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LOCAL NEWS. ♦ Mr. George Clarke (Evangelist) will conduct a Mission, at Pontycymmer (Nov. 1st to 11th). The Celebrated Lipton's Teas and Provi- lions may be had of the Sole Agent for Bridg- end—T. Woodward, near The Bridge. TECHNICAL CLASS.—County School'. A W elh Class will be held at the above school every Tuesday night from 7.30 to 9 p.m. Teacher, Mr. T. Jones, A.C.P. THE PROPERTY MARKET.—Mr. Harry F. Lambert, F.A.I., held a sale of freehold pro- perty situate at Hooll-tas Coity, at the Wynd- ham Hotel, joridgend1, the property changing hands at t480.-At the Star Hotel, Cefn Crib- birr, on Wednesday, Mr. Lambert offered the two leasehold' dwelling-houses, known as Llanharran House" and Llanblethian House situate at Cefn Cribbwr, this pro- perty being sold to Mr. Thomas Thomas for t420. SHOOTING ACCIDENT.—Mr. Francois Deleuse, butler at Ewenny Priory, was admitted to the Bridgend Cottage Hospital on Friday suffer- ing from a shot wound in the foot. The i n- juries received' were of such a nature that the 'amputation of two toes was necessitated, this being performed' by Dr. R. J. Simons and Dr. Ogile Woods. It appears that Mr. Deleuse was out rabbit shooting on Thursday, and was holding his gun with the muzzle down- wards when the trigger caught in one of the buttons of his coat, with the result that the gun discharged, a shot entering his foot, as stated. VETERINARY LECTURES.—A course of lectures on the veterinary hyciene and diseases of farm stock are to be given by Mtr. W. R. Williams, F.R..C.V.S, at his stables, Garth House. The lectures, which are under the auspices of the County Council, will be of a popular kind, fully illustrated with subjects and specimens and with practical demonstra- tions, and ought to draw interested audien- ces. No charge will be made for admission to farmers and all interested1 in1 agriculture in the county, but all who desire to take advan- tage of the lectures should not if v their inten- tion to Mr. R. Hedger Wallace, 4 East Grove, Cardiff. The lectures commence Saturday, November 7th. MR. AND MRS. E. CRAWSHAY WILLIAMS IN PERIL.—According to a Vancouver paper Mr. E. Crawshay Williams, son of Mr. A. J. Wil- liams, Coedymwstwr, and his wife had an un- pleasant experience on October 12th in the vicinity of Pr,ince Rupert. While crossing in a gasolene launch from Prince Rupert to Porcher Island a, heavy squall came on, and several times it was feared that the boat would upset. Mr. and Mils. Crawshay Wil- liams were accompanied by a friend, and it was only after a six hours' struggle that they reached the friendly shore of the island, on which they had to remain all night in the rain., sleeping oil the ground in their rugs. IMPENDING DEPARTURE OF MR. AND MRS. THIMM.-It will' be learned, with considerable regret that Mr. and Mrs. Thimm, who have so ably conducted the Wyndham Hotel since it has befen re-opened, are shortly leaving the town to take over the management and super- intendence of the Hvdlro Hotel, Eastbourne, an establishment of over 100 rooms, sta'nd!ing in its own extensive grounds and occupying a most prominent position in this fashionable South Coast resort. Whilst regretting their departure, we can only congratulate them on having secured such .an excellent appoint- ment. Mr. and Mrs. Thimm desire to convey to their many friends/ their great thanks for all the courtesy and' kindness shown to them during their abort stay. in the town. Theyi came as strangers from London, and they ■will1 leave with their hearts full of gratitude for the kindness received from their many Welsh friends. THE NEW CHRISTIAN."—Those who have seen Mr. Hall Caine's finely conceived play, The Christian," know it as one of the clever- est efforts to depict the evils of the present day that has been presented on the stage. Apart from this aspect, it is a play which ap- peals to the dramatic instinct, and introduces much clever characterisation, besides being well written and illustrating the author's in- timate knowledge of stase craft. The ver- sion which is to be produced at the Town-hall next Wednesday is the new one, net hitherto seen in Bridgend, in which the author accen- tuates many of the features of the original. It is even more dramatic and more appealing; its motive is obvious and the lesson under- lying it is more forcibly illustrated. Its re- cent production at the Lvceum Theatre, Lon- don, drew some of the largest audiences on re- cord. and its presentation at Bridgend by Mr. Wentwortli Croke's specially organised com- pany siould be a marked success. FREEMASONRY.