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-+"- .Zip m- D. W. PRICE'S Great Bargain Sale tUMLJ^ Qf Q-eneral Drapery, Millinery, Ladies' & Children's Outfitting'. ffjfi h W I Tt GENUINE REDUCTION OF PRICES and a Firm l0FrTWHran^e B^r^ATrS1,™1 S^le' What y°u GET for your money is more important than what you PAY. Ill | |0 ¥ rm DON 1 BJb Ltr 1 r> £ >hLlJND! But uOMh, AT ONCE and secure some of the Greatest Bargains ever offered m Bridgend || y "JppA m t A Jw The entire Stock must be Cleared to make room for New Spring Goods. Value Never so High! Prices Never so Low! SALE EVERYf DAY THROUGHOUT JANUARY. Need we ask you to come? a* D. W. PRICE (Opposite Town Hall), BRIDGEND. W N )t))))ttM« NHtBBSB OUR PURE TEAS AT 1/6 and 1/8! These are much better value than Teas usually sold at much higher prices. G. SIMS & CO., 34, A dare Street, BRIDGEND. Edward Hughes V General Draper, Silk Merger, Silk Merger, Clothier, etc. Doff Jim 03 1 16- Novelties in. All. Departments for the Season.. Millinery, Mantle & Dressmaking I IN THE LATEST STYLES. LONDON HOUSE, BRIDGEND. WHEELER'S UNRIVALLLD GARDEN SEEDS. The best collection I know, and in my opinion cannot be surpassed. I have used your seed a for over 20 years and have always had excellent cropa.—R. G. JONES." Wheeler's Collection of Specialities for Exhibition. Those desn ous of growing the finest and best Vegetables for Exhibition will find I the tollowing Collection of high-class varieties quite unsurpassable for this purpose. Whee'er'p Selected Lareeet Podded Peas 3 varieties, 1 packet each. WheeU.-r's Or-en Lone P Beans, lpint. "Wbeelfr's j,ng Pod 1 pint. Wbeeler'" r'x'ra ]fjn" S-Vf. i packet. Whefier'rt Autumn B packer. Wht:- ler's Fine. t;¡ is Sprouts 1 packet. Whee'ie.'?' "ink Perfection Celery, 1 packet. Wheeler's Solid White Cel- >y, 1 packet. Wheeler's Solid Head Cauhtlower, 1 picket. Wheeler's Ne Plus Ultra Carr.ot, 1 packet Wheeler's Exhibition Carrot, 1 packet. Wbeeler'e Kingsholm Cos Lettuce, 1 packet. Wheeler's White Spanish Onion, 1 ounce. Wheeler's Empress of India Cucumber, 1 packet. Wheele<'s St David's Leek, 1 packet. V\ heeler's Exhibition Parsnip, 1 packet, Wheeler's Matchless Tomato, 1 packet. Wheeler's Snowball Turnip, 1 packet. P:\PKINfi AND POST FREK TO ANY ADDRESS IN THE KINGDOM. PRICE. 10/6 NEW PRICED LIST GRATIS AND POST FREE. J. C. WKEELER & SON,Ltd., Seed Growers, GLOUCESTER. A. & G. TAYLOR, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS and PORTRAIT PAINTERS, Beg to i orm the t.-jhabitants of Bridg•->.•••! •-11^ surrounding District that they have raised their Bridgend Studio to the rank of A FIRST-CLASS ART STUDIO, and have entrusted its Management to 2vIR. WITSTSTON". .4 u_- -u_- In introducing Mr. Win-<"on to our D-Alrovis we are confident that they will And him a genial thol(Jugbly practical operator, and an expert iu Children's Portraiture. Patrons to our Bridgend Studio will always have his personal attention. Mr. Winston took over his duties some few months ago, but wished to be well acquainted with hi- new Studio beiore we publicly ,itr;ounced his co-partnership in the business. 