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REPORTS OF MATCHES. MAESTEG v. CAERPHILLY. Maesteg entertained Caerohilly on. Satur- day last, and the visitors brought down a full team. Maesteg also turned out a represen- tative side, E. Howells playing for the pre- mier team for the first time this season. Both sides were confident of success, but the chances seemed to be on the home side after their improved form against Danygraig on the previous Saturday. The teams lined out as follows: Maesteg: Back, Joe Lewis threequarters, H. Llewellyn, T. Duckfield, W. Thomas, and G. Gunn- half-backs, E. Howells and Hendra; forwards, D. J. Davies, D. Acker- man, G. Jones, T. Mort, S. Ackerman, D. Rees, T. Owen, and T. Evans. Caerphilly: Back Redwick; threequar- ters, J. Davies, D. Davies, D. Godfrey, J. Hopkins; half-backs, D. and T. Norton: for- wards, G. Eustace, S. Wynne,. E. Davies, Bishop, A. Griffiths, T. Howells, T. H. Rees, and D. Peters. Eustace commenced operations for Caer- philly, and Gunn returned to touched at half- way. T. Owen was then seen getting away with the ball at his toes, but at the critical moment he over-ran the ball—when within a short distance of the goal-line--and Redwick saved by kicking to touch. The backs now tried, a bout of passing, and W. Thomas, who was the last to receive, attempted to drop for goal, the ball going a little wide. Maes- teg threequarters again attacked with a pretty passing bout, the leather being handled by the whole of the backs, but the defence could not be pierced, though Gunn made a fine effort to, break through. Evan Howells came into prominence by a fine dribble down the field, and he was well backed up by Duck- field and Hendra. The last named touched down and scored. The kick at goal failed. Play now waged in the home 25, the visitors making desperate efforts to equalise matters. Harry Llewellyn relieved by dribbling to half- way. Norton went away in fine style on the blind side, but having no iollowing a chance to score was thrown away. Joe Lewis through fumbling almost let the visitors in, Howells touching down. Half-time score:- G. T. Pts. Maesteg 0 13 Caerphilly 0 0 0 T\ • .11 T-* 1 Caerphilly 0 0 0 1 T" .11 T-* 1 isavies restarted, KeGWICk returning to touch about half-way. Hendra was seen going along the touch line, but in trying to avoid rushing through a pool of water, be was brought down. Through punting on the part of a few of the home players, the visitors took play to the home line, but Howells conceded a minor in the nick of time. Duckfield went away with a dribble, and looked like finishing. his effort by scoring. One of the visitors however, kicked over the line, thus saving his side. Jack Hopkins got away for Caerphilly, and had only the full back to pass, but Lewis brought off a fine tackle. Caerphilly were giving Maesteg a hot time on the home line, when Evan Howells by a smart kick sent play to half-way. Final score G. T. Pts. Maesteg 0 I 3 Caerphilly 0 0 0 PLASNEWYDD (MAESTEG) v. ABER- GWYNF1. This match was played on Saturday in con- nection with the Maesteg Schools League, on the ground of the former. Plasnewydd lost the toss, and kicked off against the wind. and one of the Abergwynfi men returned with in- terest. By a good dribble, Gomer Thomas nearly scored for the visitors. Allen punted down the field to near his own 25" and Hum- phrey Williams made a mark. The kick was unsuccessful, and Plasnewydd touched down. After some very exciting play one of the Abergwynfi threequarters punted up the field and a fumble by the home full back, enabled a visiting forward to score. Shortly after, half-time was called. Rain: fell steadily during the interval. Hopes were raised that Plasnewydd, with the advantage of the wind, would more than hold their own. They attacked hotly, and from a fine follow-up E: Davies scored an uncon- verted try. The game now became exciting, Plasnewydd giving the visitors an anxious time. After a short bout of