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-+ ■ i I JL Xv OXJR PURE TEAS AT 1/6 and 1/8! These are much better value than Teas usually sold at much higher prices. G. SIMS & CO., 34, A dare Street, BRIDGEND. Edward Hughes 'N r General Draper, Silk Merger, Clothier, ."a etc. I ID)OIF Ho ti Novelties in. All J, Denartments for I the Season.. Millinery, Mantle & Dressmaking I IN THE LATEST STYLES. LONDON HOUSE, BRIDGEND. DRAPERY SALE. As we intend making up Ladies' Flannelette Underclothing ourselves in future, We wish to clear remainder of our Stock at BEDTJGED PRICES. Have also a variety of LADIES' PRINT OVERALLS, 1/llf, reduced to 1/6-1 and 1/6 j, reduced to 1/3. 4 4 A fcw dozen Children's Pinafores, size 6, at 6id., 7 at 7\d., 8 at Bid., 2 2 9 at 9d. each, and about 30 NAVY SERGE OVERALLS, from 24 to 36 inch length, all at 1 IQi each to clear, W. T. JONES, 32, Nolton St., Oldcastle, Bridgend. NOT FIVE MINUTES' WALK FROM STATION. J.. E- :c (D OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Worsbipi'nl Company Spectacle Makers: Fellow Institute Optbalmic Opticians y Exam. Lond.) Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting. Z5 16, DunreuVen Place (opposite Town Hall), Bridgend. Attendance Daily, Ten a.m. to Seven p.m. MODERATE AND INCLUSIVE CHARGES. 5226 FOR SALE, CLOVER SEED that will Stand. This Clover has been grown in the Vale for 50 years. INSPECTION OF 100 ACRES INVITED. Seed Barley, Seed Oats (Black Tartarian), also Feed Oats. STEAM BALED STRAW. Apply- Prices on Application. STEWART LANE, Broad way Farm, St. Athan, Near CARDIFF. P.O. Telephone-6, St. Athan. nOY ÃL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. Funds Exceed £ 5,150,000. Claims Paid Exceed £4.2,000,000. Fire, Life, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. of tilt! v-oii.'1 to cover loss or damage by LIGHTNING, whether the -»v«rc> red I)-, jak on fire ifaerei y fx <8 Liability ander the Woiku^ penaatin:, act covered at equitable rates. For wrtionlut anolv— MR. D. J. GWJfN, Mecropolitan bank, Bridgend, Maura, GWYN & UVVKA, Solicitors, Cow bridge. I WHEELER'S UNRIVALLED GARDEN SEEDS. The best collection I know, and in my opinion cannot be surpassed. I have used your seeds for over 20 years and have always had excellent crops.-R. G. JONES." I Wheeler's Collection of Specialities for Exhibition. Those desirous of growing the finest and best Vegetables for Exhibition will find 0 I the lollowing Collection of high-class varieties quite unsurpassable for this purpose. Wheeler's Selected Largest Podded Peas 3 varieties, 1 packet each. Wheeler's Green Long Pod Beans, 1 pint. Wheeler' Long Pod Beans, I pint. Wheeler's Extra Fine Beet, 1 packet. Wheeler's Autumn Broccoli, 1 packet. Wheeler's Extra Fine Brussels Sprouts, 1 packet. Wheeler's Pink Perfection Celery, 1 packet. Wheeler's Solid White Celery, I packet,. Wheeler's Solid Head Cauliflower, 1 packet. Wheeler's Ne Plus Ultra Carrot, 1 packet. Wheeler's Exhibition Carrot, 1 packet. Wheeler's Kingsholm Cos Lettuce, 1 packet. Wheeler's White Spanish Onion, 1 ounce. Wheeler's Empress of India Cucumber, 1 packet. Wheeler's St. David's Leek, 1 packet. Wheeler's Exhibition Parsnip, 1 packet, Wheeler's Matchless Tomato, 1 packet. Wheeler's Snowball Turnip, 1 packet. PACKING AND POST FREE TO ANY ADDRESS IN THE KINGDOM. PRICE, 10/6 NEW PRICED LIST GRATIS AND POST FREE. J. C. WHEELER & SON, Ltd., Seed Growers, GLOUCESTER. BEN. EVANS & CO. FOE, FURNITURE. Beautiful in Design. Reliable in Quality. Moderate in Price. The Stocks embrace a Selection from which the modest home can be Furnished in Good Taste for a Small Outlay, or the Most Elaborate and Costly Scheme carried out in every detail. FURNISHING CATALOGUE, (80 Pages) Post Free on request. Removals, Renovations & Renewals. ESTIMATES & ADVICE FREE. No order too small to receive attention. None too large for execution. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. SWANSEA. A. & G. TAYLOR, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS AND PORTRAIT PAINTERS, Beg to inform the Inhabitants of Bridgend and surrounding District that they have raised their Bridgend Studio to the rank of A FIRST-CLASS ART STUDIO, and have entrusted its Management to :MR- winsrsTonsr. In introducing Mr. Winston to our patrons we are confident that they will find him a genial .aud thoroughly practical operator, and an expert in Children's Portraiture. Patrons to our Bridgend Studio will always have his personal attention. Mr. Winston took over his duties some few months ago, but wished to be well acquainted with his new Studio before we publicly announced his co-partnership in the business. 4954 Printing I Printing! Printing 1 PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PKUN LIING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING #* £ EIxvII3iGt PRINTING PRINTING *# PRINTING PSaNTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING *# PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PHRTNTTNG #* PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING G PRINTING #* PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRJNTDJg PRINTING PRINLJGG PRINTING PRINTING 22 PRINTING 2J PRINTING 2I IPRWTOG #* POINTING 21 PRINTLNG PRINTING PRINTING J* PBENTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING THE GAZETTE OFFERS SPECIAL ADVANTAGES TO ITS CUSTOMERS. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR PRINTING IN BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT. PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING 2* PRINTING PRINTING 22 PRINTING PRINTING a SITING 22 PRINTING 22 HUNTING 2* PRINTING 2* PRINTING 2* PRINTING 2* PRINTING 22 PRINTING 2* printing a SITING H ^RTNTTNG 22 £ 5ZNTING PRINTING *2 MINTING I *2 printing 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING PRINTING *2 SWTEVG H PR^ITNG ii. £ 5INTING a ss1NTING ii H PRINTING ii PRATING ii PRATING 22 PRINTING ii £ 5^TING 2* PRINTING ii PRINTING ii PRINTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING ii PANTING 2* PRINTING 2* PRINTING ii PRINTING 22 PRINTING ii PRINTING 22 PRINTING ii PRINTING ii PRINTING 2* PRINTING ii PRINTING ii PRINTING ii PJUNTING 22 PRINTING 22 PRINTING ii SOWING H PRINTING 22 PRINTING ii PRINTING ii PRINTING 22 PRINTING ii PANTING PRINTING — I r Printing 1 Printing Printing I ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. SEED SEASON. EDWARD 101 Al MM <&. CO., Having completed their purchase of New Seeds, can, with confidence, 0 assure their customers that every care has been exercised in buying of growers, CLOVERS locally grown, name of growers given. SANFOIN, guaranteed old sort, fiee from burnett, and grown on the same land nine years, from North Wilts, name of growers and farm given. This is worth the attention of buyers of Sanfoin. ALSYKE AND DUTCH CLOVERS, Scotch perennial and im- ported Italian Ryegrass and Seed Corn, to suit all soils; Oats and Barley off the chalk, also from Shropshire and Scotland, with some excellent samples, locally grown, off clay and gravel soil. AN INSPECTION INVITED. Special prices quoted for quantities, and as cheap as. any Co-Operative Stores. ? YES, but you would not feel it so much in clothing made at LE VINE'S, 2 & 3, MARKET BUILDINGS, BRIDGEND. LOOK OUT! LOOKOUT! GrWALlA~ HOUSE, Oxford Street, Pontycymmer. THE above Establishment will be RE-OPENED JL on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, after Extension of Premises, when all kinds of REFRESHMENTS, DINNERS, &c., can be had without delay. HOME COMFORT AND MODERATE CHARGES. 