4954 A ioYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. Punaa Exceed £ 5,150,000. Jlaims Paid iSxceed £ 42,000,000. fire, Life, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. I rt F t, 3'oi of the Oorporatfoa extend to cov t low or damage by LKJHTNINO, whether the ¡ s lured be set on ♦ire iJiaieby or not. Liability under the Workmen's COJ•; -O>>-a Act c*v»r»<5'at equitable rates. j For B*rticnlars apoly— MB, D. J. GW'YN. W <■• i opolitan bank, Bridgend. Messrs, GW YJN & UWlN, Sdlicifcore, Cowbridge. Sale Sale Sale GREAT DRAPERY SALE NOW PROCEEDING! AT fr R. JONES', Bridge House, Bridgend. BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. Drapery, Dress Materials, Blankets and Quilts, Floor Cloths, Hosiery, Gloves, Blouses, Umbrellas, Underclothing, Jackets, Inverness Capes, Skirts, Ladies' and Children's Paletots, Fur Stoles and Muffs, Millinery, Children's Pelisses and Costumes, etc. Remnants. Remnants. Remnants. OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT. Men's Overcoats, 16/11, 19/11, 24/11. Youths' Overcoats, 10/11, 14/11, 16/11. Men's Black and Navy Suits, 16/11, 19/11, 27/6. Men's Tweed Suits, 14/11, 19/11, 24/11. Men's Trousers, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11. Youth's, Boy's and Juvenile Suits to be Cleared at a Great Reduction. Shirts, Pants, Ties, etc., Greatly Reduced. I THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE Ben. Evans' Winter Clearance CATS1 B A ■■■§ m Daily throughout January. THE FINEST COLLECTION OF ZB-A.15^ Q-A-IIET S in General Drapery, Show-room, Fancy & Furnishing Goods IN W ÄLES and the WEST. Send for Catalogue 37 (36 Pages), Full of Bargains, which will be forwarded Post Free on application. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. SWANSEA. HOW TO W W SAVE MONEY! Purchase at late Buckley and Co. Ltd's premises, which I are to be Cleared Goods Regardless of Cost. IMPORTANT I I, w &J PALFERY (Late WALTER EDWARDS), Emporium, Bridgend, ,"air COMMENCE SALE THEIR Ai »." ,(." To-Morrow, Jan. 19th, When the remaining portion of the Stock of the late Walter Edwards will be sold at EXTRAORDINARY PRICES Which must appeal to you. A few of the Bargains offered are enumerated^below— 25 only, Ladies' Smart Tweed Coats, usual price 21s, sale price 9s lid. A few Coats and Skirts (Ladies'), usual price 18s lid, sale price 4s lid. Oddments in Ladies' and Children's Coats, less than half-price. Ladies' Smart Black Cloth Dress Skirts, usual price 6" lid, sale price 3s lld. Ladies' Tartan (dark green and black) Dress Skirts, usual price 7s lid, sale price 4 11 Jd. Ladies' Morette Under Skirts, all colours, usual price 3s 6d, sale price Is lljd. Remaining Stock of Furs, marked exactly half- price. All Trimmed Milhnery half-price. About 2 dozen Motor Caps and Tame, usual price Is lid to 3s 6d, sale price 6d. 10 dozen extra large size Welsh Shawls in greys and fawns, usual price 78 lid, sale price price 3s 1 lid. 6 dozen real Ice Wool Shawls, one colour only, usual price :3:3 lid, sale price Is. 28 Gdd Pairs of Corsets, half-price.. 380 yards Coloured Dress Material, usual price is 6ïd to 2s 6fd, sale price Is OJd. :1 150 yards Coloured Alpaca, usual price la llfi, sale price 6|d yard. 800 yards Delaine in lovely designs and colours, usual price Is Ofd, sale price lUfd, 500 yards Madras Muslin, charming patterns, usual price Is 4Jd, sale price Ilid.. Odd Pairs Lace Curtains, nearly half-price. Tapestry Carpet, 1 yard wide, usual price 28 6 £ d, sale price Is 6§d. Fioor Clofb, 2 vards wide, usual price la 6fd, sale price Is 0;^ 3. Travellers' Samples of Quilts of all makes, Sheets, Pillov? Cases, Taposfc>y Covers, five o'clock Teacloths, Duchesse Sets, &c., nearly half- price. A few Boys' Suits from Is Overcoats hem 2s 6d. ¡ 1000 REMNANTS TO BE SOLD