passing by the I g homesters, G. Jenkins scored in the corner. The kick failed. Abergwynfi bucked up and took play to half way, but Allen sent them back with a. good kick. Shortly afterwards Sid Leake scored the third ttry, which was also unconverted. After another pretty.bout of passing, G. Jenkins scored in the corner. Final score-. G. T. Pts. Plasnewydd 0 4 12 Abergwynfi 0 1 3 Plasnewydd fully deserved their nine-point victory. For the victors John Bevan played a sterling game, and should be sure of Inter- national honours. The forwards all played well. The half-backs, especially Sam Jones, were most prominent. Times out of num- ber Jones beat the opposing halves himself. In the back division, mention should be made of G. Jenkins, who scored two lovely tries, fairly outplaying the opposing centres and wings. The full back also acquitted himself well. The best man on the losing side was Gomer Thomas, who has twice played in Welsh trial matches, and should get his cap this year. The outside half also played a splendid game. DANYGRAIG v. OGMORE YALE. Ogmore Vale were the visitors to the St. Thomas's (Swansea) Athletic Ground on Sat- urday, this being the second home match on the Danygraig card. The visitors took dowr a strong combination, and a closely contested game was the result. The. teams were — Danygraig: Back, Dick Moore; threequar- ters, W. Kift, W. P. Sir-iford, B. Morri-j, aud E. Taylor; half-backs. R. Williams and Jack Toft; forwards, A. Beaitfy-ear, C. Hole, A. Ball..F. Pfearce. T. Williams, A. Kennedy. M. Holly, W. Camp. and J. Myles. Ogmore Vale: Back, H. Davies; three- quarters, Tom Evans. A. Beck, H. R. and W. Evans; half-hacb. W. Jones and J. Williams; for-ii-ards."J. C'hih-ott, Smith. Hani. Hodgson, Lloyd, J. Chilcott, Thomas, and Cranston. Danygraig kicked off, and Ogmore made a determined rush down the field, which Lnris Hole cleverly repulsed. The visitors again attacked, but a forward kicked, over the line, and a good chance was lost. Moore saved cleverly several times, and the homesters at- tacked hotly, Taylor being almost over. From a scrum at half-way Jack Toft went away prettily, transferring play to the visitors' 25. Kift followed up a high punt by Toft, and was almost over, running into touch when close on the line. Danygraig then took up the aggressive1, and delivered several attacks on the Ogmore line. The visitors were pen- alised, and Danygraig gained materially by the kick. The V alley men heeled from a scrummage, and the centre icicked up the field but Hopkins gathered and nearly dropped a goal. Dick Moore mulled a punt, and Og- more came into the homesters' half. A scrum was formed near the Danygraig 25, and Kift receiving went away nicely, but was called back for a knock-on. 'l'b", Jiomesters went tvway again, and the Ogmore back mulling the Cherry and Whites were almost over. The attack was maintained, and then Jack Toft, with a, style very much like his brother. doubled through the opposition prettily and scored. No goal resulted. The visitors got to the home 2o, but Chris Hole kicked up. and Tommy Hopkins following un fell on the ball. I Dick Moore again failed. Half-time score G. T. Pts. Danygraig 0 2 6 Ogmore Yale 0 0 0 In the second half Evans, the visiting right wing, made a splendid effort which just failed to gain a try. A determined rush by the home forwards nearly ended in a score. A visitor made a mark and Williams dropped a goal, but Mbore field eel oehind the line and ran out. A dispute arose, but the referee gave in favour of the visitors. Danygraig showed up more cleverly in the second moiety. Their forwards were superior, as were the halves, but the methods of the threequarters were very slack and not much passing was indulged in. The kicking of both sides was good, and the visiting full back played a great game. Final rc<)re: 1- G. T. Pts. Danygraig 0 2 6 Ogmore Yale 1 0 3 .TONDU v. PARO GWYLLT. An Association match between the above teams was played