4347 SEEDS! SEEDS!! r= SEEDS I!! What arrangements have YOU made for the purchasing of this Season's Seeds? There is no need to go out of the district for them, for I have anticipated the want and have got in an ENTIRELY NEW STOCK of the finest quality seeds. Prices are cut fine, and the quality cannot he STOCK of the Snest quality seeds. Prices beaten. Seeds Lists, etc., —— FREE —— By post or over counter. My aim is to gain YOUR custom, give YOU satisfaction, and secure YOUIt continued patronage. All orders amounting to Is. post paid (excepting peas and beans). Every packet guaranteed true to name. Prices are I moderate—and seeds the very best. You H I can have a list if you will U CALL OR SEND. B p m r? rpn M.P.S., CHEMIST II rj. 1. XLlV^n, & SEEDSMAN, ] TOWK°HAL, BRIDGEND. I 5036 BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. For Horses, Cattle, &c. ONICA." This Ointment has a wonderful reputation- Penetrates to the Root of the Evil, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. CURES Sprains, Bruises, Hard and Soft Swellings, Thrush, Canker, Collar Galls, Cuts, Contusions, Cancerous Ulcers, Venomous Bites, Blood Poisoning, &e. "ONICA" possesses strong cleansing powers, EXTRACTING GLASS, SPLINTS, NAILS, or anv like thing that may be io {;. I i i A'' i In the process of curing it PREVENTS PROUD FLESH, and in cases where Proud Flesh has alreadv appeared it will eat it away and LEAVE A SOOTHING EFFECT. It will keep the wound unclosed until every impurity is drawn out, and effect a thoroughly healthy healing.. For BROKEN KNEES it is unsurpassed, if not unequalled, EXTRACTING ALL GRIT. leaving no mark, and grows the hair its natural colour. We respectfully call the attention of those who are keeping Cows for dairy purposes to ONICA as being indispensable for SORE TEATS, and HARD AND SWOLLEN UDDERS. "ONICA" DISPLACES THE LANCE and does away with the necessity of Poulticing. Price 1/1J per box. (Post Free). FROM J. THOMAS, Middle Tremains, Bridgehd. Sole Agents for Domestic-Emrys Richards, Chemist, Tonypandy: H.[Marti Hughea, Chemist, Nantymoel, 15 TO 259000. Strictly Private Cash Advances made immedi- ately on Promissory Note, also on Life Policies on special terms. Distance no object. Trade Bills Discounted at Low Rates. Advances made on Second Mortgage. Apply- VILLIERS LIMITED, 5000 19, Duke Street, Cardiff. District of Bettws, Llangvnwyd, Llangeinor, Llandyfodwg, Coychurch Higher, Ynysawdre, St. Brides Minor. PLOUGHING, HEDGING & BANKING COMPETITION Under the following distinguised patronage 0. P. Traherne. Esq., J.P. (President), E. F. Llynch Blosse, Esq., J.P. (Vice-President), Miss Talbot, J. Boyd Harvey, Esq., J.P., J. 1. D. Nichell, Esq., J.P., Col. Vaughan Lee, J.P., W. A. Williams, Esq., Tremains. and W. Lewis, Esq., M.F.H. Chairman of Committee: Mr. Howell Williams, Bryncethin Vice-Chairman Mr. Thomas Davies, Maescadlawr; Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Thomas Crook, Plas-y-Bettws. ANNUAL "D MATCH Will take place WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27th; on TYLA COCH and CELFYDD FARMS, in the Parish of Bettws. Kindly lent by Mr. D. Morgans and Mr. Richard Thomas. PLOUGHING—Champion Class, Open to all comers. 1st. L5 5s. 2nd L3 3s. entrance fee, 5s. Class I.-Open to all comers, excepting winners 2 *w°Arst P»zes in a previous match. 1st £ 3 33.; 2nd £ 2 2s. entrance 5s. Class II.-Open to farmer's son or farm servant residing within the district, and in the service of the same employer three months previous to match, excepting winners of two first prizes in a senior eless. lilt L3. 2nd £2 given by Llangeinor Hunt; 3rd hi; 4th 10s. 6d., given by D. Williams & Sons entrance 2s. 6d. Class III.—Open to all comers, and under 21 years of age, and in the service of same employer three months previous to match, excepting winners of two first prizes in a previous match. 