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Auctioneers' Announcements. gOWKLLWILLUMS AUCTIONEER, TENANT RIGHT AND HOTEL VALUER, BRIDUEND. NR. HOWILL WILLIAMS' ANNOUNOBIUtNTS. SALS NEXT MONDAY. LLANTWIT MAJOR WHITE LION AUCTION MART MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS will hold his next Sale of Fat 8tock at the above Mart, on MONDAY, FEB. lith. 1907, at 12 o'clock noon. 68 Prime FAT CATTLE. 400 Choice Fat YEAR LINGS, 1 Grand FAT BULL 65 PORKKKS, BACON PIGS, &c. Farther entries solicited. Anctioneer's Offices, Cardiff, Bridgend, and Llantwit Major. 5326 I MR. T. J. YORWERTH'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. í ——————————-————-————————-——- COWBRIDGE MARKET. NEXT SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP and PIGS, will be held on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 1907. Early entries solicited. T. J. Yorwerth, Auctioneer. 5357 BRIDGEND, GLAMORGANSHIRE Sale of Desirable Leasehold Properties. MR. T. J. YORWERTH has received in- structions from the Kxecutor of the Will of the late Mrs. Joseph to SELL by AUCTION, at the Dunraven Arms Hotel, Bridgend, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of FEBRUARY, 1907, at 2 30 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced and in the following or such other Lots as may previously to or at the time of Sale be determined), the following desirable Leasehold Properties, viz :— LOT I.-All that Dwelling-house, garden and premises situate in and being No. 9 Green Street, Bridgend, and now in the occupation of Mr. Olarke. This lot is held (with other property) for a term of 99 years from 2nd February, 1877, at an apportioned Annual Ground Rent in respect of tide Lot of JB1 3s. 8d. LOT 2.-All that Dwelling-house, garden and premises situate in and beiDg No. 11 Green Street, Bridgend aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. Hall. LOT 3.-All that Dwelling-house, garden and premises situate in aDd beinc; No. 13 Green Street. Bridgend aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. Gibbons. LOT 4.—All that Dweiling-house, garden and premises situate in a d being No. 15 Green Street, Bridgend aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. Jones. Lots 2, 3, and 4 are held under one Lease for a term of 99 years from 2nd February, 1877, at an Annual Ground Rent of £ 3 lis., which will be apportioned equally between the 3 Lots. The houses, which are always well tenanted, are at present let at rentals of 5s. each per week. Landlord paying Rates and Taxes. For further particalirp, apply to the Auctioneer at his Office, High Street, Cowbridge, or to MESSRS. GWYN & GWYN, Solicitors, 5362 Cowbridge. HARRY F. LAMBERT, AAI AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Land & Estate Agent, Accountant. SALES conducted of Estates, House Property, Farming Stock (3 months' credit), Growing Timber, Machinery, Household Furniture (mod- ern and antique), &c. FORTNIGHTLY SALES OF FAT and STORE STOCK in the Cattle Market, Bridgend, the 1st and 3rd Monday in every Month. SALE OF HORSKS, CARRIAGES, &c., at the Star Yard, Bildgend, every month. VALUATIONS made for Probate, Mortgage, Sale, AgriciiHuiHl Tenant Right, &c. Transfer of Hotels, Licenced Gauger. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in Management of Estates. Grouoti Rents Collected. AGENT for Life, Accident, Fire, and Live Stock Insurance, also Worknuen'e Compensation. VARIOUS FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES AND VILLAS in Bridgend to be Let or Sold. Telegrams—" L nLert, Auctioneer, Bridgend." Nat. Telephone 0198. OfE ces—Prudential Buildings, Bridgend MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. èALj. FIXTURES. February 16th—Horses, Carriages, Carts, &c., at Bridgend. February 18th- Fat Stock at Bridgend Market. February —Leasenoid Properties at Bridgend. STAR SALE YAKD, BRIDGEND. Sale of Horse", Carries, Carta, Harness, &c. