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LOCAL NEWS. The Celebrated Lipton's Teas and Provi- sions may be had of the Sole .Agent for bridg- end—T. Woodward, near The Bridge. EISTEDDFOD WINNERS.—At Pyle Eisteddfod, on Saturday, Miss Irene Griffiths, Bridgend won the first prize, and Miss Nita John, Bridgend, the 2nd prize in the pianoforte solo competition. iiotn are pupils of Miss Kittv Howell, Beethoven School of Music, Coitv- road, Bridgend. COTTAGE HOSPITAL.-The matron acknow- ledges with thanks gifts of flowers, fruit, and vegetables from Penyfai Church. Merthvr- mawr Church, Southerndown Church, and lythegston Church; venison from Mrs Lewis. Cae Derwen and £ 1 4s. from Messrs. L. Jenkins and Son's emplovees. In- patients, 4. B.W.T.A. JrMBLE SALE. Wednesday. 6th November. Open 3 p.m. for sale of fruit, flowers, and fancy goods. Admission, 3d. (lea. od.) Jumble sale open 6 p m • Admission, 2d. Gifts of okl clothing, hats, boots, etc., gratefully received by Miss Cole or Mrs. T. J. Hughes, or at the Rooms. Melton-street. Priy heln us in aggressive Christian Temperance work with God's poor! ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB.-A largely at- tended meeting in connection with the above was held at the Star Hotel on Monday night. The foltow mg officials wore elected: -Seej,e- tary Mr. F. G. Gardiner, 12 Q^een-street, Bridgend; treasurer, Mr. A. P. Thomas; captain, Mr. Winkfield vice-captain, Mr. H. Davies; committee. Messrs. Evans. H. Hugrhes, Morris. Glachvin, T. Morton. and F White. ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION.— The second annual collection in aid of the. funds of the above took place last Saturday, under the supervision of the local correspon- dent. Mr. J. G. Jenkins. The amount col- lected tps £ 8 10s. 3d., as compared with i6 los. od. last year. Mr. H. G. Soloman, of Swansea, the secretary for Wales and the West of England, in acknowledging the re- ceipt of the above sum, expressed his sincere thanks to the subscribers, and the 30 boy col- lectors, for their kind and valuable services. HOCKEY.—Bridgend Y.M.C.A. v. Cardiff East.-A match was played oetween the above teams on Saturday, resulting in a win for the Cardiff team by four goals to one. The Bridgend team lined out as follows:—Goal, Harvey; backs, Piercv and Low; half-backs, Williams, Randall, and Mules; forwards, Edwards, Gaylard, Cound, Burgess and Rhys. The game was more evenly contested than the r, y result would lead one to suspect, most of the Y.M.C.A. players doing remarkably well. The home team is certainly to be congratu- lated upon its initial display, for the Cardiff side was an exceptionally strong one.—The following will represent the Y.M.C.A. against Barry at home to-morrow:—Goal. H. F. G. Harvey; backs. V. A. Piercy (capt.) and Dr. Low; half-backs, T. C. P. Mules. W. E. Burgess, and W. Randall: forwards, F. C. Coath. C. Price. J. H. Cound. A. Gavlard, and H. Rees. Reserves: H. J. Randall, G. H. Bureess, W. Jenkins, W. Edwards, and A. L. Ward. NEWCASTLE PARISH ROOM.—On Tuesday evening the Vicar and Mrs. Phillips invited the young people of St. llityd's Church to a social gathering at the Parish-room. Soon after 8 p.m. the room was well filled, and re- freshments over. games were heartily indulged in. and much animation was evident as the young element entered enthusiastically into the evenings pleasure. During the proceed- ings Mr. S. R. Stockwood entered the room, and was awarded a most hearty ovation. By the assistance of kind friends a short pro- gramme of music was carried out — Opening song, the Vicar; violin solo, Miss Phyllis David, accompanied by Mrs. E. T. David; pianoforte solo. Miss Goss; recita- tion, Mr. GAVA II violin solo, Mr. Mushaweck, accompanied by Mr. G. Rees; song. Miss Mary Williams, accompanied by Miss Ada Llewellyn; pianoforte solo, Mrs. Sankey. The social proved a great success, over 1UO assembling for the evening's entertainment, and all apparently enjoyed themselves. Soon after 10 p.m. the dancing terminated, and the proceedings finished with the singing of the National Anthem. Amongst those pre- sent were noticed Miss George, Mrs. Goss (Swansea), Rev. G. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts. Miss Jones (Laleston), Mr. M. J. Letcher, Mr J. Sankey. Mrs. D. James, Mrs. C. Evans, and Dr. Low. ENTERTAINMENT AT AXGELTOX .