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E- THOMAS, FORMERLY OF THE OAK AND ASH AND WELCOME-TO- TOWN, BRIDGEND, Begs to inform his Customers and the Publicfgenerally that his Posting Business is now carried on at the York Hotel Stables. HEARSE) MOURNING COA CHES. BRAKES, WAGONETTES, DOG-CARTS, l BROUGHAMS, AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE AND MOST REASONABLE TERMS. All Orders sent to the York Hotel will receive personal attention. National Telephone 0176. 5125 -==- Telegraphic Address-u PAINLESS," Cardiff. Nab. Tel.-No. 334. G. POOLE, SURGEON DENTIST, 1 13, WESTBOURNE CRESCENT CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED OVER 25 YEARS. Dear Sir, Cardiff, March 10, 1906. PAINLESS EXTRACTION. It ii&ords me great pleasure to let yo* know how » NRNRRITFIT A T TPPTIJ pleased I am with the teeth you have made me. I All J li ll/lAL ljuHlll. •in perfectly satisfied with them. Your new pro- t _T — co« of extraction of teeth without gas is almost REASONABLE PRICES. painless, and your charges are very reasonable. I can with the greatest confidence recommend QTTPPT7QQTi'TTT T^17NT'TQTP V •ay one.requiring the aid of an able dentist to place O U LLL Jul U L 1/Lll 1 lO 1 JLV I • themselves under your care, when they will (like »y«alf) be more than satisfied.—I am. yours truly. ——— Poole, Esq., Surgeon Dentist, J' Joi,E!3' Attends at MR. EVANS (Lloyd's Bank), 9, Katie Cardiff. Street Blaengarw, every WEDNESDAY. OWEN &H0CKINGS W Plumbers and" General Metal Workers. SANITARY, HEATING AND ACETYLENE 1 MAKERS OF IMPROVED INLET AND GAS ENGINEERS. | EXHAUST VENTILATORS. Works UNION STREET. Address: Coity Fields, Bridgend. 5682 noTAL EXCHANGE ASSTOAKCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. Funds Exceed £ 5,150,000. Claims Paid Exceed fA2,000,000o fire, Life, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. ne Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to cover Ion or damage by LIGHTNING, whether the lw op" Insured be set en fire thereby or not. farmers Liability under the Workmen's Compemmtiou Act covered at equitable rates. Foir particulars apply- MR. D. J. £ WYN. Metropolitan Bank, Bridgend. Messrs, GWYN & QWYN, Solicitors, Cowbridge. P.O. TELEPHONE:—No. 63. J. C. HITT & SONS, PLUMBERS, Sanitary, Lighting, Ventilating, Horticultural ;n 9 and Heating Engineers, I' QUEEN STREET, BRIDGEND- KdTIMATES FREE. Drains and Sanitary Arrangements Tested with the latest appliances, and reports made thereon. 4110 THE BRIDGEND GAS & WATER Co. Invite enquiries for all the Latest and most Up-to-Date Appliances for Lighting, Cooking, and Heating by Gas. •$■ Gas Cookers on Hire from is. 6d. per Quarter. Gas Fires „ „ is. Od. „ (A LIBERAL DISCOUNT IF ruRcHASED). Boiling Burners, Griliers, Coffee Roasters, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, &c., &c. cnt Burners and Fittings (Ordinary and Inverted), and The Block Light. < odmore, Humphrey, and other Lamps for Indoor and Outside Shop Lighting. I Agents for Keith's High Pressure System of Lighting, As installed by the Company at the Now Market Buildings. Ben. Evans & Co. announce their • Principal Show of Fashions & New Goods For Autumn & Winter 1907-8. .1I'It The Latest Productions of the World's Fashion Centres are on view. The whole forming a delightful epitome of "What will be worn" during the coming Seasons. Prices are Strictly Moderate, and the Utmost Possible Value given. Your inspection will be much appreciated. Illustrated Catalogue Free