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT begs to announce that he wdi rioiu his next sale on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16th, 1907. Sale at 2 o'clock prompt. Early entries respectfully solicited. 5373 BRIDGhM) TATTLE MARKET. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT will hold his next stile of next stile of FAT STOCK at the above Market on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 1907. Sale at 10 o'clock prompt. Early entries respectfully solicited. 5374 MR. JOHN li A Vifi'S AaftOOHCXMaNTS. ESTATE OK MR RICHARD AUBREY PR-EASED Important Sale of Leasehold and Copyhold Pro- perties in and near the Town of Cowbridge, :;dllUrg,:ulshire MR JOHN DAVJD has received instructions to SELL AUC I'lON, at the Commercial Hotel, Cowbrici::e, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of FEBRUARY, 1907, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions of sale, to be then and there produced and its such lots as may previously to or at the time of sale be determined), Valuable Leasehold and Copyhold properties belonging to the above Estate, oamei.v — A LEASFHItLD DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, with BAKEHOUSE, WAREHOUSE, STABLE, and extensive premises and conveniences thereto, situate in Hiast Village, Cowbridge, and in the occupation of Mrs Edmund, Biker and Grocer ALSO 9 LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES and premises, adjoining or near to the above The properties are held for terms of 99 years respectively, commencing 1st May, 1878, and 1st November, 1882 ALSO 2 CUSTOMARY or COPYHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES with gardens and premises thereto, situate in the Village of Trehingill, near Cowbridge, and in the respective occupations of Mr ED Jenkins and Mr Joseph Jones; together with the benefit of a Lea-e of an adjoining Field held for the residue of a term of 21 years from 2nd February, 1895, at the yearly rent of ill 10s, and included in ivir Joseph Jones' Tenancy FF V further PARTICIPLES apply to the Auctioneer at .is Offices at Cowbridge, or to Messrs Gwyn and ( w-yn, Solicitors, Cowbridge 5328 E D W A R D p E E £ O E (JUNIOR), F.A.A., Auctioneer and Valuer, Public Accoun.tant. 11, NOLTON STREET, BRIDGEND. FOR Sale, Six Cottages at Caerau, also Freehold Residence closc to town of Bridgend, standing in its own ground vacant possession 011 com- pletion of transfer if required rpo BE LET OK. SOLD, that desirabfe Resi- ■ dence known as Penllwyn," situated in own grounds, with stabling. 5378 PEN ¥ VAl, NEAR BRIDGEND. ESTATE OF THE LATE MR. OWEN REES, DECEASED. MR. EDWARD PKEK.CE, Junior, has been instructed by the Executors of the Will of the above-named deceased to SELL by AUCTION at his Residence, on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 1907, the whole of his FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, together with a 4-wheel dogcart (cob size, by Fuller. Bath). Particulars in next issue and posters, 5376 RICKS. BRICKS. BRICKS For price and quantity apply to Manager, Evametown t;rick Works, Tondu. 807 Auctioneers' Announcements. MICHAEL DAVIES, Auctioneer and Valuer (Fellow of the Auctioneer's Institute of the United Kingdom, Incorporated), 15, WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGER (20 Years' Experience). AGENT FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. AND FOR THE UNION CASTLB MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR SOUTH AFRICA. All kinds of Stocks and Furniture purchased by Private Treaty. For Sale by Private Treaty-Villas in Ooity Rd. 4696 A large Boarding House at Porthcawl, 20 Rooms, with every accommodation, and close to Beach. 