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MAESTTEG A; HISTHKH :J (lll GAZ r! I K, "Workman Idle.—u« Lo the breaking of a "cog" wheel of one of hauling engines at the bottom of the Coegnant Colliery on Monday afternoon, two hundred workmen have been rendered idle. At Bethany C.M. Church, Caerau, on Monday afternoon a very sncceseful tea, en- tertainment, and salo of work were held, in aid of the church funds. At the tea a good number of friends sat at the tables, which were nicely decorated and presided over by the members of the church. The sale of ( work in the afternoon was well patronised. The entertainment was held in the evening, when the church was very well filled. Solos and recitations and addresses ere given, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Service of Song.—At the English Congre- gational Chapel in Castle-street on Sunday evening the cantata rom the Manger to the Cross," was performed by the chapel choir, under the conductorship of Mj-. D. W. Thomas, assisted by the following artistes: Soprano, Madame Bronwen Williams; con- tralto, Miss M. 0. Thomas, Neath-road; tenor, Mr. Maldwyn Evans; bass, Mr. John Phillips; and an ochestra conducted by Professor Gomer Jones. Mr. David Rees presided at the organ, and the Rev. J. Wil- liams, pastor of the church, presided over the service. The chanel was completely pAoked. Much credit is due to the able con- ductor for the creditable performance of the work. Rev. Glasnant Jones's Cail.-The following article appeared in the Tyst" for last week:—Rev. Glasnant Jones, of Slioh Chapel. Nantyffyllon, has accepted a call to Oross Keys and Wattsvjile Churches, M'on., where he intends commencing his ministry early in March. The church at Siloh, and the 'inhabitants of the town, feel very disap- pointed that he is leaving. The whole of the communicants and non-members attend- ing Sliob Chapel rose to their feet recently to 6liow their appreciation of his services, the confidence they had in him, and their love towards him as their respected minister. The six years during which the rev. gentle- man haa been at Siloh has been happy and successful. Since his advent he has given the right hand of fellowship to nearly 200 new members; he received 75 members the same evening; and a month later he received 4-5. the majority of which have since become baok-sliders. After all, there remains at Siloh a large congregation, and a flourishing Sunday School. A substantial amount of the debt has been wiped off, £400 being the total debt outstanding. Very recently a new vestry has been made underneath the chapel to accommodate 250 persons, the opening ceremony of which was performed on Christmas Sunday morning by Mrs. Glasnant Jones, the respected wife of the minister, who has always filled her position faithfully. The contractor handed her a silver key with which she opened the door and declared the vestry open for Divine service. The con- tractor and architect was Mr. T. S. Morris, Maesteg, who has creditably completed the work for the sum of £400. The Rev. Glas" nant Jones delivered a lecture at Siloh, the subject being "Watcyn Wyn," by which a clear profit of R57 9s. was made and devoted to the church funds." Cantata.—On Wednesday and Thursday evening in last week, the Juvenile Choir of Noddfa Chapel, Troedyrlnw-garth, under the conduc-torahip of Mr. vV. H. Williams, performed the cantata "Day in the Woods." The accompanist was Mr. Thomas Harris, and the chairman on both occasions was Mr. Peter Allen, M.E., of Elder's Navigation Col- lieries. The Derformance was quite a suc- oess. and the chapel was crowded on both evenings, the doors hiding to be closed long before the time to commence. A stage had been erected by the young men, and the ladies undertook the work of decoration, which was done with a very pleasing effect. Before the cantata was gone through, a mis- cellaneous programme w-s given, when the following took TJart in a most praiseworthy manner:—Misses Annie Jane Bastian, Cein- wren Davies, Mrs. Sarah Rees, and Mrs. Har- riet Thomas, and the Misses Williams, Mas- ters W. H. Hnxtable, and T. J. Huxtable. Messrs. John E. Jones, D. J. \V iiliams, W. H. Williams, Philip Richards, Wm. Harris, etc. Mr. Thos. Harries, the organist of the chapel, rendered a pianoforte solo in excel- lent style. The fc'loxi.