HALF-PRICE. Welsh Flannel Sale FOR 21 DAYS ONLY!! At omm '1"' W. T. JONES'. -o:r-r.I; 32, Nolton St. (Oldcastle), BRIDGEND. A large variety of Fawn and Grey Shirting Flannels, Plain and Stripe Red, Pink,'Green and other Fancy Blouse and Dress Flannels, ALL ONE PRICE— ONLY 1/- PER YARD. -= ['¡o: 'j' 1'{; 'OV' -W' "Y'T'I: Grand quality White Flannel, only Is. per yard. A large assortment of Shawls, Torinove^sT" Grey and Fawn Shirts, Grey, Fawn, and White Stripe Drawers, Skirtings, &c AT VERY LOW PRICES. STOCKINGS—Usual Price Is. to Is. 2d., all at 101d. per pair, or 3 pair for 2s. 6d.. W. T. JONES wishes it to be understood that the Goods he is offering are of thoroughly reliable quality, and that all Flannels are Full Width. 5242 w =0 T- OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. Fellow Institute Opthalmic Opticians (By Exam. Lond.) Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting. [ MODERATE CHARGES. Opposite TOWN HALL, BRIDGEND. Attendance Daily, Ten a.m. to Seven p.m. 5226 FOR SALE, CLOVER SEED that will Stand. This Clover has been grown in the Vale for 50 years. INSPECTION OF 100 ACRES INVITED. -M Seed Barley, Seed Oats (Black Tartarian), also Feed Oats. STEAM BALED STRAW. Apply- Prices on Application. STEWART LANE, Broadway Farm, St. Athan, Near CARDIFF. P.O. Telephone-S, St. Athan, WHAT HAVEN'T YOU TRIED LEVINE FOR W TAILORING* DO IT NOW! 2 & 3, MARKET BUILDINGS, gRIDGEND. MOORLANDS SCHOOL, PORTHCAWL, PRINCIPALS THE MISSES GARSED, Assisted by Resident and Visiting Certificated Masters and Mistresses. Recent Successes in R.A.M. and RC.M, (Local Centre and School), and A.L.C.M. Resident French Mistress. Sound English Education. Special Advantages in Art Subjects. Large Playground. Healthy situation near to sea. References to Parents. Next Term commences JANUARY 21st, 1907. 5161 JJORSES FOR THE RING. m Thomas Griffiths, Pantybutler, Cardigan. I have found satisfactory results from feeding Hackneys, Cobs and Ponies on your MOLASSINE MEAL, and should never think of being without it, es- pecially in getting horses fit for Show or Sale, when it acts like magic." Sold by all Corn Merchants, and The MOLASSINE CO., Ltd., 36, Mark Lane, 442 London, E.C. 5142 ROSES! JftOSES! ROSES! of the Finest Varieties. Per Dozen. Per 100. DWARF H.P. 6s. and 8s. £ 2 STANDARD „ 183. J65 10s. Per Dozen. DWARF HYBRID TEAS 9s. 11 TEAS 10s. 6d. CLIMBERS 12s. & 15s. The above PLANTS can be had at FRUIT STALL IN THE MARKET, ON SATURDAYS. Carriage Paid on all Orders to the value of 10a. and upwards within 100 miles of Bridgend on receipt of P.O. Order. NOTE THE ADDRESS- A. TOWNSEND, 21, pARK gT., BRIDGEND. 4844 COWBR1DGE. THE GREAT HOUSE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Principals THE MISSES CULVERWELL. Pupils are Prepared for all Local Examinations. Terms Moderate. Prospectus forwarded on application. Private Lessons are given in Singing, Pianoforte, Harmony, Violin. The Spring Term will begin MONDAY, JANUARY 19th, 1907. 5076 Musical. PIANOS! PIANOS PIANOS I BEST PRICES AND TERMS IN THE WORLD Write for our Catalogue of Pianos and Organs,, with complete information of ALL THE LEAD ING BRITISH and CONTINENTAL PIANOS, to be seen at our ebowrooms. TUNINGS and REPAIRS on the shortest notice. Estimates Free.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd, 1, Wynd- ham Street, Bridgend. PIANO by Collard & Collard, walnut case, -t- incised gilt panel and sconces. Equal to when new. Good practising Instrument. Only 10 guineas, payableat 6s. per month.