1st £ 3 2nd L2 3rd £1; 4th 10s. 6d., given by Mr. Jonathan Maddocks entrance 2s. 6d. BANKING AND HEDGING. Class IV. -Open to all comeis, competitors will be strictly forbidden to use a line or gauge. 1st L2 2s. 2nd £ 1 10s. 3rd £1 entrance 2s. Class V. To those within the district, excepting winners of a first prize in a previous match. 1st jBl 10s. 2nd £ 1; 3rd spade and billhook, given by Messrs. Singer and Co. 4th 5s. entrance 2s. Class VI. To those within the district, and under 22 years of age, 1st £1 2nd 10s. 6d., given by Miss S. Evans. York Hotel: 3rd, 5s.; entrance. Is. 6d. Conditions given day of Match. HORSES. Class VII.-For the best team of horses engaged at the match, being the property of tenant farmers residing within the district, and in their possession three months previous to match. 1st £1 10s given by Chemical Manure Co., per J. Francis; 2nd .£1 Class VIII.—Open to those outside the district, but not to compete with the district teams, and the property of tenant farmers. 1st Li 2nd 10s., given by Messrs Morris and Griffin. Class IX.—To those within the district and engaged at the match, being the property of tenant farmers, for the neatest turn-out. 1st a pair of leggings value 12s. 6d., given by E. L. Colemani; 2nd 5a. Clasa X.-To those within the district, and engaged at the match, and the property of tenant farmers, best Mare or Gelding. 1st Silver Teapot value 21s., given by L. Beha and Co. 2nd lCs. 6d., by VV. H. Thomas, Ship Hotel. Class XI.—To those within the district, best cob mare or gelding not exceeding 15 hands high. 1st £ 1 Is., given by Major J. C. Coath 2nd 10s. od. entrance 2s. Class XII.—To any person within the district, for the best horse suitable for colliery purposes not exceeding 14.2. 1st X- I 2nd 10s. 6d, entrance 2s. Class XIII.—To tenant farmers within the district for the best breeding mare suitable for col||ery purposes. 1st £ 1; 2nd 10s. entrance 2s. Class XIV.—To competitors in ploughing and the district, for the best in and out at headlands prize, set of camgrons. Class XV.—To those within the district, to the team that walk best and do the least damage to turrows, Prize, pair of leggings, given by Mr. Thomas Thomas. ,1Class XVI.—To those within the district, for the best Welsh harvest rake, birch broom, and potato basket. 1st 10s., given by the Chairman 2nd 5s., given by the Vice-Chairman. Ploughing not to exceed 5^ inches deep. All competitors in ploughing and banking to be on the field at S 30., to commence at 9.0. sharp. Horses in classes 11, 12, 13, to be on the field at 2.30. p.m. Subscribers of 10s. 6d. and those in their employ allowed free entries. All Horses to be in competitor's possession three months previous to match. Nearest stations, Llangonoyd, G.W.R, and Llettybrongu, P.T.R. Mr. Morgans, Celfydd Evan, Bettws, will on being notified fetch all ploughs from either station and return the same on following day. All entries will close and must be in my hands not later than Saturday, February 23. JOHN DAVIES, Hon. Sec., Penybryn, Brynmenyn. TENDERS are invited for the Supply of Re- -L freshments with Intoxicants in a suitable Marquee, the highest or any Tender not neces- earily aceepted, and to be in my hands not later than Feb. 11th. Full particulars can be had on application to JOHN DAVIES, Hon. Sec. 5324 LAURENCES' PIANO AND FURNITURE GLOSS. I (REGISTERED). To remove Dirt and li Sweat" and produce a I lasting and brilliant Polish to Pianos, Polished and Varnished Furniture, &o. Invaluable to owners of pianofortes. 2 No housewife should be without it. Price 6d. per bottle. Post free 8 stamps. Sold everywhere, or direct from the Manu- facturer- F. W. LAURENCE, 4023 BRIDGEND (Glam). Twenty-fourth Year of Attendance F* GRAHAM YOUNG, DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SCRGKONS, DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street, BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND.—JSvery WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., P-t Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical Obemiat, 57, Caroline Street. CARDIFF.—First and Third WEDNESDAY In every ftionth, 4 to 7 p.m., at 11, Station-terrace. Queen St. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation Free. Painleae Operations by Nitrous Oxide Gas. BRISTOL. -Attendance daily, except Tuesday u4 Wednesday Glamorganshire Annual Ploughing Match. 5 5 President COL. H. R. HOMFRAY, M.F.H,, Penllyn Castle. Vice-President Aid. E. John, Cowbridge. Treasurer C, W. Stewart, Esq., (Manager, National Provincial Bank, Cowbridge). THE ABOVE ANNUAL PLOUGHING Match Will be held on the Mardy Farm, Bonvilston, in a field kindly lent by Mr. Wm. Morgan, On Thursday, February 21st, 1907, Under the followingJPatronage Lord Dunraven, Lord Tredegar, Lord Aberdare, Miss Talbot. E H. Ebsworth, Esq., Sir Henry Fletcher, C.B., M.P., Sir J. T. D. Llewellyn, The Mackintosh of Mackintosh, A. J. Williams, Esq., Tudor Crawshay, Esq., General T. B Tyler, Col. H. Tyler, Alderman (4 H. Jones, T. M. Franklen, Esq, G. L. Clark. Esq, H. R. Homfray, Esq, M.F.H., J Blandy Jenkins. Esq, W R Randall, Esq. L G Williams, Esq, V H Thomas, Esq, Mayor of Cow- bridge, (Councillor C Davies), Aldermen L Jenkins and E John, J W Hall, Esq. Councillor J Williams, Dr Movnan, J I D Nicholl, Esq. Col Wyndham. Quin, G Lipscombe. Esq, T W David, Esq. C.C, Pendoylan House. Messrs Masters & Co, Cardiff, F Jotnam. Esq, JP, Cardiff, Morgan S Williams, Esq, Donatts Castle, illtyd B Nichol, Esq, The Ham, Messrs Gwyn & Gwyn, etc. The following prizes will be awarded :— PLOUGHING: Open Champion Class—1st, JE5 2nd, £2 10s; 3rd, £1, Senior Class—1st, JE4 2nd, £2; 3rd JB1; 4th, 10s Junior Class-1st, JB3; 2nd £2; 3rd. JB1; 4th, 10s (For Boys under 20 years) A Prize of £2 2s will be given by Messrs E John, Smith and Co, for the best work done with a double furrow plough also second prize of £1 Is, by Mr T Stephens, Implement Merchant, Neath For the Best Team for agricultural purposes, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match, £3, 2nd, £2, 3rd, JB1. For the Best Pair of Brood Mares, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match, £3 2nd, £2 3rd, JB1, (The brood mares shall not compete against other teams, or vice versa) A Special Prize, open, £3 3s, for the Best Team on the field. A Prize to the value of 25s 6d will be gi\en by Messrs Masters & Co, Cardiff, for the most service- able Turn-out also a second prize, value 10s, by Messrs Rees Morgan and Co, Llantwit Major and Cowbridge both in Senior Class A Prize to the value of 20s will be given by Messrs Jotham and Sons, St Mary Street, Cardiff also a second prize to the value of 5s by Mr John Williams, Draper, Cowbridge, for the best Turn- out in Junior Class A Prize of 10s 6d will be given by Messrs Howell and Co, Drapers, Cardiff; also second prize to the value of 5s, given by Mr Hopkin Thomas, Saddler, Cowbridge, in other two classes To the Farm Servant, a competitor at the match, and who has not won a first prize before, who has longest followed a team of horses with his present employer :—First Prize, value £1; second, 10s A prize value £1, second 10s, will be given to any Farm Labourer who has not won a first prize before. within the limits of the Glamorgan Hunt, who has longest served his present employer, or has worked for the longest continued period on the same Farm. A Special Prize of £2 2s will be given to the Farm Servant or Workman who has worked on the same farm for the longest continued period (open to the