on the ground of the latter on Saturday. A high breeze prevailed, and the visitors had the advantage of it during the first half. A stiff P-a-me had been antici- pated, in view of the fact that Tondu only reoently beat Blaengarw by 11 goals to nil. Soon after the start, however, it was realised that Pare Gwyllt were by far the smarter team,, and practical proof was given by the succession of some excellent goal shooting. In fact, so combined was the play of the home team that it was only a question of how much they were going to win by. On the final whistle sounding, the score stood at 5 goals to nil, D. Davies scoring1 3; Armstrong 1, and Dick Williams 1. The whistle was held by Mr. A. B. Pearson. OGMORE VALE A. v. BRIDGEND 'Qm!NS. This League match was played at the Wyndham Field, Ogmore Vale, on Saturday, before a fairly large crowd. Ogmore Vale were- without the services of A. R. Hodgson (threequarter), Harry Ham, and Tuss Wil- liams (forwards). Sid Thomas, who bad been drafted into the Bricigend Firsts, was a not- able absentee from the Harlequins' team. Teams: Ogmore Vale A. Back, Hugh Williams; threequarters, Arthur Phillips, E. Pinkard, F. Finkard and Arthur Williams; half-backs, Jim Bowden and Llew Griffiths; forwards, Ernie Baker (captain), Parkhouse, Jack Davies, W. Palmer, H. Wareham, W. Pook, Geo. Barnett, and Geo. Davies. Bridgend Harlequins: Back, A. Burnett; threequarters, W. Hockings (captain). Alf. Hockings, Purnell and Lewis; half-backs, Jenkins and Morgan; forwards, Bevan, Evans, Quinlan, Rose, Brorrn, Davies, Brad- shaw, and Jenkins. Referee, Mr. W. Lewis, Gilfach Goch. Parlthouse kicked off for Ogmore Vale againsi a stiff, breeze. Jenkins and Morgans secured! from a, scrum, and Purnell and ii-aiv- kins ran into home territory, where Jack Davies brought off a fine tackle, which pre- vented an almost certain score. Lewis, from a mark, nearly dronned a goal for the 'Quins. Jim Bowden then smartly ot away. but F. Pinkard lost a fine opportunity by knocking on. Lewis, cleverly fed by his half-backs, travelled right up to the home custodian, who brought off a marvellous tackle. A series of scrums followed, and then by a smart piece of work, Llew Griffiths, E. Pinkard, and Arthur Phillips carried play to the 'Quins' goal-line. The Ugmore forwards, led by Baker, Plarkhouse, and Jack Davies, kept up, by short rushes, a hot attack upon the visi- tors' citadel, but Burnett at last gave his side much-needed relief with a fine kick beyond half-way. Half-time arrived with no score. On the re-start Bridgend took up the ag- gressive, and Lewis, who was given a fine opening, by Morgan, lost an excellent chance to score for the 'Quins. Jack Davies, by a judicious kick, gave the homesters much- needed relief. From a ocrum Jim Bowden gathered finely, and cleverly evading the op- posing backs, gave the ball to Fred Pinkard, who was brought down on the line. Just at this stage the 'Quins' forwards rallied and carried play into the home 25, where a hot siege was waged for some time. After a stern struggle the venue was changed to half- way through a fine bit of opportunism by Williams, the home custodian. Desultory play followed, the ball being carried up and down the field without any material advan- tage to either side. Final score — I G. T. Pts. I Ogmore Yale A 0 0 0 1 Bridgend 'Quins 0 0 0 PENCOED v. BRYNCETHIN. This match was played at Pencoed before a record attendance, in fine. weather. Both teams were well represented, and Mr. W. M. Jones, Bridgend, was referee. Pencoed kicked off from the road end, Bayliss returning to touch at half-way. From the first scrum the Penooed forwards heeled out cleanly, and the half-backs got the ball away, but a forward pass spoilt the chance when the defence was practically beaten. Some fine kicking by T. Evans ended in touch being found about 10 yards out. Fencoed were now having the best of the play, and would have scored but for the fine defence of D. Bayliss. For