—The annual installation in connection with the local lodge of Free- masons was held on Monday at the Masonic Hall, when Bro. J. Stanley Roberts was in- stalled as Worshipful! Master for the ensuing tweJve months with all the customary cere- mony. Worshipful Bro. Alex Mark per- formed the rites with becoming dignity. He was supported by Deputv Provincial Grand Master M.arnraduke Tennant and Worshipful Bro. Sharp, of the Provincial Grand Lodge, Shropshire. There was a large number of visitors, including the following officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge:—Worshipful Bros. James Ha(Ney, Dr. Wallace. J. Wynne Jones. J. S. Gibbon, etc., supported by rrtost of the reigning Masters the Eastern Province. Subsequently a banquet was held at the Dun- raven Hotel, where Miss Cross had prepared an excellent sore ad, a record attendance of over 60 sitting down. Speeches were deli- vered, and the new Worshipful Master in- vested Worshipful Bro. A. Mark as I.P.M. Bro. A. Gear Evans, S.W.; Bro. T. D. Scho- field, J.W.: Rev. Bro. T. D. Bevan, Chap- lain; Worshipful1 Bro. Michael Davies, Trea- surer; Bro. S.T. Daniel. Secretary Bro. W. E. Jones, S.D. Bro. J. McGreeor, J.D.; Worshipful Bro. W. Bradshaw. D.C. Bro. Wm. Roberts, I.G. Bros. J. E. Daniel and G. W. Gray. Stewards: Bro. J. C. Bird, Charity Steward Bro. A. D. Webber, Tyler; and Bro. W. Rees, Organist. HOPE NEW ORGAN OPENED. The magnificent new orean at Hope English Baptist Church was opened on Wednesday eventing by Mr. T. D. Jones, the well-known Morrisfton organist, assisted by Mr. D. T. Williams, organist of Newcastle Church. Bridgend. The instrument, which occupies a position to the left of the pulpit. has been built and equipped by Messrs. Norm in and Beard, Ltd., at a cost of nearly £500. The case-work is of fumed oak and harmonises well with the interior of the building, and the wind is supplied1 by an electric motor driving an aeromotor. The chapel was crowded for the recital, seats having to be placed in the aisles. For the opening hymn, An people that on earth do dwell," Mr. D. T. Williams presided it the organ, the "Doxoloey" being appropriately sung as the concludini verse. Mr. Jones opened: his repertoire with Guilmant's "Marche Religeuse." which w-s executed with wonderful delicacy, and he next gave three delightfully subdued melodies by Wo li- sten holm<e—(a) Allegretto, (b) Carillon, (c) "The Seraph's Strain." In Lemare's An- dantino," the organist was able to show the capabilities of the instrument, and his bril- liant execution, notably the way in which the fine contrasts were exposed, couUd not fail to impress liis audience. Another exceptional treat was afforded' in the varia- tions of a hymn tune—a composition of Batiste. Included in the items with which he continued his excellent performance were selections by Hollfinos) Haydn, and Hoyt-e, the beauties of which were eloquently and1 sensi- tively expressed. In response to a request Mr. Jones gave as the concluding item the Hallelujah Chorus," and this was un- doubtedly one of the best renditions of the evening. Variety by way of vocal items was provided by Mrs. Vincent Piercy and Mrs. H. Llewellyn-Cble, who contributed largely to the enjoyment of the recital. Mrs. Piercy gave an effective rendering of Life, the Organist" (Hamilton! Gray), and _r. Llewellyn-Cole has probably never been, heard to better advan- tage than in her 6olo, God shall wipe away all tears." In the rendering of Abide with me," she showed wonderful power of expres- sion. A pleasing feature also was the duet, 0 'lovely peace," by Mrs. Llewellyn-Cole and Mrs. Piercy. Mr. T. D. Jones accompanied the vocalists in a sympathetic way. 1111 a short address Alderman T. J. Hughes took the opportunity of expressing the thanks of the deacons and officers of Hope to the friends of other denominations who had shown sympathy and co-operation with the church. The organ which was being opened was the outcome of an effort made by the choir of the church five or six years ago. A challenge was thrown out by a family to whom Hope owed a great deal, and the choir took it up promptly, with the result that £200 was collected' in a short time, and put in the bank. Mr. Carnegie undertook to provide another £200, so that JE400 had been got together. There were other costs for a motor and the case of fumed oak, which involved an addi- tional sum of between £40 and £50, and it was hoped to clear this sum off by 'means of that and similar recital's. He wished pub- licly to express the thanks of the church for the brotherly and kindllv action of the Vicar of Newcastle in placing the organ of St. Illtyd's at the disposal' of Mr. Garfield Cole, the organist of Hope. for practices, and they wished also to acknowledee the assistance of Mr. T. D. Jones and Mr. D. T. Williams, who had given them valuable expert advice in chosing the organ.—The collection amounted to £15.

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