5220 The Encyclopcedia Brittanica, complete in 25 volumes, half-calf, Ninth Edition; Ogilrie's Im- perial Dictionary in 4 volumes (new edition). 5367 Full Trichord Pianoforte, iron frame (by Haake, in walnut frame. 5368 To Let-2 Garden Allotments at Green Street. 5369 SALE FIXTURES. February 14th.-Farm Stock at Brynteg, Coychurch 15th-Sale of Drapery rounds, at the Mart, Bridgend. 19th-Sale of Ely Brewery Shares at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff. „ 23rd—Sale of Plants and Shrubs at Brid- gend. 25th-Sale of Leasehold Shop & Premises, Talbot Street, Maesteg. 28th-Sale of Furniture at Bridgend, March 2nd-Sale of the Model Lodging House, Bridgend. SALE NEXT THURSDAY. BRYNTEG, COYCHURCH. Sale of Farm Stock, Part Rick of Hay, Pigs, &c MR. MICHAEL DAVIES, F.A.I., has received" instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. S. Thomas to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Farm, on THURSDAY, FEB. 14th, 1907, the whole of the STOCK, &c., Comprising 4 milking cows (all in calf), pony, rising two sow and 12 pigs, 2-wheel trap, part rick of hay, quantity of fowls Dairy Utensils, comprising churn, iron cheese press, 2 dozen milk pans, and large milk churn also chaffcutter, washing machine, and quantity ot tools also some House- hold Furniture and Effects. Sale to commence at 2.30 p.m. Terms Cash. 5370 SALE OF DRAPERY ROUNDS AND BOOK DEBTS In Bankruptcy, Re John Morgan, Travelling Draper, Bridgend THE AUCTION MART, 15 WYNDHAM ST., BRIDGEND MR MICHAEL DAVIES, (FA I) has received instructions from the Official Receiver, Cardiff, to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Mart, on FRIDAY, the 15th day of FEBRUARY, 1907, at 7 o'clock in the evening, the whole of the Drapery Rounds and Book Debts of the above named Bankrupt, for the several amounts as shewn below Rli!1oan_n. D J 1U "Z Ot UIWCUFTFTI W ulluuuu A IV "'2 Pontycymmer & District 57 0 IIJ2- Ogmore Round 17 14 4 £ Maesteg 19 1 221 B204 19 8 The Auctioneer desires to point out to purchasers of Drapery Rounds this rare opportunity of purchasing rounds in these Valleys which have such a bright future before them, as great develop- ments are expected in the near future For further particulars and to view the Books' apply to the Auctioneer at 15 Wyndham Street' Bridgend 5321 Sale of Valuable Leasehold Shop and Premises at Maesteg. No. 9, TALBOT STREET. VICTORIA HOTEL, MAESTEG. MR. MICHAEL DAVIE&, F.A.I., has received instructions from Mr. Ingram Da vies, draper (who is leaving South Wales), to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Hotel, on MONDAY EVEXINO, the 25th FEBRUARY, 1907, at 7 o'clock (subject to conditions of sale to be there and then read)— All those Valuable, Well-built and iexcellently situate LEASEHOLD SHOP AND PREMISES, No.9, Talbot Street, Maesteg (with vacant pos- session), now in the occupation of the vendor. The Premises are held under lease for 99 years from 25th March, 1902, at an annual ground rent ofJBlO. The Auctioneer desires to call the special atten- tion of business people to this opportunity of pur- chasing a place of business, with ample living accommodation provided, and in one of the best spots in the growing town of Maesteg. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. at 15, Wyndham Street, Bridgend or to R. SCALE, Esq., 5381 Solicitor, Maesteg. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer. AGENT FOR LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. STAIION HILL, BRIDGEND, and COWBRIDGE. FOR SALE OR To LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land (Freehold) in Grove Road. To LET. Lock-up Shop a Angel Street. Furnished Houses and Bungalows, Southerndown and Porthcawl. For particulars apply to above. 