on request. BEN. ENANS & Co., LTD. SWANSEA. DID YOU EVER THINK ? Of the benefits to be derived and the advantages of being able to buy a REALLY RELIABLE AND FIRST-CLASS OIL ENGINE AT A REASONABLE PRICE, an Engine that will give you every satisfaction. IF NOT! It will pay you tc give this EARLY ATTENTION. j THE "VICTORIA" OIL ENGINE, SOLD BY TJIOS. STEPHENS, Implement Dealer, NEATH &. BRIDGEND. Embodies all the above Good Points, AND IS INCREASING iu favour with all users of cheap power. It is invaluable for Electric Lighting, Corn Grinding, Chaff Cutting, Pulping, Thrashing, Pumping, Driving Wood-Working Machines, &c., in short-anywhere where cheap, reliable and efficient motor power is required. A SPECIAL FEATURE of the Engine is its simplicity, any ordinary Labourer can give it the Little Attention required. No Lamp required after starting When next your thoughts turn to OIL ENGINES, Think of your Friend, THOS. STEPHENS. A Postcard will bring you full particulars and beat terms by return mail. Why not ask for them ? 6632 A. & G. TAYLOR, ¥ PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS, and PORTRAIT PAINTERS, Beg to inform the Inhabitants of Bridgend and surrounding District that they have raised their Bridgend Studio to the rank of A FIRST-CLASS ART STUDIO, and have entrusted its Management to IMIIR,. THOMPSOIT. In introducing Mr. Thompson to our patrons we are confident that they will find him a genial adti thoroughly practical operator, and an expert in Children's Portraiture. Patrons to our Bridgend Studio will always have his personal attention. Mr. Thompson took over his duties some few months ago, but wished to be well acquainted with his new Studio before we publicly announced his co-partnership in the business. In renewing the above notice, our MR. THOMPSON desires to associate himself with us in an expression of sincere thanks for the kind and appreciative patronage accorded us in the past. OUR GREAT AIM is to supply our Patrons with PORTRAITS OF THE HIGHEST CLASS, and we confidently rely on their PERSONAL RECOM- MENDATION. Children's Portraiture made a Special Study. Specialists in Platinotype and Carbon Work. 7i.- T- :E3:0LLIDA y- OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Wowhipfol Company Spectacle Makers. Fellow Institute Ophthalmic Opticians (By Exam. Lond.) THE SIGHT TESTING ROOMS, 16, DUNRAVEN PLACE, (opposite Town Hall), BRIDGEND. Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting ONLY. NO OTHER BUSINESS CARRIED ON — Over 20 Years' Experience as a Practical Optician (several years as assistant to a firm of Opticians to the Admiralty. Holder of the SPECIAL DIPLOMA in Sight Testing (the only recognised qualification); in addition to the General Diploma of the Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. PERSONAL ATTENDANCE DAILY. CHARGES ARE MODERATE, AND INCLUDE 1 TESTING. ti. F.-To avoid waiting and disappointment, intending clients are adviaed to write and raake an appointment. 5226 HMSUJAS HYGIENIC Steam Laundry Co. Beg to announce that they have COMMENCED BUSINESS AT CAERAU, MAESTEG. I Orders will be Greatly Esteemed, And if sent to the Manageress (at the above address), or 18, Queen Street, BRIDGEND, Will receive prompt attention. mtr THE VAN WILL VISIT WEEKLY AS FOLLOWS :— Nantymoel Tuesdays. Pontycymmer Wednesdays. Tondu & Bridgend Thursdays. Cymmer & Abergwynfi Fridays. Maesteg & Caerau Mondays & Saturdays Bridgend and District Horticultural Society. The lst li* CHRYSANTHEMUM SHOW WILL BE HELD AT THE MARKET HALL, BRIDGEND, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th NOVEMBER, 1907. PRESIDENT STHTBYASS, ESQ. Liberal Prizes for Groups, Plants, Fruit & Vegetables. An Efficient Band will be in Attendance. Dancing from 7 to 10 p m For Schedules of Prizes and all particulars apply to Secretary- ALF. PICTON OWEN, 11, Australian Terrace, Bridgend. Telephone J £ fat,°nal, 0193. „ I Post Office. 