-j took leading parts in the cantata: "Queen,' Miss Jenny Rees. Tymaen Farm Grandmother," Mrs. D. R. Mazey. Neuadd Denies F-rln; "Gipsy Girl," Miss Beatrice Davies, Maiden-street- The conductor had made a very happy selection in giving those named tiie leading parts, ar, they performed admirably. Duets, solos, and recitations were given by the following: Mrs. Joseph Bastiii., Mrs. M. Thomas, the Misses Williams, Miss Gladys Rees, Miss Elizabeth Re-es (Tymaen Farm) and Miss Cein- wen Davies, Miss Annie Harris, Miss Eliza- beth A. Davies and Miss Annie Davies, Miss Blodwen Owens, 'Miss Gwen Davies (Overt House). Miss Liiv Huxtable, Miss Margaret L. Rees, Miss -.label Matthews, Miss Gwen Davies. Miss Hnn; h Harris, Miss Elizabeth ren Richards. Miss Mary Ann Phillips, and Miss Lizzie Ann Davies, Mr. Morgan Evan Rees, Master TI rhomas, and Mr. Thos. J. Williams. vill rendered their parts in good style, and when it is considered that this is the first i:in'9 that- anything of the kind has been attempted at Noddfa, it re- flects the highest praise to Mr. Williams, who must have vorked hard to get up such a performance. Mr. Thos. Harris has been most assiduous in his duties as organist and the way he presided at the piano at each performance deserves great credit. At the close of each performance the Chairman moved a vote of thanks to the conductor, choir, and all who had worked towards pro- viding such an •cr+ t^ent. Tho pastor of the church (Rev. D. Morris) responded, and moved a vote of thanks to the chairman, which was ca,rr-Nl with acclamation. ORATORIO AT THE) TOWN HALL. A performance ot urowbridge's oratorio "Lrod with llli, was given at the Town-hail Oil VVedllesday evening last week by the ■Nantyffyllon ciiorai society, under the leadership 01 ÚH. Ù. J. Watkins. Dr. H. Sinclair presided. The principals v. ere — Soprano, Mauame M. iviorris Evans, Tonyre- tail; contralto, xvuss iViorrydd Williams, Car- diff; xenor, x\xr. John Roberts; bass, Mr. J- liurry Morse; while the incidental music was supplied by a capable orchestra conducted by Professor Gomer Jones. Mr. Watkins at once set the audience at ea^e with his mas- terly wielding 01 the b-iton. "Now when j sits" was suu- in good voice by Mr. Burry Morse, and tne cuoir gave a fine rendering of the chorus, And thou Bethlehem," the sopranos being particularly good. Mrs. M. Morris Evans gave a nice rendering of the recit "And tilers yx-it; 111 the same country," and the other principals united with her in the quartette And, lo, the angel." Mrs. Evans kept the lead with And suddenly there was with the angels," until the choir Iili, in with the declamatory chorus Glory It) (<od in the Highest." Then followed a j tit and air by Mr. Roberts, "Let us go to iethlehem." This vocalist has a very power- ltd voice, but has a tendency to be a little metallic. And they came with haste" was very nicely rendered hy Mrs. Evans, and was followed by the pretty quartette, And the shepherds ret^i^cJ." In the next solo, And, behold, the-e was a Man," Mr. Morse was heard to good advantage. He posses a voice of good quality and compass, and his enunciation is quite distinct. After th" choir had sung, "Lord, lettest Thou thy ser- nmi." Mrs. Evans gave a fine rendering of And there was one, Anna." The chorus. And the child grew strong" was followed hy And when He was thirty years old," by Mr. Morse, after which Mrs. Evans sang "And in His ministry." and "Come unto Me." Jesus said" was very effectively rendered by Mr. Morse, and the contralto, Miss Williams, did justice to Blessed are they," while the rendering of Salvation beiongeth unto the Lord." by the choir, brought the first part of the work to a close. In the second and third parts the principals and choir surpassed their early efforts, and were warmly appluded by the audience. The performance, taken all round, was exceedingly good, and reflected great credit on the conductor. The following composed the orchestra:—First violins, Mr. W. Whitaker (Swansea). Miss Winnie Phillips (Bridgend), Miss Ceinwen Kitisey (Op-more Vale); second violins, Mr. G. R. Oliver (Swansea), Miss Tilney (Abertil- lerv). Mr. George McPherson (Maesteg), Mr. R, Lewis (Swansea Valley), and Mr. J. Howells (Kenfig Hill); viola, Mr. W. E. Thomas, Aberdare; 'cello, Mons. M. Gond- man, Swa.nsea; double bass, Mr. Abel Jones, Ogmore Vale; flute, Mr. Josiah Thomas, Maesteg; clarionet, Mr. T. J. Coughlin, Car- diff oboe, Mr. J. Pardoe, Cardiff; trumpet, Air. E. Hardiman, Mountain Ash; tymbal, Mr. J. Hushes, Cardiff; grand organ, Mr. 07. J. Kictiards. The chairman of the com- mittee was Rev. T. Esgar James; hon. secre- tary, Mr. G. E. Thomas; assistant secretary, Mr. W. D. Morris; treasurer, Mr. W. J. Griffiths.



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