-An interest- ing .entertainment was held at Angelton nail on October 10th, and was evidently much en- joyed by the large number of patients who took part. Mr. Burraston accompanied, and a particularly pleasing item was a musi- cal sketch, A Bird in Hand," giyen by Nurses E. A. Griffiths, G. Drower, and L. Davies. The folloAving was the programme: —March. "Millenium." Orchestra; song. "A son of the desert am L" Attendant Griffiths: recitation, The charge of the HeaA-y Bri- gade," W. Davies; duet. Life's dream is o'er," Mrs. Waters and Nurse DaA-ies; song. "The Toilers." Mt. Burraston; song, "Good Bye" (Tosti), Miss Williamson; violin solo. "Benedictus" (Mackenzie). Mr. Chas. hIll'; song. Sing me to sleep,' Nurse James; duet, "Excelsior,' Messrs. Davies and Griffiths; song. "Tatters." Nurse Davies; cornet solo, Serenade" (Schubert). Mr. J. H. Hill; over- ture, "Ante Lucem." Orchestra: ghost scene from Hamlet Ghost of King of Denmark. W. DaAues; Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. H. M. Deny Horatio, his friend. W. Davies; man- doline solo, Mrs. T. Green song. Queen of LA r Angels," Mr. Burraston; pianoforte solo, Tarantelle" (Sydney Smith). Mr. Willie Hill; musical sketch, "A Bird in Hand,' •Nursf s; duet, Home to our Mountains. Miss Williamson and W. Davies; song. At- tendant Griffiths; teong, "Down the ale/ Nurse L. Davies; comic song, "Must yon H. M. Derry. THE PROPERTY MARKET. Messrs. Stephenson and Alexander offered at the Dunraven Hotel. Bridgend, on Saturday Troedyrhiw Farm, on the Troedy- rhiw Garth Estate, near Maesteg, with the farmhouse and buildings, comprising an area of IlIa. of pasture., arable and mountain land and let at A:28 per annum. Wayleaves bring in 12s. per annum, two quarries let at JE1 per annum each, and £ 10 annual rent is receded under a lease of water rights. The property was sold to Mr. J. P. Gibbon, csrent to Messrs North's Navigation Collieries Company (Ltd). for £1.U50, £ 80 being paid in addition for the timber. The minerals underlying the Troedvrhiw Garth Estate, comprising an area of 142a. 2r. 20p., and adjoming the minerals now being worked by Messrs. Eiders Naviga- tion Company, were AvithdraAvn at £ 3.0U0. Messrs. Inskip and Son, Bristol, were the so- licitors. Messrs. Stephenson and Alexander also offered Ruthyn Fawr and Tresaison farms, in the parishes of St. Mary Hill and Llanildd, containing nearly 102 acres, and including the farmhouses and buildings and work- men's cottages. The property is held for au unexpired term of 22 years by Mr. Daniel Jenkins at a rental of E79. Mr. H. J. Ran- dall, junr., became the purchaser for a client, at £ 2,850. The solicitors were Messrs. Lewis and Jones and Messrs. Frank James and Son, 'N Merthyr. Mr. Harry F. Lambert offered for sale by auction at the Nantymoel Hotel, Nantymoel, on Monday several properties at Nantymoe1. Five dwelling-houses. No. G. 7, 8, 9 and 10 Station-road, were withdrawn at JE130 per house; a leasehold shop. No. 11 Station-road. was withdrawn at £ 300; and two leasehold houses, Nos. 14 and 15 Sation-road, were sold to Mr. Nicholas at JE150 per house. Messrs. Stockwood and Williams, Bridgend, were the solicitors for the vendor. OCCASIONAL POLICE COURT.—At Bridzend NN and^'w 1 (,befor* Oliver Sheppard • J- Lewis), Elizabeth Edw«rdl no hxed abode, was charged Avith being drunk and disorderly i„ P.rU«t, B?Wge„d l()s.'oras°vLP1<!aS' "as fl,,ed SALE OF WORK AT PRESBYTERIAN HALL. On Wednesday afternoon a successful sale of work was held at Nolton Presbvterian-haJi in aid of the building fund. A'large collec- tion of goods was brought together, and the -taJlo were tastefully arrange<i~and decor ited mom «TTn'V att€,V3Ml tho °Pe"ing eelrl ff i: med hy 5>0uj)cjllcr (Rev W I ri ii Abu a von. The pastor tlm Thomas) presided, and euloosed ChuXbTVll-n^ t0 itlK\ Pl'^Jte,r,an cn b} Mi. Williams, AVIIO deserved honoured. Mr. Williams, he T'd R^red Pl^minT\y U1 tlux civ:> of A ben von dales Thlf rblp 1V°rJ\ among ti,e poorer classes. lhe chairman referred to the splen- did success which attended the church's bazaar last year, by winch £ 160 was raiSd Councillor Williams said the Christian o' k in Ayluch they Avere engaged deserved of their best. One of the chief needs of Church members to-day was to practice the art gnmg; they could not eive with the cheer- fulness which should be characteristic of Cn i st i a its AV it ho ut exercising themselves in hi* Til. «jf "Ug- h.v declar! rng the sale open.-A vote of thanks to Mr. j"! Yas bv Mr. J. Davies and House) EdVVard Hugh<* <L^on The attendance increased during the after- noon. and the stall-holders ;iad a busv time. Afr? Ren: M]s- E- Hughes, Mrs R. Davies. Mrs T. L, Roberts. Mrs. J. T. Howell. Mrs. J. R. Lewis, Mrs. M. Wil- liams. Miss Pntehard, Miss S. A Davies Mm and Miss Lambert, Mrs. Perrv. Miss Betts, Misses Orchard fruit and flow ers. Miss M. B. Jenkins and Miss Radeliffe: hney sbll; Mrs. J. Davit's, Mrs. D. L. Jenkins. Mrs. S. Powell. Mrs. E. A. Diamond, and Miss Ellis; Mr. Harold Huehes had cnarare of the rifle ranw and Mr. R. Selby of the quoits. Over jE30 was realised.