on-side play by the visitors, the home team were given a penalty. I. Howell took the kick, the ball falling under the bar. The Pencoed forwards were now playing a fine game in the open. W. David make a. mark, from which T. Evans nearly placed a goal, the ball going lust a little wide. I. Howell came through with a good burst, and passed to T. Davies, who failed to take the bail as he was going over the line. Pen- 1 coed were still pressing when the whistle blew for half-time. Bryncethin re-started, but were called back for not kicking the ball 10 yards. Play soon became very keen and vigorous. Bryncethin pressed, and from a penalty nearly scored. The forwards on both sides were playing a hard game. The visitors were given a free for off-side play by the home half-backs, but little advantage was gained. Some good kicking between the backs ended in W. David finding touch over the half-way line. W. Watkins was very prominent with a fine dribble, but somehow lost the ball in a good petition. From now on play waged very evenly, neither side scoring. Final: G. T. Pts. Pencoed 0 0 0 Bryncethin 0 0 0 GARTH ROVERS v. MAESTEG RANGERS. Played at Garth on Saturday. Great in- terest was taken in the match, as the Hangers had not heen be.aten this season. The Rangers, were without Eve Morris and W. Thomas at half-back, and E. Jones at for- u aid. while Garth were minus S. Ackerman and T. Mort, but were assisted by Evan Evans, tire Maesteg half. Teaiii- Rangers: Back, J. Davies; threequarters. T. Freece, J. A. Jones, D. J. Rickards, and D. Scradling; half-backs, Dick Evans and J. W. Freece; forwards, J. M. John, W. J. Thome;, D. Evans, J. Cuffe. J. J. Carey, T. Spancer, W. Griffiths, and J. Price. Garth: Back, Ben Howells: threequarter A. Greenaway, A. Mattock. G. Jones, and J. Charles; half-backs, Evan Evans and D. Evans; forwards. D. Evans. L. Davies. C. Evans, J. Evans, R. Ackerman, T. Thomas, W. Howells, and T. Price. W. Griffiths kicked off for the Rangers, and Mattocks returned to half-way. From here the Rangers took play to Garth line. but were driven back. Shortly afterwards they resumed the attack, and T. Spencer nearly scored. From a scrum in midfield W. J. Thomas d'ribbled to the full back, and Howel's Kn ilS n *T Dlck £ vans fidde<1 the ball and gave to G-. Jones, who in turn passed to D. J Rickards, and tho last nam £ l got over with a fine try amid ehe-erino. Preeco • converted with a good kick. After the kick- out Garth went off with a rush, and from a- serum five yards out Evans nearly scored.. Half-t-inie arrived with the Rangers leading by a goal. '°" The second half was evenly contested. The, ,> Garth forwards took play to the Rangers' 25,. but J. Da,vie.s with a huge kick sent them bacic again. J. Davies, who was plavin a great game, was responsible for some good detersive work. Neither side managed to-' score, and when to* final whistle sounded the- score was still: G. T. Pts. Rangers 10 5 Garth 0 0 0 Garth 0 0 0 BRIDGEND v. ABERAVON. Bridgend opened a. series of fire honitv matches on Saturday by entertaining Aber-- avon. There was a good gate. Teiiis: Bridgend: Back, W. Fennell; threeauar— ters, A. Palmer, D. Griffiths, S. Thomas," and- B. Groves; half-backs, C. Lewis and W- Power; forwards, E. James, B. Gronow, W Gronow, T. Thomas, W. David, G. Singer, A-. De-ereman, and B. Hapgood. Aberavon: Back, H. Jones; threequarters.. W. R. Thomas, A. James, A. Davies, and J- Donovan; half-backs, Bala. Jones and W. H. Jones; forwards, W. Jones, E. Fugh, W.