45. tt H- WOODWARD, BRIDGEND. I |/? H. WOODWARD, I Posting Master, Adare St., Bridgend, BEGS to inform his Customers and the Public generally, that he has purchased a HEARSE, and, together with his other suitable Carnages, is fully prepared for all kinds of Funeral arrangements. — BRAKES, WAGONETTES, BROUGHAMS, DOGCARTS, HANSOM CAB. LUGGAGE LORRYS AND OTHER CONVEYANCES. Most Reasonable Prices. All Orders carefully and promptly attended to. ALL TRAINS MET G. M. BOOTH'S ORCHESTRAL BAND. Pianist: Violinist: Flute: E. BROWNING. I W. MATTHEWS. I G. M. Boom. Cornet: A. HOCKADAY. Are Open for Engagements for Garden Parties, Dances, &c. For terms apply, ———. G. M. BOOTH, flautist, Bridgend, or W. MATTHEWS, Handel House, Gilfach Goch. 6689 Twenty-fourth Year of Attendance, F. GRABA M YOUNG, DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SURGEONS DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street, BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE: BRIDGEND.—Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical Chemist. 27 Caroline Street. CARDIFF.—First and Third WEDNESDAY in every month, 4 to 7 p.m., at 11, Station-terrace. Queen St. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation Free. Painless Operations by Nitrous Oxide Gas. BRISTOL.—Attendance daily, exceM TUESDAY tad Wednesday KELLENZO.—Unequalled for cleaning in&vble paint, varnished wallpaper, baths, 4e.—Sold by Agents, Ironmongers, Chemists Grocers, &c. 6696 WE WOULD LIKE TO J=01A thrt we stoc,k a complete range of dressings, Appliances and Sundries of all kinds L.lnt* (Absorbent, Boric and Car- tt (Co"on> Bor»c and Carbolized), Bandages (from Id. each). Enemas, Nasal and other Sprays, Elastic Hosiery R fashions, Ice Bags, Waterproof fhow Belts, etc., etc. We are making a snow of a few lines in our windows, but we cannot show all things there, neither can we S^tecF/buT- °Ur 8paCe in each C3lse i8 YOU CAN BELT ON having the very best article at a price which is moderate—that is what you want—and we are trying to ouild up a business on this principle TRUSSES and CHEST PROTECTORS re(luce' Single Trusses, f- ?ach Double Trusses, 4/- eich. Chest Pro- tectors, prices according to size and quality. When the Doctor Orders any Dressings, etc., you want them good, then go to RICH, The Chemist, for a really good article at a fair price. I Feeding Bottles and Sundries in great variety. j A Home from Home For Visitors from Scuth Walaa. fir GLASLYN HOUSK, EVAN'S HOTEL, 9, EUSTON SQUARE, 6241 LONDON, N.W. To be Let. HOUSÉs to Let, in Coity Field@.-Apply D. -t-t- Morgan, Coity Fields, Bridgend. 6686 STABLES to Let, large Coach-honses.-Apply, ks C. H. Price, Bridgend. 6707 TO LET.—Brook Villa, North Street, Bridgend immediate possession.—Bramley, Auctioneer, Bridgend 5779 TO LET, 19 th December, Grove House, Ewenny Road.—Apply, Mrs. T. A. Jenkins, Ewenny Road. 6824 TO LET, good-sized Bedroom and Sitting Room; moderate terms; suit two young men.—5, North Road, Bridgend. 6832 ATTERMATH.-TO Let, 50 acres on Wynd- JLJ ham Farm, Bridgend.-Apply, Randall & Co., Solicitors, Bridgend. 