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OGMUKJi & (i -k-K W IN, PONTYCYMMER. Sympathy.—Much sympathy has been ex- tended to Mrs. Morgan Hughes (drapery es- tablishment) in the bereavement of her brother, Mr. John Rees. Tondu. Sudden Death.—Mrs. Foulkes, Waun Bant, I cl died very suddenly on Saturday morning. She has been ?o-' :J.=C: tiiuc; Saturday morning complamed ot leeiitig more than usually ill. Her husband pro- ceeded to make her a cup of tea, but on re- turning found his wife dead. Juvenile performance.—On Wednesday evening, in last wee a., uie I ublic-hiJI comfortably tilled on ihe occasion of a p-c»- formance by the Pontyrhil Children's Choir in connection with St Mary's Church. This choir has previously performed in the hall, and upon each occasion the performance has been well patronised. The concert was chiefly composed of action songs, marionettes, and Mav-pole dance. Who Should Preach ?—Owing to a mistake, the English Congregational Church were supplied on Sunday with two ministers. This church for well nigh twelve months has been destitute of a pastor, and the pulpit is occupied by means of "supplies." On Sunday through a little oversight two ministers turned up—Rev. Mr. Jones, Abercynon, and Rev. Mr. Rogers. After a consultation, it was arranged that the former preach in the morning and the latter in the evening. Mr. Rogers, we understand, is a likely candidate for the pastorate of the church. Fatal Accident.-An accident, which ter- minated fatally, occurred to Mr. David Price, of Pantygog, on Monday night. De- ceased, who was 60 years ot age, was a collier and on Monday evening after leaving work he went to record his vote in the Pontyrhil Ward. After returning home and partaking of supper, he retired to rest, but came down- stairs again to fetch a clock which he had forgotten. As he was returning he acciden- tlly fell backwards from the top to the bot- tom of the stairs, with the result that he fractured his skull. He died about middle day on Tuesday. Noddfa Young People's Society.—The weekly meeting of this society was held on Tuesday evening. Excellent papers wore read by Mrs. Stone on Temperance in the Home," and by Miss Violet Jones on "Medi- cal testimony to Temperance." Mr. Wil- liams (Pegler's) recited The Drunkard's Soliloquy." Miss Annie Rees sang the Gard&tes fach" in grand style, and Mr. David Thomas gave a perfect rendering of Y Llong a'r Golendy." Messrs. Jeremiah Morgan, Robert Roberts, and Dan Lewis ■commented upon the papers. The Rev. W. Saunders presided, and Mrs. E. S. Evans accompanied the singers. The meeting throughout was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Competitive Meeting.—A competitive meeting, under the auspices of the bi- monthly meetings of the Calvinistic Metho- dist Churches of the Garw Valley, was held .at Bethel on Monday evening. This was the jsecond annual meeting, and the committee had arranged an excellent programme. The chair was occupied by the Rev. E. M. Evans, Blaengarw, and the adjudicator was Mr. Philip Thomas, pf Neath. The awards were as follows -Solo, for children under 12 years of age: 1, Blodwen Davies, Blaen- garw; 2, Ceinwen Davies, Pontycynimer. Recitation for children under 15 years: Gracie James, Blaengarw. Solo, for girls under 16 years Divided between Lucy Hep- worth and Edith Annie Morgans, both of Pontycynimer. Answers to questions taken from the history of Jesus Christ (children under 10 years): 1, Katie Williams, Ponty- cymmer; 2, Ceinwen Davies, Pontycymmer; and a. special prize given by the adjudicator to Ceridwen Ridgeway, Pontycymmer. Essay on The History of the Christian •Church": Mr. Willie LI. Rees, Blaengarw. Answers to six questions taken from the history of Jesus Christ (children under 13 years): 1, Stanley Davies, Blaengarw; 2, Willie Rowlands. Soprano solo Miss Agnes Morgans, Pontycymmer. For the four best verses (8 line-s each) on Hope" Mr. Isaac Davies, Blaengarw. Bass solo Mr. David Jones, Blaengarw. Recitation: Mr. Hugh Jones, Blaengarw. Quarette: Divided be- tween Bethel, Pontycymmer, and Tabernacle, Blaengarw. Treatise on The Influences of the Holy Trinity in the. Salvation of Man" Mr. Hugh Jones, Blaengarw. Party: Winners conducted by Mr. David Jones, Blaengarw. Juvenile Choir Winners con- ducted by Mr. James Fox, Pontycymmer. The accompanists were Miss M. J. Owen, Pontycymmer. and Miss Blodwen James, Blaengarw, who performed their duties with much judgment and taste. The chairman of the committee was the Rev. E. M. Evans, Blaengarw; treasurer, Mr. John Williams, Strand secretary, Mr. T. Owen, Pontycym- mer. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to all for their respective services, and especially to the ladies who presented the committee with beautiful prize-bags. BAPTIST ZENANA MISSION. Enthusiastic meetings in connection with the above were held at Noddfa Chapel, Pontycymmer, on Monday. The afternoon was devoted to a conference of women workers and representatives from all the Baptist Churches were present. The presi- dent is Mrs. Edwards., Cardiff College, who welcomed the women, and urged them all to take up the cause heartily. Mrs. Kerry, the Home Secretary, in a very able manner, spoke of the various ways in which the churches could help the Zenana Mission, and appealed for workers. Several women re- sponded, and promised to do all they could to further the cause. A public meeting was held in the evening, presided over by the Rev. W. A. Williams, Bla engarw. Mrs. Edwards, Cardiff College, spoke upon mission work at home, and ap- pealed to all present to do their best to aid it. She did not expect them all to go to India or to some other foreign land to do mission work, but provision could bo made at home for the work in foreign fields. At the commencement of the revival, she re- ceived her first intelligence from Pontycym- mer by reading the reports. As to whether the revival started at Pontycymmer or not she did not know, but the fact remained that Pontycynimer was prominent at that period. Her desire was that Pontycynimer would also (become prominent in the Zenana Mission work. Many people were ignorant of the meaning of Zenana. She was once in con- versation with a woman who thought that the men in India were called bananas and the women Zenanas. (Laughter.) The Rev. lorwerth Jones. Maesteg, having addressed the meeting in Welsh, Mrs. Kerry, who has spoilt most of her life in mission work in Calcutta, delivered a short but touching address. A collection was taken in aid of the mis- sion funds.











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