7391 .c. Notices. To the County Council of the County of Glamor- gan to the Penybont Main Sewerage Board to the Urban District Council of Bridgend, in the said County to the Rural District Council of Penybont, in the said County and to all others w'.om it may concern. WHEREAS the Penybont Main Sewerage Board have made application to the Local Government Board for the issue of a Provisional Order to alter and amend Article XIV of the Penybont Main Sewerage Order, 1897, hereinafter referred to as the Order of 1897," which was confirmed by the Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 13) Act, 1897, so as to provide that for the purposes of that Order Section 22 of the Public Health Act, 1875, shall apply and the said Main Sewerage Board shall ha "e, exercise, perform and be subject to the powers, rights, duties, capacities, liabilities and obligations of an Urban District Council under that section, AND WHEREAS it is proposed that a Provisional Order should be issued so as to alter and amend the Order of 1897 in the manner aforesaid or otherwise so far as may be necessary to enable the sail Main Sewerage Board to receive into their sewers and to convey to their outfall or purification works the sewage from the County Lunatic Asylum situate at Pare Gwyllt in the Hamlet of Higher Coyty, and belonging to the Glamorgan County Council, T^TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that F. J. Willis, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, one of the Inspectors of the said Board, will attend at the Urban District Council Otfices, Bridgend, on Thursday, the twenty-first day of February, 1907, at a quarter-past Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, to hold a Local Inquiry into the subject-matter of the application and proposal aforesaid. And Notice is Hereby Further Given that any person interested may attend at such Inquiry, and be heard with reference to the application and proposal afoiesaid. As witness my hand this Fourth day of Feb- ruary, 1907, at the Office of the Local Govern. mant Board, Whitehall, London. H. C. MONRO, 4350 Assistant Secretary. ALL DOGS found Trespassing on Land in the occupation of Mr. Alfred Evans, Butcher, Llantwit Major, will be Shot, after this da&. Feb. 8th, 1907. ALFRED EVANS. 5342 II you have any difficulty in seafaring the u Ctatette write to the Head Office. Auctioned* Announcements. MESSRS STEPHENSON uw ALEXANDER'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. PORTHCAWL, GLAMORGANSHIRE. Sale of a Valuable Freehold Building Estate, Freehold Residence, and the Undertaking known as the Porthcawl Waterworks. MESSRS. STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER are i>.ducted to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Mart, 5, High-street, Cardiff, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, 1907, at 2.30 o'clock in the after- noon, this valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE. The Property comprises valuable Freehold Building Plo s, situate in the centre of and around the Town of Porthcawl, containing in the whole 17a. 2r. 22p. (or thereabouts). Also THE FREEHOLD RESIDENCE Known as SEABANK HOUSE, And THE UNDERTAKING Known as THE PORTHCAWL WATERWORKS. The Whole Property will, in the first instance, be Offered for Sale in One Lot, and, if not sold, divided into Lots as set out in Plans, Particulars, and Condition?' of Sale, which may be obtained upon application i.o Messrs. Bowerman and For- ward, Solicitors, 3, Gray's Inn Square, London, W.C. or to the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. 