County of Glamorgan) Each competitor in the above 3 classes to send a Certificate of his time. signed by his employer, to the Secretary, on or be- fore February 19th Hedging and Ditching—Champion Class First, £2 IDs: second, £2; third, £1 Senior Class: Fi st, £2; second, jBl 10s third, jBl; fourth, 10s Junior Class: First, £1 108; second. jBl; third, 10s fourth, 5s (for men under 21 years of age) A prize of 5s will be given in each class for the two that will best join their banks Each banker to slope his bank 5 or 6 inchies to the foot No man allowed to compete in Junior Class who has won two first prizes in this or any higher class The same rule applies to Senior Class Conditions—1 Teams to be on the Field at Half- past Eisht, to commence at 9 sharp 2 No Plough- man allowed to use hand or foot to pack the Furrows 3 Each ploughman to plough £ an acre of land with a pair of horses within 5 hours 4 No more than 3 marks allowed 5 The depth of ploughing not to exceed 5 inches 6 No person allowed to interfere with horses or plough during ploughing except the ploughman 7 No one allowed to plough in Senior Class who has won two first prizes in this or any higher class 8 No one allowed to plough in Junior Class who has won two first prizes in this or any higher class 9 No more than one turn allowed on slicing furrows 10 Should the prizes for the Turn-outs be given to anyone who has a borrowed team the same should be handed over to its regular follower Further instructions will be given on the field Entries—Each Champion ploughman pays 5s j the other three classes to pay 2s each Hedging and Ditching Champion Class. 2s the other two classes, Is each Fee for Teams, 2s 6d each Competitors to send their fees to the Secretary, on or before February 16th, 1907. IIíiJ" All entries must be prepaid. The Prizes will be distributed on the Field at the close of the Competitions Chairman of Committee: MR REES THOMAS, Boverton Place Secretary: MR JOHN MORGAN, St Marychurch, Cowbridge 5315 SCOTCH SEED POTATOES TO GROWERS. As I am again ordering my Annual Consignment from the grower in Scotland, I shall be glad to have your orders NOT LATER THAN SATURDAY, 9TH FEB. Any quantity supplied from 1 cwt. npward?. A change of Seed always pays A. ROBISON EWKNwy PRIORY, BRIDGEND. 2338 MR. T. DAVIES, Mus. Bac., A.R.C.O., A. Mus. T.C.I. ORGANIST, ST. MARY'S, CARDIFF, VISITS BRIDGEND and PENCOED Weekly T to give VIOLIN, PIANO and SINGING LESSONS. Apply on Saturday mornings at 45, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. Address—MR. T. DAVIES, 15, Westbourne Crescent 5198 Cardiff. Musical. PIANOS! PIANOS PIANOS I BEST PRICES AND TERMS IN THE WORLD Write for our Catalogue of Pianos and Organs, with complete information of ALL THE LEAD ING BRITISH and CONTINENTAL PIANOS, to be seen at our ehowrooms. TUNINGS and REPAIRS on the shortest notice. Estimates Free.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd, 1, Wynd- ham Street, Bridgend. PIANO by Collard & Collard, walnut case, -t- incised gilt panel and sconces. Equal to when new. Good practising Instrument. Only 10 guineas, payableat 6s. per month.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—by Burling and Burling, rosewood case, incised gilt panel and sconces. Check action, &c. A bargain. Price 12 Guineas P»y»4e at 6s. 6d. per month. — Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—by Tolkein. 40 Guinea Instrument j_ Bun walnut cabe, Ivory keys, full compass, incised gilt panel and sconces, &c reduced to 17 Guineas, payable at 9s. per month.—-Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO —by Thompson and Shackell. 36 Guinea Instrument. Walnut case, incised gilt panel and sconces, full compass, check action, &c., only 16 guineas, payable at 8s. 6d. per month. A rare bargain.