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The late tempest nous weather hasprevent- tetl tbcarrival of the French mails dlic on Saturday and yesterday, as well -as those which ought to arrive this day, The lirtis- sbls jifipers have suffered a still greater de- lay, for those which in course would have arrived on Thursday, did not come to hand befote last night. They contain no positive news, hut iipon the circumstance of an Aus- trian extraordinary tnessenger having been oS't- sent to London, they raise a not-uninterest- ing speculation. This messenger they say, hears a sharp renronstrancu frorn tlie Pottrf, L.ftf Vienna, against tlie neutrality observed by <3r6at iVritaiii, and a special protest against a pilaw for 4he ctii.'tneipation of the JVIorea (we could wish, rather tha» hope, truly), ascribed t(> otir jGovernmcntj This ,1 prflst^t^d/iiegoxJiatLoH.Avhich inipntes to the i Austrian Government tlie honourable wiih of retaining the whole Christian population of Greece in a state of mitigated bondage to their infidel tyrants, is not Very compli- mentary to the Emperor Joseph., neither is it we think very likely to have taken place. The project of the British Government, if it have any, is plainly one to be carried into effect by the harmless arms of diplo- macy alone; and it would be quite prepos- terous in the Austrian Government to anti- cipate by an a tig r y rem 0 n s t ra n ce, a measure which it will ha ve fitll opportunity to can vass in a more sedate and respectful maimer.— '1'he Austrian Extraordinary Messenger we rather suspect brings matter of a com- plexion altogether different. He is most probably the bearer of explanations of those late flagrant violations of nelltrality in the Levant against which the British Govern- ment hasowc know remonstrated. Perhaps also ofa contrite promise not to offendagain in like manner. t

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