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Soutlierndown Monthly Medal.

Aberbaiden Enginemen's Dispute.…


Air Rifle Shooting.

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COWBKiDot. Free ChuTche8" Mission.—During this week a united mission is being held in Cow bridge1 and neighbouring places under the auspices of the- Vale of Glamorgan Free Churches Council. The inaugural meetings were held 011 Tuesday evening, and the mission will not conclude until next Monday. Services are being held at Pendoylan. St. Athan, Maindy, Pen-mark, Lisworn-c-y, Colwinstone, Penilyn, Wen-voe, and Bonvilstone. The preachers include.: Revs. Owen Jones (Baptist), T. H. Johns (Wesleyan), Emrys Davies (C.M.), and J. B. Williams (ind.), Cowbridge; T. Jones, Maindy; Rhys Davies, P'enllyn; Wynne Rees, Peumark (secretary of the Council), T. Davies, Cadoxton, etc. Postmen and Telegraph Boys at Dinner.— O11 Monday evening the Mayor of Cowbridgo (Mr. Yonverth) entertained the postmen and telegraph boys cf Cowbridge and district to dinner at the Bear Hotel. The Mayor pre- sided, supported by his deputy (Alderman E. John), the town clerk (Mr. W. T. Gwyn), the deputy town clerk (Mr. C. J. Gwyn), the borough surveyor (Mr. W. D. Alexander), and Mr. D. H. Davies. After an excellent re- past, the loyal toasts were submitted from the chair, and afterwards songs and recita- tions were given by the postmen and others, and Alderman John and Mr. W. T. Gwyn and Postmen. Perry and Jenkins addressed the gathering in an interesting way. The Mayor was heartily thanked by his guests for his kindness. Rev. W. A. Edwards on Temperance.—A well attended meeting was held at the Town- hall. Cowbridge-, on Friday evening, in con- nection with the Sons of Temperance Society. The chair was taken by the ex-Mavor (Mr. C. M. Davies). who opened the proceedings with a short address. Rev. T. H. Johns proposed a. resolution urging the Government to in- clude Local Veto in any proposals for temper- ance reform. Rev. Owen. Jones seconded. The resolution was supported at length by the Rev. W. A. Edwards (Rector of Llangan), who dealt, firstly. with the legislative aspect of the temperance question, setting forth the various reforms which he thought the Gov- ernment should include in the Bill to be in- troduced in. the next Session. He afterwards spoke of the social side of the question.—Rev. Emrys Davien proposed a vote of thanks to the Rector of Llangan for his address, and Mr. J. W. Hall having seconded, the vote was accorded with acclamation. Rev. W. A. Edwards acknowledged, and proposed- a simi- lar votel to the chairman, which was seconded by Mr. T. J. Yonverth (Mayor), and heartily passed. COUNTY POLICE COURT. Tuesday.—Before Messrs. Tudor C'ra-wshay, E. Tudor Owen, Lewis Jenkins, and T. J. Yorwertii. Drunk at Ll a 11 harry.—Joseph Lewis, Llan- liatry, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly. P.O. Pernber proved the charge, and a fine of 15s. was imposed. Defendant's seasonable Wish.—William John and Samuel McGaie, Pontyclun, labourers, were charged with trespassing in search of game- at rontyclun, on land in the occupation of Mr. Insole. McGaie pb'aeOd guilty, and appealed for leniency. I John was represented by his mother. Rich- ard Williams, gamekeeper, spoke to finding the defendants trespassing on the land. He asked them what they were doing, and they replied, Nothing." After following them for some- distance he observed a string hang- ing; from the- pocket of one of the men, and on finding that this was attached to a ferret bag lie returned to the spot Vthere lie had first seen the men and found Po, fori ot. John was ordered to pay £1 and 10s. costs, and McGaie Cl and 9s. costs. On hearing the decision of the Bench, the latter exclaimed, "Thank you, sir; a Happy New Year to you all." Transfers.—The following licenses wore ftnaUy transferred :—White Lion. Ystrad- owen, from Robert Radcliffe to John David; Ocean House, The Leys, from Henry Williams to Samuei Kuight; Fox and Hounds, Pen- llyti, from William Burke (deceased) to James McCarthy. That of the Ship Inn, The Leys, was temporarily transferred frcm Thomas Woodiiffe to William Lewis. THE TOWN COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Cowbridge Town Council was held on the- 2nd inst., under the presidency of the Mayor (Coun- cillor T. J. Yonverth). Also present were Aldermen Lewis Jenkins and Edward John'; Councillors D. Tilley, W. L. Jenkins, D. E. Watkins, F. Williams, Isaac Thomas, J. ¡ Pickaid, C. M. Davies and Dr. Mellor, with the- town, clerk (Mr. W. T. Gwyn) and the deputy olerk(Mr. C. J. Gwyn). Seasonable Gifts.—The Mayor said it was his duty to inform the Council that Mr. E. H. Ebsworth, of Lbmdough Cattle, had kindly kindiy forwarded him £10, a truck of coal, and 100 rabbits for distribution among I the. poor of the borough. He proposed that ( the clerk be directed to communicate their best thanks to Mr. Ebsworth for his season- able benevolence. Alderman Jenkins secon- ( ded the inotioir, which was agreed to. An: Arrangement Confirmed.—The clerk J, presented a. report of an interview he had had with Mr. Alexander, of Cardiff (repro- J scnting Mr. Bassett), on the subject of pro- viding a separate entrance to land owned ty Mr. Bassett in the Llandongh-road near the Council's Yard. An arrangement had been ( arrived at. Position of Aldermen.—A letter was read • from the clerk to the County Borough of f Blackpool and Heywood requesting the Coun- cil to support the principle of placing the election-and re-election of aldermen within the power of the burgesses.—No resolution "was passed. ) Milford Haven's Request.—The secretary of the Milford Havc-n and P'embroke- Dock 'Chamber of Commerce wrote requesting the Council to support tho intended application to the Admiralty for the establishment of a < naval haw at Mil-ford Haven.—Alderman .Jeukius proposed mat the Council support I the. proposal, and Alderman John seconded. Mr. C. M. Davies submitted an amendment ) to hy the letter on the table, and Mr. Tilley seconded. Three voted for the amendment, and six against, and the original motion was, then put and carried. Water Supply.—The- consideration of tho report of Mr. Middleton on the water supplies of Glamorgan was adjourned. Sanitary Institute.—On the motion of Aid. Jenkins, .seconded by Aid. John, tlie Mayor was appointed delegate to the annual con- gress and exhibition of the Royal Sanitary In- stitute to be held in Cardiff in July. The Gas Contract.—Some question having arisen as to the Council's position with the Gas Company, the clerk had been directed to look up the contract. He now produced a duplicate agreement, sealed by the Council, and reported that according to the minutes this agreement was adopted at a meeting held on December 4th, 1890. He had looked up the papers of the previous clerk, but failed to find the part of the agreement sealed by the Gas. Company. Alderman Jenkins pro- posed that the town clerk make inquiries of the secretary of the Gas Company.—Agreed.







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