- Gregory, P. Foley, W. J. jJavies, A. Jones. O. Wolf, and D. Thomas. Referee: Mr. 0. R, Crawley, Cardiff. Foley started for Aberavon, and Falmer re- plied to the centre. The Aberavon forwards- dribbled away and forced Pennell to put into touch well down. Thomas, one of the home- forwards, secured and passed out, but Arthur James intercepting sent to Donovan, but the- pass went wide, and Thomas and Groves car- ried play to the centre. Bridgend were pen- alised for picking out, but.the kick brought little advantage, and Bridgend kicked down the field. Bala Jones relieved with a flying, kick, but the homesters replied with interest", The home forwards were asserting their superiority in the scrums. From a scrum BaJa. Jones passed to Arthur James, and he, sent to Jones. Willie Thomas next reoeived and dribbling back, sent to the 25, where- there was a good chance to score from a cross- kick, but no one supported him. Gronow relieved. Bridgend were penalised, and Hopkin Jones tried to goal, but just missed. Aberavon. pressed, and foley put in a good, run. and kick, but Palmer sent them back with, a fine kick to touch in the Aberavon ground. Here the homesters struggled gamely to get through, and from a free Pennell tried for- goal, but the kick went wide. H. Jones. cleared, and Aberavon forced a minor. Palmer made a great run for Bridgend. and the homesters had a fine chance, but a pen- alty brought relief. Half-time: T» G. T. Pts. Bridgend 0 0 0 Aberavon 0 0 0 james re-started for Bridgend, and Arthur- Jones misfielded the ball. Aberavon were penned in in their own line. Foley tried to, relieve, but his kick was charged down, and several scrums were waged under the Aber- avon posts. From, here Lewis got away passed to Gronow, the latter cleverly beating; his man and handing to Thomas, the home- left wing, who scored. Gronow failed to- goal. The Red and Blacks now came away strongly, and Willie Thomas made a fine run but wa-s brought down. The Aberavon skipper had a nasty kick on the head and left the field. The referee stopped the game, and cautioned one of the Aberavon spectators for foul language. W. H. Jones got away finelv and passed to Arthur James, who scored for Aberavon. No goal resulted. Fine forward play by the Bridgend pack took plav to the- Avon line, where Willie Thomas kicked out of bounds. Arthur James now came awav,. and with a powerful run was badly missed by several of the homesters, and passed to Pugh who scored in the corner. Alby Davies failed to convert. Aberavon, with Will, Jones off the held, attacked vigorously towards the, end. Final score: • I G. T. Pts.. Aberavon 0 '> 6 Bridgend 0 1 3 Bridgend 0 1 3 COWBRIDGE v. BARRY ISLAND. This Association match was plaved at Cow- bridge last Saturday, and the fact that iti was a League game created a great deal of interest. The Cowbridge team lined out as iollows: Coal, A. T. Spencer; ba.cks, H. Movnan aud V. Gwyn; half-backs, D. Evans, R. Moy- nan, and W. Power; forwards, Chas. H. Tiiomas, A. Beetham, F. Luinb, F. Dunn and J. O. Dtmn. In. the first half play was fairly even, both smes attacking in turn, but without any re- suit. Eventually, owing to a mistake by the home backs, Barry scored. Soon afterwards a corner was awarded Cowbridge, which was weil placed by Thomas, enabling Lumb to equalise. This was the position when half- time was called. The game was of a dinr-doiig character in- the second half, and Cowbridge were more- dangerous near goal than their opponents. Lumb with a. fine individual rnn placed Cow- bridge ahead. Cowbridge maintained thi& lead until the final whistle sounded. Final score: Cowbridge 2 goals Barry I goal lhe play of the homesters at times was very good, the combination of the forwards being better than in an- previous game. No fault could be found with the forwards, but they should be urged to play to the whistle- the goal soored by the visitors was due 'to a fault in this respect. Power, the left half played a. splendid game, as did also Lumb. Spencer in goal wag -a tower of strength it is doubtful whether there is a better goal- keeper in the League. Mr. Rees, Cafdiff, ably refereed. OOWBRIDGE v. WHITCHURCH. At Cowbridge. Cowbridge: Goal, Spencer; backs, H. Mo-- nan and R. Jones; half-backs, D. Evans V- Gwyri, and W. Power; forwards. C. Thomas" R. Moynan, A. Beet-ham. F. Dunn, and J. C- Dunn. Kick-off 3.30.



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