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—by Burling and Burling, rosewood case, incised gilt panel and sconces. Check action, &c. A bargain. Price 12 Guineas payable at 6a. 6d. per month. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. IJiANo.-by ToJkein. 40 Guinea Instrument JL Bun walnut case, Ivory keys, full compass, incised gilt panel and sconces, &c reduced to 17 Guineas, payable at 9s. per month.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—by Thompson and Shackell. 36 Guinea Instrument. Walnut case, incised gilt panel and sconces, full compass, check action, &c., only 16 guineas, payable at 8s. 6d. per month. A rare brga.in.-Thompson and Shacfcell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. RGANS.-Returned from Hire. 5 stops. 5 0 guineas, payable at 4s. per month. 7 stops, 6 guineas, 5s. monthly. 9 stops, 10 guineas, 6s. monthly. 11 stops, 12 guineas, 6s. 6d. monthly. 12 stops, 14 guineas. 7s. 6d. monthly. All geunine bargains.—Thompson and Shuckell, Ltd., I Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HONOGRAPHS GRAPHOPHONES JL We stock all standard makes of Phonographs, and Gramaphones, Graphophones, Records, Ac- cessories, &c., and supply. at lowest possible prices. Clients calling can see, hear, and compare all kinds. Cash or easy terms. Fully illustrated catalogue sent free.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street. Bridgend IT^OR SALE cheap, one Lean-to greenhouse, Jt; 24ft x 11ft-Apply, Charles Jenkins and Son 28G6 Wanted. WANTED, at once, good Girl as General TV references. Apply Mrs. A. Chf-pulej- Central Restaurant, Bridgend. 5150 WANTED a pood General; age about 18 to 20, —Apply 15, Broad Street, Barry. 5167 WANTED a capable Cook-General; one in^ family.—Apply to Mrs. Stiles, Rosebauk, Bridgend. 5160 WANTED respectable Girl, 16 to 18, for house- work.—Apply Mrs. D, Williams, Green- meadow House, Coity Road, Bridgend. 5183 WANTED strong, experienced General, able to wash, iron, and do plain cooking; one accustomed to children. Good character essential. —Apply evenings, Mrs. Jones, Hendre Villa, Ogmore Vale. 5147 WANTED a bright Girl, not under 16.—Mrs.. Roberts, Laleston Parsonage, Bridgend. WANTED, Young Lady Assistant, 17 to 20^ v v years of age.—Apply Johns, Coity Road Post Office. 52J8 WANTED, immediately, a good General- Servant.—Apply Mrs. Lott, Nolton Studio, Bridgend. 5207 WANTED, a good General Servant; fond of children age not under 20.—Mrs. Thomas, Butcher, Coity Street, Bridgend. 5221 WANTED, Apprentices and Improvers to the Dressmaking— Apply, Miss L, Goodman, Ammandal, Coity Road, Kridgend 5247 WANTED, good General; experienced two in family—64, Oakfieid, Koath, Cardiff 5246 WANTED in February, respectable Girl as- General; two in family references—Apply Tre Athan, Newton, Porthcawl 5248 WANTED, any quantity of Pigs' W ash Id. a bucket.—Apply, 16, Suffolk Street 5249 WANTED, experienced General Servant for Cardiff family, two—apply .first instance Mrs Walter Jidwards, 32, Coity Road, Bridgend 5265 -4 To be Let. 1^0 BE LET, Glanavon House, with or without stables. For all particulars apply to Mra Wm. Ccoke, 45, Park Street, Bridgend. 4235 -n -n_n_ GOOD Stables To Let at Sunnyside, immediate possession.—Apply to Messrs. T. J. Hughes and Lewis, Solicitors, Bridgend. 2711 rpo LET, Bedroom and feitting-room, with hot JL and cold bath.—16, Coychurch Rd., Bridgend.. 