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BRIDGEND DISTRICT COUNCIL. I There were present at the fortnightly meeting of the Bridgend Urban Council on Tuesday evening: Messrs. R. C. Griffiths, J. G. Jenkins, Edward Preett?, juivr., George Karris, George Bovau, H. Abbott. W. Jours. Morgan Str a tiling, and W. Edwr rds, with the clerk (Aldernian- T. J. Hughe-,), the surveyor (Mr. W. F. Tudor), and the electrician (Mr. T. Thomas). WATER ANALYSIS. The Clerk statN1 that he nad forwarded the certificate of the anahst respecting the bac- teriological examination of a sample of water taken from a tap in. the Council's yard to the manager of the Gas and Water Co., and Mr. Dyer replied that it would not be possible to account fcr the difference between this sample and a previous one taken- from the same tap. He thought it might be that, as the main in this street had a dead end near by the tap used, it had not been flushed close to the tap and debris lodged there, as shown in tho analysis. The filtration, he stated-, constant.—Mr. Harris. thought the Coun- cil should know when and how the main was flushed.—The clerk was directed to request information on this point. HEALTH OF THE TOWN. The Surveyor reported that there had been no notification of infectious disease in the town for the fortnight.—Mr. Jenkins: Can the surveyor state Avbether there were any cases of typhoid in the town during the wlwale of 1907?—The Surveyor: Yes. there was one < ase. BREEZE ABOUT HOPE CHAPEL. Aid-, rman Hughes said he had been re- quested by the trustees of the New Hope CLapel to place before the Council the posi- tion of the trustees with regard- to paving Coity-strcet in front- of the chapel. The trustees had acquired a large piece of land from Lord Dun raven and they had suecess- striven to put- up a line building, which proved an ornament to the town. They were dedicating a considerable portion of land to the public use, and they asked that the Coun- cil would, in consideration or this, put down the paving or make a substantial, grant to- wards it. The trustees would lay the paving on Station-hill, and this would he an expeu- sive item.—Mr. Harris proposed that the Works Committee eon-ider the matter, and that the surveyor report on the rest.—Mr. Abbott objected to this. as it would be establishing a dangerous The Council would be asked to do the same thing for other private owners.—Tho Chairman Tki Council is ne>t deciding to do the work now.—Mr. Abbott Yon are go-in? to consider it.—The. Chairman Certainly.— Mr. Abbott: Weil, I don't think we ought to consider it for cue moment.—Mr. Preece: Ts Mr. Abbott aware that the same thing has been done before other chaxels.— Mr. Abbott Did wo do it in front of Oidcastle Church? I am not aware that it has been doi;:» anywhere. It is spending the ratepayers' money for a private enterprise.—Mr. Bevan It is a matter which ought to be considered, surely. —Mr. Abbott This is the thin edge of the wedge1.—Alderman Hughes pointed out that the trustees were not bound to dedicate the land to public. No precedent would be created, because other religious bodies had been similarly treated—not only chapels.— Tire motion was carried. THE NEW BRIDGE. it". J. M. Randall wrote tint Lord Duv- raven would sell the> in the occupation of Mr. George James for £ '200, on the under- standing that it would be taken down for the imp-rovenient of the brieve ard the ap- proaches to it.—The Clerk" .said lie had writ- ten asking Mr. Randall whether the ho;n-e would I;- sold freehold, uvd he replied. "I think it would be that the free- hold 'houicl be- conveyed to the Council. It wonW be hetter that it should take the form (." <h dication for the purposes of the road. Yon may take1 it that sufficient land would be -dedicated for a- reasonable I»r>provement of the Krieige."—On the motion er Mr. Jenkins, "■-he h cter was referred to the Works Commit- tee. MR. EBLEYS APPLICATION". Mr. E. Eblry applied for a renewal of his theatrical license, which empires on January Chairman: Has there been any complaint?—The Surveyor: Xo. sir. — Mr. Jenkins proposed that the ap- plication. be granted.—Carried. CONFERENCE. The Council were asked to appoint a to attend the annual conference undo ■ the auspices of the National Housing Reform Association to be held in Swansea in Feb- ruary.—Mr. Preece: Swansea far enough, and it's too dirty a place. (Laugh- ter.)—Mr. Edwards: Mr. Preece wants to go to Hebd'-n Bridge, perhaps. <More laugh- ter.)—Mr. Jenkins moved that the- Chairman he appointed.— 1 he Clerk: February 3rd. any footoall match that day? (Laughter.) They had better make it the 17th—the day of the Ivteri-at-iona) match—and we'll all go down. (Laughter.)—The Chairman was appointed.

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