6887 TO LET, the posting stable and coach-houee in Meadow Street, Bridgend, formerly occupied by Mr. John James.—For terms apply William Bevan, Coity Fields. 6894 COMFORTABLE Apartments for one or two gentlemen h. and c bath terms moderate. —Apply, A. C. Gazette. Lost and Found. LOST, since the 2<rd August, dark bay filly, two years old, unshod, long tail, white star on forehead, 13 hands. Finder rewarded on return- ing the Filly to Robert Roseer, Blacksmith, Bryncethin, Bridgend. 6816 LOST.—Radnor ram, between Bridgend and Colwinstone, with horns, mark on the shoulder, red stamp No. 1 on the rump, long tail. Finder's expenses paid.-Thos. Lewis, Heolfawr Farm, Colwinstone. 6902 STRAYED.—Fox terrier bitch pup, three months old; both sides of bead black, and point of tail information kindly received.—E. Thomas, Castle Lodge, Coity. 6920 T OST, Sheep Bitch, black, white collar, breast •" a°d legs, short tail, about 15 inches high, answers the name Biz." Finder rewarded.- John Richards, Cwm Goran, Llanharry, Glam. 6844 WATCHES from CLOCKS from I 5/- 2/- EVERY ONE GUARANTEED. TOILET AND TABLE SILVER. New and Artistic Designs. WEDDING, KEEPER, AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS. PRESENT GIVEN. PRIVATE ROOM. Choice Photo Frames. Fancy and Leather Goods. When in Doubt Buy of Us. Wer give Value for Money. REPAIRS-TRY US. RUSSELL BROWN ADAKE street, BRIDGEND. 6253 GRAND SHOOTING COMPETITION SATURDAY, NOV. 2nd, 1907 With the kind permission of the Welsh National Air Rifle Association. BILLIARD TOURNAMENT. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 1907. TONDU ARMS HOTEL, TONDU, Proceeds devoted to the Funds ot the TONDU SILVER BAND. Tickets-Shooting, ad. Billiards, 6d., each. Full particulars to be had from the Secretary, Tondct Arms, Tondu. 6816 A, & D. STEW (LATE JOHN LLEWELLYN), POSTING MASTERS, OPPOSITE POLICE STATION, BRIDGEND. I All kinds of Carriages, Waggonettes, Hearse, &c. ALSO— Large Bus to carry 27 Persons. I TERMS ON APPLICATION. Orders Attended on the Shortest Notice, ALL TRAINS MET. 6796 VERY IMPORT ANT TO SHEEP FARMERS. PREVENTION BETTER THAN lB" A Trial is all I claim OUBE. lB" A Trial is all I claim for them_ THOMAS'S Celebrated LAMB DRENCHES. The Farmer's Greatest Friend. Has saved tens of thousands of Lambs. Is used all over the country. No Farmer should be without it. After Iits use the flock is safe from the ravages of Red Water, and other diseases so fatal to lambs. Put up in Tins, sufficient for 20 Sheep. Price 6d. Preparee only by WM- THOMAS, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, Builth Wells, Breconshire. 6542 NOTICE. jypSIOAL JjWENING CLASSES (VOCAL) IN PRACTICE AND THEORY, To commence on MONDAY, NOV. 4thi 1907, AT No 2, Coronation Street, Aberkenfig. Teacher: WYNDHAM BEVAN, A.O. 6846 COMPANY Formation upon approved modern methods. Capital introduced by an influential Syndicate with wealthy home and foreign con- -Address: The International Vendors' Syndicate, 5 and 6, Great Winchester Street, London, E.C. Telegrams: Exigencies." PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. „ Insertions 18 Words 0 6 1 0 1 6 27 Words 0 9 1 6 2 0 36 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 I 45 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 54 Words 1 6 3 0 4 0 63 Words 1 9 3 6 6 a 72 Words 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 Words 2 3 4 6 § y Wanted. young ladies for the Drapery, Millinery and Dressmaking.