5128 TO LET, house and shop in best part of Wynd- ham Street, Bridgenu.—Apply, 6, Newcastle Hill, Bridgend. 5180 ITTING-ROOM and Bedroom to let.—Apply )0 60, Grove Hoad, Bridgend. 5146 N ANTY MOEL.-House and Shop to let or for 1- sale best position. Particulars C.O to Gazette" OfEce. 5182 fj^O LET, Bedroom and Situng-rocm for one I or two respectable young men; central part of Bridgend.—Apply "T," Gazette Office, Bridgend. 5177 -+_ TJIO LET, Myrtle Villa, Abeikenfig.—Apply orr 1 the premises. 6170 HOUSE and Garden to let at Llangau.-Apply Jt D. David, Heoltain, Colwinstone. bleo TWO Front Rooms to let, sitting-room and bed- room.—Apply 40. Sunnyside road. 5186 "Y7 ARD and Carpenter's Shop and Sheds, Stable X and Coach-houae (small), warehouse room., with elfotric power and eirealai- baw.-C. H. Price, Bridgend. 5166 HOUSE aud Shop, Strand, Blaen^aiw. Best position. Grocery and provision trade carried 20 years immediate possession key next ovor.- Full particulars, VV, R. Jenkins, Royal otores, JPengam. 5199 rpo LET, Sitting Room ana Bedroom.—A$ply, JL Fern Villa, 97 JNolion Street, Bridgenu. 5255. rI^O LET, at Ltantwit Major, a Lock-up-shop ia JL the Main Street.— AppH, Mis. btanolast, Ltantwit Major, 5224 For Sale, IpOR SALE, Lease of Premises, lately occupied by VV. Uuckley aud Co. 14 years to run P,150 per year.—Thomas Blos., Ironmongers, JSrid- geud. 5137 FOR SALE; Cow and Calf.—Apply Haidee,, Slon, Souiherndown. 5175 IT'OWLS for Sale, cheap 1905 hens, 1S06 pulltts X: good layers and sitters.— Richards, Kest Cottage, Porthcawl. 52C» f^OR SALE—Two handsome Show Cases, 7x4; genuine bargain; loom wanted. —Apply Levine, Market Buildings, Bridgend. 5^16 GOOD Violin for Sale; splendid condition; no reasonable offer refused.—Apply Koyal Uak, Kentig Hill. 5217 FOR BALE, Bay Mare, about 13.4 hands, 5 years JL. old.—Apply D. Thomas, Five Bells, Bridgend, 5219 HITE Orpington Cockerel and 2 Pullets lor M Sale 15s. (Cook'a strdoiDJ-Mrs Knight, Tythegston Court, Bridgend 52b4 I^OR SALE, oik field gates, posts, larch tence posts and rails, also large ttock dry ash planks, felloes, shafts, aud other cOAch building iyiateriaJo.-RobeL-ts, Maindy, Cowbriage. 5227. BY ROYAL LETTERS PA1ENT. For Horses, Cattle, &c» ONICA." This Ointment has a wonderful reputation— Penetrates to the Root of the Evil, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. CURES Sprains, Bruises, Hard and Soft Swellings, Thrush, tanker, Collar Galls, tuts, Contusions, Cancerous Ulcers, Venomous Bites, blood Poisoning, &C- "ONICA" possesses stiong cleansing powers, EXTRACTING GLASS, SPLINTS, NAIL-13, or any like thing that may be [,) ia cna wouu i. In the process of curing it PREVEN i 8 PROUD FLEStl, and in cases where Proud Flesh has already appeared it will eat it away and LEAVE A SOOTtlINU EFFECT. It will keep the wound unclosed until every impurity is drawn out, and effect a thoroughly healthy Healing. For BROKEN KNEES it is unsurpassed, if not unequalled, EXTRACTING ALL (jRIl, leaving no mark, and grows the hair its natural colour. We respectfully call the atteution of those who are keeping C,/v, s for dairy purposes t(, ONICA as being indispensable for ORb; TEATS, and HARD AND SWOLLEN UDDERS. "ONICA" DISPLACES TliE LANCE and does away with tht- necessity of Poulticiug. Price l/li per box. "Post Free). 2 FROM J. THOMAS, Middle Tremains, Bridgend. Sole Agents for DotDetic-EmrJ S Richaids, Chemist, Tonypandy; H..MartinHuUnes, Chemist, Nantymoel,