mr. Griffiths asked if the so-called tar mac- adam was the same as had been used in Caro- line-street recentlv. The Surveyor Yes, sir. Mr. Griffiths: Well, it is very poor stuff, little more than mud. We might as well have something good as tinker with it. The Surveyor: I think it will answer if given time. Mr. Griffiths: It will not be there; it will be washed away. The Chairman remarked that the weather had been bad. Mr. Abbott thought the material had been cut into in Station-hill and Caroline-street by shoes on the wheels of railway lorries. Mr. Griffiths: They don't use shoes on the flat part of Caroline-street. It was understood that the Surveyor would request drivers of heavy lorries not to drive over parts of the roads affected until the macadam became firm. ORGAN-BLOWING. The following appeared on the agenda paper:— Motion by notice by notice by Mr. Abbott dated 22nd October, 1908: —That the reso- lution adopted in reference to energy for organ-blowing at the Hope Chapel, Bridg- end be rescinded. The Clerk stated that it was his duty to draw attention to Standing Order No. 32. I which provided that notices of motions to rescind resolutions could! only be dealt with when seven clear days' notice had been given. Mr. Abbott, rising, was about to move the motion, when the Chairman 'also rose. and holding the notice up. asked that member whether he admitted the handwriting. Mr. Abbott: I hope von are not going to raise a technical objection. The Chairman Is tins your motion? Abott: Yes. The Chairman Do you admit the date. October 22 rd ? Mr. Abbott: Yes. The Chairman Your motion is entirely out of order. Mr. Abbott Then I beg to move the sus- pension of the Standing Orders to allow it to be put. Mr. Jones seconded1. The Clerk (to the Chairman): That is 'a matter for you, sir.. The Chairman (to Mr. Abbott): What is your reason for moving the suspension of the Standing Orders? Mr. Abbott: A matter of urgency. The Chairman: I cannot permit the ur- gency of the motion. Mr. Abbott: Then I must say you are working in clique. The Chairman: There is another course to adopt. Unfortunately I have had to put up with the same thing mvself. You are en- tirely out of order, and I cannot allow the motion. Mr. Abbot-t said he should raise the matter at the next meeting, and asked whether it would be necessary to give a fresh notice. The Clerk: You had better send me an- other. OTHER MATTERS. It was stated that arrangements had been maute for procuring the loan, for the purchase of the power station from the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants at an interest of 31 per cent. The station, it was understood, would be taken over next Friday, if the loan could be negotiated by that time. The Surveyor reported that he had tested three house drains during the fortnight, and found each sound. A communication from Mr. Evan Griffiths. Tynywaun, clerk to the Parish Council, ask- ing the Council to surmort an application to the G.W.R. Company to run passenger trains on Cardiff and Ogmore branch for the benefit of Heolycyw and other places, was re- ferred to the Council's representative on the speci'a-I committee which is considering the train service in the district. A communication from Mr. R. C. Griffiths referring to a case, Preeg aeainst the Ogmore Small Pox Isolation Hospital Committee, was referred to committee. The Surveyor reported, with reference to the Park Fields sewers that during the fort- night 126 yards of 9-inch nipes had been laid in West-road, and two manholes built. Rock was met with very near the surface, but the beds, fortunately, were not very thick. The Surveyor also reported that the Coity- street convenience and the Talbot Inn im- provement were being proceeded with.


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