— E- H apnea, London House 6565 WANTED, Youn-; House Parlour Maid. — Apply, with references, to Mrs. Randall, -L'be Rhyl, Bridgend. 57^ ANTED, Good Goneril Servant. Ipply, VT Mrs. R. Jones, Biidgo Hcuee, Bridgend. 6794 QUARRYMEN. — Wanted some experienced Quarry men to work Pantmawr Quarry must be sober, reliable, and constant workers Apply, Mr. E. Rowland Thomas, Heulwen, Porthcawl. 6821 WANTED, immediately, a respectable work- ing Barmaid to amat in house work. APPly, T. Jenkins, Blaetigarw Hotel, Blaengarw. 6801 WANTED, at once, a good General. — Radctiffe, 112, Caerau Road, Caerau, near Bridgend. 6829 WANTED, a good General Servant, witb> references. — Apply, King's Head Hotel,. Bridgend. 6825 /ENERAL Servant wanted three in family.— Mrs. John Morgan, Ardwyn, Ogmore Vain. 6t 64 a x9reDeral Servant.—Apply, Mrs. Williams, Wyndham Hotel, Ogmore Vale. 6866 WANTED, ia good General Servant.—Mrs. Adsley, 8, Ackland Road, Coity Fields.— 6847 W ANTED, a clean, willing Girl. 16 to 18. for « £ *7 >. P eaftanfc fa"n house no milking.—Apply, M, Gazette Office, Bridgend. GS45 117 ANTED, General Servant good references °De to public-house preferted.—Apply Lion Hotel, Aberkenfig. 6884 "XJtf ANTED, experienced General, about 18 • two u muse have good reference.— Mrs. A. Dold, "The Pines," Church Road, 3«d- gcud- 6871 TKTANTED, an experienced General Servant r •V TT KOOd,,referencos. —Mis. M. Daviee, Sunny- aide House, Bridgend* 6885 ANTED, a good strong lad f or stable yard r IT i i £ a c5arwoman. —Apply, after six. Star Hotel. Bridgend. 5368 WANTED, strong youth accustotned to grocers' W warehouse.-Apply, A Edwards, Grnoer, Bridgend. 6870 WrANTED, a strong girl as general; two i» family; leference required.—Mrs. Sibbei*- ing Jones, The Windmill, Porthcawl. 6931 WANTED for Porthcawl, a thoroughly dom- esticated young person, fond of cooking, as help, where man is ke,)b for all heavy work. Apply immediately "Q," Gazette Office, Brirgend* 6930 WANTED, situation as housekeeper, good plain cook, excellent needlewoman, careful man- ager, highest references.—" S," Gazette Office. 6936 TT7" ANTED, a general servant at once.—Mrs. f f Gore, Plough Inn, Heolycue. 6929 STRONG, respectable girl about 20, wanted as general servant; Porthcawl; wages £ 14.—— Address "C," Gazette Office, Bridgend. 6935 WANTED, Cook General by October 30th some washing two in family.—Apply, with- references, Mrs. Wooding, Sunnyeide, Porohcawl. 6903 WANTED (at once), cook-general.—Apply, between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m., Mrs Percy Griffiths, Meadow View, Chuich Road, Bridgend. 6943 WANTED housemaid-general must have good' VV referenceo.-Apply, Dunraven Hotel, South- erndown. 6940 \FANTED, good General, able to cook and TT wash. Also Youog Girl to assise in house work.—Apply to Mrs. Macdonald-Atkine, Green- field, Pencoed. For Sale, BINDER TWINE at Lowest Possible Price.— Yorwerth, Cowbridge. 6229 BRICKS. BRICKS. BRICKS.-For price and quantity apply to Manager. Evanstown Brick Works, Tondo. 8074- FOR SALE.—Nearly new Belle portable Ameri- can stove, oven 18in. by 12ih.—Apply. W. Dyer, Dunraven Terrace. Aberkenfig. 6800 FOR SALE.—Strong bay cob mare; 14.2 hands; ±. four years rising five; used in harness or riding.- For further particulars apply "Y Z" Gazette Office. 694.2 MILK, 10 to 15 gallons daily, excellent quality., cooled; deiivered at any Railway Station.- Jenkin John, Tongwyn, Bridgend. 6851 FOR SALE.—2 stone built dwelling-houses at} Cefn Cribbwr. Lease 93 years.—Austin Davies, Rock Inn, Aberkenfig. 