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. < kRGANS.—Returned trom Hire. 5 stops, b U guineas, payable at 4s. per month. 7 stops, 6 guineas, 5s. monthly. 9 stops, 10 guineas, 6s. monthly. 11 stops, 12 guineas, 6s. 6d. monthly. 12 stops, 14 guineas. 7s. 6d. monthly. All geumne bargains.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HONOGRAPHS "GRAPHOPHONES J. We stock all standard makes of Phonographs, and Gramaphones, Graphophones, Records, Ac- cessories, &c., and supply at lowest possible prices. Clients calling can see, hear, and compare all kinds. Cash or easy terms. Fully illustrated catalogue sent free.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1. Wyndham Street. Bridgend MOURNING CARDS may be obtained at the .1.1'1. Gazette Office, Bridgend. J. Wanted. GROCERY.—Wanted, well-educated Youth as Apprentice; outdoocs. Rhys Williams. Bridgend 5295 GROCER Y.—W^Sfcii fftrong Lad to deliver and assist in warehouse. Thomas Powell. Bride- end 5296 AN energetic and capable Man wanted for Bridg- -L- end, Brynmenyn, and Pencoed. Must be re- sident and well connected wiih local, social, politic- u&i sPorla institutions. Sole agency offered,» _.°r £ )are time. Good commission terms, billiards, Bowls. Cricket, Fo.>'lmll, &c. No stockB required. Applications marked, "AgeDcy," to be sent in not later than Feb. 11th. Riley's Sporting Goods Manufacturing Co., Accrington. 5286 TO LET. Mill Cottage, Wick; large garden j. JL good supply of water; rent 8s. per month.— Apply W, Morgan, Mill Farm. 5270 WANTED at once, a respectable girl, about 16;, TV (two children).- Apply Mrs L Freedman, if Cowbridge Road, Bridgend 5319 WANTED, clean General for small family- references required—Apply, Mrs Jones." Draper, Nolton Street 5520 WANTED, a young Girl as Nurse.—Apply Mrs: ▼7 Powell, West Farm, Southerndown, near Bridgend 5333 WANTED, by March 10th, respectable Gir It as General Servant.—Mrs. Hopkins, 17., Wyndham-street, Bridgend. 5336 QUARRYMEN.—Wanted some experienced Quarry men to work Pantmawr Quarry must be sober, reliable, and constant workers-1 Apply, Mr. E. Rowland Thomas, Heulweii Porthcawl. 5355 WANTED at once, working Housekeeper 35. to 40.—SI. Jones, 3 Horse Shoes, South Cor5 nelly, Pyle, Nr. Bridgend. 5354 WANTED, smart Eirand Boy.—Apply, J. & C. TT Sankey, Bridgend. 5353 WANTED, clean Girl about 14 two in family good home.—Apply, Mrs. Morgan, 53 (Jowbridge Koad, Bridgend. 4349 YT7 ANTED, respectable Girl for Housework r. t'f age 17-18.-Conservative Club, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 5355 WAN!ED, Housekeeper or Good General for T f working man and children -Apply, stating wages required, "Beta," Gazette Office, Bridgend. 5355 WANTED, House Maid.—Apply, Mrs. E. V V Hughes, London House, Bridgend. 5364 WANTED, respectable Girl as General, and: V V to assist with children good references.— Apply, Mrs. Aston, Old Tavern, Llangienor. 5361 WANTED, good clean Girl as General; also V V working Farm Bailiff.—Appl), Wyndham Hotel, Bridgend. 5385 WANTED, General Servant.—Apply, Mrs., » » Foster. 7 Nolton Street, Bridgend. 5379 To be Let. nro BE LET, Glanavon House, with or without -L stables. For all particulars apply to Mrs* Wm. Cooke, 45, Park Street, Bridgend. 4235 TO LET, at Llantwit Major, a Lock-up-shop in JL the Main Street.- Apply, Mrs. Standfast, Ltantwit Major. 5224 TO LET. excellent front rooms, suit offices or JL dentist. Apply Roderick, Adare Stroet. 5284 Y. ARD and Carpenter's Shop and Sheds, Stable J- and Coach-house (small), warehouse room, with electric power and circular saw—C H Price Bridgend 5312 TO LET, house and shop in best part of Wynd- JL ham Streat, Bridgend—Applyf 6 Newcastle Hill, Bridgend 5313 TO LET, Bakehouse at Aberkeufig.—Apply, 50 -L Bedford Street, Cardiff. 