5281 GLAMORGANSHIRE. PENCOED, NEAR BRIDGEND. Sale of a Valuable Freehold Residential Property, Building and Accommodation Lands, Water Grist Mill, and Farms, &c. MESSRS STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER are instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Dunraven Hotel, Bridgend, on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 1907, at 3 o'clock in the after- noon, the VALUABLE WELL-APPOINTED FREE- HOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Known as TREGROES, Standing in its own park-like grounds of about 40 ACRES in extent, near to the village of Pen- coed, near Bridgend, together with several valu- able pieces of BUILDING AND ACCOMMODATION LAND, COTTAGES, vVATER GRIST MILL (Known as Melin Groes), lAND AGRICULTURAL AND FARMLANDS, containing in the whole, 112A. 2R. 3IP. (or thereabouts), which will be divided into the following lot8 for sale. LOT I.-TREGROES HOUSE, STABLES. OUT-BUILDINGS, &c., containing 40a. 3r. 34p. or thereabouts. LOT 2.—TWO FREEHOLD COTTAGES and Garden, known as Ty-Marchant," together with a strip of Land, containing in the whole 2a. 3r. 15 p., or thereabouts. LOT 5. -FREEHOLD FIELD, known as The Kennels," containing la. Or. lp., or thereabouts. LOT 4.-FREEHOLD FIELD, known as Ty- Marchant," containing la. lr. 21p., or thereabouts. LOT 5 -FREEHOLD MILL, and FARM, known as "Melin," or "Felinluroes," containing 52a. lr. Op., or thereabouts. LOT 6—FREEHOLD FIELD, known as Plantation," containing 2a. Or. 2p., or thereabouts. LOT 7.-FREEHOLD FIELD, known as Caefallt," containing 9a. Or. 5p., or thereabouts. LOT 8.—FREEHOLD FIELD, being portion of "Caefallt containing la. 2r. 36p., or thereabouts. LOT 9—FREEHOLD PASTURE FIELD, known as Ynys," containing 3a. Ir. Z9p., or thereabouts. Detailed plans, particulars, and conditions of sale may be obtained npon application to Messrs. Fussell and ''o Solicitors. 36 Corn-street, Bristol or to the Auctioneers, 5 High-street, Cardiff. 5380 ROSES! ROSES I ItOSES 1 of the Finest Varieties. Per Dozen. Per 100. DWARF H.P. 6s. and 8s. £2 STANDARD „ 18s. £5 10s. Per Dozen. DWARF HYBRID TEAS 9s. TKAS 10s. 6d. CLIMBERS 12s. & 15s. The above PLANTS can be had at FRUIT STALL IN THE MARKET, ON SATURDAYS. Carriage Pttid on all Orders to the value of 10s. and upwards within 100 miles of Bridgend on receipt of P.O. Order. NOTE THE ADDRESS- A. TOWNSEND, 21, pARK gT., JJRIDGEND, 4844 C. FREEDMAN, Wholesale and Retail piCTURE JjlRAME MANUFACTURER AND G ENERAL D EALER, 46, NOLTON ST., BRIDGEND, Begs to inform the Public that he has a L!' ;ff' Selection of All Kinds of PICTURE JJfOULDiNGS, FROM ID. PER FOOT UPWARDS. tjgT" Orders above 20/- Carriage Paid to any part of the Country. Q LASS CUT TO ANY gIZE AT 21D. PER FOOT. Please Note the only Address- C. FREEDMAN, 4(5 M OLTON STREET, JJRIDGEND 4575 (B)lamorgau PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. I Ore I Thres j 8u 1>* WOBSB user- laser- j Inw j tion. tione. j t?««» a. d, I H, d. I s. L IS Worde c j 1 0 i 1 » Words j 9 j H j 2 0 ■■SWords 0 2 0 3 {6 WordsT^TTTTTT i 1 3 2 6 I F H Words I I 6 [ 3 0 j 4 7 "-3 Word': j i 9 j 3 6 j .5 I nwords TTTTi i o~~j i o 1 •; t 6 vory naditioual | 'i 3 j 0 ? '} I Line of 5 Words f > j j The above Charges apply only to the clashed of .Idvortisexnsr'ts specified below, and are strlo ly CSOJ.NNED to iihoise which are PAID JOB P&KVIOES KS if not prop&Ll, they will be charged b the Jtenera! scata Apartments Wantel. Money Wanted Apartments to Let Miscellaneous irticleB Lost. Partnerships Wan Articles Found. s Situations Wanted, Busiaeesea to be Sold i Situations Vacant. f-Tr r pp" «• Let Sales act Various charities benefit to the extent of £ 3,600 under the will of the late Mr. Edward Clepham, of Southfields, Leicester, who left £72,170 gross, beqaeathing JE390 to servants. His daughters, states the will, have each en- tered into a oovenant to leave £ 1,000 to the Leicester Infirmary. The Mayor of Aberavon (Mr. J. M. Smith), who opened a fund on behalf of stallholders who suffered by the recent market fire, on Monday received a cheque from Miss Talbot for £100, and one from Messrs. Byass and Co. for £ 25.

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