6897 FOR SALE, 2 Gents.' Bicycles, new, highly- finished, and accessories no reasonable offer refused.—" D," GAZETTE Office. 6904 FOR SALE.—Tamlin's Nonpariel incubator and rearer; 60 egg capacity in perfect workin&r order has hatched 90 per cent; will sacrifice E& a bargain.—Bray, Bryncethin. 6934 FOR SALE.—Gent's riding saddle and bridle, solid nickle fittings, cost J35 5a., very used, will sell cheap.—Rray, Bryncethin. 6933 FOR SALE—Seed Oats from Webb's unrivalled hardy Winter Black Oats. Price 3a. 6d. per oushel. E. Powell, King's Hall, St. Bride's Major. 6850 FOR SALE, Leather Suite, Sofa, and Couch. -L Godden, Upholsterers, Bridge Street, Maee- tag. 6841 FOR SALE. Satin Walnut Bedroom Suite* and Kitchen Dressers.—Godden, Cabinet Maker Bridge Street, Maesteg. 6842 FERRETS, FERRETS, FERRETS, LARGE OR small, eo through glass 3->. to 4s. Humphries, Nantymoel Row, Nantymoel. 6805 FOR SALE.—A Brown Bassinett-Perambulater in good condition no reasonable offer re- fused.—Price, 64, Grove Road, Bridgend, 6809 FOR SALE, White Mare, 12.2; cheap.—Apply. T. Watts, Coychurch. 6831 FOR SALE, 5-h-p. Steam Engine and Boiler, exchange good make gas engine same powers suit farmer cheap can be seen workin .-J onea, Engineers, Porthcawl. 6587. IREWOOD.-Hard Wood Blocks, l/-per ewt., F lots of 5 cwt. delivered. -Henry Phillips, Central Carriage Works Bridgend. 6739 FOR Elegance of design, quality and cheapness, our private greeting Christmas Cards are un- equalled. Specimen Books now on view at the, Guttridge Bazaars Aberavon, Bridgend and Neath. 6695 WHY suffer. when nature's remedy is at hand ? V Book on Herbs, where to obtain them, and how to use them, sent free on receipt of your name and address.—A. E. Trimnell, Medical Botanist. 8, Moira Terrace, Cardiff. No other address). 6627 FLEAS, Moths, Lice, Bugs, Black Beetles, and all insects speedily exterminated by ueing Cimo Bane," the new insect-killer. Sold in tins, price 3d, 6d, and Is; postage Id. -G. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading.-Agenb for Bridgend E. T. Rich (late Williams), Dunraven Place Neath C. Hutchins, 3, Queen Street;. Aberkenfig W. Lewis Nantymoel H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogwy Street; Maesteg: Rhys D. Morgan Caerau Gwilym H. Howeils; Ogmore Vale: T. Llewellyn. -(AH Chemists). 6379 ATS. MICE, MOLEIS, COCKROACHES and l Beetles greedily eat Rarrigon's "Reliable" Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Ver- niin dry ut) and leave no smell. Prices 6d., la., 2(1. 3d., & 3a 6d. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON* Chemist, 113. Broad Street. Reading, Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bridgend: E. T. Rich date Willi»o}»>. Dunraven Place; Neath: O Hutchioe, 3, Queen Street; Aberkenfig: h8 S Lewis; Nantymool: H. Martyn Hughes, 74, Ogwv Street; Ogmore Vale, T. Llewellyn-(all Chemistak I MPORTANTTO MOTHERS.—Every Motfetr A who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use IIAUHISON'S RELIABLE" u". ssuv POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies end etre.nut,bens tho hair. In Tina, lid. and 9i1. Id, -Geo. W. Harri"a Chemist, 118, Broad Str-et. Reading. Agent fer Bridgend E. T. Kieh (16 td Will cams, Dunraven Place; Neath: 0 H 'j'ccKas, 3, Ort,iy Street t AberkeofiK W. Lewis; a>oei H. Martya Hughes, 74. Street; M•!•«<*»*« Rhys D. Morgan; Caerau: ^wilyn H. Ogmore Vale:T. Llewellyn Pont\eyn mer H.tHopkins- 75, Oxfovd Street; Porthcawl 1 uck, Chemist.-1 (ail Chemists). 63i £