5353 TO LET, Land with siding accommodiation for JL manufacturing or storage purposes, adjoining Messrs. ohephard and Sons' Eneinepriii-* Wnrlra Bridgend. A pply, P. Gaylard, Bridgend: 5356 T° ? ,val"abfle Site for Residence with efficient land for Kitchen garden, Tennis L/Ourt, etc. cheap ground rent.— Apnlv P Gaylard, Bridgend. 5357 TO LET, Bedroom and Sittingroom; hot and JL cold bath.—Mrs. Sims, 16 Coychurch Koad. 4345 To LET, Myrtle Villa, Aberkeufig; 2 front JL rooms, kitchen, pantry, scullery, and 5 bed- rooms good garden attached.—Apply on premises. 4344 rro LET, Workman's Cottage on Ceruglass Road.—Apply, W. Elias, Cefnglass Koad, Bridgend. 4343 TO LET, front Sitting-room and one or two Bedrooms.—Apply 110, Nolton-street, Brida- end- 5375 FRONT Sitting-room and Bedroom to Let.— JL Apply, Matbern Villa, 25, Grotfe Koad, Brid- gend. 5384 TO LLT, a Cottage at Coity Village moderate JL rent.—Apply, W. David, Spencer Koad, Coity. 5382 For Sale, WREATHS AND CROSSES (Artificial) from. 0 .T.T- £ 5. New Stodk for Palm Sunday. T> *Indows Troughs, &c., for Natural Flowers. —K. H. Dyer, Stationer, 22, Queen Street, Brid- gend. 5323 IplOR SALE, oak field gates, posts, larch fence posts and rails, also large stock dry ash planks, felloes, shafts, and other coach building materials.—Roberts, Maindy, Cowbridge. 5227. M0 ^D?AD CHICKS.—ARMITAGK'S DRY _i^l FEED CHICKEN FOOD, the original and the best, to insure success no other food should be given for first 14 days, chickens reared on this food weigh 20 ozs. when 5 weeks old, pullets commence to lay at 5 months, in bags 4d. 8d, Is. 4d. 2s. 6d. 5s. Manufacturers, Armitage Bros., Ltd., Nottingham., sold by D. Williams and Son" Wyndham-street, Bridgeud: J. Wybron, High st. Aberavon: G. A. Loveluck, Central Pharmacy, Neath. FOR SALE, bay cob, 14 hands high, four years JD old.—Apply Thomas, Handel House, 4 Coity Road, Bridgend 5305 LIMESTONE CHIPPINGS, for sale, lor drives, footpaths and concrete—Gwatkin, Cornelly, Pyle. n 5307 FOR SALE, pure bred Indian Game Cock— .r Apply, Owens, Slon, Southerdown 5329 FOR SALE, two pure bred white Leghorn JC Cockrels, 5s. each,—Apply, Miss Prichard". Bryntirion, Bridgend 5227 FOR SALE, 2 Handsome Show Cases; 7 feet by 4 feet; bargain; room wanted.—Levine Market Buildings, Bridgend. 5371 UjiiiLi5AitK0Wi3,—• U'UJtt iiAliA, iOO Tv tacng and well-niiftGc, price 13a. oact- —Chas Son, Timber Sfofchar'a Bridgend* riB8 IRON & BRASS FOUNDRY, BRIDGEND. We are now in a position to supply all kinds of Brass and Iron Castings, including Firebars and parts for all Agricultural Machinery. We also undertake Repairs to Portable Engines and Boilers. 6176 CHAS. JENKINS & SON. EISTEDDFOD, BLAENGARW, MARCH 11th, 1907 BARITONE SOLO, "A Midnight Serenade"?. JD Tenor Solo, Tell me once more Soprano Solo" Come to me Post tree la 9d each—Pitt and Co, 89 Bewsey Street. Warrington, Lanes. 5309 Strayed. STRAYED to Slade Farm, Mountain Ewe k3 owner confirming mark, can have it by paying expenses, and if not claimed within three days, will be hold.—John, Slade, Southerndown. 4346 STRAYED to Whitney Farm, Merthyrmawr, a Bay Cob star on forehead. Owner can have same on paying expenses. 5275 COLLIERY Officials, Mining Students, if you study at home. send for syllabus, "Cambrian Mining School," Glanffrwd, Porth. Lessons by post. They are cheap, reliable, efficient, and up- to-date. 5143 IF You Require a Private Loan, on reasonable terms, from £ 5 upwards c.t once for a_ special purpose, or you want to start a business or increase your stock, or creditor* ave pr.-sdng, come cr write to me. Strictest secrecy observed. Money lent on Life Policies and Second Mortgages. Distance no object. Loaus arranged by poet. Open Saturdays until 6. EDWARD STEWART, 1 Castle-street, Cardiff. If urgent telephone No. 012M Nat. 5359